16 years in the making, www.the3DCHannel.com continues it's historical documentation of www.3DTVchannels.com net org new medias starting up in Vancouver Canada for www.3ddigitaltv.com global markets.
www.3DTVCHannels.com net org 3D web tv , an world wide industry 3dtelevisionchannels.com net org, the entire dragons den of entrepeneurs missed or caved into 2d tv cartells but theyu never mention 3dsportsnetwork.com or 3dnewsnetwork.com or 3dtelevisionnetwork.com startups because they are caved in or stupid and found a safre haven in crtc 2d tv medias to ga 3dtv from , wow, 16 years in row online and thats not a mistake it is deliborate 2d tv discrimination of 3dtv busiens for 16 years ( 10 years longer thanhitler gaged Jazz music), 16 years in the making converting voice mail social nets to 3DTVCHannels.com for global business on a completely rolled out platform for wwwq.3Dcopyrighttv.com and other dragons who did not cave inot sony hackers, and www.3dtvpages.com even Ottawa politicians and crtc news medias 16 yuears never ever mention the 3DNewsCHannel.com is gaged by 2d tv coups in disctatorships and that slame, uncovering insider 2d tv funding for elections shy away from. ..1997-2015 www.tvpin.com a social netwroking startups the 2d tv medias missed reporting.

Here are our top ten www.3DTVNewsCHannel.com heritage stories.

I can sit here and call out the crtc 2d tv medias as 2dtvcoups and post the news of 2dtv covering up 3dtvVancouver.com innovationandther is nothignthey can do because it is true. www.3DSportsCHannel.com uisgaged by 100% of the crtc and politicians in sports andthats the truth in all religions and in athiest circles the news is hiostory and thats the truth. www.3DTVCanada.com/news Google . Bing!. baidu . sogou . Afnic.fr . majestic12 . utrace.de . internetsupervision .

or your favorite search endine today!

www.3DCA.com is proud to report we are the worlds only www.3DCopyRightTV.com network gagged by 100% of Canadian politicians for 16 years in VAncouver Cananda's 3dtelevision industry online. (Guiness world biook of records for interent 3dtvchannels.com discriminted against by a Canadian government tv cartell and all the crowens uncorrupt regulators . (hitler gaged jazz 5 years , Canadian crtc gages 3dtvcity.com 15 years 3 times lonmger than then nazzies gagwed jazz on purpose.)

www.3DTVPolitics.com ." Drones , model planes and hellicopters on steroids!"

Find what your looking for, not what your targeted to find.Tm www.3DStores.com

Cpac this week showed endless testimonies from people and lawers , ministers and police, retired prime ministers and judges all garenteeing that bill c-51 is unconstitutional and a threat to the economic security of Canadians, and doomed to fail in the counrts of the suprime judges, so , wow, this means csis willhave to imediatly start a file on each and every one of the members of parliment who are push push pushing this bill that is dommed tofail a charter of rights because it is a threat to the security of acandainas, andn report ont hem as they are aa threatt o the security of the biull they pushed because it was a 99% failure in the supptime courts and so csis will have to explain why they pushed pushed it so so much and for whom and what made oitso somessary to spend so much tiume and money on a bill that was doomed to fail by 99% of the witnesses with any authorityu inproministry law and civerl right and suprime court charterd rights and so it ;looks liek csis will have tomoniter these 1% thats are not insync withthew rest of cabnandians and theri ideas and chasrterd rights for security . wow . why would any politicians push a bill doomed by charterd rights and go against the testimony of several retired prime ministers , police, media, human rights groups, lawers and a suprime court and voters is of interest to all csis and police for our heratage and national economic security.?
What would Shakespear do?..www.3dtvpolitics.com
There has to be a way in Canada for a business in canada 3DTVSports.com net org webcasting business to launch and feel secure knowing the crtc tv monoplies are not discreiminating against by 16 years of ingertityless 2d crtc tv news medias.

Hey csis , I can'tgo to my local mp or politician and talk about 3DTVCanada.co , they claime it is a conflict of interest unless your a crtc 2d tv channel they will not talk about 3DTVSports.com even hockey, if i go to the bar , so so many of it's members rely on 2d tv cash flows it is a tsunami of no help, the politicians have caved into 2d tv and the 2d tv discrimnate against 3DCopyRightTV.com nert org startups for 15 years here in vancouver so there is no one to go to to report discrimination on purpose by 100% of the crtc 2d tv medias for 16 years but you.
CSIS , when looking for crimes that affect the canadian economy look for a ring of 2D tv coups operating in politics and ask suspected radicalised 2d tv ists and conflict of interest 2d tv politicians if they can say canandian 3d world wide tv .com words, (theses are 3d tv channels and web names ) like if they can not say "3dtvsports.com or 3dtvfashion.com or 3dtvnewsChannel.com or 3dtvauctions.com or 3dtvtravel.com or 3dtvrealty.com or 3dtvpolitics.com or 3dtvcars". then they are f_____ up!. i woulld not trust them , OK! ask the queens integrity commission to come along with you too, before they replace everyone in your department who e=was ther you should report on 3dtvsports.com beeing gageed at keast as part of ther ongoing sports scandals that always find ways to win by cheating duhh, www.3dtvtoo.com
3DWOWTV.com , if the crtc gag and muzzel businesses in 3dtv in Vancouver sportts for16 years then they must have left apaper trail, because they all coverup all the time in all tv venues and sports, in all busiesn even 3dtvdrones.com net rog apps for 3dtvchannels and realestate in3d gaged by the crtc for 16 years is an asault on our economic stability bya 2d tv coup and if they do not report this on 2d tv news then there is a chance they are corrupted by sony hackers threatonong to shut them down if they mention 3dtvcaNDA.COM IS GAGED DUHH! THEY HAVE CAVED INTO TERRORISTS AND HACKERS IS THIS IS TRUE, A THREAT TOP INGERITY OF CSIS AND CANDA IF NOT CAUGHT. 16 YEARS AND and ther is no way to use a corrupt crtc news in an elections OR FOR ECONIMIC SECURITY go figure.
they either are corrupt and covering up 3dtvchannels or they are fouled up, enbough to cover up stuff and the insult to global sport is they gaged and gag 3dtvsports.com net org 16 years that should be enough for a csis inquiry and a election 2d tv news time out or a penalty of some kindwith sanctions duhh, it is not cricket to gag 16 years ooof 3dwirelsstv.com net org busienses and 3dfm.com and 3dmusicchannel.com even hitler gaged jazz only 5 years and was stopped for discrimination , and covering up 3dtvchanels one or the other.
What kind of tv are they running? 16 years and 100% of the crtc licenced over the air news medias actulay gag 100% of 3dvtv.com startups in 3dtv in vancouver 16 years in row so what kind oif tv are yoru running ? disdcrimination tv in2d ?. yup 16 years in row too. andtax payers fund this 2dtvcoup. who told the crtc to gag 3dtvchannels.com for 16 years ? sony hackers?
The crtc have abandoned canadian content 100% of the day time and 50% of the night and that's fraud against their own charter and discrimmination next they will use their newses to gag and muzzel and hold hostage 100% of the3dtvcanada.com net org industry .. oops too late they already did that in 2000 when they gageed the Y2K 3dcounty.com jubalee and some on e stole 2 3d socil nets and the 2d tv coverd it up andsoo did all the queens politicians in charge of seeing that can not happen, wowo i have done so so much of yoru preliminary work all youhave todo noiw is go and investgate 2d tv discrimination of 3dtvcanda.com businesses in vancouber 16 years and nothing like this will happen inthe public sector ever agains and ther is no other oppwertunitty to cathc a 2d tv coup gagging 3dtvchannels.com net org for 16 years but this one. go getum people and your internet web heros.. www.3dpresident.com of the 3dtvchannels.com net org gagged by the crtc and for 16 years in Vancouver.

Don'T ever ever ever vote for a politician who can not say 3dtvsports.org can not be trusted as they are caved in to sony hackers , duhh, if they can not say 3dtvsports or 3dtvfashion or 3dtvnews or 3dtvauctions or 3dtvtravel or 3dtvrealty or 3dtvpolitics or 3dtvcars then they are f_____ up!. anyoine can say that but a 2dtvcoup tv news can't i discronverd 2d tv discrimination and bring it to you every day from Vancouver BC wg=where 3dtvcanda.com ewas ha=agged way back before some of you were born, by 2d tv crtc "issues" go figure, . , they are caved into 2d tv coups if they can't they are not net nutrasls.
Politicians who are covering up stuff and politicians whoo caved into sony 2d tv hackers, caved inot the crtc cartells too and the only way to uncover them is by 3dtvinquiry.com asking, "do you refuse to say facebook, twitter and www.3dtvchannels.com?" and not 2d tv channels can be found out by asking them to say 3dtvchannel.com on tv if they refuse tyhen they sre 2d tv coup em[ployees and are afraid of sony hackersdrs and afraid fo thjecanadian press gagging themlike they gag 3dtvtoons.com or 3dtvcars.com or 3dtvpolitics.com or 3dtvmovies.com andso if you whant to see if your politicians have caved into 2d tv cartels or sony hackers or are hiding stuff then test them byaskign them to discuss the 16 yezrs 2d tv in canda gaged `100% ofd the 3dtelevisionCanada,com net org isdustry and if they clam up then they are hiding behind a 21d tvcoup and are afaraid of the 2dtvcoup and beeign ostrasized bya cartell of 2d tv channels that gag and muxzzel invewstment and 2dtvstartups.com net org here in Canada. if your politicians is unable to say or mention 3dteleviusikonchannels online or off on twotteer or facebook thenythey are caved into a thing a thing that caves in politicians and gagesd 3dtv and this si the test iksyoru politicoioans qwoorkign for the 2dtvcoup or not can any politiciansin ottawa say 3dsportschannel.com andnot get fired by theirboss as theentire queens common wealth goes bown the 2d tv coups catchalls the test of political nutrality and integrity stands fro the16 the year in a row if yoru politicians cannot say 3dtvsports.com then they rare workign fora secret 2d tv coup cartell that caved them into 2d tv.duhh. any freeman or free politicans shoudl be able tosay 3dtvsports.com and not get fired. duhh.

