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the Canadian constitution does not always apply , especialy when a guy starts up a few hundred net org in Vancouver in 2000 for jubalee and art travel adn sports and gets gagged by 100% of the crtc news and medias for 16 years the constitutional right to work and make a living free of discrimination by 1005 of the crtc is not upheald. 3dfashion tv are all gageed by 10-0% of the crtc sports and fashiontravel and news tv chanenbls as they discrimoinagt 100% anmf make it impossib le to use tax fuded crtc medias to integrate or launch a somngle ro in Vancouver with;lpu tbeeing gaged for `16 years by all the kings men in 2d tv in Ottawa to whitehourse. so the constitution only appli3es in 2d on2d to 2d tv medias the news will talk of and support it does not apply to net org medias in Vancouver trying to launcha net org ina 2d crtc tv coup election campain. the constitution only applies to 2d crtc tv medias in a election not netorg Vancouver BC we are gaged by uit and it;s medias for 16 yearts amd thats history now.
because the constitution does not apply to 3d tv web casters and theior new thoings in Canada i hve to sit gaged so athat ther s=is no way to enjoy every playoff andworld cup gaged by 2d tv coups whpo waffel and promis to have 3dtv soem say and it;s all pie inthe sky when it socomes to 16 years here crying for a constitution where i can use the crtc tax fudned newzses toreport a sopny hacking for 16 yesrs and ntpo be gaged by 100% of the canadian press forp 1`6 years with no oconstitutional right to knwo why is gaged by anyone in government or the press!. gagaedd by 2d tv and it's constitutional news medias actual discrimination of a compnay and it;s net org and we all knew it woiuld happen we all knew some countries would gag 3dtv because they do onot what it they whant 100% controled tv not free market ne torg popping up all over the place and so 16 years Ottawa sits while Vancouver gets gaged b yh 100% fo teh crtc tv press and thats why i saty the constotution does not apply to compnaies it opnlyt applies to crtc 322d tv compnaiews and i proved inpon3d social medias sites fro 16 years all of them gagwed by thgwe 2d tv coup and their constitution.

Canadian troops are going to the Ukraine to train troops, but can't go to train staff for 3dtvshows?
Canadian troops go to afganistan, to the middle east, baltics, all over the world for war but no one comes to Vancouver to train Canadian in high tech merchandising in 3d on net org startups , go figure no help when ypu most need it, as we can send troops but can't get a single crtc top help launch a soingle canadian in Vancouver in the entire time the Conservative have been in power, even when we can send troops tpo train security forces i can't get a secure nswers froma single pliticians for 16 yearsd i can't even send net or org to india, usa, europe, or Ottawa and start up all the 16 year old net org now gaged by the canadian press for 3d enetertainmnettv and 3d advertisingtv or3d shoppingtv or 3d traveltv or a single net org ( political help was refused because it would be a conflict of interest for a politicians rto help me and not othwer i'm told) because of the world is full of 2d tv monollies that would and do and did gag 16 years soas ther is nopne possible in thier closed 2d tv mrkets too, and with Canadians sending troops and nto a change is due soon as net org are able to use united narionsa countries g;lobaly to integrate the 3dtv interent and the world wide web socil nets in3d are enevatable and going to becomeing a place for governmnets to run electiosn in 3d insteard of 2d tv stiffeleing and and filtering 16 years as they do here in canadian cbc and crtc tax funded newses and then we can export soldurs nd news and report in format instead of not at all or on old crtc 2d tv monoplies tht gag 3dtv for 15 yearfs in row, and report in 3d on war and troops and training for fighing terroism and in 16 years with all the conservatives in Ottawa it is not possible to train anyne here to launch a show and report on a in 3d how India's training of Computr technonogies applied in canadian busienss will help our economyy the same wat we train troops to fight terroism on their countries and so with no way to send a single emploee to toronto or Ottawa or montreal or Wngland or france or germany or the far east , all i cn do is watch Ottawa send troops to train for war and fighting instead and work to pay for it with my taxes while a crtc block the icann internet startups for net org webcasting because they fo not have the training to do anyhting else.
