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Wowo my latest windows update installed several dozen apps that all establish a foreign address on my netstat -n report on what adresses in my computer are connected, on standby orlistening and the question is why do each of the apps need to establish a seporate port to this ip adress in my computer when they never had in past versions of windows, and why so so many apps and established links in this new versions updates as the kist is growig to 2 pages full of open ports on the same internal ip adress ? Is this need part of security? does it help securmy busins links nd to email and cloud services whiththis many apps on the ip adreess and i do not use these apps on a busienss machine and who ordered all these apps anyway , not me? www.3DTVAppsStores.com, D Collins, We ae stull waiting for an answer as to what happened to our down payment on the suffix ".3d" www.3DCA.com made to interliant in in 2000-2001, Was it a rip off or not question is still unanswered!, Who over sees nsi and interliant so as to find out what happened to the money? D Collins ceo and founder of 3dtvinnovation.com and new3dtvchannels.com complete with new www.3DTVAppStore.com and apps for 3dtvchannels.com net org so they can be gaged by the crtc 2d tv coups every election same as the othr 16 years of 3dCanadiantv.com gaged by the crtc for 16 years here in Vancouver Hollywood north (of the 49th) and Cananda's hollywood south (north of the usa but south of the 49th) .www.3DBusinessTV.com net org a member of the www.StandingCommitteeon3DTVCanada.com 7:04 AM 2015-03-01

The Canadian press radicalise stuff all day all night they bully and radicalise even during elections the 2d tv come up with the most outragious attack ads and attack ad logics and reasons for bully and attack ads in elections in 2d and not 3D because the 2d tv asttack 3D tv with 2d tv electionattack ads funding and ther is now way to stop radicalisationg in the preseeds for 16 years and 32 wars ther is no way to stop radicvalised 2d tv uhf vhf over the air producers from radicalising youth to this or that as they do for votwers in a 2d tv debate or election the radicalisationof youth is because of the 2d tv press and the swell job they do .
the canadiaqn prtes can't sell 3dtv or a 3dtvcarshow or a 3dfashionchannel.com or a new 3dtvsports.net but they can sell terroism and promote traffic to terroist chats and posting and replay beheadings and current news from terroisits but they can bnto help or fix ression in busiens and help kick start 3d tv technology and innoand their activities.
IN cultural anthropology a study of a tribe or group beeing radicalised can not be subject to 2d crtc tv news or they woudl ccontaminate the entire experi,emt with day abnd night endless terroism and radicalisationan dattack ads they woudl ruin the work to see no one gets radicalised . fact. you can work arounf the clock and ther is no way to stop the 2d tv press from undooing in second on 2d over 2 witha radical report and clips giving you a glimps of radicalisation all day evcer day all the time instead of 3dtvcartoons.com an djobs wow no way to work gaqged an dstiffeled bya 2d tv coup bent on airing radicalisation consortiums.