8:53 AM 2015-03-27 Beijing is Cracking down on dancing grannies?, thats nothing the harper government watc h for 16 years as the crtc crack down and gag and stiffel 100% of the 3DTelevisionCanada.comnet org industry usign theoir 2d tv ness theyactualy crack gown angag and muzzel 1005 of the startups in 3D tv spcoal netwroking in Vancouver Canada and for 16 years 3dtvca.com is hacked and doamins aare stolen adnthe entire canadiangovernmentandall the queens men in television news andpress see to it that the canadian crack down on 3dtvbusiness.com netorg 3ddigitaaltv.com startups for travel sports shopping dancing news fashion and shopping are gaged makign china and beijing a nothing news item for charterd rights and 3dtvcadna.com giscriminated against by a Canadian crtc regulators compnaies this means you can make 3d movies and 3dtvsets andnews abour graduates of 3dtv electronoc design and faculrtes in universities in Beijing can study 3dtv electronics and philosopy of 3dtvartsa b ut in Vancouver the Harper govwernment's crtc habve cracked down on 3dtvstartups.com net org 3dtvpress.com and 3dtvpolitics.com every elec tiosn nmakign H=Geijings crack down on grannys a none news item copmpared tothe discriminayion andf violationof the chanadian chgarter of rights news . but when you live in 2d tv coup for somwe reason the political styructure must be such that the politicioans oqwn tv stations or somthign because whenthe prome minister rules for 12 years seeing to it ther is no 3dtvcanada.com means some one owns a tv station as is setting themselves up sothey can run news of Beijing stiffeleing dancing grannies on it while they e=themselves gag and stifffel 100% of 3dtvsports.com and dancing canadians and theoir grannies in3d on 3dtvphones.com over 3dwirelesstv.com world wide websites free of beeing gaged bya 2d crtc cartel that actualy gaged 1000% of my grannies kinds websites in 3dtv in Vancouver righjt in front of bejing who never did gag3dtv tech stazrtups oit their componaies the differance is economic security in china because you know dancing grannies wil be gaged andcrack downs on things but in canada ther iseconomic instability and no national security in business because if you start up 3dtvtoronto.comor 3dtvvancouver.com or 3dtvottawa.com and tyry to put a dancing unkranin on it the crtc will gag 100% of the entire trasde 3dtelevisioncanda.com trsade and cover up 3dtvwebcasters.com and gag 3dtvsports.com andstiuffel 3dpaytv.com and discriminatge gasinst 3dtvmovies.com and shgsut off yotu ip adres foryour tvpin.com compnaie zanmdfor16 years the crtc wil broadcast news of beijibg andtheoi rgreannies while they themselves ga 100% of Vamcouver';s 3dtvsports.com busiens makign them the bigger vilian in stiffeleing the arts , hitler gaged jazz music fro 5 years but the harper government'scrtc newsses gag 3dtvcaanadfa.com and all it's music and dancing for 16 years makign them the worlds longersr govwernment gag on any arts including granny dancers.ceo founder of dancing in 3d on a 3dtvwebcasting networks from cananda www.3DTVCHannel.ca for years longert han china gaged dancing grannies

Canada Can not train and fight at the same time so we have to do one or the other and we should not go so willingly inot this gifht when we know we gave not trained the troops yet.
Canadians should not go so freely adn willingly into a war in the middel east at this economic and social time when we can't even investigate 16 years of crtc discfrimination against 3dnewsnetwork.com net org and 3dtvsports.com inVancouver Canada , when 16 years can go buy and 100% of teh tv news medias gag 100% of the 3DtelevisionCanada.com netorgs in busiesn ther has to be a reason such a thing can happen in crtc tv news industry thart ids reporting wars andfacts about wars when they can't even report ajuball in 3d onm 3drtvcnda.com beeign hacked bysony hackers, if ther is such a process as to gag1200^ of thenerws of 3dmoviechannel.com then we shoudl noty go to war based on 2d tv report, theylie about 3dtvsports and will lie to gain tv audience.

 poet Dylan Thomas

Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good fight

Do not go gentle into that good fight,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Though wise men at their end know dark is right,
Because their words had forked no lightning they
Do not go gentle into that good fight.

Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright
Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight,
And learn, too late, they grieved it on its way,
Do not go gentle into that good fight.

Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight
Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

And you, my father, there on that sad height,
Curse, bless, me now with your fierce tears, I pray.
Do not go gentle into that good fight.

Canada will train fighters for the middle east and as soon as we can see proof that they can and are trained we can leave knowing security and the fight against isil is because our training missions weere a United Nations success and this will make rebuiulding integritous and the middles east easer to be Helped.

is the crtc broken, does it gag 3dtvpolitics/com net org ?? yes 16 years it gages 3dtv startups in canda so the crtc is broken.

Is your tax funded crtc spying on ypour 3dtvchannels.com and seeing to it that 100% of their regulated 2d tv news medias gag and stiffel youir 3dtvbusiness.com net org startups fpor16 years , because mine is ..!.
Will the Canadian crtc extend it's gag and sanctions on the www.3DTelevisionCanada.com netorg industry in Vancouver bc? www.3DTelevisionCanada.com net org the world wide webTV.com netorg gagged by Canadian press 16 yesrs of 3D TV social netqwork innovatiion. there has to be a 16 yezar plan laied out to ghag 100% of vancouver 3dtv busineses ns if ther is not then the crtc is guilty of neglagence online as i get sony hacked and the entire 3dsportsnetwork.com net org industry is gaged 16 years it isither terrorizts runnignthehostage taking of 3dtv or the crtc holding 3dtelevisioncanda.com netorgs hostage or both buit the gobvernment has to have reports outlining the16 years 100% of 3dtvolympics.com netorg socil nets are andwere gagwed by 100% of the canandiano;ympics2d tyv medias, duhh thew idea that a crtc tv news andthecanadianparliment canstiffel 16 years of anythignespecialy3dtvsports.com netorg is a threat toallworld wideweb business. Prime minister Harper has to be aware of this gagging of www.3dtvsports.com net orgs for 15 years he has to be aware so why the crtc and Prime minister harper go to 3d films and own 3dtvsets and stand ther claiming integrity when 100% of the 3dnewschannel.com is gaged by100% of his press and crtc . this sia global mesage that somehtign is going on and not one politicians is looking inot it aperfect place for sony hackers and2d tv coups to find santuary and from ther ghag andmuzzel all the 3dtvchannels.com ne torg in Vancouver for16 years because ottawa and even prime minister Harper will not stand up for 3dtvbusiness.com in 16 years giving ther worlda glimps of how 100% of ottawa and the crtc will notstand up fora 3dtvbusiess.com in vancouver, wow, 11:38 AM 2015-03-25

when whill thecsis report on the crtc 2d tv coup , as discrimination of 3dtv is a terrorists act, and is the highest threat to canadian busiens as they deside who gewts gagged and who is allowed towork free of their discrimination they undermoine theeconomy in2d for21d by2d soas tpo have 16 years of 2d tv andf gag 100% of 3dcouinty.com innovation making them a fake news and theworlds bifggest problem toprosperity is a fake news medias tweeking themarkets soastohave a monoply in business. andto runterrosim nd terrorasit contnet untill weverypone is involved intheri 2d tv coup and ther is nowayto use them tolaunch a 3dsportschannel.com wow this is terrible no way to use the crtc tolaunch a single 3dsportschnnel.com nbetorg in 16 years is the biggestg threat to all people aside from terroism tyher is only security in busiens and There has to be a way in Canada for a business in canada 3DTVSports.com net org webcasting business to launch and feel secure knowing the crtc tv monoplies are not discreiminating against your business and crtc news medias are not covering them up while POliticians stand idol and watch. The loss of jobs and creation of poverty by setting up a monoply or 6 causes social poverty all because thwe crtc closed the markets foreveryonebut a 6 pack of monoolies and then used them to ga innovation d3dtv for 16 years makign themuntrustworthy abd thewporlds biggest threzat tofree markets andbusiesnon canda in3dtvmovies and3dfilmchannel.comnusienss online a 2d tv coupis thebiggest threat tyo a countries internet busiens.www.3DBusinessTV.com /Canada 11:16 AM 2015-03-25. hitler gaged jaz music and the crtc gaged 3dmusictv.com longer than hiteler gaged jaz go figure 2d tv is the biggest threart to intwernet b=usinesses in 3dtv for 16 years, 3 rtiumes linger thhanhitler was a threat to german jaz. the crtc gagged 3dmusiocchannel.comlonger than hitler gagwed jazz and thats a thret to 3dtvchannels.com netorg . whiule theentire parliment watches too thats a news scoop. organised 2d tv couips now gag 3dworldwidewebtv.com netorgs and arethe worlkds biggest threat tofree markets andbusiness duhh!.

Every day last week , every day this week , isis , isil , 2d tv news flashing picturs of isis gangs raising their rigels , same videoovere and over as they totaly radivalise canadian 3d tv every day showing picturs nd video from isil they are all about showing isis and isl picturs tv and news alldaya every dayalllast weeka ndthis so as to have isis take over our electiosn and gagbusiens and stuff like 3dtvinquirys inot 15 years discrimination by 2d tv as they use it here all day aevery day to selluis on haw bad isis is and how great they are stazrting a war witht a gang in sumarias and turing ouir election into a war against isis, no other busiens is being discussedsd a 100% total win for isis and the end of our 2015 electiosn because all dayaevery day 2d crtc tv goes on and ona abluir isis andthey show picturs and vcideos al day and ther is nowyto uuse them for 3d web tv startup innovations or 3dtv busness , and why? because all day aevery day theyr are sellign isis and shoeinfg videos og their sisl armies and nvere ever not ever do they use them for innovation in 3d tv busiens in Vancouver the crtc gag 3dtvsports.com net and orgs socil netsd for 16 yearsd thats a glimps of how they nevr gaged a single terrorist group or their videos they just gag 3dVancouverTV.com net org startups so as to have a 2d tv coupo run the elction llfor isis tv , riote tv , shame tv and now isis tv but all thjis is a stall decoy in 2d soas theyr is no 3dnewschannel.com and tyhts my diagnoses. totalradicalisationof american 2d tv by isis, www.3dtvdr.com .

wow, IN 6000 BC hittites and sumarians would pay slavers for slves to use in thier armies and fight over who 's god had chosen whom to rule , and in 5000, and 4000 and 300 and 2000 and 1000 and 1 bc the middle east would pay vagabons and vikings to raaide the british isles and france germany and poland russia and the ukrane , while other slavers would raid other parts of europe from rome to africa soas top bring slaves into a war in teh middle east to see who ewat the onme to get peace from, and then 100 ad or so the vikings quit slaveing and theenglish vowed to never ever evr ever be slaves , and vowed to fight by free will not force where wne when they could not as slaves and today ,the middle east is srtill looking towards some countries providing others soas to have it that 2015 Canada is sending our people by free will to fight the sme battle over the same thing inalmost the same way , and th edifferance is we come on our own , and will leave free and never be slves to terroism or anthing that is 8000 years old and unable to find peace because we coem to fight terrorist criminalks not democracy, it is because of democracy that we come not slavery,and the world will not be the slave of isil thats for sure they are a 8000 year old theme same same.