This month the pavarazzie nearly run over a super hero in theparking lot of a hotel, and Hockey goes to the play offs while the government of the day spend spend spend on adds to 2d tv and medis same as the other elections all in 2d because ther is no one comming to Vancouver to train businesses in entrepeneuralism in net org busienss ONLINE and with no need to have anyone come and train us to fight terroist or war ona nmopdern scale withthe rest of the free world all we need now is some one , some country , sopme culture , come entrepeneural sperit in the universe , greter than mine or ours and able to train Vabcouver , Ottawa , montreaal , the dragons dens of 2d tv how to launch net org and create adn and and 3drealestte for the net org industry here so that we can fend for our selves in Vancouver against online soney hackers adn 2dtvcoups in dictatorships that gag and muzzel 100% of 16 years of nd and org startups in every country we launched and help the Canadians who need support from hackers and terroists online so as to be able to use the world wide web globlay and not be stiffeled localy and create prosperity as it was intended , freee of discriomination by any group anmd able to ,make a living net org business on a world platform instead of beeeing gaged by 2d tv coups that are ther just to used for elections and unabel tohelp for 16 years in row 1 single in Vancouver get a single politicians to look into why . For years i launch org, orgs for charity andfor 16 yeasrs the crtc will not allow charity in 3d on3d or 3dtvcanda.oorg they do not whant 3d tv channel and so they even gag orgs too , hows that foir integrity. no wzay tol be chartitable on 1 or 1 hundred 3dtvchannel.orgs because the 2d tv channel do not care about orgs the just by coms and do nto use or by orgs and we do we have startups aall waiting fro16 years to hjelp andwe can't because a 2d tv couip will not sup[oort A sngle w never miond a and thats history.
the UNited nations should pay more attention to stiffeled innovstion in 2d tv coups than they do and help Canadins get out of the technology rutt that they are in soas we can do more then send troops tpo train for war against insergents and can help startups amnd creat jobs in gaged in many countries because of their 2d tv coups for 16 years as their medis are taken over by radical political parties and closed governments tht do not whant 3d web tv interfearing withtheir 2d tv elelctions shows and chas flows that follow when you have a closed market and politics run throught a closed 2d tv coup and thaay all block ne torg for 16 years and can't evem train anyone to help here so it shoudl be up tot he UN to see that backward technology and entrepeneurrial countries get the same support they doo when they neeed troops for a terroist insergency,
we need tobe able tolaunch 3dtvchannel here and on the world wide web some day anyways we might as well get the technology troops pover from the us and germany and india and china and al the worlds best here in Vancouver to help our busienses the same way we help their failing armies, and start a ttrend that different than the one trde we seeem to bestuck exporting dn it;s not or working in 3d for some reason Canada can nor seeem to sendme help to launch a single and all i do for 16 years is plead for support , go figure the mental handy capp that is for businesses online, wow , as we are 16 years stuck paying for troops to train troops and fighting anf still no way to launch a net org com in Vancouver using the crtc and no one here totrain us to ither, wow, this is why i figure we need the same help from the countries and worlds united nations we give them in souldurs and troops and taining in the fight against terroisim, we need tech web startup help from the united nations because it is clear 15 years in row Ottawa is not going to train us or help. . conservative path we are stuck on today. 6:16 AM 2015-04-14

The news rooms of Canadian tv medias meet around a big table and argue and discuss how to gag and muzzel stiffel andbrand over netorg startuyps in bc for 16 years in row , wow, as they sit around a boardroom table and discuss how to ga and in the days news stories , this is where the entire crtc full of news medias decide to stiffel and gag 100% of netorg even in BC Vancouver and this is where they argue over wether to gag and stiffel 3dtv today , yesterday and tommorow and sowitha entire crtc full o9f newsmedias ready tpo gag and stiffel16years in row and 3 wars latwer we are the worlds most gaged andstiffeled 3dtelevisionnetwroks online. gagaged by2d tv news rooms 16 years thats longer than jazz music was gaged from 1939-1945 and the 2d tv news rooms are where the news deside whp they will discriminate yainst and who they will promote . it's called amd 3dtvcouip news room ,and this is where the nations netorg tv and netorg are gaged and by whom.