Name3 middele east culturs countries aor religions and tell me they will love eachother and stop fighting an dfhateing and then that is a start to de-radicalisation but when a 6000 year grudge goies on and on for mellenium and none of the participants whan to stop and love eacchoither then ther will be radicalisation on their table for dinner every night, and every time you look at the news it is radicalisign in2d on2d for 2d ther in vno way to be withthem they are hating so so muchthe preses can't stop and make friends same as middlke east tribes fighting for 60090 years and ther is no way to stop them if the 2d tv press jumpo inb every time andre-radicalise soas to sell copy. Tabloids dissiminate goossip and 2d tv news dissimiante radicalisation news. these preseswill not stop so rumers andradicalisating wil cpontinue. duhh. Unradicalising the messthe 2d tv press create is like stoping a mod in blacvk beatiing ro a shooting ib us 2d tv news the news make money from radivalising everyonr ene thing they can for buck, duhh!, we aall can stop it by stoppinmg it in th e 2d tv press monopli45es with competitiomn that does not radicvalised for profits and viewers and votes. everyone in thTalking to the youth is not the same and shutting upo a 2d tv couop bent on radicalisation with 2d tv favourite web chats and sites they chose to use and quote and fund soas to have continued radivalistion on them , 2d tv press can stop 3DTelevisionnetwork.com net org from freaching the market for 16 years , the crtc tv newses can stiffel 100% pof all the startups inb 3dsportstv.com net org busiens in Vancouver sports for 16 years the secret to stopping radicalisation of youth is the same methods used by the crtc to absolutly stiffel gag and iliminate 3Dsoirtschannel.com net org an dall the wporlod wide webs 3dtvchannels.com the same discrimination that gages 16 years of Canadian internet stattups for 3dtv technologies 3dtv products and everthing 3d tv that sony does not make is acomplishede by 100% discirmination of 3dtvjobs.com net org busiwns onlien by trhe crtc newses and as lonmg as the crtc tv neswse promote terroisim an dterroists day in and daY OUT ALL NIGHT LONG AN DGAG 100% OF COMPNIES IN vANCOUVER 3D TV ALL DAY YEAR5 IN AHD YEAr out nthe bruslt wil be the sam eas 3dssportschanel.cvom of 3dtvolympics.com or al t eh 3d tv socil net an dchAs and bbrdsw ashopping malls ans pages for new3dtvchannelcd.om an d3dtvinnovation.net and orgs for chartity bfilms movies and sports in 3d the bsame discr9imination taht gaged Vancouver 3dca.com and all the 16 years oif new 3dtv innovation is the same process trhe governmnent should use to gag and stifel terroists but promoting terroisaim an dgagging 100% of 3dtvcaTRSHOWS.COM DOES NO TSELL CARS IT SELLS RAFDIVCALISATION AND SINCE THE CRETVC BROADCAST 100% OF THE TETRROSISTS WEBSITESW andposts an dblogs aB DGAG 100% OF 3D TV COPYU RIGHT .COM NET ORGS I REST MY CASTE
iF ther crtc 2d tv can stop and gag 3DTVInnovation.com and hundreds of commerce and new 3dfilmchannel.com net org startups in Vancouver for 16 years then they can stop terroisitsw websites all dozen of the chats and using 2d tv gag 100% of the news of rdicalisation methods and contnet along with gag 100% of the 3dtvchannels.com neto rg for sports as if 3DCounty.com were to launchanother 100 3dtvchannels.com for 3dsportschannelnews.comnetorgs and be gaged by the entire canandian parliments oversite same same if the crtc news gan stiffel and gag 100% of the free worlds dot cosm ets for 3dtv thwen they can stop promoting an dpush push push pull pull pull medias radicalising youth today and tommorrow we need to use the same crtc 2d tv news medias that gag 100% of 3DTVCAnada.com and sports to gag terrorosits,m the same way they gag busiens in 23D streamoing tv in Vancouver for 16 years and 3 wars. rdiao in 1939 was gaged for 5 yearas but 3dtv is gaged for 16 so if the crtc gan stiffel 3dbusienstv.com net orgs then they can gag the websited spreading terrorists, when 2d tv endlessly chat and talk terrorisits all day evdery day they create funding and websites and chats and sell copies of papers nd tv shows and documentaries all on the 2d tv so asto push push push radivcalisation and then the terororist use the web trffic and funds created by full publicity bty 2d tv to invest in terroist innivation soas to go on 2d tv and do more innivationand when crtc 21d tv gag and stiffel 100% of 3dtvchannels.com neot rg and ssports amd realestate and cooking shows in 3d they negate investment and innivation and so it is logiccal that if the crtc 2d tv preses treated terrosit web profiganda liek it was a compnay starting up in 23dsportstv.com canad athe entire crtc and all the politicians in pres and news in ottawa woudl see to it ther is no way to launch a single 3dtvpolitics.com in a crgfc 2d tv coup oir a terrosits web site too. when the press stop push push push endless comtemt abput whpo wheat wher whn why an how to be a terroorsit then rdicalisationwill fall off. with the crtc so so radicalisec thet is nop way top enjoy a fewe 3dsportschannel.com netorg sfor soccer thenhow can ytou use them to stop terrosi5ts .it siup to the crtc 2d tv coups todeside what they are going to dissismsinate terroisim or 3dtvjobs.com day and night terroorsits or jobs.