Why does the government of Canada continue for 16 years to ignor crtc 2d tv 's discrimination of internet 3d social tv web startups to create www.3DTVBusinesses.com net org social networking in 3D on 3D over 3D about 3D and 3Dprinting and 3DTVDrones and all things 2d tv do not because the crtc is a safe haven for 2d tv coups that gag 3dtvcanada.com 16 years, allof them even fashionand sports and hollywood in 3D on new 3DTV www socil net sites m completely gaged by 2d tv who find a safehaven on thecrtc. why they discrimintrion against 3DTV dot com net org startups ?, it's not sopme but a religious like 16 years coverup so why cover up 3DTVCHannels on;ine and all ,, not soem biut all, 3d tv startups gagged and held hostaage by 100% of the 2d cable and telco tv news medias newzes nopt some but all , even every election or sports event and shopping eachchristmas 3dtvstores.com is gagaed same same , when cony hackers hack why does 2d tv find it safe to gag 3dtvcars.com in a car ression for yeaers,and again , and again not one issueis able to pass the tounge of a single politicians paied tosee this can not happen for 16 years why ignore 3dtvOttawa.com is gagged by all the Canadian 2d tv newses finding the crtc a safe haven to stiffel 3dtvbusiness.com netorg startup so as to again be hacked by sony hackers and moneted by web bots on my cloud and ip adress established links all day you would thing 1 just one of these corporations would report an extreem stiffeleing and traffic theaft going on while not one of the crtc 2d tv medias reports it, and 2dtv probable pay big bucks to web bots who then report from my cloud as they block traffic and just like the bleading heart virus ther is noway to use the crtc to report a 2d tv coup discrimination against 3dtvbusiness.com netorg in Vancouver for16 years becaause they have been operating out of the crtc and have found it a safe haven to use for dragons to the elections for gagging 3dtvstartups as the government ignorss this in 3dtvinquiry.com after 3dtvconsortium.com and 3dtvproduction.net all the channels for integirty usewd up by some safe haven created for 2d tv to use to run and election, again , in 2d, www.meanpath.com/meanpathbot.html, yandex.com/bots, Chrome/, Googlebot/, www.baidu.com/search/spider, Mozilla/, Gecko/, AppleWebKit/, and several ip adresses onmy dos promt when i "netstat -n 1" and see them estblishing a link from my secure cloud tro my secure pc even though i paid for secirity and 16 years i fear a plot by crtc tv newses to actualy gag and stiffel 3dtelevisionnetwork.com net org as they launchand push push push hollywood 3Dfilms so as toblackmail hollywood into advertising withthem because they gag all other innovtion and startups so that Hollywood has no way to market in Canada unless they pay the piper "the crtc gang" to do it thus a conspiricy to force us and forien tv and internet startups alonmg weith actors and hollywood to pay them and them only and monoplise the market all bygaggig 100% of 3dtvinnovtyioonm.com net org in Vancouver canda fo 16 years and right in front of csis, so that 3DTVNEWSNetwork.com ns 3dspoersnetwork.com have to write an article ablout whyu the Canadian fgovernment continue to ignor the crtc discrimination pof 3dtvchannels.com netorg in Vabcouver Cananda complaining to the queen and crown for 16 years. why does the government of Cananda discriminate againsdt 3dtvweb.com netgorg startups for 16 years withotu any explinatyion arer trhey plotting to or just stupid? how can a government govern and ignor 3dtvcanda.com beeing hacked by sony hackers. are they un patriotic towards their own tax payers for 16 years because they caved into the crtc monmoplies or sony hackers or are they plotting withthe crtc to fgag 3dtvchannels.com in canda and 3dtvcjobs.com for 16 tears because they had no oidea this was fgoing on??.
Why does the government of Canada continue for 16 years to ignor crtc 2d tv 's discrimination of 3DTVBusinesses.com net org startups gagged and held hostaage by 100% of the 2d cable and telco tv news medias ?

Ant- extreem radicsalisation by 2Dism is a business terrosist act , bill c51 needs c-51-3D appended to bill c-51 so csis can investiday 2d tv plotting to gag 3dwebcastingnetwork.com netorg as they launch for 16 years in row , duhh some one has to investigate it besides me, and bill c-51 passed or not passed will over see this come time for osgood hall to post it into histiory of 3dtvlaw.com and the bill itself as 16 years plotting by2d tv to gag 3dtv is now manifest ina 100% iron curtain in crtc content that blocks 16 years of 3dtvcanda.com busiens and startusp from f=dragens dens and tghey acxhieve this by plotting not helping and so wqitha 165 years secretagenda of gagging 3dtvstartups.com in Vancpoubver using the crtc the wuestion is why does the government ignore this are they in on it or in baxck of it or arfe they investigartinfg it as thsi is the biggest obstical to people in disctatorships and the biggest obstical to 3dtvcanda.com tghey quexstion is why can't the governmetn see through 2d tv's discrimination of 3dtvcanda.com innvostionsn startups for 16 years who caved them into beeing so so dumbered down as to ignor 3dtvsports.com beeing gaged for 156 years, this is a majour social net problem all government should pay attentionto and a glimpos of why Cananda is economicaly hurting today because any government that ignors 3dtvsports.com beeeign gaged by 100% o f their crtc is not smart governance it's crooked to say the least lacking in interity and when discrimination goes on for 16 yeaers and hollywood is forced topay a select few all the ad moiney it is a conspiricyh to gag 3dtv andforce electiosn in2doin2d fro 3 electiosnan dany governmetnthat can;t see thsi is going tolose face globaly so the quastion is why woudl a governmetnb gag 3dtv andnot use curent laws or bill c51-c beta to investigate the crtc to see why they discriminate agaisnt 3dsportsnetwork.com netgorg inVabncouvee for so so many economic years, the csis bill of 2015, bill (c-51-3D) would give csis the power to invetigate radicalised crtc 2d tv medias discrimination against 3dDiditalTV.com net org startups in Canada internet tv by crtc 2d tv monoplies, Bill c-51-3D must be appended to bill c-51 to stop 2dists from gagging economic growth in www.3DWorldWideWebTV.com net org businesses and startups and protect our economic security from monoplies in dictatorships in 2d tv news dissimination from plotting to gag3dtvbusiness.com in Vancouver onlinr sales adn arts and pevent a 2d tv cartell from planning to hold hostage hundreds of icann startups and planning to ga 3dtvsports.com busiens too, in Vancouver3dtv.com net org startups for 16 yuears it will alow investigaing 2d tv plotting to gageconomic growth in 3dpaytv.com net org industry nd prevent economic growth and by distroying a great institution the integrity of the canadian press by planning and plotting to gag 3dtvpolitics.com this elections in favour of 2d tv politics and 2d tv debatrs in 2d soas to stiffel growth in 3dtvpolitics.com netorgs like they were stiffeleing 3dtvposrts.com and csis and look into 2dists radicalised 2d tv coups that affect canandioans and their economic security for global prospertity as 3dwesterntv.com is now gagged by 100%ofa crtc consortium of medias 16 years and for 3 wars in row
this bill would give csis the abuility to cur thriough 2d tv monolies silos of sponcers chats adn files to ee why 16 years 100% discrimination aginst everthing 3dtvwebcasty.com net org startups launch is gagged abdbklackied out by the queens Canadian preses 16 years and investigate to se it moneys were used to stiffel 100% of 3dtvcnada.com busins abnd startuops in 3dtv for 16 yeaers , the power to investigage sports monoplies to see why 100% of 3dsportstv.com netorgs are gaged and nto sony hackers on 2d tv news, when 3dsportschannel.com is hacked by sony hackers during a soccer world cup it can be investigtes to se if any dictatorshiops 2d tv sportos is in bac k of it and after 16 years of discriminatin by 100% of the political parties as they pump millions in 2df tv oil ads andelections ttack ads they can noe be investigated as to why discfiminationof 3dtvpoliotics.com net orgs are not reported by 1 crtc tv news. as anty 3d tv groups mount their own 3d productions to the power of pi there is no logical explanation of why an entire crtc would gag just intertent 3dtvstartups.com netoprg for 16 years unless some underlting secret afenda was in place so it wouuld allow csis to investigage 2diam and the fight agasinst corrupt 2d tv medias that would consider gaggign economic growth ibn 3dtelevisionCanada.com companies online and economic growth ibnthe Canadian3dtv.com net org industry because if csis can fight terroism then they can also look into radicalisation of crtc 2d tvists and 2dtvism gagging anf holding hostage 3dtvcarshows.com or 3dsportsnews.com or 3dtvrealty.com and 156 years is along time to asjk parliment and mp's to look into 2d tv gagging the queens 3dtvchannel;s dot cops,m startups in Vritish Columbias economy and with not one police or politician looking into 2s tv rdicalisation ther is a threat to national secirty and econpomic stability risk that a crtc full of 2d tv news medis , out to gag3dcatv.com for 16 years is a threat to the canadian charter itself as it clearly states that csis has to protect our =right to work and make a living with 3dtvchannels.com netorg free of discrimination by anyone even the crtc anty-3DTVists extremisits in 2d tv that now block nd gag the cropwns citisens onlien when they startup a 3dtvchannel.comro hd3dtvchannel.com in Vancouver and the csis have 16 years of data and 6 compnaies to look into so they will be finished in less than a week and get a glimps of wether the crtc is any-3d radicvalised 2disits aro just discrimination against 23d tv because they have "issues" ither way the economic growth of 3DTelevisionCanad.com and the 3dwebcastingassociation.com and 3dtvsports.com net org is at stake and the 2dists radicalisatoion of tv onlien is affecting economic growth in 3DGlobetv.com net org busiwesn so it is im,parative that bill-c-51 apend bill c-51-3D soas to give csis the power to inveztigate 2dism andradicalised 2dists in our press and news industry gaggign the queens citisens so they can not jubalee in 16 years in 3d on a crtc news channel that is any 3dist and rasdicalizsed by 2dism in the crtc news andtechnology press industries , iof ther is a 2dcoup inthe crtc then it will show up by 16 years of 2d tv gagging 3dtv startups and csis will find out if the crtc is radicalised by sony hac kers or extreem 2dists. and this will affect our economy and the globes world wide web prosperity if the crtc is holddding 3dtvbusiness.com nentorg s hostage and then thecsis will be able to take pre-emtoiove measuers to prevent rdicalistion by 2dist extreemists in dicttorships and 2dtvcoups and detect discrimination by a 2d tv monoy when they see one for 16 years in spoprts too www.3dtvtoo.com