the same board rooms that gagged 16 years of Vancouver startups in 3DTV also gag 100% of and with womens right for or startups gaged by 100% of the board rooms in the crtc monoply it makes jobs for women impossible on 100% of the 3DTVCHannels.copm net org gaged by a board room of news journalistsfor16 yeasrs an albitross the board rooms of 2d tv news will have to live with Globaly online in chats and on 9:23 AM 2015-04-13

How would you like it if BC and alberta desided to sell all it;s oil and gass to california and none to ontario andquebec, well , how do we feel now that Ontario stiffs alberta oil and gass carbon emmissions industry and turn a blind eye to the west and BC Alberta oil and pipeline industry that is supoosed to be part of the national energy commisioion same as carbon tax governance but sunce they trashed the federal carbon emmissions tax credit andcreated a privzate industry off of the energy commisions grid , this means the oil and gas industry is no longer part of a national plan that ontario and quebec are ghoing to follow as thesesw two provinces have left the energy boards and started off on their own withtheir own credit systems and omitteted the sale of canadian credits tot he other provinces they obv oiusly whant out of the energy boards govwernance and plan to sell thier new gift of carbon emmisions tax credits off shore instead of back trot eh energy board so as other provinces can use them like they wwre oil and gass revenues comming in to the canadian federation of provinces and or bc and alberta , 2d tv will have imvestments in one solution soas to have 2d tv run the election in 2d and make this a 2d tv issue whiel they gag 3dtvpoliytics.c om netorg and all the kings in the west. same sa,me as they all benefit from oil and gass piplines and stocks and stiff the qwest again, it foiugres, i get stuck reportinmg it in 3d on inteernet net network ewveryone inthe world cyber squatts on and rushes to advertise on inthe defucked clouds and parking poages i gwet stucck on trying to type instead fo 3dwebcasting all tay, it's clear Ontario and quebec whant out oif the oils and gas industry the west is trying to save and run and they care not of us and our jobs in 3dtv too or in thwe the oil and gas pipe lines investments and environmmental concerns there just in oit for a fast buck , in 2d too, wow the oil and gas pipline and export busiens needs credits here adn the idea of ontario and quebec so so quicck to "not help" is why I started up 3000 net org adn get gaged by the dragons dens and board rooms of tgeh crtc tv news and busienss monoplies same as oil and gas and the environment are of no convcern to people who whant to sell carbon emmmission tax credits rtooff shore compnaies instead fo the energy board distributing them with credits to balence their provincial budgetsd, our western 3dtv and oil and gas and new innovarting staertups and carbon emmisions is part of the energy boards income and ontario should be made to think of canadians first even if they are living inor come from a new internet tv media or oil and gass pipline and environmental industry from the west but they are not prepared to help them with carbon credits , ( little red hen has to make the bread while ontario and quebec get to eat it., swell eh!) same thing for ontario would rather market everyone elses 3d tv innivtion than 1 /100 fromBC same same as carbon credits a 2dtvcoup crtc news is ther to sel the idea and gag in bc same same as gaggign3dtv gaggignthe sale of carbon tax credits will not help the west.
We should sell our oil and gass directly to California and in exchange for tax emmision credits, and we could be partnwers witrh amy state for trade so as to use thier tax credits for our oil and gass. too and no need to pipe the tax credits back toi ontario adn eselling them after the fact.