wow hACKED again just like ther is a world cup soccer game on in the latins areas same same evrery time ther is a world cup game and i get hacked from panama or the central americas ther is a soccer game using up all the band width , not golf, or tennis, or hockey or chess, and sheep sheering is never hacked but soccer wow , every year for 16 years ther is no way to use a 2d RDICALISED tv sprOts indistryTO LAUNCH A y2k INDISTRY AND BECAUSE the crtc can actualy gag 100% of thing like new3dtvchannels.com net orgs in Canada they should be able3 to gAG TERROISISTS WEBSITES IN cANANDA JUST THE SAME WAY THEY GAGED 3DSportschannel.com and realistate channels and shopping nads in 3d for movies from hollywood all gagd by trhe crtc like it nwas easy peasy and so the only way to gag and stiffel radicalisation is to do what the do to the 3dtvchannel.com and gag terrosist chats AND PLACES TO POST NTERROISINM T5HE SAME WAY CBC GAGES 3DTVSTARTUPS.COMN AND PLACES TO POST 3DSPORTSTV.COM INNOVATION AND PRODUCTS IF THEIS NLO WAY TO NUSE THE ENTIRE GOVER4NMENT OF OTTAWA TO LOOK INHTOI WHY CRTC GAGES AND GAGGED 16 YEARS OF INTERNET 3DTVSTARTUPOS IN vancouver wil evolve ninhto terroisits asking why for 16 years they can not post a radicalisationh website or cdhat5 with ottawa security ove rdiscrimination of compnaies in terrorism sam eas ther is njoway to use ottawa tro ask about why 32dtyvcanda.com industries are gaged bythe crtc 16 years in row. this is aN IMPORTSANT NTIME IN INTETRNET BUSIENS AND TO HAVGE THE CRTC PROMOTE RADICLAISation andterroism AN DWARS FOR 16 YEARESZ AND T and all it's million dollerNGAG 100% MPOF NTHE3DFILMCHANNEL.COM NBEWS AN DSPORTS IT NTERRISFYING. ABD WHNE TH ECRTC GAG AND STIFFE3L TERROISITS THE WILL Ga gthe players in recruting youth too and with no nway to nuse the crtc nto report a singlre tyeroisit cell or website or posting they terroisim wil be as gaged aS A CANADIAN 3DETVGSPORTSCHANNEL.COM IN A 2DF TV CRTC COUP. N AND THS WILL SOVE THE PROBLE3M , FROKM ME THER TIS NOWAY TO YU7SE A CRT5C TO LKAUNCXH ANYHTINGT UT NBTERRISISM AND TERRISIOST SITES 3DTVCaRS.COM IS GAGED BY ENDLESS CONTETN FRILLER FROM TERROISTS CREATING AN ENTIREE GLOBAQL INDUSTRY IN TERROISM AN DA VOOID IN WWW.3DTVTECHREPORT.COM NET ORGS to report a single 3dsportschannel.com hacked for a world cup rowing match in Vancouver hacked and shut dowmn you bwould need A CRTC NEWS TO DISIMINATE NIT NAND WHEN THE CRTC ACTULAY BDISCRIMINATE N16 YEARS NAGAINST 3DTVSTARTUPS.COMN NBE TORGS THE BRESULT IS NPREDICTABLE TERROISISWT NASBOUND NAN D3DTVCOPURIGHT.COM NEPOT RGS ARE GAGED AND SO0 THE BVEST WAQY TO NSTOP RADICALISATION IS NTHE SAME WAY THE CBC CTV CRTC STOPSW 3DTVINNOVATION IN ARTS BUSINESS AND WEB SERVICES. USE THE 2D TV RADIVCALISED COUP NESAS TO NDO WHAQT VTHEY DO TO THE B3DTVCHANNEL.COMN THISW WIL SHUT NDOWN TERR4ISIT SAME AS IT NSHUTS DOWN 3DTVJOBS.COM IN vANCOUVER N3dtELERVISIONnETWORK.NET Nand orgs use bthew crtc's 2d tv coiup. the swam eon eused to winb elections and runh the government by cave in in2d. www.ceo and founder of plebisciteCananda.com ans thyey can down Vancouver toron6to nottawa and quebec n3detvchannels and terroswist while they are shutting of all of cananbda 3dtvinnivation.cvokm net orgs an ddo two things nat ., because the money the patronage payout is in 2d tv ottawa sports cash flowes into 2d tv over 2d tv and never supports 3dsportschannel.org stsartups for 3desportstv.com or 3dsportshalloffame.org charityes they only pay tribute to crtcd 2d tv coups soas to have a 2d tv election in2d on2d for 2d interuptede y 2d tv sports cups in 2d for 16 years whiloe secret sony hackers take out 3deworldcup.com startups for 16 years doing and end run on 3dtvsports.cvom net orgs same same same as in 2000.

