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8:22 AM there used tobe a thing called "ADVERTISING" and it was all about ways to let you know who where whn what why an dhow but today there is digital evesdropping called data farming or collection of provate informationfor resale via bill s-4 to who evedry whant to know all wbout your searches anf who when why what where and how you plan to go abpout purchashing it. because withj bill s-4 you need no join a union opr go to church because of online privacy rights of government pre-eptivly aprooved partiwes religions and compn aies they will already know your internet searech habbits and what your dooing when where why and hpow and the news bill s-4 willalow "certancompnaies" to collect ansd resell or rdeside if what your doing is legal or not all without your knowledgeunder their new globalisation-sustyainable-privacy act they will globalky sustain 100% of your privac y and social busiens anbd religious m, the very same why 100% of the crtc tv news medias can gag 100% of internet dot cosm hd=3dtvchannels.cnet org foro yeaers usign a 2dtv news collection agency and filter filtering ourt eacch and every www set up for nert org so as to have a small group of pre-aranged compnaioes ina crtc muzzel liek theywere nazies gagging jazz music on the radio in 1030's same same a 2dtvcoup is a 2dtvcoup ands bill s-4 woudld allow block you website and phishing block you company and phish-spy in secret by groups or evwen nazi or icis partners of partners andn o one is their brothers keeper, s to collect data and pay a monoply whoping spam rights knowing the monoplies in 2d crtc would gag 3d and never tell they would shurly gag a cash cow income like this, no more need for advertising just phish-n-spam woduld never report it on their 2d tv as if they were gagging ior a terrorist they are responsable for 16 yewsrs of muzzeleign net org busiens alreasdy using their new digital highway to find out andphish information to sell sports in 2d they are responsablke for muzzeleign 100% of net orgs too. bill s-4 is taylor made so as 100% of the crtc can gag an dsell information on who ever they whim and the provacy lawerys can go blog them selves for all they care 2dtv rules 15 years and net org are gaged by who ever ois responsable , not me.

Vill s-4 is a tool so as some one or company or organisation can collect your gagta and my data and sell it some one else same as they have for 15 years and not have to rpeort it in the news or to anyone it's a licence to steal data and never tell you you 've been robbed.
this signals the end of the advertiment and advertisiing and birth of covert digital spyvertising and datacollection and sales is replacing the advertising industry so thaty pre-pordaained compnaies withthe new government bill s-4 silver platter and spoons can dish out your digital movements for a song and dance or a favour or just cash and they will decide if aanyopne's constitutional rights to provacy were breached in 2d on2d over 2d woth 2d cpac discussions on provacy so asto have an end to advertisign needs and reveneeus and replace this cash flow with ads and attack ads and political ads and the sales of your online demographic profiles replacing advertisng rveneus from your local grocey independants and the like. a 2dtvcoup bill for the pals of s-4 land. and an end to advertising as we knew it the girth of phishing-ertiziong monolies. duhh all so as to gag netnogs and you r stuf too, before you even post it on a seach engine. for now all i can say is good phishing for the pre-ordained gropus listed and in mind when bill s-4 was creat4ed for them and the rest of us it's good fighing. you and i will need all th eluck we can get when bill s-4 end advertsign as we knew and it become obsleet due to b the phishing bill s-4. wow. anmd i get stuck gaged and unable tpo report it on anytax funded news . omnishambles thats what it is omnishambles advertising bill S-4 in a house neer you or comming soon in 2d on2d for 2d by2d so they can sell and SPAM every aspect of your company-culture-health-political-life and breach it's every private digital key you react to it to pass it and then on to their paying pals instead of competitng for advertising in a uhf vhf crtc open on air broadcasting monoply like the old days, steaaling web traffic data or customer trends and spamming pre-emptive ads is esy in dictatorships and 15 years all information about netorg busiens apps for internet tv are catchalled and stolen traffic can noit be returned once it's gone it's gone, a new way to do busiens replaces advertising and a new class of society is launched thoes whop can spy and obtain your personla data and thoes who are subject to providing without their concent or notice their personal data , trafiic theft. if it was a letter in ht epost of the royal mails and special compnaies anmd groups copuld open read and dissimate at their discressiona dnregulation the contnets and intents of the the datatherin then ther eis no privacy and the constitution garentees the right to do busiens free from discrimination by media or data sysytems. for the use pof resale , lawers politicians busienss and people are not to be phished by a special new patern in society whrer some peole get compnaies and are of a group that phish and steal interent traffic and it's content for use and re disimminatiuon atr their discression or for profit, we already have a susutem set uyp to do that . it;s called advertising not phishing-spamming and blocking thats called a 2D TV Coup (15 years bigger thana sports scandel)

Some times you caan't trust websites that post thongs about compnaies that muzzeel their trade and some times people say they started up 3000 net org over 15 years and were gagged by 100% of ever thing in crtc newsws journalism but it has to be true , you have to have launched bbrds for years and then in 1997 planned to launch 367 net org socil nets and give away over 80 to right and then for 15 years from 2000 - 2015 (thats 16 bythetax man that is, ) and be able to prove every single tv channel in sports muzzels all the launched and all the net orgs laaunched had better be gaged by 1005 of the crtc or you might have to take your posting down, but socil net sites are up forever and once you post and thong in private withthe chat or game site the rule change in a weakest link and you had better have launched hundreds of net orgs so as to be belived.

The only way to have privacy online is to make it ilegal for any politician to collect data on a citisen using the service providers and a secret bill S_ if ther is no way a political party can snoop on your company family and friends then they will see to it no one elas edoes when they can't and in this way they will be the vigalent front line of you and my privacy online as it wil be in their interests to be first and if they can't then no one or group of companies can ither. this will resu;lt in digital comnstitutional politicaly bavked privay and thats democracy. (p.s. if you whan to keep somthoignproivate from the general publis then make it 3DTV if it is 3DTVSports or 3DTVAuctions then the entire worlds 2d tv political and busiens arenas wil never mention you for 15 years but each and every domestic tv regulatory body inthe world and their political advertsing agencies wil know , and so you caninfporm all the regultory sysytems in the world while never ever beeing mentioned by a single politicians ona single government domestic 2d tv news coup like the crtc andfor up to 15 years , i did it you can too. . the prescription for semi privaxcy)

