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Canada is in a emergency as 100% of 16 years of wortld wide web 3D tv stasrtups are gagged and held prisioner by crtc forces here during the 3015 election it's worse as democracy itself is canned and botteled in 2D on 2D over 2D in 2d tv Robo-Dial-ing" fashion the people of British Columbia are choked off and their world wide web 3D TV Businesses in sports travel business and srts are gaged by 100% pof the 2d crtc medias forces like isis gagginmg pluralism the crtc 2d tv mewses and politicians faf jobs technologies and arts adbn busienss startups using a 2d tv press and electopm cash that repeats every 4 years and 2d tv sports newsws rthat promis 3D tv comming soon for 16 years creating a 2d crtc iron curtain and 3D tv cold war in business and pleasuere from too gaged by 2d tv cartels in dictatirships and 16 years 100% of the 3d tv webcasting online and shopping industry is gaged by 2d tv news rifght here in Vamcouver too, making an emercency situation , United nations and red cross and world cup charity and olympic foundations all need to help free 3DTelevision busienss from 2d tv dictatorsships especialy in an election when election Canada cane inot 2d tv hackers and presses as the world wide web is gaged in north korea so is gaged in 2D journals for 16 years and the prime minister has to know somthing about it because we went to the same high school andi am gaged 3000 times onlien and he is not gaged andso he should know 16 years a fellow schoolmate starting up and is gaged by 100% of the 2d tv elections Canada investigators and all the queens 2d crtc tv presses inthe world for 16 yeaers so that the 2d tv prwses can convert to digital from uihf vhf and have no ther watiting for 16 yesrs in row the emrgency is in ottawa where a 2d tv coup has taken over all the Canadian presses intelevision and hase created a world busiens market where 3D tv internet busiens are gaged by 2d tv socil nets andsearches and advertisng in politics is a 2d tv coup-Robo-2D-TVShow and the actorts are internchangable and irrwelevant because the crtops are in 2d for 2d by2d for 2d sponcers that gag and startups for 16 years the election canada ignors comp laints fo discriminbation by 2d tv and 2d politicians of 3d web tv busienses in the constituancyis and riding of Vancouver BC and so qwwe likve ina 2d tv coup nd thats why the global econpomy is choking because the2d tv is choking the globla economy and it is sop soobvious qwhen you look ibnit the 3dweb tv industry gaged by 100% o f the politicianms in 2d on2d over 2d runnign this 2d tv robo-election tv show , without a 2d tv anxc newsas poapoers the entire thign is unknown and the elction is an annomous hack, Would you, if elected wend the discrimination of ne gorg startup in Vancouver by the 2d crtc gaxibo-election ad cash grab that is still going on for the 16 th year in row 3 wars and 4 elections all while elections canda andthecrtc ignore complaints fo 2d tv stiffelein g and busiens in every election ad funding wirth no tenders or bids for 3D web startups.

Three strikes your out at the old water reservour in North Vancouver as the election issues here are dripping unanswered questios like gaggeing by 2d tv medias and water shortages for the 3rd year in a roq and what wiull ottawa doo for the largest city on the canadian west coast because for the 3rd year we are ina water restriction all summer no car washing no sprimkling of lawn and no water to spare when all we need is to raise the dam and get 40% more water next year the questionias what willthe federal government do to see that there is noo more "NO MORE WATER SHORTADES" in Vancouver cuty next year if elect4ed what woudl attawa do because they knew all about water shortahes for more than 3 years and 2 elections so our issues arwe important to our politicsal needs not kust the crt'c and comvergent needs of 2d tv political agendas, we need a three dimentional democrqacy biot a 2d one we need 3Dimentional politicians not jusrt 2d tv ones we need 3 dimentional press not just 2d tv coup workers we need a voice not gagging by 2d tv election ad moneys and 2d tv crafys we need 430% more water in our Capilano reservour and for 3 years ther is no participation by Ottawa to parch our thirst for the basic needs like water and jobs in ne 3d tv technologies and arts online in 3 dimentions bit 2 d crtc tv medias 16 years Gagging startups and Vancouver is in an emergency as siummer comes 5tto an end and we were out of water all the time theer is no sighn of action to correct it so it bevomes an election iussue here same as water i9s ion caldarty , emerghancy water shortages did not woand water is in winnipeg and water is in Vancouver so why the politicians are afraid to get their feet qwet in 3DWesterntv.COM STARTUPOS IS AN ELECRTION ISSUE SAME AS LAST YEAR AND THE LAST ELECTION REPRESENTATION WITH TAXATION MEANS OUR ISSUES ARE VOICED NO MATTER HOIW UNIMPORTANT THEY ARE TO 2D TV AGENDAS 3D TV AND vANCOUVER WATER SHORTAGES ARE BIG ISSUES HERE IN THE WEST WEST OF THE ROCKIES WEST THAT IS NOT THE FOOTHILL BUT THE WEST. OMN THE WEST COAST THE ISSUES ARE SHIPP BUILDING WATER SHIRTAFES AND GAGGED 3DTVWEBCASTINMG TECHNOLOGIES AND GOMPLIES IN 32DTELEVISIONNETWORK.CVOM NET ORG BUSIENSS. ALL THINGS GAGGED BY 2D TV AGENDAS AND ROBO-ELECTIONS BY ALL THE GOVERNMENTS 2D TV CRTV DIGITAL MACHINERY so it's time to sTOP 2D'ING AROUND AND GET 3 DIMENTIONAL POLITICALY this 2015 Canadian election and change soas to try something else. (elections Canada ignore calls of 2d tv dicrimination of 3dtv election coveragwe and medias thisa elecion as a 2d tv coup gag 3d tv and demoioracy in 3D on 3D medias gaged by 2d crtc presses 16 yeasrs in business and arts cuture and religion movies and startups heere in Vancouver BC 12:51 PM 2015-08-23 elections 2015 ,, a simple question to see if politicians are working for rum runners to see if they wgere corrupted by whisky runers was are you in fovour of legalisied bars or rum runners ?, Well election 2015 and participaction is a tax payed thing i am to do so the question is simple today as it was in the time of the prohabition years
