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Politicians tell fibs to sway voters Harper vrs the Ledain report!

We have been gagged by 2d tv and the 2d tv political system for 17 years so today wwe decided to launch our own and have a and rpeort discrimination in the 2015 electionvia our launch . behold a country that gages startups. andi am running for president of the .. we do not discriminagte like the crtc does. we sopprt and iun;like the crtc who discrikmiante in2d agasinst the friendly party that invites www.3D world wide web tv sports and busienss. Come and join the and gewt away from state run 2d tv coups and have some fun in 3D free of dicriminaiton by 100% of a crtc 2d tv press . 12:49 PM 2015-10-04 reporting discrimination by a 2dtvcoup is a partyu waitting to happen! of Elections Canada will have to llok inot discrimination of the by 2 tv crtc politics now because thats what they are paid to do is report discrimination of political parties and 17 years 100% of the 21d political parties and their 2d tv channels discriminate against 3d tv brands and so it's no longer political it's accedemic.

the first thing the promise is to disolve the discriminating 2d crtc and replace it with a regulator that is not a 2dtvcoup with the organisation that does not discriminate against 3d shopping ads online and the startups for 3d web tv or 3d streamogn socil net startuos and busiwenses, and so we promote social change and an dapps for 3dtv is the start we want change

Politicians are more dangerious to net org businesses in 3DTV webcassting than Pot is, a politicians will discriminate against 3DTV dot com busiens for 17 years whil making political hey our of the pot debate in2D on 2D for 2D by 2D soas 2D tv gagges pot discussions in3D on 23DTVSocial net startups for 17 years the politicians pay more attention to having pot elect them than3D telebision ads. www. of, whan government was prorogued i guess no one studdied up much. No CHange since Y when the 2d tv gaged 80 free socil net startups givaways for 3d and tv and 3dtv onlien when the crrtc was still a uhf vhf regu;lator and uhf vhf gaged 3dtv like apoliticians gaggign the Ledain report for political gain the crtc gag 3dtv for a political gain 70 million in 2d tv ads wow, thats more crooked than a wporld cup soccer match and the olympics together in2d on2d tv coup that was probably paid 10 million to not mentuion Mike Duffy ( is he a liberal or ndp now?), with tv politicians paying for it in 2d and bribinf the world cup staff at the crtc so ther is no possible inb a canadian crtc 2d tv couip. and is gaged by 2d tv politicians same as is gaged by 2d politiciansa and is gaged by 2d tv politicians because it is a 2d crtc coup bit a country run by the queens crown and gaging 3d for their pals is what 2d politicians do for a living 17 years and 4 elexctions are hot wired by 2d in 2d for 2d soas to havea 2dtvcoup in 2d and to get all the election ad money form all the parties unions and independants as if they were extorting it and gaggoing competition soas to extort, on it a 2d tv coup platform built for 2dism and 2d politics on 2d cbc with my tax money making it impossibel to market in a country run for an dby a 2d crtc tv coup that gages . too. wow. a 2dtvcoup can ga, choldern of the world this is yoru ne hitler a 2dtvcoup gaging busiwens they whnt to stiffel for th emoney they et doing it , it;s Ghadafic 2d tv cartelling. the regulator is in back of seeing it happens for 17 yars in row ther is no busiens like 2d tv shopw busiens and noo busienss i know is a like a crtc gaggeing a 3dtelevision webcasting indusrtry . and i did a thesus to prove it sdame as the ledain rpeort it was gaged so as rto make it poossible for 2d tv politicians to have sustained globlaisation growth, in 2d. for 2dism, nut i fugure it is so the 2dtvcoup can run politicians and the entions andsustain pot news stories smae as 2d politicianms sustain 2d tv cartels and 2d world cup medias. no change ids possible in a crttc 2d tv coup unless 3dtvstartups are included Duhh! this election is a 2d crtc robo-dialed coup.