. Thank you cbc you finaly made the point i have been trying to make for 15 years, all lawers and politicians have a responceability to looking into weather 2d crtc tv media monoplies gagged and muzzeled 3000 net org over 15 years 100% deliborately as a way to deture busienss or investment in 3DTV startups in 2000 -2008 in Vancouver canda sports travel newas arts if the crtc is muzzeling 100% of 15 years of busiens so as to havew a monoply or not the politicians and lawers owe it to them selves to investiogate if it's true or not even journalism itsslef has an invested interest in discovering if the crtc 2d tv news and medias are muzzeling anyhting and or 100% of me and my 3DTVMags,cin gewre in BC Vancouver. Vancouver , When you can'nt trust or rely on cbc ctv or any crtc news for 15 years to promote your new 3DDigital webcasting tv in 3D trade, then no one can trust them for 15 years iethe, with 3DTV and films in every home 100% of net and orgs are still gagged by 2D TV socil nets and all the taxes i give to see this can not happen right in front of a majority government who sould start a waer orr look into this without any problems from opposition parties so why the 3dtvdarkages created by crtc newses is it to report proplr on social net sites beeing told to take postings down ? in 2d they do this but they themselves are gaggerd extrodinare for 165 years they discriminate every day and no lawer in 15 years will support a single ?.startups against them so i geuss the crtc is ther to use for poliotics and 2d tv ads only forconmg people to pay them and no way to launch a in thier domestic monoply as everyone can see . relaying on the crtc to make the judgement to blank out news of net org startups for 15 years is the responcability of the data colection agencies in technology news in uhf vhf and when they converted to digital tv news medias it was thier responcability to report to the public that thier news and politicians woul the crtc and politicians aand all the companies in bill c-4 bulk data sales bill are rsponcable for reporting millions of visites all for 15 years gagged by domestic crtc political-2dtv-chat-search-politics website that are responsible for reporting a 2d tv couip but don't. The crtc medias would reeport a scare a news legal action report, to derail accusations that they activly gag net org startups year in and year out for 15 years so as to have a monoply online and off with witch too muzzel complaints that they are and do dicriminate against complaints af collusion and organised muzzeleing of 3D TV webcasters in busienss in canada gagged by cbc ctv crtc medias (frnch and english corersioon to muzzel's launch same same . All thias time Prime minister Garper ither is unaware or aware the conservatives are with us or not woith us they wre for or against in a majority way they can tell if the crtc has gagged for years or weather they are well integratyed and fair. they have no excuse to be confused the crtc ither gagged 100% opf everyu i laaunched or not . duhh. allkind of lawers can prove 15 years consorting to muzzel and the social nets i gave away that were stolen and scalped 80 of them that 90 time denial of a 2dtvcoup in itself. and even today a 2d tv electin is scripted like a avatar 3d movie for 2010 olympics 6 yearts in advance and noo way to even mention is gaged by cbc for yeasaers at that time too. a consortium of 2d tv agreeing to muzzel vancouver startupos in 233dsportss is ityher planned or they are unqualified to report on behaalf of gagged canandian in 3DTVSports and if the crtc medias can gag 100% of for 15 years then they can gag you and your lawers all whilepoliticians watch and plan 2d tv ads in 2d on2d for 2d by2d same same coup a 2dtvnews system that gaged and gagges busiens globaly right from herte in and i get stuck reporting it for the ministry of hearitages and history wow.,
. the sports, travel, news, arts, fashion , auction , realestate, film and business scandal replaces the sports scandal any day so that why 3dtv online busienses are gagged by the crtc it;s embarrasing to them and the regulting sysytem that lets them proliferate 2dism for 15 years, it's terrible!
So when you complain about cbc muzzeleing 3dtv they report a spcial web usere beeing threatened by lawers and pass over the accusations of discri8minationm against canadian 3d tv web startups for 15 yesrs same same as in 2000 (bloating onenron ad moneys and the like ) the worlds biggest barrior to busienss in 2000 was a 2d tv coup and today the worlds biggest barrior to busiens is a 2dtvcoup, if they deside to discriminate 100% or 99.9% of the time then ypour screwed brother, thatrs a glimpsd of 15 yeasrs integration by a crtc 2dtvcoup, discrimination for 15 years by cbc , what do they do they won't instead they set them selves up for all the elecetion attack ad money they can get from taxpayers in 2d on 2d for 2d bt 2d so as to gag www busiens and have amonoly in canda for news and then gag who ever they whant like they were muzzeleing samesame. busienss by muzzeleing in canda 3 wars and still there is no way to use the crtc to launch a 2015 rather then fess up to the fact that they discriminate so as to get market share, and doo business and see to it yoiu can't, i have 8 year thesus where in ever christmas i launch a new3dtvchannels/cpm net org shows and social nets , just for the very purpose to prove in the thesus who, when wwhere why and how 100% of every net org busiens is deliboratly gaged by the crtc , and they do it they gag them every time every year for 8 years in the thesus they gag100% of every and and org and i report it so today they report internet compnaies suing people who write bad things abotu them and wow here i am for 15 yesars trying to report a 2d crtc tv coup and they m gagging me and the very thesus that proves it so 6 years later , today the news reruns the same scare script and report compnaies suing people for posting bbrd reports on them , wow thats not hearsay, and i have scientific solaboration basing the sucesses of my 15 years and 8 year study on how 100% of the dragons in crtc licenced news muzzeel the top net orgs on the cirtual web and all so as they can globaalise and sustasin participation actions in 2d so as to have e;lection in 2d run by the same monoplies in 2d tv news so they can gag and muzzel net org busiens for aanother year , duhh,