, Are you in fovour of the Pushers or dispensories , Vancouver is now forced to supply most of BC because the government is stalling and the courts and doctors have not but the politicians are making money out of this and using it to sweet talk voters on both sides instead of providing patients with dispensories in the rest of the province so they all coem dowm town her ena dth eshiops are popping up every where because of incompetance inpoliticians all over the province in providing their own dispensories for theoir patients aos the pushers are winning in every city but VANCOUVER and the questrion is for your politicians not our , to get elected ask are you in for drug dearls selling pot on the black market or are they working for the doctors and pactients and 20 year old dispensories?..
as Washinton and Colorado, Origon and Vancouver City Proper have solved the pot dealers hanging around schools and convience stores with prescriptions or legalsied amounts so as to stop drug wars the question is now simple unless ther is a reason or some payout or some unknown sppecial agreement soas to have ytop have doctros and patients go under ground and buymedical pot form some none dispensory in a unknown fors because some one shut down all the 30 year old discpensories and made it a crome or somthong , so politicaly is it drug pushers or dispensories, simple question eh!,
a reason for choosing pushers woudl give you a glimps of how strong a controle your politicians favours dispensories or their partients have no choice but to dump theor constitution an drightsnand be forced to from a black market pushers some how, some way , and thus support strett adn gang dealers, for a dispensory prescription for something htey have used for 30 years from the samwe dispensories ( in Vancouver the demand from patients from all over the province draw them into City clinicks and new dispensories have poped up so as to supply the entire province's tax payers and their doctors so as to have the entire provice get harm rduction ansd not have to use street or black market pushers and so theee rest of the province do not have dispensories just pushers and so they have street gang wars with guns and people dyieng from fake -laqced pot and stuff we do nto have here because our politicians are in fovour of dispensories not pushers , duhh!) so in this election one has to ask why would a politicians ( not on crack) whant pushers instead of dispensories so as to take the peressure off off the city community and busienss here as we do not whant to be the entirwe provinces dispensoruy and a "red lighjt district" because the other politicians are in favour of pushers and we are in favcour of dispensories so we get abused byburnaby and surry and langly and abbotsford patients and they mail by postal services all over the province for patients that have politicians who are in fovour of drug dealers and policing them and som kind of ohter constitutions, as we get all their patients here in Vancouver they have to be asked for ouir sake , by our politicians who we voted in that are in favour of dispensories , wherwe trhey stand). are they in foavour of pushering or dispensing in discpenorys here is the question so unless they are on a pay roll ro ther is secret rrson , ask your politicians are they in fovour of Pushersing or dispensories providing the suprime courts ruling to provide and honer their prescription. and the next questionto ask is ... stay tuned.. Vancouver , 3:34 PM 2015-08-22. and places for 3d socil networking and dating in 3d were hacked and gaged by 100% of the crtc licenced news medias in 2000 and every year since 2d tv gages and hackes and the concept of 3d socil networking for datting in 3d same same as hackers hack ashly maddison 2d tv hackes 3d tv innovation and in 2000 or or or all gaged an dtheir ip adresesx hacked an dgacked an dhacked for 10 years 16 years now and not one peep or tweet by a single 2d tv news platform and a secret is ourt 2d tv gages and covers up cyber crimes and theft of 3d tv trademarks thus hacking the press integrioty of all canadian s in2d for 2d by2d , no different than using a 2d platform for dating in 4d ,
we are all hacked, the cisis is hackekd the top socil nets and compnaies in the world are hacked the government is hacked even wikileaks gets hacked data for 2d tv toi dissiminate in2d on2d while the 3ntir 3d tv webcasting startup industry is hacked by 2d tv with all the gagged by 2d shark yb shows starting up to pimp 2d tv investments in 2d tv and all gag net org staertups for 3d dragons and 3d shark yanks andall the world in 3d tv on 3dtv for busoiens in 3d with 3d tv dragons every day, there is no way to use a 2d tv dragopns den or 2d tv shark tank to launcvh or or for because all the 2d tv investment consultants and dragons and sharks are for 2d on 2d in2d and back 2dism, 16 years in a row, there is no way to use 2d tv sharks and dragons not one of them in 16 years to launch a or dragons in 3d or 16 year old magazine startups in 2000 or in in 2016 because 2d dragons and sharks gag 3d dragons and sharks startups usign 2d tv couips (duhh) and so with jthe world hacked by 2d tv avatars agendas and politicians in 2d (not 3d not one call for more participation by 3d tv medias in the 3015 lelction falls on political drahomd ears or 2d tv busiens sharks schools and their agendas ( like exclusive elections and sports coverage) ther is no way top uze them forbusiens or ther is no way to usetheinternet for safe busiens same same, they both are dessigned to be able to pass the buck and the blame onto the victoms, or tax payers and the bill is paied by the users, by 2dtv adn on crtc regulatedintertplatforms and theoir service providers platforms and the hardwaere uzweed is not safe so what is the big deal. Ashly madison