Radicalisation of youth is the same as bullying . instead of 1939 social nets radicalising jewish people the 2001-2015 2d tv news that gages 3dtvinnovation.com in sports and travel arts and even 3dhollywoodfilms.com net org startups now persicutes muslams via terooisit gangs same same and the public are radiclaised by a push pull integration of 2d tv news and terroisit news soas to have 100% 3dsportschannel.com, net org free world cups adn electiosn in2d by2d over a 2d tv coup same same as in 1939, suhh, irt'sa called bullyinbg a common 2d tv script theme, in youth it is somthing the 2d tv news teach as they go on and on about terrorism and bullying exolaINING EVERY DETAIL OF IT TO THE YOUTH ON 2D TV CHATS AND SEARCHES SOAS THE ROIS NLO ESCAPING BULLYING OR TERRORISM BECAUSE THE NEWS MEDEIAS MAKE THEOIR BREAD AND BUTTER OUT OF GOSSIP AND SPREADING BULLYING An danyt terrorism news day an dnight it soon sets a socila patern of retaliation and the ypouth are converted by a 2d tv coup push push push and terrorist 2d chat and socil net pull pull pull an dthe two push an dpull radiclaised 2d tv news pushing ans radicalised 2d tvf terroisitds pulling all day day in an day pout and soon a [patern of resentment by the public push aN DPUSH THE MIDDELEASTERN YOUTH INTO ALL WISHINGT THEY WERE NOT HERE TRYING TO INTEGRATE and get a job when th enetire crtc 2d tv coup is poush push push oign bulkyinbg an dsantions and social banning ofon one side and the terrosists are promising heaVEN S FULL OF WIMEN ON THE OTHER, SO AS TO HAVE A100% 2D TV COUP TO EUN ELECTION IN 2D ON2D OVER TERROISIM AND ALL THE TIME THE BNEWS IS PUSH PUSH PUSHING TH EBUTTONS OD RADICVALISATION AND THE TERROISTS ARE PULLING AN DPULLING AN DPULLING TH EROPES OF SEDUCTIONS AN DTOGETHER THEY PUSH AN DPULL THE YPUTH INTO RADFICALISATION. DUHH!. WWW.3dtviNQUIRY.COM 2:23 PM 2/27/2015

Canadians Can't pass any government bills because they brech the charter of rights oveer and over time and time agains for years the silent majorites ( opposition parties are silenced too) can nopt get their charterd rights defendded in time to mean anything and withthre suprime court 2 or 3 years away from ratifiying the bill c-51 it is obvious to all voting and npone voting canadians that the bill must be passed to speed up the supprime courts soas to be fast and globaly effective in times or war and terrorism instead fo 3 years behind and in this way liek bill c-51 itseld the Canadian chartered constitution andall the people it has to make it legal will work faster and not slower andso bill c-51 and 1/2 should include clauses to spped up the suptrinme courts soas to pass or fail such things intime for the 6 month comitimets and before they are over. www.3DTVInquiry.com