the 2D TV documentaries on whpo started up the best ro the tdoscumentaries on 15 years of struggle against xcrtc 2d tv coups is all un-invested and missing and in 2010 the top 100 net org in traffic onlien globaly on the web were gaged by 100% of the crtc medias and thats hgoistory, this years top ten net org are muzzeled by this years 2d crtc tv newses and busiens same sazme samebecause the industry iis under crtc siege,and they have gagged muzzeled and stiffeled tv startups in net org for 15 years in a row , creating a 100% impossible market for 3DTVWEBCASTIERS>com and 3DTVMagazines and acrtc scientific colaboration with crtc medias to have a 2d electioons 2d electipon ads 2d sports monoplies and 2d tv muzzel 100% of Vancouver busiens for 15 tears they muzzel startups and companies the crtc tv muzzwel everthiong i launched in 15 years for 3DTV, thats history just ask any politician they will testify it;s true and it's happening today too.
THere is no discussion of the top ten net org launched in 2000 for the jubalee or for the mellenium or for the arts and sports , there is no discussion about the top ten met org launched in 2001 or any mention of 3Dsocial nets for cars film photography news and user groups i gave away in 2001 nor any of them thjat were stolen, ther is still to this day no way to intefrate and launch a website for 3D for or for travel in 3D or fashion , and all the top ten 3D shoppong mall and 3DAuction sites i launched every year were and are missing as colaboration scientificaly built wirelss tv phones withhthenm selfies on it and no way to use them for a single or show inthe world because 15 years 100% of every crtc tv media mussels the top ten in 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, ...2013, 2014. every day every year and ther is no way to use the governments tv newses to report it as they govern it's ther bal they dropped not mine. I get stuck reporting it for them. go figure when a 2DTVCoup comes along i get stuck 10 times over. of ever single startup i launched all 3000 magz tv shows and net oprgs . thats discrimination 100% of my trade 100% of the time for 15 years across the board fashion sports arts travel news busiens and digital media laynches. thats why there is no in Canada 17 uears in row because the crtc tv medias will not integrgte with 3D dot cosm startup tv social net siotes and mafs for 15 years in a row . what a track record for history and i can t change thier 16 years discriminatiuon and mews techmology investment and social net blocking, 2d tv coup buggering and charity for hpockey's damaged players, blocked by deliborate crtc media discrimination in technology webcasting for no crtc news media can deny . A Candidate for tax funded cbc "Canada's Dumbest Charge" would be a crtc run regulator that insits , demands produces and sustains and oversees a monoply in socil technologies for a few companies while taxing everyone they discriminate against, and then creating a tv show to uncover shannagins so as to never have touncover them selves ripping off me and other compnaies gagged by their discrimination, the cbc "Canada's Dumbest Charge" has to be a 2d 15 years blackout of here in Vancouver abd using taxes to gag technology for themselves in the crtc the cbc "Canada's Dumbest Charge" should feature a crtc that builds medias that gag so they can set up 3d sports or muzzels compnaies in Vancouver or socil nets in every soingle launched and for 15 years in row , wow what a waste of money on unintegritous monoply . it's almost as dumb as building an internet then giving it to less than a dozen compnaies who police it and do not licence any other busiens to drive on it but them selves. a provate interent run by less thana dozen compnaies is poor substitute for a public internet sysytem for busiens run and regulated bya government body ( any one but the discriminarting crtc gang) would be smart but no we get our entire interent handed over to privateers like the crtc discrimibnation gangs in news and 3D tv busiens launching reporting. thats as dunmb as they come and are therfore fantastic subjects for cbc's tv show called "Canada's Dumbest Charge" a taax for a crtc to help net org sell and on net orgs integrated withthe monoplies like we were equals under the law and crtc, not renters subject to monoplies (what a stupid charge a bill for discrimination by crtc newses for 15 years" wow.
a 2d tv coup group of less than a dozen government sanctioned broadc asting networks that actualy gag 100% of 15 years of Business in 3D 3DTeleVision 3DBroadcastin online 3Dsports 3Dtravel and 3DFilmChannel .com net org and then pay taxes to journalst and documentaries in 3D on3D so as we end up slower than 54 other countries online and 100% of our net org tv shows gagged by the very cgarges the entire 2dtvcoup complete with hearing and expences so as to have a crtc hearings and regulate the entire sustatinable 2dtvcoup into the future , the "DUMBEST CVHARHE" in the world is a 2dtvcoo bent on disctroying the very businesses and taxpayers that made them possible to be in need of a regulator inthe first place. a 2dtvcoup self regulated by less than a dozen participants is almost as dumb as a country building a slow internet highway system for business and then give it to les than a dozen companies who discriminate against 1009% of businesses for 15 yearsa nd run a tv show to cover their greed called and then licencing les than a dozewn trucks to comercialy drive on it ,cbc's "Canada's Dumbest Charge". in 2d on 2d for 2d so as to have 2dtv a coup for 15 years . and create a Dark ages for 3D socil tv netwroks and