in This, the2015 Canada election are corrupted by 2d crtc world cup corruption so that they gag on 2d tv every elec tion is a2d tv game show for 2d tv and discrimiantes against net orgh sratups Pot is not worse than tobbaco ans politicians are cavesd into 2d tv coups sony thats the hacking is of polticians they are told by a crtc to gag and they work for the crtc and gag they are rtold by drug lords that pot is worse than tobacco and they gag the governments Ledain report same as they are told to gag The Ladain Report! If you are an honest politician making election promises then make them in 3D on 3D web startups for 3Dtv online and not on a crtc 2d tv coups and prove it. Politicians may be able to hide theLadain report but hiding and gagging is proof of discrimination by a crtc 2d tv coup and if the crtc medias were to gag and muzzel businesses using their crtc powers to gag and stiffel 1 comp[nay then they are doing it to many andbecause17 years the uhf vhf crtc gag and muzzel 3dtv web startups for 3dtv they are doing it to other businesses too and require and inquest into whop when wher why andhow they gag Canadian startups from politicians gagging the Ledain Report to 2d crtc tv uhf vhf monoplies gagging busienses ther is a lot of decipt and coverup foing on in politics and 2d tv news, election 2015 remember the Ledain report was proof the potr was ;less harmfull than tobacoes and Booz oin the 1970 and today it is a substitute for pain killers and addictive drugs and a tool to use to quick tobacco and alchohal as per theadaain report results . how come poloiticians gag if tyhey are so smart and kind ansd honest and doo not discriminate then how come they gag and stiffel and cover up 3DTV dot cosm businesses as if they were employed by the crtc 2d tv coupÉ i channelbe their intergity in 3D if they are hone4st they have no fear of this channlenge andwill embrace net org busiesn in3d too. prove your not discxrimnating against and if yoru a politicians then prove your not corrupted by 2d world cup tv.

2d tv election poles in Canada are about as honest on a 2d tv as a world cup bid for a news roomms exclusive to sell 30 second ads in a 3rd world country and basked on the premis the entire crtc 2d tyv will go along with corruption on world cup sports as lonf g as they get to broadcastr it ther wil be no leaks ona wiki about 2d tv corruption and so this will garente no wayto launch a 3dsportschannel in 17 years for any sport , duhh this way together with 2d tv coups polling firms that gag,m nbe torgs can fleece politicians election cash exclusivly and tweek eletions so they are about trivial stuff that sells copy and inno way benaficial to society runnign an dpoayign taxes to see this can nto happen . a 2dtvcoup is ther mostly top gag nepotrg andsee to it uhf vhf are sustained for use in polling.

2d tv social nets use 2D search engines and2D social websites to garentee if your a then the 2d tv channelks ads show up on your blog pahe and if you launch say 100 the blog or search page results only list crtc 2d tv ads all over your social net page but if you go to the 2d tv crtc channels blog page on the same social net and type oin the same icann trade name or adress the 2d tv results usign the same search or blog do not return 1.100 or 1. 1000 trade name brands and the entire search or 2d socila net is geared tpo advertise 2d crtc tv medias on your 3dtvchannels ssocial net page and and and are usless as all they do is alow a search engien orr 2d tv chat top post all the 2d tv channels 3d contnet and hide each and every ne torg and because my busiensis copyright andsales of reproducable copyrights i csnsee ther is no way to use a 2d tv crtc platform to launch a socil net busiens thatis not going to get you plasterd with adverttisign as the 2d crtc tv medias are one way streets into a 2d tv search and socila catchall and the entire way is palstwerd with 2d tv ads and sponcersfor 2d tv sports that are based on bidding fro ad copyright in 30 second ads in2 that are for 2d socil nets that plaster 2d ads aall over your if you launch a socil net pahage then your used to promote 2d crtc tv shows , ends up promooting 32d crtc travle tv ends up poromoting 2d sports games nd tickets and hotels for them and 3dbusiensstv.comis platerd wwith 2d tv busien sand is gageed andplasterd with 3d movie theater ads and there is no way to go to a 2d tv social net paaaaaaaaaaage and type in and gwet a socil net pafe plastewrf with my so ther is no way to use a crtc news or media ro their socil nets for busiens as they are alla one way street into a 2d tv advertsing cATCHALL. and if your 3dtvchannelchina.comro 3dtvchanneleurope.comor yoru filterd out. wwwé electtions onqa 2d tv platform in 2d for 2d is called a 2d tv coup.