Bill c-51-3D is nessary to secure economic security ina woerld where the 2d tv preses ahave caved into sony hackers and gag 3dtv without ovbersight byanyone in www.3DTVOttawa.com business andso it is nessary for the economic security of canadioans online to have bill c-51-3D pass soas csis can investigate tehcrtc 6 pack for radicvalisation of 2d tv news into 2dists extreemists that ga 3dhdtvchannel.com netorg in busiens onlien for 16 yers and find them guil;ty andcaught red handed gagging 3d tv for the 16th year ina row stiffeleing 3dtvsports.com, netorgs so as to havea 2d tv coup . bill c-52-3D will help csis fight 2dism anmd catch the 2dists that gagged 3dtvcartoons.com for the olympics and `10 years 3dvirtualtv.cvomnet orgs in 3D television busiens online , when 3dpaaaaytv.com nd 3dtvcopyright.com are attacked by sony hackers and when elections roworld cups come alonng and 100% of the canadoian s[ports press gag 3dsportschannel.com is blocked by 100% of the queens preses here for 16 years this means some kind of 2d or 2dists shannagins and tiem for csis to investigate so it is iparative that csis investigate the 2d crtc preses fo any 3dist discrimination and radicalised 2d ists gaggign canandas 3d tv economy.

after 16 years it isd time we found out why the crtc gages 3dtvchannels.com net orog busuesn in 3dtv in Vancouver and if it take csis to do it then thats what it will take because ther is no way to have economic securty ina 2d tv monoly that is a radicakised 2dists extreemista organisation and 2dddddist radicalized tv organisations are a risk to Canadian economic growth andsecurity and they are sperading terroists blogs andpostong and radicaliseing youth in2d o2d voer 2d soas to sell themselves as integritous medias while radical 2d extreemism sees to it ther is no way to use a crtc tv newz to report a sony hackers hackign 3dtvpolitics.com in Vancouver because iyt is a 3dcopyrighttv.com 3dtvchannels.com and 2dism andradical 2dists gag 3dtvstartups in Vancouver andPM Harper just watcvhes so it is imparitave to have csis oversee whyu and why 16 years and why every venue and trade in 3dtv is gaged too, even 3dsportsnews.com , and wwwwhen a government's newses gagsoccer and football and cricket in 3d and gag3dsportsnews.com they gag the world wide web too, so it is inportant for our allies to know whpo where when why an dhow a crtc canbe so so radicalised in 16 years as ypo ga 100% of 3dtvsports.com because gagging sports in 3d is a cri,minal act in abny country andradicalisation of 2d tv is animportsant thing to watchout for expecialy when they runthe elctions.... www.3DTVInquiry.com

WWW.3ddronetv.com suggests the csis and police look in to 3DTVDrones because in 2000 i set up 3d tv camers at the local police stzationand demonstrated to the rcmp howe 3d tv camers and a 3d television setups could be far more secure ina servalance ort crime sceen thana 2d tv photograph and in 2000 i showd the rcmp office here howa 3d digital camer system could record in3d a crime sceena dnbe cheaper than film too, , so today i can show the police or csis how a 3d dronetv casn be faer more informative thhana 2d drone tv camer asame same ,if yoru goingto digitzaly film or set up security or serva;ance then youhave to use 3dtvdrones because they are better than 2d tv dronesand thats what the enamyhuse is 2d tv and so csis has to look into 3dtvdrones andtheir usein security because they are twice as good as 2d tv drones in reconasance data collection . www.3DTVDrones.com

Nazies read mail and letters to our troops and told people to give up they woudl lose the war , the radioin 1949 gagged jaz musicand the troop0s were terroised by nazies who knew their nmes and clled themoput whenthey were in thetrwenches and so it is today the isil call out the names of troops on their soicl nets andjust like nazies they use the new medis to ga 3dtvchannels.co and terrosise our troops old tricks ona new media and back o=home teh crtc open cnad9amn cponmtnet to this terroism all day as they use canandian 2d tv to terrorise us at home too and terrosm taske over our election this week and last it wil be a win for the terrorists, and aloss for canadian 3dtv.com ne tgorgs waiting to launch ina 2d tv coup thatcaved into sony hackers.
withthe terrorists using the old "ww II , read the enamiers intercepted mail over the tradio shannagins now converted into "post the info on websites not gagedd like 23dtv is here " tyjr terrrosits are winning and 3dtvcanada.org .

There has to be a way in Canada for a 3dtvstartup.com net org webcasting business to launch and feel secure knowing the news medias are not covering them up and the fear isis tv (like riot tv) will cause 2d tv 9that gages 3dtvnewsnetwork.com ) to push csisinto stiffeling 3dtvchannels.com becaue they have issues, and because the 2d crtc tv news medis gag 3dtv 16 yearsalready so why woulden't they , and 2d tv obviously stiffels Vancouver3dtv.com because they caved into sony hackers in 2000 and could use election cash flows and (tking candy froom a baby" proffits, nd force csis to make the same mistake they did others who truseted thir newsand tweets as el facto, incubators ands weapons of mass distruction and socil net riote tv all made troupbe for our poliuce and sports adn i fear 2d tv will blackmail csis and gag 3dtv using some new bill c-51 ro gag economiv growth by mistzake because they listened to 2d tv whoi still have 3dtvchannels.com, issues after 16 years.
There has to be a way in Canada for a 3dtvstartup.com net org webcasting business to launch and feel secure knowing the news medias are not goinf to uswe csis to ga economic growth form them like it was a 3d movie stuck on a sony platform and 3dpaytv.com is hacked by socy hackers and the 2d crtc tv news report crtc is now abandoning canadian contnet inthe day time andso we fear they will use csis to gag 3dtvVancouver.comand3DTVOttawa.net and 3dsportstv.org. same as they use the crtc to ga 3dtvcanda.com 16 yearsd There has to be a way in Canada for a 3dtvstartup.com net org webcasting business to launch and feel secure knowing the news medias are not covering them up from listing on the stock markets for 16 years from 2d tv news and covdering them up from politics and sports so as to be able to cover them up from advertsing and from investment and socil net working on 2d crtc tv newses , There has to be a way in Canada for a 3dtvstartup.com net org webcasting business to launch and feel secure knowing the news medias are not still after 16 years unable to resolve y2k issues and so they are, covering them up .

www.3DigitalTV.com governance confrance 2015 , governments role in blocking 3DDigitalTV.com net org strtups for 16 years.
examining how digital governance in Ottawa politics embraces www.3ddigitaltv.com net org and www.3dtvinnovation.com startups in www.3DWorldWideWebTV.com advertising and marketing communications industries from 2000-2025. 5:30 AM 2015-03-20

Hats off to President Obama , as i drive downtown at night and look up at the towers of offices , all withtheir lights on and all gulping powere because they are not led lights ther balest tubesnd row after row of builtin gpiled to the sky all gulping powere as they are energy vacumes instead of a n oppertunity for investment and jobs in convertinghtem to led soas to save enrgy and the very surge of powere to just start them would run the night lights for weeks, so solar panels and led lights and the president are on the right track , he chould come upo to canda and help aour 3dtelevision industry here as we still use 2d tv monolies, www.3DPresident.com of www.3DSolarTV.com , imagine the company tha gets the contract to convert government 130 volt lights ro leds. wow, thatys innovation.

In 1997 I decided to convert my socil net voice mail technologies and tele-broadcasting autonomous voice dialing support data base sysytems with text to speech and voice recognition controle , into websites.
I decided to launch socil nets just liek social v-boxes i had set up for 10 years and give away 100 free socil nets to the ssame organisations i pioneered v-mail for amd as a thank you for the crown and democracy and few socil nets for them too, and in 2000 i launched over 367 3d and tv socil net web sites for tv shows fo 2D tv stations to use to haved posterity runnign my pages as tv shows exclusives soas to sustain crtc 2d tv local stationfroma meltin gpot 1 of yunsocila search and chat tv and film in terent full of boot leggers ansd copyright thieves and hackers stealing content iran into a cyber squatting force thatg gage 100% of 3dtvinnovation.com net org startups in 2000.
After 1 years 80 free social nets to be giveen away on 3dspam.com tv show (ss soon as i found a local tv jumping on it with me for a new tv show they could disctibute) the 80 free 3dcars and video and movie andfilm and sports and computer socil nets were conned off of me ( they must have seen me comming or some one told them i was registering ".3d" suffix and had paied interliant a down payment to register it with networksolution (fraud , theis is fraud month in