The Spread of dicrimination and muzzeling of new businesses in Canada by 100% of the crtc medias is history, the incubation time of startup internet businesses in Canada for 15 years now is longer thwn it takes for taxes to fund crtc monoplies systems in digital media to set up and gag and muzzel you on thier startups in 2D.
Discrimination , the construction of the crtc licenced news and medias along with news papers andb journalists monopolies in sports arts news press and politics , is spread faster than anyone could use their services to set up a business in 3DTVSports oir anything even fair competitio, making it impossible to launch 1 world wide web company in any canadian domestic business market used by theur monoplies , on any crtc cell phone or cable , free from discrimination by the service providers pals and mewws medias journals and journalsits and sports faculties, even politicians in 2D on 3D are forced to comply withhthe crtc monoplies agendas so as it is impossible to launch in time before they discriminate and muzzel 100% of the time for 100% of every www startups in Vancouver for 3DTelevision business on a world wide web, using the crtc socil medias to do busiens on a www is asking the crtc monoplies to stop gagging www and they will not, donot did not and intent to nto support busiens today nor in the next war or election proving ther is a 2dtvcoo monoply that is faster than the busiens on them at creating a block to free www operations and investment in Canada by Canadian in net org busiens . a 2DTVCOO is a sudden news integrity taint, infecting world trade in every domestic market in it's favour and there is nothing a tax payer in vancover can do in social nets or in Ottawa to respond, a sudden blackout lasting 15 years, using a crtc monoply to run and police and exclusivly use the Canadian internewt highway for creating dark ages in 3DTVWebcasting. busiensses, a 2dtvcoo, so as ther is no way to report it. so i get stuck doing it for their journalists who creat a 3DTV darh age of 15 years and thus dropped the ball . in a crtc 2D tv coup where we have never seen intolerance or muzzeleing of Vancouver busienses in any industry other than 3DTV webcasting businesses. net org investment is stalled in the dark ages created by 100% of crtc journalsits 15 years is somthing never seen in canadian press before.
Just like terrorists or religious extreemists and non pluralist dictatorships or monoplies the crtc gag and muzzel and willnot integrate or even mention or 3D Broadcastin Network .com net org in Vancouver gagged for 15 years , 3 wars , 3 elections and every jubalee as if they were against pluralism and agaonst news sports travel arts movies adn shopping as if they were agsint 3D socil webcasting in 3D on 3D over 3D and as if the crtc were against net org www busines and businesses , just like a non pluralist religion or teroroist group who are 100% intokerant to investment in anything but thier own interest, and because 100% of 15 years of crtc journalism is tainted by 2dtvcoos it is impossible tostartupo a busienson an internet monoplised by a tainted sysytems bent on seeing to it ther is no way to integrate on their digital platforms and so 15 years , the incubation period of open market frtee trade and capatilism and the Canadian constitution based on ther right to work and make a living and atains property and worth (workks ansdgear included) free from discrimination by organised 2dtvcoos is slower than it takes for Dark age avatar in side the dragons den to report a coup, the discrimination by crtc tv to report it when it happened 15 years ago and they still do nto report it domestic tv muzzeleing www startups in Vancouver is anthropological history 15 years not, the creation of a monoply cartell in who gets to participate in crtc social culture is a change in Canadian civalisation, and the closed 3D TV muzzeleoing monopliy 's new darkage agendas is nopw a globalisation-sustanable-2dtvcoupof 3D TV Canada gaggiung domestic platforms that block faster than a busiens can use them to stasrtup , every time , every , every year for 15 day , every weeklyu every periodical every documentary and every busiens report in every trade and technology a 3dtvcoo filter, crewating 3dtv dark ages, for them selves to profit duhh, 15 years 3 wars and 3 elections and still no way to use 1 crtc news or medias to report a domestic 2dtvcoup when we get one, ( a darkage constructed by discrimination of businesses the crtc monoplies choose like net org ) creating a change in Canadian busiens and world wide web use in our Canadian business culture the dragons missed or are counting on so as to have a monoly instead of a tax funded crtc regulated platform for fair use to make a living free fo discrimination by crtc monolies. for 15 years. year ago.
The construction of this 15 year 3DTVDarkages is the crtc;s regulatory fault not mine, net org is gaged by them bnot visas vera, the 2dtvcoo dark ages is constructed by and for the winners of the market share the crtc 2d tv coo monoplies that i can't use to report a 2dtvcoo creating 3D tv technology dark ages for busi8ens and startups in Vancouver news andmedias , net org. is the only safe place for copyright products because no political party in Canada or any crtc tv network will mention as they all seem to have agreed to discriminate against 100% of somthing and nottell and that somthing is Bancouverites starting up internet soiocil nets for 3DTVCopyWrite.vom new shopping and phones apps for business and politics. free from a 2dtvcoo lknowing the stocks they will short and mpot telling everyone untioll all the news papers and tv and radio arte ready to anounce it at thesame time, and you can put an election ad on hundreds of net org and hundreds of charitites and not one eingle facultie of Canada's crow will mentiona pixal , because of a 2DTVCOO busiens is hahed for thwem by them through them and thier 4 pillar chat-search-news-politics soci;l web, so theyt willnot mention a political ad onma channel and your ad is safe from political attackad 2d tv coups,
Wen the stacks goup 3DTVCan tell you because they do not have to hide the news untioll every paper and radio in the crtc is onside, and no political party will copy it, is safe for artists and producers ads, the crtc is not. Stealing cable signals and movies is theft the ad says. (unless your a majority political party!
In hollywood a good journalist can interview stars and get inside scoops that other journalists can't (a person's "works, property or worth") and special interviewers can chat and inteview more intersting information if they are good, and a news reporter who is good at their job can revieal news too , but the copywrite act that see's to it there is no rights in a 2D crtc dictatorship now whant to steal a product made by all journalists and use the copyright content in attack ads, in 2D go figure thats ileagl for all equal under the constitution , some culturs are based on deaserts some are based in tropical forrests , some are run by a god or religion or self made representative of god on earth soem are democratic, soem culturs are great citiy states and some are terrirtory and not cityies, some culturs are based on writing and some are not some culturs change and adapt some sdo not some are run by high earchie and some are based on all being equal, some culturs last and other do not but when a goverbnment steals the constitutional right to work free of discrimination and the right to property and worth the works and earn a licing free of theft and discrimination they ususaly fail, and when a governmentr steal a journalists hournaling and use it in attack ads we have corruption-media.
Singleing out political news jpurnals or sports , muzzeleing 100% of 3D TV social net webcasters in Vancouver BC for 15 years in row or stealing political interview content is discrimination by trade and profession and it impeads the right to your works, to ataine property and worth free from discrimination by a group or person, so it is unconstitutionaly corrupt to gag 15 years of 3D dot cosm in bc and then steal political journalists contnet for your own political gain using my tax money. "boiling the calf in it's mothers milk" politics.