is not at fault , evey technitian onlike knows that the internet is not secure , every web host and piece of hardwae is hacked by annonmous ip hackers and even the police and csis get hacked so ther is no platform sold for Ashly madison or me or you to use that is safe and this means it is like a car that you lock and some one breaks inot it and steal the car a rides all over town commiting traffic violations , but because your insured and you took the cations of locking your car does not mean your responsible for the damages done by hacking car jackers or in the case of ashly madison ther is no way anyone online can stop hackers from hacking , unless you are a net org , i found that by shutting down every website and truning off the idea of startups or 3dtelevision or doing busienss onlieni limit the amout of need for hackers to hack my sites because 16 years of launching net orgs for charity and a movies in tv and cars and photography usi g my tracde names that turn out to be search engone key words with hundreds of millions of results , even though thesearch engne visets my websites and the news launch 2d socil nets sites ther is no way to report a cyber crime commited toa in canda using a 2d crtc news and media dissimination sysytem that is hacked by 2dists and uhf vhf sustained groth agendas that gag 16 years of trade namers and their websites . so by givving up on participation and integration withthe 2d tv monoplies you can drop off the radir and limit the hacking of your net org servers by sony hackers and the crooks that gag 3d tv jobs in dictatorships and places like N Korea where ther is no way to launch a in the first place , so Ashly madison was hacked before they even launched ansd they nevwer knew it or theye did know it what is the differance when ther is no way ina 2dtv monoply to launcha and ther is no way on this planet to launcha safe website safe from hackers in the first place , so having the Hardware andsoftware and owner andbusienss responsable tfor damages done by crooks that stole a locked hosted internet site ona telco or cables ip adressing intranet and trying to run a busienss on software that can noit decide is it is secure afyer weekly andmonthly endless updates to stop viruses ansd hackers that are futile in the first place because every technitian and web jhosting compnay knows the hardware and software they use to run platforms andthe current web is hacked by people who have superior computers and crimminal intent and the victoms are the busineses and their customers not the faukt of anyone accelt the regulators who allow platforms that can be hacked to pretend it;s not their failt. if a car can not be lockked and is not theft proof then how can a resonable attempt to be safe exgsist and so if an internet can nto be locked and it is stolen like a car the fault is not one theowner for owneinfg it ir parking it on a host parking site and so ashly madison could never if ther tried stop a sony hacker who cave in governments for the benafit of 3d moovies and onlien movie channel startups and new ways to replace uhf vhf tv platforms onlien and szaem as other industries where political favour is shown to 2d tv or shown to auto makers sopthay some people get grants and others get traashed by 2d tv social media for beeiung hacked , when both industries and all online industry is hacked at whim by groups that brag about it in 2d on2d over 2d tv news that never mention netorg startups beeing hacked before they even get a secure and stable un choked ip adress to put a trade name that give 900,000,000 google results for "3d net homes" but can not find for social networking or 80 free socil net sites i gave away and will nto even report a single stolen 3d trade name in 16 years as the entire 2d tv hijacks the election in 2d on 2d for 2d soas to havea 2dtv hack the canadin democratic sysytem in2d on2d for 2d same same as stealing a car or hacking ashly madisom as every voter knows 2d tv has taaken ovder thew election processes in2d for 2d soas to have 100% of the politicians cave into 2d tv in order to run a democracy and so the same way politicians are stuck ona 2d tv sysytem platform that is hacked by 2d tv agendas and 2d tv cartels and 2dtv sports and every politician knows the ris no way to launch a campaine in2d on2 canot get hacked byu the 2d presses , and the same applies for ashky madison ointhe same medias inthert the 2d preses use and the same inTRAnet the hackers use and so ther is nosafe platform a register or web hosting compnay can supply , no hardware or servers or virus protection from the hackers that hack the top police and internet security in the owlrd as the battel for supe=remicy the hackers are right behind and the trickle down affect is seen in hacking of websites liek ashly madison and in no way is it the fault of the owner of the hardware stolen andused becauwe the possibi;ly of theft is emminent all you need todo is use a web host that take precautions and thats the best anyone could and can do especial when your a gaged by 100% of the crtc 2d tv cartels runnigna cash grabb 2d tv robo-tube election in 2d on2d soas to make enough moaney to lkast a few electios without the need for advertisiogn at all out oif the cash they make on this one gig a one in 4 u=year olynpic event in 2d on2d for 2d soas to use it to gag launchign startups in and hack the heartage and innovstion and internet in2d on 2d foro 2d by the uise of 2d tv monopliues platforms set up to hack on a 2d tv nerws media for 16 years so i know ther is no way to use a crtc platform to launch a 3dtvchannel in a 2d tv hardwired world in canda and ther is no wayto launch a websiite that is safe from hakcers so whats the big deal the hackers knwo thois and the busienses know this and if the politicians do nto then we are screwed brother, reporting on the hacking of the 2015 election in canda while the news focuse on mad cows and ashly madison as a diversoion from a hacking by a 2d tv coup. www.