You Can;t do positiveÈ social netowrking in a 2d tv coup, if you launch a www.3dsportsHall of net com for raising sports awarness and charity to edify sports or a socil net for Auctions in 3D in 2d crtc tv coup then you will be dropped from their socil news medias and if you try to do positive things and give away 80 free social net websites for cars , movies, sports, photograpy and music and the arts then you will be conned and the web domains will eb scalped off and the 2d crtc tv news will cover it up so as to get a uhf vhf converged and onlien selling digital movies instead of lolcal uhf vhf tv ads, and so if you try to do positive things like or or or 3drealitytv.comthen the crtc 2d tv will gag your positive efforts or picjk a kid from come college and give your socill net idea to themand then pretend they found a kid witht a wireless app for wirellphone and all the time it is a apps for a travel tour and what ever the 2d tv crtc will steal you vertical market and without a Èthank you we will take it from here and monitize itÈ they gag you and take the idea and monitize it soas it fits into thier scripted agendas for the next 7 years anda few olympoics and woirld cups ad campaines complete woith bribes in countries where bribes ad used to bribe in2d for 2d too, and so there is no way to use twitter or facebook google or the entire crtc to do positive or for to do positive and there is no way in 17 years to report a 2d tv gagging everhtign online that is ther is more money in not finding your the positive ness of a y2k ina world cup that is rigged because every ione knows sports bidding is rigged for world cup sports and ther is no way to do positive gaged bya crtc when wvery one innews knows the crtc is rigged for 2d tv sports ,and on and on a pattern and trand is set ther is no way to use a 2d tv coup to elect a leader or do anyhting positive becauwee the 2d crtc tv coup will catchallall the momentum for social trends in2d and gag the doing it pôsiitive or nutral both and reporting it is of no goo ither you just have to live withthe reality that 2d tv faude anyon ethey target anyone an dther is no regulator to bust them and carry on as ther is no other choice we are stuck withthecrtc catels in sports news and busiesn andso ther is no wauy to do positive , positivly bo way in 17 years rto launch a positivve for plaeisciteCanada,com soas to have no political wrangleing just a plebiscite and since the olympics plebiscute of 2001 ther is no way to use the crtc to launch a 3dtvcharrity.comor report 80 free socil nets positivly stolen and scapled off whiel a 2d crtc posiitivly gages, statups , and in this matter i am positive. www.3dpresident.comor positivly a positiveeeeee good thing is another competator for a but tell that to the 2d crtc they positivly gag for a decade ro more even whenthey were ihf vhf theposiitivly gaged

WOW from 2000 to 2006 100% of 3D social networking tv startups for streaming all the 3d digitaal media started in Vancouver for sports news arts movies travel was h=gaged by the entiere crtc , search engins stole you copyright films and webpage art and photeos and music and ther was nolaws to prevent them stockpiling everyoes web page sothat there was no need to find your webswite it was cashed and plasterd wirth ads on 2d tv friendy search engine by 2005 there wwas no way to launch and brand a becauwee3 in side of 30 day over 60,0000 searchengine results and dns and ipadress compnaies had posted thousands of results all surrounded by 2d advertisng and promotional links top your verrtical trade name and not avble to find your webpage even hough for the previous 6 years it was casshed as stolen content and for the nextg 5 yearts ther ws no way to use a search engiento find a trade name because the search engiens were usign the icann adresssign sysytem names as search keys abnsd plastering them with vidio contnet in2d was all you got if you were a or or you could have 900,000,000 results on google for but noway to launch a on a crtc 2d tv coup for 17 years you can;t even launch socil nets forcars in 3d durign a car crices and for olympics or world cup soccer even though they are riddeled with crooked bribesa dnchannels fordrugging players ther is no way to use a crtc tolaunch arosupport spoprts in3d for17 years ther is 1 huge globalised 2d medias machine that 100% blocks and gaged 100% fo bet orgs on searches and 2d tv social medias so i can see why Yahoo woudl drop themas partnetrs insocial networkignas they gag it proves the money was in stolen content untill enough in house content was collected and inboubd posting of digital medias replaced the need tosearch and steal it forcontnet and sop notr they make theior own content anddo nto need tosteal your and so ther is noway tpo use a 2d crtc that gage3dtv in a effort to prevent inworld wide web internet busiens and brandingf, 11:50 AM 2015-10-02