Nationalising journalists works for use in attack ads is unconstitutional and discrimination same as 100% of ottawas politicians and 2d tv medias discriminartion against 100% of
The artists and advertising firms products (copyright) is to be free to politicians for attack ads and this upsets the copywrite laws too and there is only one answer , the cbc ctv rogers and global will have to convert to platform because no political party in Canadian government offices will mention 33D copy write or ads and withj the Harper governmentr has an obligation to investigate a blanket 15 years coverup of all socil net comments and complaints about a crtc muzzeleing startups in 3DTV for 15 yeasrs in row, a tax paied obligation to report a 2dtvcoup, discriminationg agaionst 3DSPortsTV or 3DCopyRight TV they will not only never mention you art or script or busienss they will never steal you productions and use them for attack ads because the Harper Government discriminates against and net org already making them safe for use by voters for elecrtion ads.

"The terrorist thret is so so great the government is going to war in 2D and support is Forced out!". 1000 people on a no fly list and everyone is x-rayed before boarding a plane thanks to 1000 and now 80 people are "terror riska and at large 8no monitoring ither group?* 200 % of Vancouver net org busienss are 15 years gagged means you have to hold journalists for crtc news to account as 3DTVsetds are not gagged nor discriminate3d against 15 years startups for socil net chats and cars cartoons and news are !, when 3dTVsets are the majority and crtc 2dtvcoo newses are to hold to account for 100% discrimination 15 years in row from mad cow to brd flue sars and and teroorists all attack ads in 2d on2d over 2d and no way to participate in Vancouver net org because the 2d crtc are to hold to account for making 100% not welcom for 15 years how can you tell who, what where hopw to participate withthgem in any way to help fight eboli or terrorism, 2 dtv "timmy in the well terrorists websites advertisimg terrorism and monoplies that discriminate against 3DTV is terror, 2d terrorist news news is promoting war on eboli andwar on iscis, in 2D no way to participate for the Harper governmenbt because it's a 2D tv thing and 2D tv gagges 3D web social nets 15 years already, investment in a palistine-isrialstand off nither will stand down untill ther other stops, meanwhile 2D crtc discriminate so is a majority-monopoly and so crtc is made of politicaal -search-chat-news 2d tv , and robotvon2d majority crtc newses is biast newsing and cash grabbing in elections in and run by a 2d crtc 51 team 2D, monoply {crtc is 100% unwelcome to 15 years of Vancouver 3D tv web investments startups even sports in 3D imagine 15 yearsd and cbc is to hold responcible along with the 51% ers, culture and startups) over 51% 2dtvcoups, ) are to hold to account for missing news of 2d discrimination and ther only ones they arepropmting for jobs and investment is 2d and 2d websites for terrorists and their social net investment so participation with crtc cbc ctv news sports arts fashion and Vancouver busiensses are 156 gagged because they are not welcome, in ottawa or participation in war or sports even olympics 15 years 2d , in every country the 2DTV make net org shopping and busiens not welcome so there si no way to tell iof yopur beeing hacked by over zellious cyber spyes or police , newspapers or jelous 2d tv coups and toto[p it off , the government message has to in 3D on net org too Canada crtc newses can't gag ewveryone for 15 years starting up net org from participaction 15 years and 3 wars all in 2d while crtc tv cbc gages from everhting even helping is terror in iot self why the 15 years gag on orgs for 3DTV to help , why the crtc news secrecy, how can 3DTV medias in news and politics help a crtc that is refusing participaction in sports arts and shooping, ,the crtc 2d tv newses are backing the caake and they decide the ingredients and 15 years they omit Vancouver culture arts andpoliticss even investment and partici[pactions, ,, The Canadaian government and thier domestic 2d tv have dropped global warming , ukrane, fraud hacking cyber provaxcy and coting online , monoplies line up for insider same same as enron ther eis no way to invest because ma andpa are not invited in on the profits and no domestic 2d tv market is inviting digital innovation startups as they have their chat-search-news-politics monoply they block 100% of net org busien sin every country the messaage is your not welcome , your inbestment ands 3DTVCHAnnels are not welcome for the 15 th year 100% of ottawa ' mesage to Vancouiver is globlaay sustained 15 years it's "your not welcom " so the terror is the "no way for busienss" list as the no fly and terrorists lists grow, the 2dtvcoo aree muzzeleign and so ther is no helping any wwww country gagged by a hopme grown 2dtvcoup, terroist thret is so so great the government is going to war in 2D and support is Forced out of participation by 2dTV monoplies for 15 years and 2 wars as new monitoring provides hackers and governments with your every jey typed 100% opf crtc news stifferls all businesses that startred up 3DTV webcasting since 2000 , even 100% of the political parties know net org is gagged and the monopolies of crtc news too accuae each other of cyber bullying and terrorist posting abd the certancy of politicians thaty Canada will be attackerd by home grown terroists so proroging business is replaced by more spying and forcing war and not allowing 15 year old startups from participating the question remains 15 years why is 2D crtc uhf vhf news amd medias forcing startups out of participationthe reporting of homr hrown terroists roundup and every sports, art, fashion, trade and business is screen by the crtc bews then how can 1/1000 org charity websites for 3DTVSETS even participation Mr Harper how can 1 of our help , we caqan't sit by gagged by 2dtvcoups and go through another war with home grown terristgs and the need for war why are the citisens compnaies discriminated against in 3 wars why is it impossible to suport Canada and troops and jobs and participate inthe same war cbc and crtc tv and politicians have every timne there is a way we are told tpo [participate or rick being labeled trators abdn every single time i try too participate with 100'sd of www i am forced out like i was an oposition party. so how come? How Can the crtc medias be against fighting terrorist chats and medias with 100% Canadian chats who support the g7 but are gagged by 15 years and 2 wars from participating in the crtc medias wars, how can a government be against Vancouver busienses who whant to help end terrorism and create jobs , why do the block and prevent support is they are for asupport or aginst it they have to say why they are against suporting Canada in this time of emergency glkobaly why are they against Vancouver busiense supoirt with www s for helping. HOw exactly do you help . ither your with the people trying to help or agaoinst so what is it are for help or against 15years and now this ia the 3rd war so is the goverbnment open for people to help and particip[ation or closed to insiders and pals saame as the last 2 singce y2k is the crtc open to help or agaisnt it? is The Conservative majoriy for everyuone helping or against in the next 6 month whop do we see to help , when and where?
Norm Oliver says . it's all about where you can get the best truth and with all the news papers and all the tv owned by 1 or 2 compaiws and if they do not like you then your screwed brother. good by canada hello dictatorship same same.
untill Canadaa gets multiple crtc organisatrions and ther is a way to use some of them to compete withthe crtc there is no way to see elections are not 2dtv coupc. same as the last 3 in row. the 2d crtc tv monoplies are so so hard up[ for cahs they are rewriting the election code so as the entire thing can be edited in 2d on2d from monoplie news papers ansd tv cartells same same same as the last 3 and 40% of the non voters along with 50% of the voters are crewed whone the majority declare majority and rewrite the electionad laws so a monoky ownign all the news papers and sharing the tv and radioa can stiffle 100% of every for news that comes aalonmg sam eesame as in 2000 a 2dtvcoup.