You Decide , would a politician look into 2d tv gagging 3dtvstartups in 16 years or not if elected ? your decide if the elction is rigged by 2d tv , in 2d on2d soas to have 2d only report in 2d and sustain 2d revenues and ad contracts with 2d political parties tv departments, duhh, you decide or not , 1 the news says ther is no way to erase your web presence online because of the open ness of the internet , on the other there is no way to use the Canadian internet to laqunch and interface 1 net org web television busienss or participayte in the election or be found as a person who launhced 1000 3d internet islands for 3dtvonloine and in2000 gave away over 80 free 3d socxiol nets , see, the interent andall the search and all the 2d crtc social nets and newses adn medias and press do not even mention 3d web tv or or or beeing gaged by 100% of the 2d tv social net that they say is unable to hide the most poersonal things about oeople and yet for 16 yesrts i ask the faculrties of 2d tv to document 16 years of discrimination by 100% of the search and chat 2d tv social nets and it proves that ther is a way, ther is a method, ther is a 100%coverup of innovation in and reporting in Canada and it proves a crtc full to yjr top of professional ptresses adn medias mogels can cover up or ina car ression and gag ina asports scandal or muzzel in political election and force feed 2d tv from a robot-like rebroadcasting software system on 5 or 6 monoplies and pass it off ass the tv industry complete and this proves my thesus and post doictred work on doscumenting who what wher when why and how 2d tv gages 3d tv andcovers it up on their 2d social nets that they say csan not hide a soingle person or thing but in fack if your or or 3DTVWorldCUp/cp, ion 3d on the broadvasting in format and launchoign in Vancpouber for16 years and getting gagged by 10% of the first uhf vhf industry then the hd digital industry and sony too, wow then i proved that the internewt andsocial nets and searchesthe 2d tv use do indeed and can just like them gag and hide what ever they like and spill the beans on whom ever they please and cave in an entire 2d politicsl tv sysytem soas ther is no way to find 1 siongle faculltiy in the trsade of 3dweb tv startups able to ve mentiuoned or found in 16 years in Vancover all this while , the 2d tv are pretending ther is no way to hide a singlke shannagin or 2d tv coup if ther was one, duhh , you decide the 2d tv and their internet social nerts can hide 100% of guy aqnd his social net startups for charity and the arts abusiens and pleasure while pretending ther is no thnig they are able to hide in 2d . the 3rd dimention to business and arts travel sports cars and politics 3d web tv socil net startups is gaged and coverd up
, but not your private information and that's becauwee ????? you answer it, becauwe the internt does not hide media socil net supported companies ( like world cup sponcers demand honest 3d or 2d or what vever honest not just 2d for 15 years only support ) or the 2d tv hide 1000 3d tv Vancouver startups news but promote all the news of terrists doings and hacked accouints and personal information but they can;t do a single documentary on 2d tv gagging busiens for 16 yesrs , or find oube on a 2d tv socil net site news colume becauwe they can hide 3d tv investment and entrepeneurs and not your provsate information go figure, that sintegirty 2d crtc tv disimmination of socil net news in 2d only for 2d itls un demoicartit to give 2d tv views of a social nets or not , and so you decide is the 2d tv socil net pimpiong private informastion breached by unknowns for them or are they able to uncover 1 15 year old gagged socil net or muzzeled by politics in 2d. 5:30 PM 2015-08-20tv for 16 years and say the interent social nets donto hide stuff, wowm you answere that because the

call for political candidates in 2015 election to include 3d internet tv startup socil nets in 3d not owned by the 2d tv ones to participate in the election too. See if ypour politiccian would invite 3DTelevision networks to thewir 2d tv robo-Dial" event., here will not answer a single question in demoicracy on 3d over 3d or pay for a soingle ad on a signle again the abiliuty of a 2d tv to discriminate in politics or busiens in a 2d tv infostructure if your a 3d tv channel is impossible but htye same disiminator of information willl let all your file infoe be advertisied soas to pimp the 30 second ad value of a evening news cast in 2d soas to ga starttups from somthing different, you decide there is no way to launch a in 16 years or ther is no wy to hide a in 16 years ask this question of your political candidate in this 2015 election on a 2d t v platform that discriminates against 1000 3dtvchannels for ovdser a decade rught here and supprise you woudl never be able to find this our on a siongle crtc tv wwebsite todate, so hidden or not , shannaogns or not well you decside, if you can hide all the i launched and for 16 years on every crtc licenced newss media theeeeen , they , the news , should be able to shut up and hide informastion deemed provate by courts and th elaw them selves, withoptu holding up all th epicturwes of who;s o=involved and playing every 2d tv news journalist anmd press reporter trivk in yht book to boost ratings and pimp the ad price using the miss fortunne of spilling of private informatiuon them sleves , illefaal or not ther seeems to be a new pattern in culture and anthropoly can study it the 2d tv news pretending there is no way to hide stuff on 2d accepted tv social nets and yet they operate ina dark web fashion and hah 100% of news and startuips and products adn websites for even itself here in 3dtvcity.ney and this is the news reaality is gageed by 2d tv pretending it is not , you decide happy elecions Canada in 2d i wish i could paerticipate in www. 3D tv too .com , Tag!.