wow ..There must be a world cup soccer game coming up because i got hacked the same same way i do every time ther is aworld cup soccer game and ina 2d tv coup ther is nk way to rpeort it because 2d tv whan to run the elections in2d for 2d and soprts playes an important role in politics cash flows so a 2d tv sports coup needs a 2d tv coup- to hacke 3dtvsports and 3dworldcuptv.com net org if and when they launch and when they dod they do and so we are and thats why i say the rmust be aworld cup soccer game comin

The Anty-terro bill is creatiing over exposure to terroisim itself. as the 2d tv news report terroisim day and night night and day creating any terrorism news that has backfired into a complete canadian over exposure to terror sndreeoeisiom terrorists teoror blogs and radicalisation processes andthe rdicalisatrionm of the news is notw so rdical that where ever yopu llok for news it is dominated by over-exposure toradicalisation by 1 terorosist group and so the ness itsel;f becomes radficalisationcontnet for the very terrorists group ans the report terrosisation and radicalisation non stop day and night week in week out(reminds me of teh FLQ days) as the uhf vhf medias newses are becomeing radicalised them selves and no one knows how to tell me for 16 years in 3dphotosports/com or 3dphotonews/com socil nets hopw to integrate with 1 crtc platforms news, to launch a 3dtvchannel.com for 3dtvinnovation and ads in 3d on3d voer 3d tv channels for 3d cartoons and arts shopping and travel in a 2d tv coup rdidacalising terrorists news reporting ever day all day totaly radicalisedn the news industry and canandians.
www.3D360TV.com/net/org's official www.3DSportsCHannel.com Net Home Tm 2015

Blackberry security goes out the windows as oversight reports government communications to voters and other emails to Ottawa are spyed on for 2 years by sucurity services and 100% of tv shows like www.3DPhoneTV.com shows or www.3DTravelTV or www.3DFashionTV.com or 3DRealtyTV.com (great show too eH!) shows are gagged by radicalised gangs of over the air uhf vhf crtc 2d tv cartelconverted inot internet digital 2d tv coups that gag 3TVStartups.com netorg for 16 years, (shades of 1939) in Canadian presses so who do you vote for in a crtc 2D tv coup? what politicl party is unradicalised by 2d tv monoplies soas they will come to the rescue of 3dtvstartups gaged and held hostage by rdcialised 2d tv coups? who do you vote for who is in fovour of 3dtvinnovation.comin search andcghat tv andsports ? whaty polticalparty champions the rioght to work andmake a living free from discrimination by the crtc tv monoplies for 16 years / what party am i talking about that i canvotefor who i give my taxes to that can represent me in 2d tv medias?, all 3? or just 1, any 16 year old 3dCanadiantv.com company and staff vote in it too on thier 3dnewsnetwork.com net org participaction is impossible when the crtc remove the net so o one can score or vote for 3dtvpoliticswhen thepolitical parties them selves cave inot 2d tv coups. SOme day we shal povercome and i see a day when 3dtvchannles.com and 2d tv ufh vhf waalk together inthefight against terrosism andfiught tostop radicalisationof tv news by 2d tv coups, i woudl rather own a 3dtvchannel.com net org gaged bythe crtc than a 2d tv coup covering word wide web 3dtv startups www.3DTVPolitics.com .