as rex on cbc would say "ANSWER THE QUESTION" if rex can't answer ther has to be some one in ottawa who gets the idea i am trying to project about a crtc uhf bhf and 2dtvcoup gagging 15 yesars of 3DTV stuff ?? huh? 15 years and a 3dtvset and no way to help anything on every i set up on icann internet in www/ come one rex answers gthe question is canda gaged by you orin 2d or what? by cbc news and your show 15 years in row and 3 wars too is there a cbc news muzzel "AMSWER THE QUESTION" if you can not partaticipate in tweeting or any 2d tv social net site because tthey are not a political and busienss listing or based on any tabulated sencise they are a first com first use gamer like chat sitethat slants in one direction and restricts other participation forever, and not a white/yellow pages or busiens directory or listing of citisens so anyone can use your compnaies name and tweet withthe top politicians and uhf vhf crtc newews but you , terrorists and bullies can tweet qwit the crtc cbc news report all beheadings and new terrorist parties but it is awful beeing gagged by cbc beccauseyou are and ther is ablackout at the crtc on eD startups and spocil nets for 15 years all the socil nets for i gave away are still unreeported and scammed and scallped abd why the sevret is because some one is protecting some one lese and the crtc are protecting a buch of 2d 1 channels that sold in 2006 to cables ansd there is no more uhf vhf so soem one is in back of muzzeleing 15 years odf for some one elses 2d sports startup at crtc cbc news but muzzeleign 3 wars in rowe everyone in canda that whant to help end warss?. to tweet or not is not the querstion the question is why do we have to tweet or not be heard?, terrorists can tweet and post stuff but 15 years you can't jubalee or help haitie or hockey or cars and when a socil net in 2d does come along some one else grabs you icann trade name and start tweeing from it and the confustion is like cyber squatting there is no wqwy to vote or participate with ottawa politicians hooked on website you can't use nor would ever becuaaze it is no integritous or all inclusive it's crtc 2d tv cbc closed chat sitel the politicians starting a war and ending a war can use it but 100% od employees can't because some one uses that account and so whne there si no way to interface with politicians and crtc newses whent hey start a war how c an you participate and help pypour country or how can you fight terrorists ona chat that is not usablle by you your emploees you advertisors and chatity because it does not fit into a 2d crtc tv chat website because some one elses is using yoyur trade names as if the entire thing was a game site, and socil net sites were games ands not somthoing compnaies and www magazines can use. how can you use your compnany or help whrn you can't use the governments politicians and tv chammes;ls chat site because it is poorly structured on first come first servve adress bassis it is not even icann www doamin compatable so how can www domain charityies and their compnaies help , when gaged by a 2dtvcoo and their chats how can you help in a war effort for the 3rd war in row how doo i help everyone on the www when the chat the tv news usues is unusable?..
how can have a hockey game for the qwar effort in 3D on or when i cvan't yse the crtc tv chat because some one elses is 3dtvchannel or 3dsports network or whpo knows who is on there but 15 years trying to help everyone online is not qworkoing unless there is some kind of intefacing withthe crtc uhf vhf tv wart medias, sports and charity , medicine drives and reffugee support in 3D on hundreds of for 15 years waititng for ottawa ro recopgnise startups and jobs is one thing but unable to help olympic and base ball and football and soccer and all the hockey games for war in 3D because 15 years crtc tv gag 3DTV socil nwets is aanother thoing but unable to chat with politicians because i can't get a integritous chat siote that is interfaced with the www icann internet addressing system in canda is history, so hpow do you help Prime minister harper before ypour term is up tell me 11 years and 3 wars later how do i help end wars and terrorism gaged by 100% of the crtc tv uhf vhf website chats. how csan i participate in parliment government elections if you can't use twitter then how do i? is twitter it the one ansd only way no oother possib;le way npot uhf vhf crtcv nor twitter then your screweed brother is that it?
to tweet ot not to tweet to vote ot not to vote to participate ot no way to particvipate how do yopu help Canada's war effots and sports in Canada gaged by 100% of the crtc tv medias for 15 yeasrs because they do nto whant competition otr what ever the reson they have fo r hahhing 100% of Vancouver jobs for 15 years is obne thoign but how do you help the people stuck in the war .
If we are booking war help bythe six month period like it was a sports event mediaq monoply or entertainment show or are we commiting to helping iraq come good or bad to get through the terroist curs so everone can workk together and have 3DTVCHannels in all the countries startup free of war and dictatorships and state rule?, rule by guy or god or councel of 2dtv monoplies?
When uhf and vhf domestic tv medias adopt a www corporations as thier offical canadian source for business and social news content so as toget an idea of what canadians are thinking or thier political views the commit an entire nation to depend on the content integrity of a single chat source and the question beccomes not are you able to interact withre crtc tv meidas and news and theoir politics or 0not, if you find some time agou when this chat launched that some one quickly setr up an accouint using your companies trade name as a tweet box adrsss then for then untill forever ypour compaany can not tweet, if you find hiundreds of the websites you started up and most of yoru magazine and products domain namers are users on a socil net chat the only socuil net chat the governments news agencxies use then you can not participate in business and news because the very products were ascooped up luike dot com bubble names in 1995 and are used by some one else tweeexting and chatting in your trade name makign the answers obvious , this 2d crtc tv chat is no a telephon e directory of politicians chats or busiens it is not a telex directory for sendingh news and busiens postings it is a gamer site usied by intelectuals to post news on some ones compnay whop can never use the chat because they lost theier trade name to a users when it launched and the darn newws use it as a bible for political and socila question and answering soas to have social net content for their uhd chf websites but tyhe questionis how cvan you interface withga uhf vhf crtc tv news that uaeses a gamer siteh and discriminatrs against or with chats and no way to use the for political news and busiens when the 2D news channels use a chat theyt is not a telephone or telex directory and does not even conform to the www icann adressign suyytem trade name name sysytem ither how can you use a uhf vhf tv channel and neqw that is off in la la lam[nd [palying question and ansqwers on chat no one in busiens or trade names website can use.? and then deside wheather to go to war because a uhf vhf 2d tv news and theior chat agree and find it impossibnle to help your country in times of war because the governmet have hooked up with a company and tyheir chat and doo not run a professional tv news that works for busienses and net and com chats so as to patronise a 2d tv chat system that uses anyones name they feel as a political or social statement. this mweans the question is not to tqweet ot not to tweet the question is is it possible to tweet when yoru compnaies names are used aand the uhf vhf tv chanernls are not, as some on e elses chat box adress. and no coamony would .
we can no longer sit by and have cild sex crimes, elections, warss and terrorissm aa 2d ,onoply for 2dtv and no way for 100% of the www busiens able to help and participate too , this can not be a crtc 2d tv and one chat site war everyone has to participate in how to end terroist fuled conditions not just a few tv channles and theoir hockey teams and companies, how cvan everyone in Canada help the middle east , if there is no end to rockets or terror in huge cities and 2d tv have an excvlusaive on charity and war how dfo the rest of us participate for the good of all on the planet when we are gaged by a 2dtvcoo so thay can have a monoly on swelling us tv shows and sports. every time there is no way to sit by and let somthing happen , no way to dit by and have chilld porn war terroiswm famin and billions on the planet without a soingle plab for how to handle everthing accept the next 5 month of war, there has to be a way that every one and every doughnut and hockypuck can participate to fix clobal warming twrroism war what ever free from 2dtvcou[ps, and htoier chart-vote-politics-exclusive digital medias agendas. the wrold needs everyone every songle way to help and not start wars so how can 100% of aftyer 15 years help in Canada? how can we participate wioth crtc ctv cbc news and medias to see to it the world is a better place free of monoplies and muzzeleing how to participate or not to prticipate thats the twweet how do you be a prt of the cbc charity and drive for help with sports eventys in 3D 15 years and 3 wars and all i need to k now iis how do you interface withthe uhf vhf crtc tv medias so as to help in a wr 1/3 wars any of the wars how do i help? 10,1,2014