The rest of Canada needs them and they pick off shore countries first .they whant us to piut up with pipelines and then stiff uas for carbon credits they plann to sell off shore hows that for a csis threat to canadian economic stability eh!, as The langf-oleary bord romm journalisr=ts discuss gaggign 3dtv for the 16th year in row, the oil and gass industry takes a hit from ontario 's planned tax emision credit sales off shore, thanks Ontario for thinking of us out west as usual. the credits will nto be avalable unless the federal government moiv es onthis as they are the energy councel they will have to aprove it and that smeans al the ministers will have to be onside as they follow free trade and emergy this is right up their alley and ONtario oand quebec shoudl offer them to Alberta and BC so as to not hurt the canadians and the economy, duhh! first as they plann to sell their excess carbon units to forien governments instead tof to BCand Alberta. as they stiff the western provinces will hurt Canadians inthe west and help off shore buyers of ontario and quebec's unused carbon units will not benafit canadians who need them , the message is plain tghey value Californias economyt more thanBC and alberta put together when oil reveneus n=benafit onbtarians and their carbon credits do nto is it a hurt on Canadians coast to coiast , the tax credits shouild be offered tocanadianprovinces firts nd formost afgter all they are canandian carbon tax credits and notexportable BC should challenge it's sale so asot help other canadians wqho need them for businesses and people who include public transit and achieve the maximin benafit for ontario quebec alberta and bc. and help canadians withthe challenge of climat change and so all canadian can get onboard. .
Cap and trade have figured out a 3d cap and trade agreement for tradeing and traffic for thoes whoes countries have an excess in new media and now where to puit them becuse of over radicalisation of 2d tv medias that gagand stiffel thier industry in apps same as toronto ot montreal or the crtc s they over extend their 2d tv content past the limits of local tv inot a national monoply in content and with no where to put them on or the 3dwororld wide web tv .com net org webcasting industry because they filled all the ad spaces with their own brodcasters new tv shows ther is no tv ad space left for entrepeneurs or any other busienss in the country and when the crtc airways and ovewr the air medias broadcast 100% non canadian content inthe day time dn 50% canadian content t might a "CP and TRADE" arrangement is the best way to curb monoplies choking off busienses andstzartups in netorg for advewrtising and prosterity,
Like a cap on carbon emmissions
with a cap and trade countries ro states with an excess of 3dtvcontent can use webspace from countries that do not use up their net org ca broadcasting quota.
Like the cap on carbon emmissions Canadian provinces have been given so so many carbon emmission credits they can tradee them iwht states that use much more than they were given so as yo allow states that over emit carbon to trade them with provnces that under use thier emmision allowence and so with 3DTelevision here 100% unsued by the entire crtc on the day time and 100% unsed at night a carbon tax "Cap and Trade" with British Columbia and our generaous and andorg net org induistry we can trade up to 100% of teh advertising andnews sports travel arts fashion business realestte nd auctions for charity excess with a ste inthe same wy a "Cap and Trade" agreement for carbon is set up woth California and ontario and quebec.
Having Ontrio or Quebec burn more oil or fossel fules soasto use up their excess and generous carbom emmission credits would be like having generating more 3dtvcontent soasto use up our global acess to new viewers in net org 3dadvertising for 3dprinting or 3dmovies or 3dtvinnivation in sports marketingor realestate or charity auctions and fashion so the idea oof a "Cap and Trade" afgreement would help redistribute the economic prosperity better in the new media environments same as in carbon emmisions .
the limited number of medias restricts the growth of new applicatiions and busienss startups online and with millions fo travel , fashion, shoping and sports vusinesses all biaing for 3 or 3 chat-tv-search-monoply service provision suysytems set up for sustainability of 2d tv sports news travel arts chats search and politics the ability to market innovation that exceeds the crtc or 2d tv monoplies cchannels and credits is hurting thee growth of technolgy and entrepeneurs in innovation while in Cananda 100% of the 3dcopyrighttv.cxom net org business setup for for for for and for are 16 years and instead of ramping up production of net org new net og webcasting and advertising a "Cap and Trade" agreement with California or New York or Dallas where restrictions only allow a few openeing in their local medias for advertising businesses unable to launch in their own local 2d tv markets and rather than have Vancouver or toronto or montreal ramp up their carbon emmisiions or 3dtvchannels wiith out a cap and trade is a waste of the equity ava;able for trade. "a Cap nd Trade" agreement is needed for net org global emmisions. Douglas Colins ceo and founder of and 2000Tm 3:17 AM 2015-04-13

The net and org in new media were between 1980's and 2000 , but with the launch of 367 tvpin and net org new medias from 2000- 201 it put an end to the global black out fo and the launch of todays www/ net org world of online apps for 3DPrinters 3dddddD faces adn 3D sports and movie marketing in 3D on nd in both annimation and video "virtual realtiy" and "virtualy" broadcasting in both annimtion or in and in hd soas to even test the human eyes ability to disern the differance but there is.