ancover bc ) 1:03 PM 2015-03-19) and scallpped off the 90 names and 2d tv backed off and became bullyoies and maock commoners who get uppity and think they will startup 3dtvchannels in sports in olympic tv shows for locasl tv stations ona crtc 2d tv coup monoply when the teams are owned andthe channels are ownedand the contnent is ownec and the qwires are owwned and the agendas are the property of a 6 pack of crtc monollies and they do nto havwe to evern acknowledge you even exists for 16 years the results is accedemic.
The crtc has abandoned regulating candian over the air free government licenced tv content and today consumers watched them sail off into the sunset for an imaginary land where they regul;ate forien contnet on canandin airways abd gagh canandinas soas to have the best products monoplised for their pown sustainment . for commercial online pay per view , obsoleeting them sleves in one 25 comercial package. we should have by now 100 100% canadian channels nd a pick 25 for 25 all 100% suporting actra and films for export made in cand same as the usa have made in usa products sos to be like them, too for posterity of both countries mrkets as the crtc cave into sony hackers and abandon canadians and our hearitage content on 100 channels we choose 25 from , prior to ther 2d mixed contetn bundells, instead in replcement of 100 100% canandin channels to shoose from , the idea they oow nothign to canda and canandian is a fraud.
They abandoned tax payers quality free tv industry for commercial 6 pack of compnaies to block global tv online and reseel it in pice by piece cab;le rate <> What we need is 100 , new 3dtvchannels.com net org adn 100 2d tv chanenls all canadian for a new crtc to regulate and we shoudl sell the old crtc to the cabels as amarketing bord foro them . as they abandone canadian contnet and run off packeging us contnet they now pretend to be canandian 100% themselves and they caved into sony-hckers and abandonded theh faculties they were constituted to defend , a total cop out so they shpoudl be auctioned off, to the hioghest bidder as amarketing bord for cables in2d thatcn gag 3dtvinnovationfor 16 years because that s what they doo best is gag 3dsportschannel.com nentgorgs soas tpo havea pay per us channel monply instead fo canandian contnet and hearitage legacys, and in fraud week too wow,. they already want to choose to brodcast 100% non canadian content and be called the crtc at the saem time thats a radicalisation fo theconcept of canandian content 100%, non content and choke off us direct internt tv startupos and their same as they gag Vancouver 3dtvsports.com and ouitr startups and products same same saem , products all day so as to rebrodcast them exclusivly instead of cnandian content under the guize fo beeign a canandian content provider duhh, that leaves 100% of the canandian market open for use s no one is serving it an entire range of oppertunities for 100% cababdiab tv contnet they do not even market into waiting to be tapped bya new crtc that does support 100% canandian for that very market micj=che m seeinas the crtc has abandoned it, makeing the crtc forien content regulators of general web and globla content rebroadcasters and not 1200% integritous to canandian contnet as i figured when they gaged 100% fo my candnda 3dtv chanels for yezars, becausethey abandoned canda andit;s contnet heratags coast to coast they do nto suport it 100% of the day instead they set up a pay per view commercial monoply and called it candnain during fraud week , wow thats swell, forien content brodcasters licers and so they have compleetly and un quationable abandoned 100% canadin ownd 100% candnain made films and tv startups onpienm already , instead choosing to set up open comercial monopies to sell filterd copyrights abnd products they whant to keep from other selling. the good stiuff theyh block at the border soas to sel;l it on fake canadian tv channels pretending to bwe 100% canandkan durign fraud month, after all 100% canandion is not 99% give or tale 48% a t ngiht it;s fraud. to call it 100% canandan and a ragiulator fo canadiancontetn t5heyare regulators of free tv online busineses and holding 3dtvwebcasters.com hod=satge soast odo thjis to 100% canandian in tv onoien duhh, during frud week hpw in charecter and typical first their newses are the laughing stock of integrity and just ther to pimp 2d tv shows nd thericrtc is now abandoning 100% canandian content toregulate candnasin conntertn in fraud week , what arethey smokeing?, wow ironic, Mr bush, 100% of regulting canadian content in the day time means all day all canandin contnet and this oen is ok or not regualtoons duhh, get withthe program?, and 50% at night in not part of the charter commercial onliuen busiens can regulater 50 % of what ever they want but nbot on 100% canandin crtc over the air sppecial licences , no way thats not canadian football ro canadian soccer rules its not even regua;lted so it is "disqualified" itself as cabandi regulator nd iis tainted 100% of the day and 50% of th enoighjt it is not working for canda it is wrking for a commercial gazibo cvartell duhh., the qqqqqueen does not need 100% foren politicians all day and 100% forien politicians 50% of the night for a governmenace or contnet on 100% canandikan tv over theair licences, thsts fraud, and now they do noteven have 100% caanadian content toregu;ate they are not forien contnet regultors all day an dhalf the night and so we need a canadian television networks regulator to lzunch and regu;ate Canadians and their contnet free of the crtc us and forien regulators contnet ruleings. this will give us 100% canadian regulatorsy services on 1090% regulatrd canadian medias to create 25 free over the air crtc channels for canadians same as the usa have for their tax payers same as england has for their tax payers and same as we hadforour tax payers untill the crtc regualted it into100% noo canandian content all day and 50 5 no canandian content dyring fraud week this year , just before elctiosn so it's too late to be onthe ticket as an election issue. wow ehat a 2d tv coup eh! andwith 25 new free over the air 100% cananbdian tv chanels we can create jobs and prpopducts and we can find out why 16 years 100% of ecatv.com bsueisn are gaged by a 2d tv mono;llty the crtc regulate soas to be integrated with cnandians and theor biusi8esn and so we can have 100% canadian entertainment news sports arts fashiona dn travel and realestsate tv to export. www.3DTVCAnada.com 4:34 PM 2015-03-19

IN 1998 after readding "websites that suck" a book i launched 3dspam and gave away 3d socil nets nd put a down payment on the suffix ".3d" and o was totaly ripped off and ther was no way to investigate so i founded " www.noteriseyourdomain name.com net org and launched 3dcounty.com startups soas to have na 3dmagazine.net and social nets for local tv shows to sustain local tv stations jobs products and shopping www.3dstores.com and 3dfm.com and 3dvirtualtv.com all "TV SHOWS FOR Distribution byh the establishment for posterity , get gagwed by each country that scripts p;ropasgand 2d tv and super gaged by libian like medias that pretend everhtign is ok todayh , with nointention of takingoveer the world like crtc 2d tv monoplies had, i laubnched internt pages nto crtc tv stzations aor telcos or cable btu unable to find out why 1 year and not a single crtc tv news wil report stolen and domains a nconns in the dot com industry , frauds suing left and right on no fgtounds for copyright sutes and 100% of thje canandoianm press tiurnong on innovtion withj theoir teams sports and facculties for a second year , it becausdeobvouos , somthign was fishy inthe2d tv election, ther ws no room for a sonbgl e3d tv spocial net or 3dcounty.com adn that was fishy, todayu the crtc has secured for the monoplies they licence as public broadcasters a 24 pack of exclusive pay canle tv channels of your choice soas to pimp on every ione of them thier tv chanenls you diod not pay for and turn the public cable tv industry into a 25 pack of chanels to advertise tv chanels they sell and of no use to candain tax payers discrimiantred bya group fo 2d tv monoplies sellign theior opwn tv shows all day instead fo providing a placve to commerce fp everyone to use as a government service for startupos an dbiusies the mono;lies 25 channels will just pimp their own tv shows you did nto buy and not help same as the last 16 years we need a governmetn backed newt nutral crtc to regulate prospetiy for al and not a monply to use to sel tv shows and nothting else all day . The basic 25 channels wil have to be free of selfy ads foselfy mon0olies selling them sl;evwes and pf no use rto the world wide wweb startuos in 3dtv thats for sure, ss the integrity of the entire crtc is constituted to reguaslte for pourr heartage and culture i faul toi see the french connectiosn when a 2d tv 6 pac is al ther is in innivation foir 16 years and all they do is gag products for local and global tv stations to use, andall the 3dtvchanels i launched in vancover for 16 years so that 3dtvwebcssters.com net org sites that do not suck.
There has to be a way in Canada for a 3dstore.com or 3dtelevisionnetwrok.com to be a 3dtvstartup.com net org webcasting business and to launch and feel secure knowing the news medias were not discriminating , bullying, or dictateing a blackout or santions or covering up and discriminating aginst Canadians online for 18 years planning 3dtvchannles.com that do npot suck and be free from discrimination by 100% of ther crtc soas to launch ina net nutral free market in canda 3dtvstartups socal nets for 1 year , nd find out what happens when cons faaaaaaaaaaaake and fraud you out ov your deposit on a suffix ".3d" in 2000 using websites that succk kto gag 3dcopyrighttv.com net orgs especialy the3dchannel.com net org startups that did noto "suck"
Hollywood north came to surround Haxsting Sunrise right up untill 9111 when they all vaporised like a cloud of mist and my websites went off the grid and not a single communication from my deposit and down payment on ".3d" suffix and no word from the suprime count onthe stolen domain names i wrote them andnow 9111 andthe 2d tv gave up reportting local new inoovtyion and started chasign terrorist for 16 years in row and 3 wars the 2d tv chase terroriszrt anddo not help a soingle 3dtvchannel.comthat does nort suck instead a histroyu of dead end cull de saccka dniup time out , dns musical chairs, shared hosting usage choking an d netwrok status ip cyber squatting and a doizen c viruses i could bnto report for 2 years i coudl nto get 1 single 2d tv toreport breading heart viruse like socy hackers and all the time the crtc tv pres are gaggign 3dtvcanda.com startuspo for jobs for 2d tv stations touse to convert copyright into local stuff on the web usign3dsocial nets and3dtvpages.comis gaged bya 2d tv 6pack here and to top it off there is no way to launch a 3dsportschanne;l fpor any sport usign a 2d tv gazibo ganng out to see ther is no3dtvsportschannel.co to lsuch in on and covering up 16 yeaers of 3dtvinnovartion.comstartusp that do nto suck.
from politicians to dictators the entiee 2d tv presz seam to like it this way foir years annd years i complain to the peoples regulators and theyu do not care for the good of every local tv station emploee ro actors or heratage legacies fo local culture acr=oss our country in 3d o3de ovewr 32ed tvb channels reused by local tv onlienand so 100% of the wporlds 3dtvchannels.comneot rg get gagwd by 100% fot he certc as tehy fiogure out how to make it imposssibel to1 23dtvchannle to integrate woith 1 crtc monmpolyu ot telco and gag 3dtvphoines.com and 3dwoirlesstv.comand hd3dtvchannels.com andall the socil nets ilaunched inthe 16 years in htis wworld and never tell. all soa sto have 2d tv llectionabout terrorism again, in 2d on2d voer 2d whiule sopny swallows their 3d yb oinnovstion andbullying by 2d tv coups too , we nboth get hacked byu sony hackers and i priove again that whrn it copme to the crtc ther is "somthign fishy " becaue 16 years of every faculty they havea all the kings licwend crtc tv netoarks gaggign and holding hostage 100% of 3dtvchannles.com and unable to jubalee or launch plebuscutecanda.com plebetv.com 3dtvpolitics..com election integration for 3 electiosn is too much for any 3dtvchannel to take lying down gagged bya 2d tv crtc free for all of pay tv channerls as a fix fortheir shannagins, and my downpayment on ".3d" is still gaged by all of them as they lose face on 3ddfaces.com anotht socil net they gaged liek 3dhollywoodfilms.com so that no lcoal actor or any local tv could everyrun a show integrsated with a siognmel 3dtvcaertoons.com launched ina crtc zone in 16 yeaers is a glimps of theri intent and iuntegrity . so as a need for jobs from china rovergina i carry onhoping to integrate 3dtelecvisionnews.comwioth 1 tv station soas to have 3dtvtoo.com s and 3dtvchannels.com netorg to offer to local and internation tv stations adn iintegrate with "websites that do not suck" and jubalee likeit was 1967 100 year canda celebrations in 3d on 3dtv aver 3d socil nets and tv shows i launched in 2000 for the juball and several domains stolen and not a single yweet froma authority as to who when hwer why andhow and