Wow Amazin is following in the footsteps of the crtc and the crtc gaggingg and stiffeleing of and and and all the 3Dworld wide web tv and the internets net org brands has shown the world how a powerfull government regulated monoply can dissalow 100% of the technology growth of a companyh or is usign a uhf vhf and the guise ofconversion to digital to gag and smother 17 years of netorg busiensfor advertsing andshopping onlle searcha nd social networking asn dbecause the crtc have showntheworld who when why where and how to ga 17 years of 3dtv they have democstrated the methodolog, because the world sees the crtc gag 100% of busiens growth of and the competative advantage iot gives insider socil nets when you gag80 free socil nets gifts for socil net stattuos in 3d and the rewards toa crtc by gagging 100% of Canada;s net org industries theywhant the sameomnishannagins to work for thier social nets and because the crtc social net gages 17 years startups startups and netorg even they cansee the benafits of not promoting your comopetition, and sothanks to the crtc gagging and discrimiantiong against 100% of busiens and vitidio streaming startups for 17 years and because google and apple and all the socil nets do not even advertise on a siongle 3dtvchannel they have learned the powere of crtc monoplies and seeing as they can nto shit off all the busiens in Canada for any given trade likethecrtc the next bext thing they cando that is as close to a crtc 1099% flat out discrimination of a world wide web copyright and brand a nd akkit;s componaues for 17 years the best they can do is drop thier competitions product libe and go it alone , unline the crtc sho drop their 3dtvwebcasting industry and gag 100% of net org busiens wiutha 2d tv drangons den in2d and a deal witha 3d netflix vidio site so as to have no possible way for a canadianbusiens tooparticipate in ,ca 2d tv and crtc culture or socil netw busiens with or on a crtc medias and so by watching the crtc succesfuly gag 17 years of Vancouver 3dtv bytheuhf vhf dropping nettorg busiens news and investment they have demonstrageted theprofits possible by a social net gagging another especialif the social net is a crtc and they are gaggiong busiens and starttups in 2d soas to havea 2d tv coup election cash grab and an entire socil net all to them sleves in2d and tweek it for 2d on2d so rther is noway to launch a in 17 years of olympic tax fundd sports a tv coup , a 2dtvcoup has show the world the powere of dropping a busiensnabnd denieing thew charterdd right of a compnay to work and makwe alkiving free of discrimination by a2d tv crtc cartell that woudl drop and gag your trade so that ther is no wzy to use the entire cfrtc intranet to laubch your intranet and sell intyernet apps, for 3dtv on a 2d tv coup that dropped competition 17 years ago and so by see how a crtc peroges 17 years of hd 3d tv merchandising and gagging of news of stolen social net startups for charity the 2d crtc have shown the world that ther is more money in gagging a compoettators acess to the internet socil nets than selling thiwer stuff so as the crtc have shown ther is no way to use them to market yahoo or binfg or 3dtvcanada or streamignvideostartu0pps oir busiens because they do not promote canadians and theior busienses on a crtc licenced medias the trand is now a script for busiens , becaause thecrtc gag people nd drop trades and jobs in 3dtv and reap all the electionpolitical media profits one would if they gaged compoetuion it demonstrate how not likeing or not promoting cancreate a monoply market especialy if yiur cbc and you gag or or or apps for 3dwwirelesstv.comro products all gaged by a gadafic like 100% 2d tv coup that set the standard for compnaies liek google apple and amazonto have to follow because if the Canadiangovernmetn crtc 2d tv uhf vhf news and culture political medias and sports fundded tax payed medias are foinf to ag 16 yeards of 100% of the 3d world wide web tv .com net org busiens startyups then everyyone will have to do the same andso itès not dicriminationof apple tv or google tv or sony tv it;s crtc socil networking busiens practices commonly used by the uhf vhf crtrc medias here in acanada otherwise it wouldf be discrimiantion by a 2d crtc tv coup byt the provate compnaies are not the crtc so they candrop a busien sbrand of thjey liek they are not paied to be net nutral and if the crtc are paied tobe net nutral and they are nto and they are paid to be the venuue for netg org investments and advertsign for startups then they don;t and like ghadaffi 2d tv they hah thgis and that for th emonoply thenthe entire world will nto be able to use the crtc tv newwses for business too,a dn that is a very important lessioni have been teaching for 17 years telling yahooo apple google andgacebook and the world that the crtc gag 100% ofthe in sports so that ther is no way to launch a inan onlympics and i have been saying ther is no way to ohave democracy ina 2d tv crtc coup that gages plebiiscitecanda.comor and only sells 3d on netflix for 17 years and so it proves to the world the power of a 2d crtc tv coup when it gages a person orr atrade or aan art form or a and startup for 15 years and the profits discrimiantion can bring to a 2d crtc tv coup in sports too. you canèt blame yahoo when the crtc dropped tv brands for 17 years can you . . is election 2015 a 2D coupÉ

WOW , the new TTP trade deal will open Canada to global , dairy , autoparts, internet services and cellphone compnaies, cable tv and farm along with the NAFTAwe will soon be able to ebjoy everthing global with no trade barriors and this will increase the competition demands for new3dtvchannels.comto advertsie them on.