Radicalistion of education by internet money is a terror for educators who have trouble as it is with the attention span of the new k-12 child who are already a tech savy student nut with no internpersonal social group skills and with a new limited attention span because of the speed of computer s rote educational uses , thier inability to focus and pay attention will effect busienses and sports all because fo rdcialstion of teachiong by the internets money s it continues to push and radicalise state and goverment investment and election perks and other unseen hackers or actors and their agendas too.

Education online has to be based on real world fact and history not based on paid advertisors on search engine results. Computersa dndigital education online is swell but you have toremember the educational professional today will tell you , students have changed . they no longer have the ability to concentrate they do not respond the same way as the effects fo computers and the instant selfy nateur of it;s interaction make them harder toteach every year , because of computers role in their lives , then it is time to listen to them as they are the roops inthe fron line reporting not a pay for result engine advertisng software package made for a staste ro country they are educatiors.
After 3 years pf planning, launched in 2000 along with 80 free giveaway socil networks for chttiong nd adveetising and 3000 new 3dtvchannels and shows, all launching for the melenium celebrations and immediatly was recieved by 2d television as a threat and today online search and government state tv channels all declair their pet medias s the first 3dtvchannel online to launch makign them usless for educationa; perposes and totaly biast towrds top paying advertisors or state tv and governmnet influance .
today if yoru search the Grdian or wiki leaks or google or bing , if you search ypour local tv or national newss media or government educational systems information on 3dtvchannel (a word not in the dictionary because it is our trade mark composite of 3 words tied tofether with no hyphen) and you will not find 1.3000 Y net org portals mentioned in their heratage and histiry fies makign education online a risky busienss for it is unable to find 1 net or org and it has been 16 yuears online since they launched. education onlien has for business or pleasure and teaching has to be connected to the real internet world not a port or political agenda unless its and sportor political education your after. as local art education or local intwernet startup ecuationor globla icann words used forp educztion andbusienss it all has to be connected tot he real world not a pay for pole position search result news papwr tv or government genda.
16 yeaers online and the history of it frows . The english language has about 55,000 words in it this make 1000 key words adn the rest made up of 55.000 websites possible for education, telephone directories search engines and busienss plus if you add " a.e.i.o.u. and some times y" to the front of the word or a suffix word ( in 2000 i put a down payment on ".3d" suffix and got robbed but try and find that in search or education history ), then you have 6 times as many websites possible this is simple education on 55,000 websityesand not one news or business media touches them in their educationof their vieweers and 100% of the crtc here actualy gag and stiffel 100% of net org startups anmd always did fro 16 years. sdoe, educztion they are getting is not the one i get every day, and so the internet is based on icann adressing and withthe new tlds ther are 55,000 possible but when a country gages 55,000 3dtv domains and insist ther is none it si a bad day for their educational system and busiens market.
Education onlien has to be integrated withthe wold wide webs online nto basked in the whims of elected government of the day's internet agendas.
35 years i have been in the digital computer industry and seen compnaies buy politicians, students, teachers and fund experimental classes in many countries as they push their digital solutions and apps for digital education software and bullitan board chat and systems played aan important social net role as a tool for faculties dn students (ddial up chats were popular in the 1980's).