Every country asked by the g7 to send planes to an emergency would saqy sure ,what elese is new , the question is what else should and can we send , in the 2000 i set up and and and for troops so as to be IN 3D on 3D and get jobs ready for them during and after the Afgan and us Iraq wars but 100% of the wars were in 2D on 2D tv channels thatg shank to 6 medias and one microphone every important sp[[eeach while in otyher cpountries free treade in new medias has leaders announcing things berried behind microphones owned by startup anf lots of tv and radio channels all able to acerss the govornement speackers while we have 1 camera 1 mike and one contribution for the 3rd war in 15 years and no way to help the troops in 3D on channels started up before there was wars with canadian in combat and so how do you help olympic sports on or in 3D and employ soldurs from the first 2 wars returned and looking for jobs in 3DTellevision webcasting and how can i contribute with 1000,m and not one combat p[lane to offer , what other way can 99.9999% of the population participate so as to end and prevent war with middle east religious spin offs, how can Vancouver help the sports industries not affected by wars and sanctions, how can net orgs help Hollywood help in the war evvorts we are now politicaly committing to. , how can we help , , auctions in 3D for support, how can 99.9% of my still tryibng to help since 2000 be paqrt of a solution that is good for everyone how can we participate in the firght against terror is were not allowed to even be mentione by 1 ottawa politician how can we help 99.999% of the rest of the world involved too. what do we do to help Prime minister Harper , what can we do to be at service for the 3rd war in 15 years what can we do with Canadian 3DTV com net orgs to help?. who , what where when why and how do we help too so as it is not a privaste war but a conclusive and resolving for all effort i have no money to pool in bbut i have tons of to help so how do i may be a 3DTVFestival or a event how can 3DCA,com help?, net org for charity how can or 3DBroadcasting participate to a good end for all when i have so much to offer a world over after with everyone in the world owning a 3DTVset how can Vancouver and it;s sports channels help IN global warming , trade and in the fight against non pluralism., what elese can we do while sending fighter jets to co-work witrhthe crtc tv and domestic cab olympics often smooth over events quite well may be the Vancouver olympic committies (they crossed all barriors with ease and no problems in 2010,) can help me help this war the 3rd one in 15 years in 2d and no way to help is lame, so in canadian media online , and war charity, it's one thing to find out if youi give away charities for 3DTV the entire 2d crtc tv coo do not whant them and if you try to help tsunai or hurricane or Canada jobs for cars aor sports and the olympics the crtc 2d tv news and medias and thier charities and sports , do not whant this, and if thhe news start up a chat-vote-news-politics socil net and use your companies names and trade icann adresses and chatters on thier chat site and you complain they do not care not whant a "REAL" listing of chatters they like the "game site theyh use" the crtc medfias do not whant sports charity or film charity or news or war help so how do you help online whne your blacked out by even crtc cbc intedrity and faculties?. what top 10 things can channels here in BC Vancouver do to help ottawa.

New paterns in canadian politics and media have created a new elete group of insiders who have access to culture sports news arts politics law and internet business security that common people ( starups) doe not creating.
The crtc deside the laws and rules and who gets to charege and bill whom and when to tell busienss on 2d over 2dtv news what internet virus or breach inb on theoir clouds andservers and the common bussiness in internet media startups does not have acess to even report shannagins.
People with the same constitution and countryare devided into thoes who get their traffic blocked or stolen -rerouted or muzzeled and thoes who have acess to crtc service s and politcs are devided by crtc 2d tv medimonoplies (abd their elete who have acess while common people do not) culture soas ther eis no way to use 100% of the crtc medias and venues to integrate investments in technoloky and startups for for 15 years while other have acess to 3DTVsets and manufacturing 3DTVsets under the sasme constitution-crtc guidances and rulw, channels online in Vancouver for 15 yuears all of them every one is inacessably to common busoiness online staertups who have no acxcess to their elete medias, policies on interent security so there is no way to use it;s infostructure to launch a single or 3DTVBusiness,com net org due to no access for common people to crtc news arts sports travel business or poilitics because of a division in the constitution the crtc 2dtv coup e;et belive they have a religious-like right to acess and the common people do not. a [patern now 15 years documented by 3000 net org for arts sports auction buesines and politics all muzzeled by 100% of the 15 years of 2d crtc elete.
Trying to report who when why how and what is doen to create this new cultureal elete who have acess is easy but actulaty trying to integrate ot busiens is 15 years impossible only because of some black out of net org busiens startups for arts fashion news film sports travel and busiens here in Cananda by a 100% crtc licenced group that have acesto everthing needed for busiens webcasting new trades and jobs, when the common citisen does not , 15 years in row, who controles business, who decides what is the crtc's dragons den agenda and who desides and who is inacessable unable to launch business so that 15 years and no one in canada has any ida or knowledge that are even gagged 15 years by 2d uhf vhf conversion to online webcasters and no indea there is an elete that desides via crtc who is common and who is to be gagged 15 years 100% for beeing targeted for none participaction, discrimination and unable to launch or integration online especialy in Canada's west , like a business lock down 14 years by 100% of the crtc mediasof startups for or concepts in crtc inside circles or somthing, like a split in culture where one group have acess to all the crtc has to offer while by all accounts common startups do not, and for 15 years in row. 2000-2014 Vancouver, Canada

The crtc need help because 15 years tyhey can'r run a uhf vhf licenced tv station over the air ifferuing free tv services so as to regulate them as they used to so instead they regulate rents for phone services and roaming charges, (the answer ti excessive roming charges is simple all yopu have to do is buy cell phone policies from all 6 monoplies in wireless phones and then when you go from tower to tower as they checker board the cities and townships you will actulay be roaming from one if your carriers to the other and then not be charged every bus stop or telephone pole a roaming charge, this is garenteeing competiton in a 2dtvcoo that can;r even report 15 years of busiens gaged like a dial up modem by a 2d news medias hold on techology dtartups in 3Dbroadcasting streaming 3d socil net tv for 15 years here in Vancouver BCC is even gaged even 3DHTV>com HOCKEY is gaged so as to have a crtc decide roaming charges for a 2dtvcoo. whith no way to even report neyt orgs gagged by a 2d tv coo coaming garge on net orgs for 15 years all you can do is prove ther is a garenteed need for jobs reporting 2dtvcoos when we all own a 3DTVSet and 100% of ottawa polirics is only abn;e top mention stuff in 2D on 2D and never even say 3DTV like they were booze words in an islamic state or sopnthiong 15 years and not one politician will stand up for ior never mins they entire ottawa and the crtc will not stand up for socil nets for 3F webcasting and free with no roamiong charges thanks to the they will not even mentiomn 3DTV is gagged by the cbc news bklackouts for 15 years so this creats more jobs in reoprting 2dtvcoups. they way the tv-socialchats-politicians-searchresults-internet is used today in 2D on 2D withouit mentioning 1.thousands of net org over 15 years launched online but 100% of them gaged by bay street news papers and tv is ghadaffic so this creats more academeic and cultural anthropological work and jobs roo, but none are possible because of a need for domestic tv to to support dome kiond of roaking blackout charges by 100% of the crtc tv news and monoplies that deliver 2d tv news that is 3-D wireless so as to support 2d domaisting mopnoplies is ghadaffic, the crrtc in 2d on2d over 2d for 2d are roaming for new charges and nopt delivering free ovee the air regulated tv.(with ads) so they are ripping me o0ff and muzzeleign my trades and new startups so as to roem for charges. this garentees new jobs reporiotng this because no one elase in canadian journaluism is. not one faculty of history or canadian doller is spent reporting a 2dtvcoo roaming for new ways to charge you in2d on2d for 2d by2d so we all can sit and look at our 3-D tv sets and wonder why and, were gaged 15 years and for whom. , 11:05 AM 9/29/2014