In Canada we pay top price for internet and in the basic cable (tv) package you get over 60 radio channels and 26 2d channels but you would think for free they would toss in cravetv(4 the pst is more than ) as they endlessly charge charge charge 2 and 3 times the price for cable tv and internet as they do in the usa if A US cable compnay got thaty price for it's services it coult toss in 3 or 3 4 rerun services for free and still make more off of canandian than they do odd of us customers, and toi think the crtc gag 3DTVStartups.com andchannel for 3d tv for 16 years soas tomilk the internt and rerun tv business, www.3dpaytv.com a 3dmovieChannel.com net org gaged by 2d tv cartels in canada. they shold have thrown it in withthe basic cable packages if all we are going to get in 16 yrars is 6 2d tv monoplies then they should at least compete. www.3DTVCompetitionBureau.com net org a rdicalised 2d crtc gagged industry. where is the new minister empowered to investigate price gouging when you need them , taking a paied vacation? www.3DTVInquiry.org a 3dtvpress.com reporting on the radicalisatyion of Canadian cable tv providers of internet services and news television into a rdicalised 2D tv coup that discriminates against 3DTVStartups.com netorg in Vancouver Cananda internet streaming 3D tv industry. for a 4 they could have given as apromotional they sabatage cab;e payu tv and force customers to pay 4 while basic service and content is cut. do not tax out 3dlocaltv.com and then stiffel them with crtrc 2d tv monopies that are radicalsed any 3dtv terrotories omline for 16 years the question is why is 2d tv radicalised against 3dtv websites in Vancouver. www.3DTVOttawa.com net org reporting the radicalisation of 2d uhf vhf over the air tv services. whats thre mztter with politicians for 16 yearsdoes sony hackers have their toungue? who do you vote for that is in favour ofwww.Canadian3DTV.com startups in Vanvouver and Ottawa? If firced to vote who do you vote for whenthe 2d tv has radicalised all the politicians in Ottawa into a radicalised 2d tv politics-electipon circus in2d fopr 2d by2d soas to ga 3dtvpolitics.com every election andscoop all the attack ad reveneus inot a 6 corprate monoply again. who do you vote for who is in favour of 3dtvjobs.com ?? rdicalisationof over theair uhf vhf news services and political parties using them. 2000-2015 plebisciteCanada.com gaged so ther is no way to hold a plebiscite in Cananda for 16 years ona crtcx 2d tv news coup. duhh!. ( if cscic is capturing your emails topoliticisansan sdmps, for 3 years and mps did not or do not know then ther need to be oversight as top why the scic nevwer busted a single mp for discrfimination against 3dsportchannel.com under countless plees by 3dtv industry to investigste for 16 years. Who in ottawa is in back of the crtc 2d tv coup.


Radicalised new medias come from well to do countries nd they preach innovation and participaction but gag100% of 3DTVinnovaion.com net org inVancouver Bc for 16 years they make innivation in 3D tv impossible and act like terroists beheading new strtups as they launch wiht 2d tv coverup shows so thatther is npoway in 16 years to launch www.3DworldWideWebTv.com net org in a country where the news medias are radicalised 2d tv bullies that 16 years hold 3d tv sports hostage.