Collins Educational Vancouver BC, has provided professional educators with education many educational resource tools, materials and manipulatives for 25 years and computer companies computers nd apps and spolutions come amd go while professional teachers get better and better at educationl methodology ther is no need for the News papers search results to never find 1/ net org in their educztion use. as that is uinconnected tot he web or internet system and woirld to do anyhtign other than teach the truth in real life so do their apps for compiuters and the people used toconferance ort discuss technology in education or news arts or tv sports or busiens is squeewed by the many agendas at play and cash and money invested bya compnay via a political photo op is typical and aglimps of the new radicalisation of the internet and each countries hearatage and radcialisation by sport or the inmvestment ion "quality productonly" agendas play big role in the outcome even trumping education itself for the money some sport digital arts tv and compnaiues in advertising bring to the education sysytem in the amercias radicalises institution educating for sport or busiens is some times not gpimng to ,ention competition or otehrt teams as they restrick options and copete for viewers so as to sponcer a digital education web site push instead of professional live teachers possible due to the money involved and political photo oppertunities it offers in some cases a compnay can launch 16 yers ago and still not evenfind it in any faculties or institutions history of onlien innovationmor busienses as new products are pushed and clouds are set up to they bring in viewers or chaters and so it is with digital education as it plays a role like sports or football or basssket ball does for eciatipon in the usa ther eis a tendancy to only mention 3dsportstv or on searches as a thing to be found by some other websites who find things but as a part of the educztion of online world and busiens it is deliboratly left out soas tosupport the local universioty;s to[ [payijng sport and affiliate and in arts and technology , sports and newas the real owrld is radicalised into a pretwend world soas to patronise some agenda other than education and can affect everthign even TYPEING SKILLS or search results in online education in the same way it does university and politics and m oney is the fule in other cases too like search results based on pay for pole position advertising reveneus nto facts and when the search results and educatrion are connected by political agenda or other agendas to digital onoien edcuation solutions then teachers have to have the lasrt sayu as the bal is in their hands every play every day in all the educztion and it;s educational gsmes but the real world is not on the ame agendas and beeign filterd by country or crtc monoplies or "GHadaffi" is soas to have a state or agenda trump educztion and this is obvious when any educateds person uses different searches on the internet were you live education could be radiclised by other usceen actors and sony hackers too.
The internet is not a replacement for teachers or an education based on fact instead of seach recults por compnaies seuggestions rto teach online.
When after 16 yearsyou can not find listed as the first net org or as the first onlien then how can the sky be the limet in education.
It is important to not be fooled into onpoien education because the srtaertup has uinl;ometed acess adn money top the government of the day or students ndpolitical photoshoots on education. the teachers haave uses for computers and internet and they are not replacements buit tolos for teachers to use. and when the search results ae biast towards state tv or governments agendas or cash it becomes usless as a tool for weducation. 16 years is log time for weducational institutions to ntofind 1 /1000 net org startups for everthiogn from cars to fashion sports to news and movies in 3d because a state 2d tv or compnay in favour push push push their searcjresults that say different results depending on what country you use to sesarch and what eduction sysytem yoru searching in.
the internet is globla and so is the english adressing system used for education and business the only thing slakking is the ability touse it for education beczuse of the agendas of soso many countries and things and compnaies in them soas to makwe evweryoen ask is thsi a real education or ate we beeign led down a corporate political path .
Radicalistion of education by state 2d tv or pay per search result compnaies is therasicalisaion of education and when it does not match the real wolrd is is out right wrong and gets no grade score for accuracy. Educaruib is abourt moire than paied corporate involvement and although the intenet is and does adn will play an im[portant role in educztion is is not a substitute ro replacement for live j=hands onm teachers or their educztional profesional services , intetne educztion is fund but when a country can't fins theor own starups in new worlds and net andorg are deliboratlyu ha=gaged by state an govwernment 2d tv for 16 years it affects the wuality of investment and eduction. www.3DTVCanada .com 6:28 AM 2015-04-10

Harnessing global warming instead of band aids ftert eh fact is an election platform for Canadian taxpayers to plan on this year as global warming weather increases the tranfer of energy from het inot expensive damages forseen but never talked about untill it is too late or after the fact wehen it's too late to and a flood has done it;s damage nd with infostrucutre adn the loane rate so low it is time to pre- pare nopt pro rogue a solution this election. Douglas Colling Vancouver networking politics means , "Putting all your eggs in one basket"