The War on terrorisms and terrorist extrime groups is triggered by LIMITS requires actions to stop the terrorists by the actual known limitations (more than calvery charges will be required). Terrorism Groups, 1. TO FORM? The question is WHAT exactly are the "Bottom and top limits", social-politicaly-media-economic limits, that appears to be necessary for terrorism groups TO FORM? 2.TO NOT FORM? What are the known lower limits to participate in, below which the economic political and social networking structurs that support it, will NOT FORM, (so complex, they are...)?

The tv news and tv social network websites chats and politicians have made the names of terrorist groups hotter news than internet dot com boom days , with uewvewry new terrorist group registering withthwe news making social net headline chat dites for requruting and each and every one gwet full tv news frecognition here in a coubntry where we have no nave no army for another war againt terror , what the world needs now is RUSSIA, Russia Russia, (con-yeech-nah, we share a border with them after all) we need their , yarls of convinving, that will stop terrorism there and every country in the world has a bigger military force than us is bnot pareticipating and no one comes to thaaid of canada the actualy expecty us to go and fight anfix it all when we do not even have 8 people per ssquare mile therew isa no cpuntry with a bigger army to protec t us tyhan the usa anbd when tyhe world get 2d tv tyerrorist frenzy so as to recrute in 2d on2d over 12d via 21d soas to have every news cast all ablut terrorist every day for 11 years when we have one of the smallest armys and navies to contribute , so iut is time all the free qworld countriue with biggerr military and air and sea fleets comes to help instead because we do not have the resources to fight 11 year wars against terrorists when so so many other well armed countries could. i can't make any money with to pay for any armyies we do not have because of the worldsa economic obseccctions with terrorists web sites chasts and spcial nets and there is no busiens in the news just teroroeszism so how can we pay fopr this there musxt be ominimillions of other wealthy oppertunitites to do it right and with proper fionancial backing and the militaary might soem otheer countries have thaty qwe mosgt definatly do not, sending a poorly outfitted canadian force to do a big countries job is not smart enough because we do not have 1.100th of the military that other contries in manufacturing weapons tpo population have to offer all we have is very sparcee at aleast. technology is our only possible offering and every other countyry with a bigger population and military is what you need. we do not have the manufacturing, people, money or world security membership all we have ios news medias tyhat recognoise every lasfgt terroriast group for 11 years on li8ne and in their chats. that is not helping. Gingus con terrorism in 2014 is to be stopped for saure but Canada needs a bresk and some one with a bigger wallet and army surplus ships or planes or manufactures who have more in stock for sale than we have in total service they realy could help more as all we have is medicine and technology we have ho hords of armed soldurs to stop gingus kahon like marading armies in summarias, other well armed and equipeted armies should see this and politicians too should see tghrough this. we need the same protection from the terrorist viral web frenzy and news of marauding gangs like they were Gingus Kahn of the 21st century have to bestopped eventualy and a big weaalthy army is the only way, if the world is depending on tiny military countries like candna to do this jobs htne there dreaming we do not havwe the powers at out resources for anthing but compliance to our responsabilities and others good planning. but the 2d tv makinh it their entire daily contnet all day every day telling you where when why how to log onto , search and join terrosism is not helping.

Look us up via our!.

One day I will be president of the and and and probably i will be gagged by the crtc Gazibo gangs but if i doanT care then one day i will be the President of and and putting 2 and 2 together show that you put 3-D TV sets in every home and a nety org on net org startups for and even if all the tv channels in ottawa gag you for 15 years i and sure you will have a money generarting oppertunity for any stock markets, but 15 years in a row and meanwhile in Canadian political and busiens social nets it seams stiffeling medias and domaestic tv monoplies plus no one in Ottawa has figured this out yet , not one single dragon of bay street can see the oppertunites for 3-D TV sets and startups for even 1 or even , not one dime spent on crrtc or cbc seems to have figured this out. 2D election tv is now 15 years old and is gagged by 2dtvcoo medias that also can not figure it out jazz was gaged by governments 2d radio netwroks and is gaged by 100% of the crtc 15 years and not one politicians in ottawa has figured thie cyuber buiklkyinbfg of 3D busiens tv startusp as to date so they are not ready to brag about that any time soon..
one day i will be president of the net org. one day i will own and have ads for cars in 3D even if domestic cbc , crtc ottawas ruling party and all the dragons on bay street tv don't get the connection 3-d tv sets and, i doo.
Muzzeleing competition in 2d for 14 years so as to have no in Vancouver BC will not prevent me from becomming the President of on the www thanks to netnutrality , i can say one dau i will be the president of even if 100% of the crtc music tv shows gag 100% of every or and just like jazz was gagwed by by governments and jaz mussicians did not quit a president in Canada can say , one day i will be the president of net org online even if all the 2d tv coos in canda gag and muzzel it and no one in Ottawa can figure out "3-D tv sets and make a good stock on any free market bbrd.

Hurray today i am the ceo of the a startups in a 2d tv world of domestic medias that seem to be predudice against for 15 years in row here in Canada and today ui am ceo and president of the and and so so many more internet startups , but were can i find a country who's domestic tv monoplies(crtc regulates news medias in Canada) that are open to free market internet 3D tv startups and in net org busiens?. today i am the first of the, 2000-2014

Find what your looking for, not what your targeted to find.Tm