There has to be a way in Canada for a 3dtvstartup.com net org webcasting business to launch and feel secure knowing the news medias are not covering them up for and discriminating aginst their startups socil nets for 16 years, why dddddo the crtc gag and discriminate , why discrimination against 3dca.com tv startups for 16 years whyat are thety afraid fo or doing stiffeleign 100% of the 3dcopyurioghttv.com industry here in Vancouver www.3ddigitasltv.com net org startup bc tv industry, they gag 3dtvvancouver/com like they were reglipus terrorist stiffeleing competition 16 years is not a mistake it is crtc gagging 3dtvcanda.com delibortlyu so as top havea free for all digitl tv monoly scam clall;ed cae; service wow There has to be a way in Canada for a 3dtvstartup.com net org webcasting business to launch and feel secure knowing the news medias are not covering them up for 16 years..
Get ready to have no where to advertise as the crtc bust up bundleing and leave each and every over the air licence to it's own online and on cable theresult will be what ever channels you order wil turn into a non strop advertisng site for the onteres you did not buy and so the small business and startup will have no acess to socil netsd or the public as it will be coverd up by nopn stop ads forthe service providers other tv channles for sale.
Againf ther is no net nutral crtc plaace to use for canadian that is not disc riminating against 3dtvstartups.com and so with all the few channels you pay more to recieve get ready for endless in hous products adasa and pimping of the serfvgice providefsx oyther chanbnels and no way to use the crtc to laubnch innovation or new3dtvchannels.com on a sauystem sertt up forev ery man for themselves. swellthey just do not get public televisionthey haveto havetotoialmonmoplies and commercioal tv gag 100% of 16 years of 3dtelevisionnetwork.com, startups soas to have a nmonmpoly to run 2d tv electiosn in2d on2d tv channels that doiscrimiante against 3dtvjobs.com ., www.3dlocaltv.com a www.3dcanadian tv.net gaged b y 16 years of crtc miss use of over the air net nutraslity in broadcastign the resultr will make oit easer for the monolies ti gag 100% of everthign thbey ever whanted to gag and cover up soas to sell theiurother tv channels you cansay ggoood by to sponcers. they had a good thing a limited over the air broadcasting servuce for vcanadian andtheir busiuens anow we g-have a crtc pitting every man for themslevs and callign it public regulztioniswhen it's a monmoplyu free for all, good luck getting you compniaes products to market ina crtc free for all. www,3ddigitalcabletv.com a 3ddigitaltv.net and org starttusp gagedd btyue crtcgangs for 16 years so as ther is no3dfreetv.com poassible in a2d tv coup that keeps changing soas togag 3dcanadiantv srartusp onlione for a gazibo full of compnaies that disc riminat against 3dtvpolitics every election for 156 yueaers that sa gloimps fo theirintegrity meanwhile it's every man for themselves notregulated public broiadcasrting and thsts what i paiied fora crtc to garentte canadian acess totheir socil nets for busiens and poleasure, n to its a free forall and everyu cpompnay for themselfes while the crtc collect their pay checques. swell, www.3dpaytv.com a 3dtvchannel.ca gaged bya entiee crtc and all their pay channels 16 years because they are gagrds not a service to startupos duhh . it will cost more money too so they see to it canadian get less for more money too a , like i said , the crtc have no intentionof integrating eith business and startuos oinlien they are only interested in giiving us less formiore moiney from theiur gazibo pals , gazibo-pals tv just got more expencive. swell. www.3dpresident.comof the 3dsportschannel.com a gagged by the crtc www.3dworldwidewebtv.com www.3dcopyrighttv.net and 3dcanadiantvb.org startup. Gazibo tv just got better, for them not the prosperity of pur economy and so they have become a risk to our economic security an dodf no use or support for 3dtvinnovation.coms leaving the public out inth cold for acess togoverment regulated net nutral tv, ending the govwernment role in regu;lation as they turn the monolies loos on startups and create aan every man for themslef es network instead. they have abandoned the tax payer fora pay per view and that s why they gag ed 3dpaytv.com soas to do this end run opnour economy, and the decoys was terrosist tv day andf nboght the economyt was gaged by 2d terrosiytv coverage 16 years and 2 wars and no wZy to y=use the crrtc to launch a singlke 3dtvca.com i told yoru the biggest obsticle to global econmic recovery was a 2d tv coup gaggign all the world wide web socil nets and startups so as to havea monopky pay per view election in 2d on2d for 2d by21d over 2d soastoget al the goverments money for participactions whiel tyhey gag 3dtvssports.com startups liek theyu were gag gnvancover 3dtvoltyympics.comina 10 years busiens -gagging plan scripted by avaars in coverups same same, hpow are tax payers going to use the crtc tv neses tolaunch 100 3dtvchannels.com gaged byt the gazibo gangs for 16 years when th ecrtc run aan every licenced man for them selves monoly. and the rules are simple , no one gets a crtcv licence but our pals governanace same same rules just more expencive and discrimination channels soon to be filled with ads foir their other channels you did not by andno way to use the crtc tolaunch a single innovsation or www.new.netnutraltv.com/sportss channel in a Canadian 2d crtc coup. www.3DTVCompetitionBureau.com net org There has to be a way in Canada for a 3dtvstartup.com net org webcasting business to launch and feel secure knowing the news medias are not covering them up for 16 years, why can't the crtc do somthign about this cartell du=iscrimination 16 years does the sony hacker have their toungue?, if they arenot going to service the tax [payers with a public briadcasting system to use to launch 3dtvinnoivation .com net org global tv startups then the government has to licence multiple crtc's so they can have at eachother and compete withthe current crtc gazibo gag becauee it discriminates against 3dtvstartups.com netorgs for 16 years and no longer is net nutral at all . they favour 2d tv monplies and gag 3dtvcopyright.com netorg usign a 2d tv coup election machinwe andterrosim as a platform for plitics. There has to be a way in Canada for a 3dtvstartup.com net org webcasting business to launch and feel secure knowing the news medias are not covering them up for 16 years.

Canada's role in the iradication of isil is training because we do not have and never will have the population to wage a war because it is 10000 to 1 differeence in our countries population we caqn only train their forces and with our limited resourses and man pawer we can only help by showing the isil squadrens of plaines we trained and the graduate we taught when the isil see the graduatuing classes of squadrens fly by and when we salute tje students and their new squads fully trained by our minnion in the middle east we wwill have done our job , like university grads ahte new aur force we are trainign will shine injthe sun and demoinstrate to the isil that Canada can abddies train troops to fight isil in the middle east and they wil see the results of our training after we leave too. It ios importannt to train the countries fighting isil anmd so owhen we see our graduate the citisens at home wil know we have done a good kob, because Canada dooes not want to becoem addicted to war and it;s manufacturing or dependant on itrforeconomic growth the entire thing of war is compleetly distatefull and not inthe Canadians best interesrt , and because fo thei we only qagree to train troops and piolets not actulay fight thwe war ourselves and so owe offer totrain and train we shall.
our duty is to train not do the dighing for syera or iraq we are trying to rebuiild but they do noto have trained troops so we agreed train then and thats what we will do, because we were asked by our alies and thats what we do support our allies because that is outr role in the aliance , and if the aliance whants up to train the train we shall.

Isil stoop to wwII tactics as the germans used to capture mail to the soldurs and read it over the radio to terroris the troops by threatoning to comeandget them calling them by name and telling them their family whanted them to surrender and come homw and they would name the family members and say that the us wooas loosing the war andnow it's isil and they are tweeting and posting and now they aremnaming names same saemas the nazies in wwwII i hope we train faster so as to get our countries back to prosperity and jobs soon we will have to accept that isil will neveer get elected and cary on training them to protect themselves for now as our prim minister is bent on training troops adn others do not send troops we have committed to train iriqy forces to sevend them selves in the air so we shall fulfill this commitment to help in this way withotu engaging the enmy or ther is nopoint to training troops that do not take over andwe will have to re-evaluate our contributionas we do nto have thedoller, the mponey , the manpower or the mandate to do anyhting else. www.3DTVPolitics.com this is taking over our electipn and pout democrstic elctorial sysytem as the only subkect the 2d tv talk sabpout in 2d. www.3DTVCHannel.com .

Canada's training period is to be extended soas we train troops in iraq and syeria as the prim minister does everthign but declare direct war he promises to extend the Canadian training forces when the first training period of 6 month runs put and thwe isilis not beaten so we will now trzsin more and .longer as we never voted for all out qwar all we can dpo is extend training so that one dayu the sumarianms wil do the ir own security and we can go home after training thwem. the 6 monthtraining peroipd is goping to be extended and again mmisscalculations or lissuinderstandimng of what we could do in 5 months now leveas us with no joice but carring on because theyobviously failed in learnoing in 5 months and will require hand holding for more months untill they are trained to defend themselves amd why 6 months was chosen in hind sight replacemnets are taking longer to tech them i guess and so as to not become addicted to war , sandmove on to rebuilding, 6 month did not teaxcch all that nuch it seams , but it isw realised training of iraq and now syera will take longer just as opposisiton warned and in time fora electi0on wow, so we all knew the vicurious and the left and ridght radical politics and undecided all figured it would be in time for an electionm so as to have terrorism steal the forums, and we all knew in the beggining ther is no way we are going to train iraque to winn in 5 monts, it will take longer than 6 and 5 months to train a summarian security force to fly with and us and take our place training in 6 month to win in the middle east, their ongoing lack of diversity abnd pluralism and love for one another after, 8000 years struggle for a suprime rule by some one, ism or laws and have them fly with us and bomb in ouir place and carry on in 6 months but stoping isil 's radicalisationm fo human rights is coealted to ll people, they must be trained with us in thier planes on teaching themsleves , soas to have them do it soon and on the ground to trane the replacements for our egsanastance ,( we only have 5 people per square mile, ) as they have the man power to thousand to one, after 5 months , we should be winning the battel of traning that can stop isil or whoever as they continue to stand on guard for their country like we do out demov=crascy anbd pluratity anbd laws, as they war umungst them selves it is clear they learned not how to defend them selves in 5 month of what we went ther to train so we start over and now we will have to train more of them them more deracicalising and rebuilding planning too , to follow up. www.3dtvpress.com . www.3DTVNews.ca.