A tsunami of garbage is floating towards the west coasts of Canada and the usa , If elected what would you do to help the people ofBritish Columbia deaal withthis global disaster unlike a flood or snow storm it needs federal leadership and financial support because we can not clean up the worlds tsunami garbage on our share of the federal emergency funds and keep fires and avalanch earhtquake and pacific storms at bay plus clean up the pacific oceans garbage . elections2015.

IN 2000 i launched 100 free social net apps for 3d and 3dtv and tv and for the youth of the common wealth to celebrate social networking in 3D an di gave away 80 as a test to help launch 3D internet hd webcasting but was gaged by 1009% of the uhf and vhf crtc social net, the startups for youth that were free and givien away were conned and scalped and the joke was the crooks say me comming. (i am glad i stillhave because ther may still be a chance it would find it;s way to nuckingham and net be stole as i did not give them all away andlucky for thqat too as the youth of tomorrow may still get a chance to enjoyt it as ,many of the free social net gifts i retained are stgill undeliverd because ther i no way to use them in a2d tv cartel coup where 3d socuial net startups afre givien away and stolen and gagec by 2d tv preseds , even the gardian and fox medias do not support a single 3d tv ro socil net for 3dtv as theuhf vhf mediss are no digital websites selling tv it is clear ther eis no way to use them to deliver 3dbuckingham .com to the queen for a jubalee if i could and so the youthof todayu havethe samepronlems i do a 2dtvcouop blockin ghhtier inovation in 3dtv webcasting spas tp havea 2d tv elevtion cash cow and attack ads monoply in 2d on2dsocil nets and the youth today have given up because they are bniot an old stubborn bbrd tech like me they ahve not been in the social networking set up inudstry for 30 years like me ansd they have not seen dial a prayer turn into terrorists tweets socil networkign and so with 2d tv gagging 3d socil netwporkign apps for youth it is not garenteed safe soas to have any6 farth let alone give the queeba for fear of theft and coverup by 2d tv news all over agoin like in 20001,
If the Prince of Whales could help me find out who , where, when , why and how come all the politicians and 2D tv crtc journalists and newws medias in Canada stiffel the 3DTelevisionWebcasting industry startup and charity social nets here for 17 years it would help me help the youth of Canada make the world a better place for Charities and a better life for them free of discrimination by 2d tv monoplies that would gag an entire 3DTelevision internet industry and all the charity thering for 17 years here and make Canada a bettter place for youth to help the world from and social network in 3D on many of my free org and charity networks in 3D too.
We are having an election and our Young Candidates for leadership are ubable to use a with and for 17 years they are forced to only use uhf vhf converted socil nets for democracy because ther is no way to fget an ip adress long enough to ser the dns and set up a server ina 2d crtc tv cartel with "issues" because your a 3dtvstartup/com for or or any otehr forms of 3d television online for social networking currently launched by still gaged by the entire 2d crtc so that not one youth in asingle political party can campainon socil net in a 2d crtc cartels 2d eletion shows, and becauwee ther is no way to report 2d tv bullies for 17 years on cbc or any tv news it is my duty to inform you that it woudl help all the youth of Canada if they coudl social net in 3D free of discrimination by 100% of the2d tv sports industry and arts andnews andfashomn andadvertisng and make alkiving in 3d on 3d socil nets bow gaged by 2d tv here for 17 years as they chace cyber bullies in 2d and the youth andyoung politicians , now candidating for leaders in canda politics that are gaged andstuck ona2d tv cartel that gage 3dtvpolitics from them 17 years of 3d social net workpmg poliotics in 3d on world wide internet 3dtelevision platforms , issue free is not a dragone den possibility. (the business tv shows gag soocil networkign busiens in 3D , thats prittyu darn lame!.) a;; we have tpodo is llok a GHadaffies 2d tv medias who went aroud reporting all is well for years attendign sports with 2d tv medias and hundreds of 2d tv medias that came to cananda for the 2010 olympics and 100% of socil net was gaged from all Candian youth by 100 years of 2d tv and thats the tip of the icebreg as 3d web broadcasting is a youth needy social netwprking activity worthy of supporting , and in 2000 i found a route to the orient and now have and indua. com foryouth to social netin 3d but the 1 endless bazrrior to 3d television is uhf vhf 2d tv cartels here runnign a 2 dimentional eletion in 2d and stiffeleign the worlds 3d tv channels and candnaoinm youth in 2d. Google and twitter are other socil nets but they are not gaged by 100% of the crtc for 17 years , and in 2006 many new 2d social nets also tweeked inot service with 100% promotion and acceptance by 2d tv but 3dtv dot comes are still discriminated against and the youth that sell their 3d web startup name to me are instannt on not keeping them bu wuitting the ir dream, and i try to tell them to hang in untill some one inquires into 2d tv sports corrupption and stuff, and in 2006 google came along and launched a 2d tv search engine and twitter-(fox medi) launched to tap phones and stuff social netting profits to this day, (politicians use twoitter on the flor of patrliment but thwey gag 3dtv in fear of 2d tv retaliation" like-weakest-link social network and 3DTelevision webcasting offers a new social networking oppertunity for youth so it is very very important to invistigate for the crown why 3DTVSocial net startups for socil networking in 3D on tv online are h=gaged 17 years by soime one or somthin gin the crtc and hournalism even the telegraph gaged 3dtvstartups for news ssports arts and socil netwroing for 16 years but not 3d films , another important form of social networking , and 3D web TV startuups for busiens and arts culture and Canadian youthare gaged by all the crtc medias for 17 years and it is obvious that 3D internet tv apps and merchandising for animatiuon and virtual 3d film ona is an important form od social networking so we have tofind out why it is gaged for the benafit of the youth of Canada.
our entire election is in32d on2d for 2d by2d and3d social networkingis viable form of poltician mediazs too, democracy in 3d is whaty the youth of canda eed not3d democracy only, and 3d charity social nets are a viableform of social networking for theyouth of Canda to be in.
www tv startupas free of discrimination and bullying by 2d uhf vhf tv agendas and cartel bullying. a unable to help youth stuck in a 2d tv monoply and there is no way to help you youth charities in 3D with a 2d tv muzzeling yiour business startups foir an entire 17 yuears , ( we can't even jubalee in 3d on a 2d crtc ither and helping yoputh with 1000 net org never was more difficult after 17 years of beeing gagged and stiffeled by all the crtc medias that's for sure. of net org