a 2D tv coup with soulders standing around a polling both scarring voters away it is not but a 2d crtc closed press standing arounf=d a 6 pack of 2d crtc news cartels and 3 political campain cash troughs it is, making it another a 2d crtc run a closed 2d tv election campain and 2d exclusive cahs grab-ad campain in2d for 2d so as to gag participation calls for more 3d tv entrepeneurial 3 d budinrdd tv investment advisors and stock markets friendly to 3d tv startups not just the same old 2d tv dragons stuff and open for global busiens in 3d not closed by 2d tv election obligartions toa 2d tv cartell and telcos in 2d tv busiens and technitians in 3d merchandising, dragons dens like participation by 3d web tv social nets and less participation by 2d tv cartell presses and more participaction events for 3d interent web tv startups and less for 2d tv cartels channels to end 16 years of opression by 2d dictatorships in 3rd world countries dn cartels here in 2d tv in Cananda and have an open free election , witht the "elections canda " and with the " govenor general" and wioth the previous elected prime minister on 3d tv web social nets and over 3d digital tv usign 3dtvpress women and men in busiens , instead of gaging them and caving inot sony hackers as before ansd end the sams same same 2d tv crtc monoply "end run" doomed to fail competition agendas and 2d tv friendly 2d social nets that 16 yesars religiously gag 100% of web tv businesses and ad participation oof 3d tv search and social net startups in Vancouver again , discrimination over 2d by2d usign 2d tv preses tpo hammer home 2dism in poalitical struggies and 2d democracy as all the 2d crtv faculties deliboratly (large telcos and cable too gag 16 years of 100% of every 3d tv channel . com net org launched in Canandas market (thats Canada;s histroy in 3D web tv now 16 years on the records and not one answers to calls fo 2d election rigging, by a crtc made to gag 3d tv politcal ad participation agains and all of the queeens 3d tv chanenls stsrted up in Vancouvber same saem as in 2000, wow aome constitution eh!, soo ,
Calls for more startup 3D social net TV advertising for polticial participation by all parties , any party or member in the canadian 2015 election , involvement fall on deff ears . A glogal net org social net emergency crisis event Calls for more polticial campain involvement by the politicians who are against discrimination by 2d tv cartels , more participation by politicians who support 3D internet tv busienses gagged by 2d tv dictatorships and 3rd world country 2d tv cartels and the entire crtc preses for 1`6 un- inovating years as the markets are the lowest in 4 years and we need innovation and 100% of 3dtv dot co0m social nets are gaged by 2d tv here too the call for more participartion by 3d tv in this election is an emergency crices event, 3D tv Pres Men, Women and Startups in 3D Digital Web Tv trades, calls for more participation by political ads for and new social nets other than the crtc and their 2d internet social intranets, and web affiates and searches in 2d, as they land on deff ears calls for more participation by the 3D web tv webcasting industry in the forth Canadian 2d tv presses "Robo-Dial-ed" crtc tv exclusive called the democrartic open canadian election 2015 in 2d on 2d for 2d garenteeing stiffeleing and coverup of all calls for more 3dtv oaerticipaction and coverage oppertinities for Vancouver 3d tv startups , lands on deff ears. as the entire 2d tv election process discriminates against 100% of net orgs for the 4th election in row and all the calls for participation by 3D spoila net startu[ps fpor 3ftelevison in politics are ignored by every tax doller and politicial dime spent as the entire cash flow and all the candidates discriminate agaqinst net rog startups and only preaqch thier religion in a 2d tv crtc closed cartell that gages 100% of all the worlds net org it gives a glimps of how a 2d tv coup can run an electiopn like it was a 2D tv "Robo-Dial-ed" script written by avatars 7 years prior to an olympic event and so calls for equal oppertunities and acess to politiczal politicians and their election in 3D by net orgs Canadian made , Canadian owned , and Canadian Taxpayers trying to dpo their job free of discrimination by 100% of all the political parties in this election makes it a 2d tv coup by 2d on2d over 2d so that ther is no answer to 16 years of calls b y 3DTV digital web casting startups and 3D social nets and businesses in sports travel news arts fashion and poloitics go unanswerd by the entire 2d tv event. making all the tax payers who launched a ne torg discrimiantrd