Cyber security in canadian online business .
There has to be a way in Canada for a www.3dtvstartup.com net org webcasting network to participate after 16 years in sopmthing the governmetnjubalees or does to help the war-training effort and feel securte knowingthecrtc 2d tv is behoind us too and niot cioveruing up efforts to help it's nto a private war for 2d crtc tv only it's a war we all should be able to contribute for our contributionto the trainign efforts in the middle east. 16 year and 3 wars and ther has to be a way 3dtvcanda.com can help .some one some where in somthingandf nbot feel gaged bya crtc 2d tv media agenda. . www.3dpresident.comof the www.3dworldwidewebtv.com net org. www.3DTVOttawa.com 12:48 PM 2015-03-18

There has to be a way in Canada for a www.3dtvstartup.com net org webcasting 3dseotv.com or 3dsportschannel.orgor ma and pa or large corportion and new onlines 3D businesstv to launch and feel secure cyber cecurity in Canada , knowing the coutries 2d over the air and press news medias are not covering them up www. 3DTVCHannel .com ( debues 18-jul-2004 ) and holding innovation hostge for more than 16 years is why busiens is not surcure online or in lybian preses they are without integrity to the everyone but their sponcers, integration not santions or bullying discrimination, safe data storage, protection from black markets-theft-fraud-extortion-gribes-governmenthacks and rdicalied groups chats searches tv vidio sites for adult andpg use security is freedom in religion and from political or corporate agendas, protection from sony hackers and groups that hack , theft of yoru 80 socil net startups or discrimination of a trade like 3dtvnews.ca , seciroty is idtheft by nlck market , and protection from state Gadafic-false news reports and seucrity if integration not exclusion from politics nd 2d tv monopies and their soci2d advertsing a searchchat andpolitical attack ad social nets,
There has to be a way in Canada for a www.3dtvstartup.com net org webcasting 3dseotv.com or 3dsportschannel.org and new onlines 3D businesstv to launch and feel secure knowing the coutries 2d over the air and press news medias are not covering them up and holding innovation hostge for 16 years so as to feel secur onlinje canadian innovation in online needs nutrality in the governments ability to provide net nutral oversight and protection so these tinkgs are in check and so , There has to be a way in Canada for a 3dtvstartup.com net org webcasting business to launch and feel secure knowing the news medias are not covering them up for 16 years and secure in persuing profit anf property and working free of discrimination in canadian innovation in online Canadian3DTV.com and busiens and socil net working for all . thats security .There has to be a way in Canada for a 3dtvstartup.com net org webcasting business to launch and feel cyber secure. knowing the countries news medias are not covering your 3dtvchannels.com net org nusinesses for 3dtv up. www.Canadian3DTV.com.

Cyber security
is knowing yoru software the same software you have bouight hundreds opf toimes over the past 30 years nd was made incompatable will finialy be usable for more than 1 upgrade and the moany is invested securly on a sysytem that is going to be used for yezrs now weeks or untill hacked by gsocny hackers, i have installed and unstalled and upgesded and upgrasded and i can pritty much garentt next years pc and busiens computers will not run thois yuears busues invextmetn for socftwar and hardware aand so security is consistancy and a ggod investment not a waste of nmoney oir a bandade pacth untill the next version comes out, cyber security is usign htm on standard platform and beeigfn compatable witha good broiwaser thaty is net nutrala nd does nto stalk you arounf rthe wen security ios beeign abloe to report bleading heart viruses and seeign somthign doem immedatly not 2 years later,

There has to be a way in Canada for a 3dtvstartup.com net org webcasting business to launch and feel secure knowing the news medias are not covering them up seucrity is knowing your special encription are passed from ip adreess to ip adress through computers provided by service providers and clouds with actual names and are not no name firwall holes in the path of the message sent so if you have a black berry and special encription and it is sent to a person via 16 hops and 16 computers get to look at and inspect and pass on yoru spoecial encripted mesge that they are safe to uzxe rto pass it and not a sercret no nome server on a fully operations ip adress behind a firewall you can not see and un encripting it as it passed spor taking a copy for later uin -encvription and spo it s not the poc or the cell phone or the software or the encription it si the entiee rout , lieka telegraph wire in ronner that is cut by the crooks the problem in seciruty is not encription it is inthe delivering of the message on2d tv serivce providers who so=d onot wehant to have 3dtvchannels.com ro a dictator whpo whats to see our email or a goverment lookingoto find extrimist rdaicalised vidieo for postingo socilnets th e2d tv use to report them and their postign the problem is sendign a meassage ina sfe iuntegritous 2d monopu osd service providin ona pold software browsers or new one the rout and the message service your recieve is got to bwe as securte and the encrtiption ro better, security fall of after it leave yoru pc and before it arives at the destination evey time, There has to be a way in Canada for a 3dtvstartup.com net org webcasting business to launch and feel secure knowing the news medias are not covering them up .. www.the3dchannel.com Tm , Border service is working to speed up us canadian trucks trains boats and they should be working of speeding up crossings by citesens ocer 55 and 100% citisens of for all their lives before theyforget theseciutisens never needed a slow crossing and it is a restirction to their chartered rights toi do as they used toun fretterd byanew slow process besides if thesecret services andthe border services do notbeling yoru a citesen bynow then they have failed their speedy crossing and the seniours socul suffer medical attaxck stuck waiting in a line up of hot cars on hot day in july because it's against the laaw to leave your doog or pet or child or aged "p's" in hot car on sweltering hot days so theyneed an over 60 lane at least. www.3DTravelTV.com

Social media and state run-licenced regular medias abuse and discrimination even search engion discrimination because you never paid them to be found 16 years and 7-8 years in google and unless you pay the crtc tv or search engiens they discriminate against ypou as if youare not even there searchoing for my ican startups and finding nothjng only to return weeks later and find 30,000 results and still no sign of my compnaies startups when in the beggininmg ther weree 0 results found for your startup is because,
you can;t find radicalised terroists sights unless the seatch engoines dekiver them to you and you can't find 3dtvchannels.com when the search engien swill not deliver them to you unless i p[ay them too and then only in1 state ro searxch zone unless i pay them to nd only in one country unless i pay them to but terrorist posting and links to terorism they will evenrun.ru .cn.tk or any countries search pay results when santions are expected from all of the rest of americas so radicalisation of 2d local medias is an econpomic thjreat and is search engwon cyber squatting is when you are 16 yars old and still not found on search engines that find your website trace results from hundreds of companies that paied them to be found butnot you or ypou parlingpage when it is the registrars parking page so as to sell ads on your website as a key word unless you pay them to find it, and 2d tv news medias and faculties andpresez ontv from jubalee to centers for economic debvelopment andinternet excelence or innovation on cpac only find the innovtion that sponcer them or get endless investment when they loose millions or are whats left of the service workers retirement funds invesgted by some one so as to have to have to have to support a particular cell or group , and thats squatting on the the faculties of economis propsterity and your not found uless you are finianced to find and innovation nd technology and integrate with evberyone not just the sponcers of a group of a few 100 students likje they were buying us as forien workers for some one else insted ofgranting to the faculties to use at will, 2d tv 16 year oldsearch and chats -(socil medias the 2d tv call soacil meda ) are in conflict with 3d and hd and other socil medias they do nto support b3cauyse they werenot paied to, and 2d tv use socil nets thaty let anyone cyber squatt in your name untill caught, andthey only find you when you sign up but and complain of abuse like was thecase here witha judge and 3dtvchannel.com ,if your a judge or a 3dtvchannel thensomeone else sighns upand go viral all over yoru trade names or icann interent startup companies andall ot takes is acpomplaint zandyoruservers are shut off if your ionsiode the 2d tv gazibo groups otherwise toyur innovtion or busin swill never be found in 16 years ona single 2d tv crtc or staste run news or media makign the netire state run socila medias dependant on search and chats that are pay for pole position magazines and noy services ofr seciniomic growth www.3dstores.com is as gaged todayinall the canadian press and government medias and soc il nets andchats and searches as they viste hundreds of times a day but never find you on their listing and so socil medias runand backed by thestate medias and are unable to integrate withthe simplest concepts of economic innovastion andgrowth , the interent , yet callthem selves socil net like the crtc news medias they troll and cyber squatt unless you poay them they willnot even find you an dbrand over your new virticalmarket niche claiming ther is no 3dsportschannel.cvomina olympics inthe vdery toown 3dsportstv.comlaunched 16 years ago soas tosquatt on the veryconcept andstartupos themselves in 2d for2d tv sports monoplies thwet trol and stiffel 3dsportstv.com, net orgs soas to havea pay fpor[position searchchat and tv news medias ther is no wayutoparticipate in confrences or committioes ro innoivtionpanels unles you contoirnute to the institutwe then the is nosocilnet just uinsocil nets that ga 3dtvcanda.comsports for 16 years andand news and politics in2d so astoi have election scripted to be about terrorism and security instead of the manditory standards the promis if elected to fix health care, jobs and the economy in 2d on2d ovwer 2d as they should have to in order to be in the reace as usal the terroists win if it is abour terroism and war hijacking democracy with terroism and war choices of for or against is divisive not socil and with bullying on tax funded news medias holding up picturs of what a radicalised person held up whe makign a rasdical website with radical picture the radical 2d crtc tv news then broadcast andrebroadcast oiver andover all day aweeek inweek out as if they were the person holong upo the radical pictgure and not the ovffender as they repeat and repeat andrepeat the heaniuos act andhold up the picture the rsdicalised person held up and say " see this uis wahy6 they held up is an example of how gagging 100% of 3dtvcanda.com innovationand startups soasto hold up[ a picture that got the creater i of it bullied on socil net is a double wammy socil net trolling by the crtc 2d tv newses as the repeat the event over andover ontheir 2d socil net whiel linked to searches andchats politiocs andbusiens tv all integratrde and unable to find a single 3dcounty.com startusp for 3dsportstv.net in 15 years means they are cyber bullies or pay forposition and nit actulay social but because they are the only podium for government propaganbda they take liberties as the deliver the agendas and do not have to answer to the crtc forsocil bent bullying they can bullly bullyies andbullt startups and bully in unisen with their pals the 4 pillars of socil net bullyoing the chat-search-pliticial-2dtvnewses and create a word that has no icann 3dtvchannels.com on their news -chat-search-political engines makignthem a top of the bully socil net eco chain and as we are only found if we poay to be found they troll and cyber squat on socil net wroking online as the top bully inthe cyber bully chains , in dictatorships and 2d tv coups ther is no way to use hem to launch a intertn compnay or startup in3dtv or 3dtvspoirts for 16 yerars a`nd not be gaged liek a 3dsportschanel.coin a olympics and watchign telcos decalre "it's like taking candy from a babby" as the ga telus and gag 3dtvolympics and gag 3dsportschannel and gag everyone who is in businesso as to havea speccial select gazibo full of compnaie shtat can bully and troll andabuse on theri crtc goverment socil net andno one can participate withthem unles they pay to be part opf their coup. togetier with terroisation radicalisation for electiosn the biggest threat to weconomic secut rity and emocracy abn da free market are these socil; net bullies new platforms andtrends used ot bully busiens and stasrtusp an drepeat contnet held up by terororists or bullies on theoir socil nets as the most ubsoicuial of them all they actualy trickle down to cause a reverse in propserity for all. no way to use a crtc 2d tv to launch a siongl www.hd3dtvchannel.comin 16 years is a glimps of a socilnet that is an economi threat whe n100% of the innivation an dstartups are gaged for a payed replacement as they pay the socil net to place them in your niche and claim you do not exist or cn't be found , the affect is you can invest all the money youhave anda bully 2d tv coup that usues a pay for positionserch and politicisnsd can , out of a whimof hat or because they were paid to gag you for 16 years and sell off yoru search results ro don'y you realy mean. some one elses whpo paied for your lisitn gposition knowign the search or chat or tv news or politicians will onloy recognise the compnaies or people ro groups they qwwerde paied to so that a 2d serch 2d chat 2d tv cartell and2d political eelectrion machine socilyga and stiffel in order to have sustainavbility inb a closed market lieka crtc services area or country when you can not be found weeeks after launchign on 2d crtc tv or search ot chat or any of the thing in Ottawa set uyptoi preomote busiensan dinnoivationan dstartuspo a complete squatting on thevery socil net by a the socil nets cllign themselves the social net, when in facg you can not use them unless you pay them or sponcer them to report youas a friend of 3dtelevisioni cantell youthey are not integrated in 16 years and not one is a friend of 3dtelelvison or supports 3dlocltv.com stsartups they just pretend to be all knowing andcan not find ypou or your innovationstasrtus for 16 years the biggest problem is bullies in 2d tv tryingto sustasina market by gaggoign al the 3dtvchannels.co they see in 156 years and creatign a diversion by opretendignthey areno bullies dnfixating on bullying soas topretend they are champions of bullying when tyhey are themselves a pay for posititon bully them sleves , a 2d tv chat -news-search-political agenda replaces economic growth andwhen you look foryoru startusp they are notfound or used by the bullies fobullies ontheir 4 pillar closed medias called spocil nets actors in 3dtv cannot evenget on a socilnet as the 3dtvchannel.co reporting busllyign when they are gaged opre-emptivlyu liek they werr rterrosists gaged bya secret service set uptopre-0emtivlu gag socil medias and 3dtvchannels.co iif they stasrtu up intoronto ottawa or vancouver for16 yeaers , it's clear who the cybtre guillies are when you research3dsportstv.co for 16 years andfind 100% foevery single icann busiens andstartus gaged bytheentier wecrtc regulatirs and their liocenced neses andthe chats andsearches the newses yuuse all void of 3dtvcanda.com startups proves ther intito gag andbully not create economic prosperity for all . and to keep the ball rollingthe 2d tv only report bullyign the way thst sustains [pay for position social nets so as to sustain a 2d tv monoly in times when the intete pases them in integrity and usfullness andinnovbsation, www,3ddronetv.com gaged by2d tv soas to havea pay forpoisitionreport of drones ndtv , duhh whiole stiffelign an dbullyign 3dtvdrones.com startups same same asame as in 2000, no results found but now ther are millions whopaind tobe found uu=in your place is mass cyber squatting andthe reason the econiomies fail is because they were failoed byuthe 2d social nets andthe seasrched]s failed tofind them becauee theydoid not pay to be found andthe chats did not let them speek as it strives forsocil net shamming viral traffic and when you launcha 3dseotv.com yoru immedialty =trolled and gaged an dcovered up by unsocil net cakk lelde a 3d tv coup a 4 pillar 2d unsocila pay for position net the veryreason ther is cyber bullying on socil nets is the c=socil nets the 2d tv promote andpoliticians use fortweeting. the reason ther is no3dtvchannels.com is because ther is nowayto use them or integrate ina bully cartell called the crtc mon0oly fo 2d tv coiverups coivering upanmholing16 years of 3dtvchannerls.co gaged whiel tyheyhold up pictures radicalised terrorist made and hold up search results radicalised searches say as results and the cover socil net chats they bully week inandweek out they report terrorists website and show their contnet over andover ndradicvalis for them and as titurs our you can ot integrate a singl e3dtvchanel for sport swiththe crtc medias if yoiru3dtv incanbda for 16 years and the name for theat is bullying, a radicalised 2d tv gazibo full of coverups for cashand pole psiition is all youget andn0o wayto integrate witha 4 pillar 2d tv xcoup i tryev erydayfor16 years and i canntoevenmake it as a curio, fo the 2d tv medfias,that sscriptes plaanned coalled cyber bullyign by a 2dtvcoup bullying forsure. www.3DTVCenter.com to ebnd 2d tv bullies socil nets and theri 16 years 2d tv bulling of 3d socil nets , i gave away over 80 3d socil nets in 2000-2001 and 100% of them were scallped and never delived by "CYBER BULLIES"and the 2d crtc will not report it wevewn today they are coverups not tabards, www.tabardtv.com