The Canadian 2D tv uhf vhf industry target more than just cyber bullies , as they target startups in 3DTV and for 17 years and stiffel 100% of each and every one launched in Vancouver they illistrate how a 2d tv cartel can bully industries and innovation in online 3D tv social networking in Canada without any corse of action or political acess for businesses in 3D HD TV social networking who give awau over 60 social net startups for 3D in 200 to prevent 2d tv bullying 3D TV CHarity startups and 17 years of launching for sports news travel ast and free social networking in 3D on met and com social nets given from charityes launched in 2000 that were stolen and scalled go un recoverd because there is no way to startup an HD #D tv social networking global channel in a 2d tv cartel in Canada that gag in 2D news and sports and busienss.
With all the crtc 2d tv medias promoting 3D films and Gaggign net org startups ther is no way to use asn org infostructure to compliment a com net 3DTV Busienss n a 2d tv run sountry where 17 yearsall the free charity socil nets givien away and allthe ne torg startups are gaged by 100% of the countroies tv news and medias , 17 years is a long time to be bullied by 2d uhf vhf tv medias if yorua and give away free socil ents in 2000 then you might gedt bullied and gagged by 100% of the 2d tv medias and yoru chsoirty and free socil; nets scallped off for profits with otu a tweet beeing mention in state run 2d tv news and that is tantimount to 2d tv bullying targeting startups and socil nets for 3DTV , definatly a subject for election debate and impossible ina 2d tv election on 2d tv cartels that gag netorg startups for 3d socil hetworking and tv onliensoas yo launch uhf vhf monoplies over 17 years makign fifa corruption look like charity compared to 2d tv cartells targelgtinh startups for 17 years is cyber bullying!.. www.3Dpresident.comof the startuop that gave away over 80 free socil nets and saw them gaged ans scalpt off while the 2d uhf vhf tv industry targeted startups for 3DTV and all their charity orgs industyu for 17 years and 4 election and today the bull-eye is ther is not one of the kings and queens of the qorlds 2d tv news medias that will report this or a single launching but they will report every 3d movie a or theater launched ina 3rd world or communits counmtry , because they are not targeted by 2d tv is targeted by 2d crtc tv medias here for 17 yesrs so that The Canadian 2D tv uhf vhf industry target more than just cyber bullies , as they target startups in 3DTV and (true story) 5:56 AM 2015-10-01