When you are told by everyone for 16 years that the crtc is not going to alow anyone to start up a 3dtvchannel.com the urge is to tell them, to "Stick iT!" like go-daddy says, but after 16 years yyouget a glimps of radicalised 2d tv coups stiffeleing 199% of atrade or person 100% of the time in 12005 of the startups for 16 years and thats radicalisednes medias current position , ther is no way touse them forbusiens or pleasure noway to get insurance for busiens that are staredup ina 2dtvcoup andnpo way to enjoy 3dtvsports.com gaged by100% of the 2d tv mediss for16 years you get agood glimps of radicalisation in news as they bully news andsports startups that are 3D and gag 3dmoviechannel.comandnew3dtvc hanels.comn what can they do to be more radical that that eH?< br> if it were notfor3dnewsnetwork.com and3dsportsnetwrok.com and 3DBlogTV.com startups in 2000 that i gave away andwere stolen andscalped andthenews gaged by100% of the 2dt v press therwoudl be no indiczation that theyr were hiding anythng but 3d tv startups .brtu when sony hackers hack endlkessly for 16years and 100 % of the politicians in 2ds tvelectiosn gag andstiffel 100% of the3dbusienstv.com startups ther is a reasontheycave in andit has tobe fear of radicalised 2d tv news medias that gag 3dtvjobs.com , 3dtvionnovationm.com 3dwirelest.com and3dhollywoodgilms.net startups for everthignfromsports t6omedicine all gaged by 1 group , radicalised 2d tv uhf vhf newsmedias dubb, andfor 16 yuears giving you a glimps of whgy itiseasy tosaythe 2d tv uhf vhf newsmedias are now radicalised they promote terroism all day ever dat and gag 100% of 3dtvcartoons.co mnd 3dtvcars.com withnpoway tpo have a 3dtvauction.org for charityor report a 3dpaytv.com startup gaged by 2d tv for 16 yuesars ther is noway to report a 3dtvolympics.org hacked every olympics and of all themost important things inthe world the ris no waytoreport a radicvalised 2d tv coup stiffdeleing and gagging 100% of 16 years of 3dtv andwhena 2d tv news medias does gag 3d tv for16 yezrs it proves andis a glimps of what a radicalised 12d tv newsmedias look like , they will do anytthignndsay anythign andbully antyone soas tpobe the only method of dissiminaing their agendas oof radicalised news, the postwerity of a country thatg=has radiacalised news medias is deminished andthe ability to usestate tv for busiens stsartups is iliminnated creating a 2d tv coup runnign thecountry by radical news repports and usign the crtc for 2d tv election shows while radical news med9as gag andhold hostage 100% of www.3dsportschannel.com net org startups soas tofill our heads with terrosists andcreatre asituationwehrether isnoway to start a3dtvchannel.comforanything thusproving via 3d methodologies wether yoru crtc is a radicalsed news medias or open , lucky forme iama Canadian and our Canadian constitution states that i am gsareenteed the right to work andmake aliving free of discriminationbyany 2d tv coups and so by the unradicalised grace of the crown and theunradicalised grace of csis and Canadiansecurity i ama free man able to startup a 3d tv icannregistrey btu gaged by100% of a radicalsed 2d tv press and unable toparticipate politicaly because who do you vote for when the 2d tv couois willing tobully andterrois anyone who supports a 3dmoviechannel.com or3dsportstv.net or charity for haiti or tsunamies inlousianna in 3d on3d with 3dtvchannel.comand3dcopyrightt.net startups fpor 3dtvphones.com even though i know the 2d crtc mediasand therio pres say and said the governmen tif candais notgoing to let youi stasrt uyp a3dtvchannel.com because they are tooradicalised to allow youy to, for16 years proving the fact that ther is nowayutodobusiensjb a radicvalsed news medias coup especialy a 3dtvcoup. www.3Dpressiodent.com of 3dcounty.com a 3dtvchannel.com for arts sports andshopping in 3d onlienfor 16 years gaged byuradicalised 2d tv coups allover tyhe globe.