against again and in a 2d tv dictaztorship or cartell ther is no way to report this top the elections regulatiores who oversee discrimination by politicial campaining in 2d on2d for 2d by2d overo2d as "ok" and sionce ther is no way to call a 2dtvcoup election a 2dtvcoup elec tion it means ther is no Answer on 2d over 2d in 2d by anyu 2dtvpoliticians in the election 2015 as to why the entire event like a world cup sports cast in canadian air space in 3d on23d over new for is gaged same as in a 2d tv crtc cartel scripted closed undemocratic 2d tv election campaine and cash grab , therer is no way to tolcall this elexction as you see it a 2d tv coup. that gages againg for another election and the same same same no change is possible ina 2d tv coup run election using 2d tv political parties thjat do not answer the call for more participation by 16 year old net orgs gagged by 100% of the crtc channels for 16 yerars
Calls for more 3DTV coveraghe of the elction fall on 2d tv candidates deff ears. This Garentees a 2d closed "Robo-Dial-ed" election by the2D TV parties and repeated discrimination of Canadas participation by the entire iunterent social network for new 3d tv busienss and associations of Canadian net prg for 3dtvjobs in politicval journalism too participate in this closed 2d tv demnocracy too, as 100% of the worlds icann busienses in the new digital hd industry and a CIRA Startups in and new online medias here in Vancouver Canada get gagged and stiffeled , coverd uip and hidden by the crtc 2d tv presses it proves the election is rigged in 2d technology and ther is no way to participate in 2d politicval partoies tax funded election campains if yorua 16 year old gaged in Vancouver complaining to the crtc and election canda that the entire thong is dicriminating against busiens in and the ris no way to participate in the canadian election processes if yoryu a 3d tv channels in Vancpoubver ina 2d crtc tv cartels monoply election progrsamming schedule and so ther is no opolitical party suporting thois election because they are a closed 2d tv cash flow scripted and produced and reported on in 2d by 2d for 2d soas to have sustainesd 2d tv coup run this election rtoo and make more ad maoney than eceer before in histry so they can soast for years without funding in 2d same same same as in 2000. 2001. 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 and the world longest business to be 100% Canadian news and busiens tv 's forbidden staertups and forbidden social nets becauee they are 3D and the crtc are uhf vhf 2D so they gaged 16 years ( duhh) and the wortld most canadian press gagged internet social net startup in 16 years of a 3dtelevision web socul net industry and Canada the wrold biggest stiffeler of politicis on web startups an insult to interent entrepeneurials globaly , not just an insult to but a flimps of how stiffeleiong and gagging of compnaies zonlien is doen by a 2d tv casrtel and it shows especialy well dusring an election when calls for more participation by Conservatives, Liberals and NDP in gaggwedd by 2d tv cartels go unaanswered again. thamks MR Truedeau, Harper< and MUlcare for helpinmg 3DTV democracy in the worlds 3d tv internet and 3d tv social net history and 100% of the faculties in the crtc tv shows called eletions debates and coverage by the 2d presses (and election s Canada) will not answer calls for less 2d tv "Robo-Dial-ed" election coverage and 2d ad funding and more more participation in politics and by current 2d tv parties and 2d tv candidates hoping to do well in 2d on2d for 2dover 2d in a 2dtvcoup run election they have no controle over too, and so they end up branded as 2dtvbrand politicians now under 2d television contracts, not one compnaies or website is asked or able to participate and if we tried wwe woudl be man handeled sand gaged by a 2d tv coo same as always because the goveernment and the politicians running ion this election do not answer calls for more participation by the net org industry during the Canadian 2015 election. D Collins ceo of

Brokaering web traffic , who gets to broker your web sites traffic , you or ai software saving bandwidth or selling local bandwithed results for brokerd "excwss-too much to handle" site traffic, who gets to brokaer your web adresses traaffic m you or some one elses softwaere , thats an election 2015 Cabada question i can't answer and who gets to buyu your excess traffic that the highway service provider skims off soas to sabe bandwidth and from what country fo you pay for whay trafic these are 2015 election Canada cyber question for people tryin gto launhc nbet orgs in a 2d tv platform and a 2d tv election cash cow advertising event, the longets in a centurey in 2d ? <, br> should be the top issue in this election as world wide web startups fight 2d tv cartell agendas and get choked off and stuck on a cull de sack for up to 16 yesars some times , the biggest issue now is why do registerss and companies in service and hosting get to clip or strip and redirect your web traffic? That;s like steakign your postal mail and so just because you rent shared space on server or set up a none virtua;l adress ro are hosted or forwarded to a web page on a different server do you get your traffic sold off ?