What affect will PPT minimum wage agrements have on Canadian Manufacturers? as more and more politicians push for global minimum wage parity hoq will this affect manufcturing in these fre trde zones businsses and foren worke programs in Canada as the free trade zones ewualise minimum wahes to comply?. Uber politicians replace licenced ones on the 2d tv platforms social intranet if ther are no need for formal taxi then we can uber the political system the same way and all you need is a person , who happens to be on the "hill" at the time and they can ferry ypour politicians needs on a 2d tv cable or telcos crtc platforms thaty gag new and ole 3dreality s . a startup gaged by 2d platforms newses 17 years,

In my 17 years of 3D web bullitain board and social net tv and 3d hdtv intranet system touch tone phone application sysytem verticals marketing launchingof over 1000 and startups i launched , I have found ther is nothing worse to overcome than a 2d tv politicians who will not say it in 3d on a 3d social net, because they are in ca-hoots with a 2d tv cartel or two. of socil net adressing systems and apps for 30 years from dial up to fiber optic A I systems the only thing i ever say gag an app is a 2d tv political agenda and 17 years we must be also gaged by a 2d tv politician ot two i guess.
ther wickedlyunexplainable to 3dwebcast or to overcome in startup business than a 2d political party full of adults who like 3d movies in their town but did not inhail startups ands will not promis thier election promises in 3d too, or support (inhail) a single www.3dtvstartup.comin 17 technology investment years, or launch in 3d or promise their election platform in feronyt of a 3dtvnetwork or two ( we have over 1000 for them to try) and so ther is nothing worse during an election as a 2d tv only democraqcy in 2d on a 2d tv coup full of 2d politicians who will not say anyhtoing in 3D on 187 years old 3DTVStartup come sunday as 2d socil lnet snobbery and bullying takes presidance over startups proving ther is nothing worse for a busiens to overcpome thana 2d tv coup full of 2d tv politicians who disrimianter against 3dtv web startups as they promise the world in2d and discriminate against 3dtv for expample making them the top of the pyrimid of dicrimination of ne torg busiens launchiugn ina 2d tv coup. Promisss it in 3D or get off the podium . "would you say that on 3dtv ( in french and english) or discrminate against 3dtv? thats the election question too ask to see if the politicians is patronising the 2d tv crtc cartel 17 7years so as to get elected or not and if they are is honest enough to say it in 3d on a social net too , or justr 2d tv socil tweets and social viral tools and intranets !

One very important thing to considerwhen voting is wether the political party could get rid of their leader if they saw a need to !. "IF elected and your party whanted ypu to step down would you? " type of question , this would be how to garentee we do not get a dictator but an elected leader of an entire party even if it does not match the majority of none voter party numbers at least it would be democratic, to see if we get a dictator free democrartic leader of a party for prime minister and not a monster you can't get rid of untill the next election. of foundr of 2:25 PM 2015-09-30 the proof is in the pudding

The pol results are in and the majority of non voter all agree the election pols are a tool the 2d tv monoplies use to trick the money right radical left and right political partines with so they think thier expencive ads are increasing their popularity in the po;s , and so fooled by7 the 2d tv pols they pump more mony into 2d tv ads aat the most expence pre decided by the attack ad agfendas of the 2d tv coups this way the political party that pays the most gets the best pols results and is sucked up to by more 2d tv press tyhan the othercandidates and whit a 2d tv reporting higher results in the "latest pole" the 2d tv politician and their party is fooled into running the advertisement again and agains untill the money runs our, and in this way a 2d tv pol is a tool to pump up the asd revenue in 2d tv election in2d for 2d soas to have sustained 2d tv isms. , o waite a minute it looks liek the 2d tv ppols are in and the party withthe most mony is creeping forward in the pols and this implies that a boost in2d tv ad money is what is needed , wow , who knew?
The 2d tv pols tell you ther is no demand for a or or or for advertising in 3d or for soccer or sports but cable needs 100 million and eleventy-eleven 2d sports channels most of them pay and there is no demand for or or any imaginable www. 3dbusiensstv/startup in 11 years for ads or 3d animation or net org merchandising in 3D yet the sane 2d tv pols will tell us the election results and sell 3d tv ads on uhf vhf and 2d internet social nets even fifa games on a 2d wirlesstv devices because their pols tell themn ther is no demand for any new devises too and meanwhile they have cleaned out political advertising budgets and moved on to union and ethnic pols for their ad aaccounts and in 2d on2d becuase ther is no political need for or or org in a 2d tv democracy just more sports channels in 2d for the same 2dtvmedias and not the sport industry itself, 2:39 AM 2015-09-30