A dark cloud that decends over your 3dtvchannel.com and blocks your aability to participate like a participaction ad the busienss can start up a basket ball sports web site for 3dcportchannel.com basketball but when the net is blocked by100% of the crtc the ris no way to score and you can start up a 3dworldcup.com for everyone o enjoy btiu when the goal is blocked by 100% of a 2d tv couip thert is no way toscore and you canbuild a 3dHockyTV.com and set up a 3Dsportsnetwork.org but when it is blocked fromCanadians by a 2d tv participactionsl;uch fundd for 2d tv ads revenues anddiscriminates agaisnt 100% of 3dtvsports.com for 16 years evern after 3d tv sets are designed andmagde andsold thentherisprof that yoru news medias are radicalised and ther is noway togrow or enjoy properity ina 2d tv coup with radicalised 2d tv medias snabnewsesout toprofit themselves attr eh expence of all the world wide wen 3d tv startups ther are in the 16 yueards the uhf vhf converted to digitl tv and when hd3dtvchannel.com was gaged that proved it we have a rdicalised 2d tv coup onoour hands andther is nowaytolauncha new3dtvchyannel;.comuntill csis figure out who is in back of the2d tv coup preventing entrrepeneurs and innovation using a rdicalised 2d tv coup to ga 100% of 3D tv sports for 16 years.
Today when some one says your never going to be allowed to start up a 3dsportschannel.com in Canada i canbelive them because of the16 years of experiance in starting up 3dtvapps.comfor 3dnewschannel.com net org and charity for tv in 3D i know from experiance that they are right ther is noway a crtc uhf vhf in 16 years is gopingto support a Canadian whostarts upa bunch of 3dtvchannels.com andsocil nets forcars andphotography news and busiens in 3Din rdicalised 2d tv coup. they are right , the entir Ottawa political governance (accept for the security that run theweb ) will nto let anyone even me startup a 3dcanandtv.com channel on their 2d tv cable tv cartells platforms not 1 in 16 years is integratable becauee the news is so so rdiacaliused they bully andstiffel 100% of 3dsportschannel.org net com even 3dlocaltv.com so as to have 2d tv election again and rddicalise politics and cave in to socy hackers soas thwe ris no3dsportschannel.compossibel ina 2d tvcoup wile we have 100% of ther crtc so so radicalised they will not even pparticipagtein3dtvinnovation.com in Vancouver for 16 years , noe thatys radical eh!. www.3DtvshowBiz.com. net . org we know when we see a radicalised 2d tv news they are void of 3dtvinnovation.com net orgs. D Collins ceo and founder of www.dtvtime.com www.3DTelevisionNetwork.com, www.3DTVCHannelAmerica.net and 3DTVCHannelCanada.org fiding radicalised 2d tv medisas is the by product of launchign a www.3dcopyrighttv.com , as i saidf you canask anyone inOttawa or the tv ness busiens and they will reiterate , ther is noway the 2d tv medias are goiong to leyt you or anyone startup a 3dtvchannel..comfor sports in their monoply market , just ask , because every one knows this ther in no dispute we all know the 2d tv news is not going to let a guy from Vancouber start uipa 3dsportschannel.com even if we win theolympics in 2010 andso it is the whole world is watchoign 2d tv coups gag anbd stiffel 3dtvinnovation.com because of the rdicalisation of uhf vhf 2d tv medias in Cananda ther is noway anyone is goingto say the crtc will let you startupa 3dsportschannel.com andso as everyuone know rhwnews is radicalised ther is noway tovote forrdicalised 2d tv poliutical parrties using radiclaised 2d tv medias for democrccy is impossibel expecialy when yoru 3dtvpolitics.com gaged bya2dtvcoup and unable tpo have a sinle 3dtvinquiry.com startup amd report rdicalised 2d tv medias and the innovationfor tv web site startups they gag and stiffel. when evcryone inOttawa says ther is nowayt yoru goingto be allowed tolaunch a 3dtvsports.com for 16 years the duty of wevery americasn is to report why ,for pospertity and prosperity andjust for therecord to keep things honest and because thecrown alows me to startup a 3dtvchannel andreport it even if thecrtc is going to ga abndstiffel the entire industry. 5:07 AM 2015-02 -26.. www.3DSportsCHannel.com net org. www.3DmovieCHannel.com

We are missing the weekly report from the minister empowered to look into proce-gouging? were is it we paid for it so were is it?


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