it is ok for google or bing to reroute search rezsults from one country back to the sasme country's datya base and sell ads for local compnaies soas to clip search results from other countries and push them into locval ad rwsults because they are a searh tool but for regiaters and host providers and cable andtelcos service providers to taske in onthemselves and add asoiftware to reroute ansd intercept and back push icann adress lookups to seaqrch engoins or to limit tradffic to yoru site is broakkering your tradfic and since the ris no way to hook up a telephone or internet device and count how many calls you get and how much hardwqre and software you will beed toseru=vice your callers because thecazlls are clipped andbroakers off by search or service providers services thagt you do not use or pay for and so the concept of a guy in Italy looking up your Canadian icann adress is nullified becauwee the registers and hosts adre broakering traffic due to shared hosting and limiteed processing speeds and a million other reasong that make it ok for them to now skimm off your tradffic from this country ot locl ip adrrsses and sell them if they like or use them on their catch all parking page them saleves , duhh an dso brokering interent web traffic on a none government run internet highway is thetop elefgion issue online and if the web tradffic to apoliticians is brokerd off or not is the subject, i know has over 1000 ne torg ca biz mobi us and I can tell you traffic is brokerd off for 16 years domains web pages set up in 2000 and today are not found as seaerchwed broker results and register andhosts now broker your trasffic the intyernet is usless , asusless as a crtc 2d tv cartell is when your starting uop and in an olympics or world cup 2d tv carttel and so using the web when it is not run by the government and subcontrsacted to mantinances like any other highway to business and taqxpayers is, ther is no way to used the interent for global , or local busiens when yoruy traffic is up for sale or brokerd by small print in hosting and registry contracts . the interent has toibe a free open highway patroled by police ansd governments not cable and telcos andcrtc-2d tv coups. that s the issue how do you participate in democracyu or busiens stuck on a dicriminationg 2d tv coup service that is out to groker youyr www icann traffic not help you be found as you paid them to do.
This 2016 election is supposed to be about busienss and not a 2d tv cash grab and sinfall in 2d tv ads event, it has to be more tham a 2d "crtc-Robo-'Dial-ed" event-tv show using 2d only preses agaqin in 2d soas to ga 3d tv innovation aqnd startups participation in the same election. If election Canandawill not call for more participation by politicians in the 3d televison webcastoing social net industry then who in government will stand for me, ?? D Collins ceo and founder of in a dedicated to the advancement of netorgs gaged by 2d tv cartels and the fight globaly against discrimiantion of 3dtvweb startups online by 2d tv cartels and supporters of 2d only religions and 2d only social tv net that gag and discriminate agsainst 3d web tv businesses in Canada. CEO and founder of net org

The election is run by a machine a 2D tv "crtc-Robo-'Dial'er" 4 elections tweeked by 2d a "crtc-Robo-'Dial'er" machine in 2dtv on 2dtv for 2dtv so that the crtc regulators do not have to mention and and are discriminated against by them on behalf of 2d tv attack ad interests and millions of new 2d tv advertising dollers scooped up on a corrupt 2d tv only election in 2d on2d for 2dtv run by a 2dtv "crtc-Robo-'Dial'er" machine in 2dtv for their refulatorss to ga 3d internet social nets and tv in this election like they were a paid huntal over seeing an election in a 3rd world usifg an army and soldurs toover see the cporrupption of the elction a d 2d tv monoply over see the elction here usign a platform run by the crtc to havea 2d tv elcusive election in2d on2d platforms that hide 3d tv social net startups for the money in ads going to 2d and not a diome going to 3d tv jobs for the 4th time in election jistory the 2d tv election macine gaged 3d tv democracy and all it;s needs using a "crtc-Robo-'Dial'er" machine in 2dtv, today a 2d tv cartel can enjoy annomous controle in 2d on a crtc like 2d tv coup and run an elction in 3d free of 3d tv democracy, millions of dollers trickle directly inot a 2d tv coup organisation so they acan terrorise and 3dtvinovation again, in 3d and gag startups and social nets in3d