99.99999% of Canadians and a ton of world leaders adn politiicianbs in g7 countries whant bill c-51 edited , the election is about a leader who would listen to the poeple and edit bill c-51 so other is agood question to have the 2dtvcoup ask this election, duhh!, of

the world 's unions and businesses and taxpayers an dinternet startups do not have the same iron curtain protection from competiton as the crtc 2d tv coups have to gag all the 17 years and4 elections while all the politicians watch takes power and taxi unions do not have the sam epower to gag stuff as the 2d crtc tv gazibo sports gangs do , ( ,,, need a cab?,, )it takes a cartell to stiffel 17 years of and startups first , like a world cup or olympics you ghave tpo bribe the right authorities and 2dtvcoups, duhh, innovartion the 2d crtc have so they can not gag competition like a 2d tv news stiffeleing a for the money!.. ask any draghons denn they will explain it for you, net org Y2K is gaged and uber is not see a crtc uhf vhf 2dtvcoup in action a net org for a tv show from all taxi cabs for all taxis to socialy net on but gaged in 2000 by 100% of the 2dtvcoup who have more power than sony hackers (they can gag an industry for a few hours but a 2d crtc tv coup can stiffel net org for 17 years un tweeable even today.) to gag aan entire industry wityh a 2d tv coup, they can rig election in 3d and pimp startups in 2d whilke they gag the entire 3D world wide web tv industry for 17 years and pimp uber or 2d socil nets at the same time they fix election debate and launch 3d theaters in communist countries no busienss can go to and do busiens accept fifa, taxiEs to sell 3D TV cab Tours whithout a live passenger that is realtime and 17 year old startup gaged by 2d tv cartels and all the queens uhf vhf journalists in business journalism ( drangon included) gaged by 100% of the 2d crtc and cbc journalist and faculties in journalism prove that if you market an uber idea and add 3dtv ro it the entire thong will be gaged by 2dtvcoup so they can rig elections in 2d and take over democrazcy in 2d for 2d by 2d on 2d and have asustained 2dtvcartels market fopr 2disits, so ubers mistake was they forgot to ad a 3dtv to theoir name and so the 2d crtc journalisrts socil net it to pieces and if it was an uber 3d idea it would have been left alone and npot one taxie driver woudl have ever even hred of it. same as ro jsut 2d google satalite is possibelk not or or any net org the crtc gaged in the last 17 years (over 1000 for shoppign realestate politics democracy and busienss all gage like i was in Ghadadffi 2d tv land and ther was no way to use the socil net to launch a same same as in 2000 a uhf vhf cartell woudl gag yoru imediatly but they will not lift a finglr for a taxi cpompnay or a tour concept in 17 years they will not even report 2d tv bullying politics launched in 2d for 4 elections and an entir3w uhf vhf conversion to digital so taxies unions are no orotected the same way 2d tv couips are protected from competition and Uber or is proptected by a 2d cartell that will not even alow their 2d politicians to say or be on 3dtv and wpuld trash 3dtv in secret and uber and taxies on their platform so the circulation and ads revenue, (the crtc channelsjournalists and faculties have no integrity ) there is no way to launch a net org for sports travel news arts shopping and busienss in 3d in a crtc 2d tv coup and protected industry yet uber can and thats the difgferance 2d tv will talk about alternative anythong accept for politicians to preach thier election promises and thaats why ther is no way to trust a 2d tv couppthat gages but tweets in2d about uber stuff. reportibng a discrepency in integerity in the 2d tv medias coverage of the internet startupsa they gag while pretending to champion net nutraity, if uber was a 3d uber digital tv business and your 3dtvinnovation could get a ride on an uber channel then the crtc woudl stiffel it and ther would be no way to report the 2d crtc bullies gagging a 3d uber thing but if you are a 3D uber movie the 2d crtc will not discriminate against ypouyr investment they just gag and discriminate against 3dtvstartups/com net org socil nets for and all the 3d tv brands and net orgs in the world. they willalow the copying of websites and books for schools but not movies or tv shows and sowith no way to report theft on a 2d tv they gag more than internet they gag all things theh whim to ga and in 2d too, so if you were to ad a 3dtv or a 3dbusiness or a 3dtvanything to your brand you can bet your politicians the crtc 2d tv will stiffel all the news and leave you all alone on thier 2d socil nets. if you were giving businesses a ride on the advertisng web in3D for ro for shopping they would then not even be mentioned by a single crtc 2d journalist.

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