a 2d tv cash winfall of new 2d tv ad dollers and millions of new money to launders through the good old 2d "crtc-Robo-'Dial'er" machine in 2dtv revenues, fufilling the 5 point to qualify for discriminiton , of 3d all domains for 3dtv and all 3dtvvenues from sports to news and in every department by all emploees for 16 years in both lauguages and 1000 new 3dtvchannels in Vancouver alone making it a 5 point confirmed act of discrimiantion by 2d tv of 3d tv democracy and 3dtvpolitics ansd the tax payers who invests in netorg ina 2d tv "crtc-Robo-'Dial'er" machine in 2dtv election that discrimionatres against 3dtv again, and no way to report the crtc as 2dists. withthe new millions arenteed tro reshop in 2d next eletion ising a cash winfall 2d tv exclusive money making machine the rebate, on the public rebate plann - any political party can now borrow a 100 million , spend it on2g tv election attack ads , in 2d on a 2d "crtc-Robo-'Dial'er" machine in 2dtv account , and keep your current ballance at 25 million in the bank and launder it through 2d tv ad companies and apply for a tax credit rebate and then when the rebate comes back from taxpayers puit back in your original 25 million and pay off the loan and bingo your 2015 2d tv attack ad campaine is up 75 and the "crtc-Robo-'Dial'er" machine in 2dtv loves you and your 1000 million ad revenue like you are a consevative in 78 day elexction or somthing and thats more to spend than you had yesterday and on "crtc-Robo-'Dial'er" machine in 2dtv the voters will love ypou they have no other crtc products to evern have a choice and with 3d tv webcasting industry gaged by 100% of the "crtc-Robo-'Dial'er" machine in 2dtv ther is no contest a rigged election in 2d without a single phone robodialer incidenrt or mad cow, and with 2d they will be rivh enough tpo gag 2dtv and not even have top evolve again for years they can faf whom they please in 2d off of the new ad money from the 2015 election the will be spo so well off they will not even have to advertisie products and thois will chopke off evetning new and innovatiove accept the gragons in the 2d tv cartless gazibos, and 2d tv can gag 3d and democracy in 3d again and say what you pay for is just what you get same as a 2d search engine calling it self a resource, the "crtc-Robo-'Dial'er" machine in 2dtv calles the elction in 2d again the crtc and the competitonm bure are paid to do nothjing for and 123 your a 2d tv channel on the crtc dial and a winner in 2d on2d at the 2d tv monoplies as they scoop up the 4th 2d tv only democratic election in canadian history uding a crtc 2d tv ihf vhf and online "crtc-Robo-'Dial'er" machine and cable info delivery system mthat discriminates againsdt 23d social net tv stattups in Vancouver for 16 years and caves into 2d sony hackers in 2d on2d soas to have sustained ghlobalisation and 2dt vgrowth and a 2d tv "crtc-Robo-'Dial'er" machine to run the 2d tv election for the 2d onlu politicians that use it for 2d tv ad campaines in2d soas tohave a "crtc-Robo-'Dial'er" machineregulate and oversee scdfipt and direct andproduce a 2d tv 2015 demate andelection information dissimination monoply in 2d for 2d by12d soas to ga and all it's consevative 2d tv movie and news a and sports startups and the entire busiens and investment in search and chat social nets startups in 3D so as to havea Canadian 2d tv election cartel run thier "crtc-Robo-'Dial'er" machine 2dsocial net and steal the democracy right out of the election lik eit was a woreld cup or olympics exclusive the "crtc-Robo-'Dial'er" machine won in a closed door 2d tv election coverage and democracy bid for the elction in 2d by2d on 2d "crtc-Robo-'Dial'er" machine channels and coast to coast in 2d to gag tv debates and startups in 3d social net tv and withthe 4th election yo use the 2d "crtc-Robo-'Dial'er" machine to gag every innovation and new product and toys and games ad s adn opiltics in dictatorships , same methods used to gag 3DTV in 3rd world monoplies andthe same software and tv platforms used to gag 100% of net org startups here for sports in Vancopuber the good old discrimiantion mackine called the "crtc-Robo-'Dial'er" machine able to leep 4 election in a single script like it was covering a sport event witha tv broadcast exclusive bid contract to pimp 30 second ads for the big day in 2d on 2d for 2d by2d all because the elction is run by a 2d yb and 3d tv stiffeleing platform the 2d "crtc-Robo-'Dial'er" consortiums best product for gagging and startups like machine 2d crtc tv election and debate-attack-social netwwork and ad machine is nothing more than a 2d tv "crtc-Robo-'Dial'er" machine fireing off debates andelections on a 2d platform and 100% of the worlds 3d tv web startups are gaged by it. right in front of elections canda wow whata farce, , tweeking the election in 2d on2dfor 2d by2d so 2d tv make all the money in2d ads and nothing is possible online in 3d social netwroking or politiocs in 3d a 2d tv coup using the newest version andrelease of the crtc's 2dpress andmagazine industries " 2d tv Robo-'Dial'er" so as to fix the election for and on 2d medias and iliminate the chance of democracy in 3D on 3D social nets going viral in 3D on new 3Dtv sets that do not use 3D movie glasses . duhh robodialers, onder the majority of canandian do not vote party is always the majority. winner of for Best 3DTV 4DTV innovation is Philips from "Eindhoven where Philips came from." tm 2000-2015 winner of for cross eyed 3dtv for 2015 is Uploaded on 30 Aug 2009 . tm 2000-2015

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