Threts to demovracy (www.3DTVCenter.com Vancouver) radicalisation , when radiclisation is done by propaganda vrs propaganda medias day and night year after year and it is focused to radicalise then rdicalisation is the biggest threat because loving chia , russia, muslam people and canadins has nothing to do with radiclaised extreemists and their extreemis radicalised groups and cyber squatting on a religion or country and rdicalied extreemist leaders or radicals that push push push thier agenda or online and on tv all day with countyer propaganda push push push ing back and online too, thier extrimist cause and radical thing interfear with the economic stability and domocratic free markets and even the black-gray-and many stock markets so that countries and ALL their peoples get radicalised by the volly on dayly counter-propaganda pushes as governmnet and news medias chat and searh all p[ile inot the frey to compeet for viral pole positions it all radicalises the markets and peoples too as medias set up to push push push for a single eadiclaies-counter radicalisatin push each group or persons is squatting on and borrowing the rights of people who want to work and make s living free of dicrimination of human rights accepted by the agreements of [past and future not by raduicalised governments or extreemists or populatiry online or extreem groups radicalied and cyber- "squatting " on a entire country and peoples as if it was a sport or game to play with over the air newses and not rdcialising the markets and lives of extreem radicalisation on youth from both sides of the push push push is the most dangerious and business and pleasure and human rights and prosperity all sink to the back and the frint is taken over by a push push push from both sides all day all week all year fro 3 wars on tv and the web and the biggest problem end up the radicalision -counter radiclisation-chaat-search-politicaalellections are all radicalised and this is not helping china dn russia dn muslams and everyone else it's adding to the radiclaisatiomn of undecisedd youth the most, so medias and chats and people and not radiclisig fule-counter fule and cash flows for better proppagand media to counter terrorist , groups or religions is a threat to economic stability and the entire peoples of all countries and so radicalisation is the biggest threat because when radicalised you end up and undemcratic and not compatale with canada as we are pluralist just ask our Prime Minister he tolerates me but the 2d tv medias do not as they are radicalised and dooing a push puish push on somthign thier working an all the time and it;s not 3dtvnewschannel.com compatable yet so this is a threat to democrcy and global economic stability and we have our busiens radical regulators too, but they are noit extreemist they are demoratic and we get to elect them and feed them to the rdiclisating puses of the newses too, and it requires a democrcy for this to work and so extreem radicslsation processes are the biggest risk and who and when and whwere and why and how they rdicalise is the stimulant not the catalist the medias are the cztalist and so this is a threat to economic stability for all a radicalisin chat-news-group like isil is a fine example of a non democrszatic extreem and not compatable with the concepts of democracy and loving people from russia, china and muslam worlds
When peoples websits are hacked and turned into terroist sites aor governments gag economic innovstion or people are missing hier hlobal charteered rights is ti a threat of democracy and economic stability of all countries and newses they spread hate and radicslias instead of loving people from russia, china and religions and un radicalisesd muslams are teh real economic engine and growth for democracy and econimic prosperity and human rights the world needs you not getting radicvalised too.
A threart to economic and democratic and the entire communities of all peoples involved in the loveing adn charterd rights of all and not constant exposure to counter-radicalistion processes of the push push pushers on the medias that are set up to do that all day all night as they pait the other side evel and blkack and on and on it is counter to economic growth and security. www.3DTVSports.com . The crtc is taking away canadian tv screen time , get out of the 2d tv coup nd participate in free trade in an open market it's called participation actions ina coverup byt a 2dtvcoup. the crtc is takign away candian contnet from pur over the aair systems and gaggign local compnaies in startup 3dvtvcartoons.com industry for Canadian and their content this is unpartiicipaction as they take away canandian actors www.3DTVTime.com net org bhsien sfor 16 yesrs the trickle down affect is monoplies and the end fo thestartups in 3dtvtime.com for 16 years. I whantmu money back for failure toregulatecanadian content 100% fo the dau and half the night as they palann to eliminate opertunity we paid for and uintegrity we paid for with abstentionform their charterd duties rifgh tin front of terroism too. wow they must have caved into sony hackers. . support your www.3dlocaltv.com

16 years we have proven the companies and regulators set up tosee I can launch 3dtvchannels.com onlienand integrate with the busiens an dcrtc medias has failed and the crtc covers this up but by now after 16 yeasrs it's obvous the service set upo to see i can don't. 16 yearsand all the regultors set up to see i don't get gaged and stiffeled and innvationis possible actualy see to it i can't and change the canadian contetn rules to 100%none inthe day an d50% none at night so their glass is 3/4 empty an dthey fail to see to it i can integrate wirththem for 16 years means it's time for csis to tell us why. andntow they gag csis too, whnewilwe find out why the crtc stiffel 3dtvspoirts.com is it the sports scandel gagging innovstion or the crtc or bothh or is it sony hackers caving inthe crtc under the disguise ofa president film weowe wehwy doe they gag the 3dpresident.com and no9 sony hackers and terrozit sjihadi john what is there integrity to the taxpayer or their 6-pack andcpac gang, great products and service start with good intent not discrimination and endless rtax dollers funding . we have proven the crtc compnaie swilland do gag 100% fo 3dtvcanda.com startuos and the onis is on ottawa to follow the paper trail and tell us why 16 years 3dtvcars.com is still gaged by 2d tv medias is it discriminantion or hate oir jeliuosy or are they just bullies with a cvrtc licence , csis wil have to tell us . www.3DCounty.com 32dTVInquiry.com ..www.3DTVCommission.com all canadian whant is tobe able to work and make a living free from discrimination byand able to ataqin property and worth (our works) free from discfimination by goverment service salike 2d tv crtc coups that gag 1000 of yoru internet startusopsoas to hav e2d tv politics and 2d elections and 23dsprotstv.coms

Wow if politicians are all going to vote the same way in each party then why do we need so many 1 would do the same as all of them votin g edvery time the same way oneach subjectin every riding, whenthehouse go to vote the mp s have to stand up (like in dictstorships whenthearmy watch you vote) and face their party leader and vote looking thenin the eye and this is no demnoicracy it si the same thing people do whenthey loog a governmebtn soldure intheeye and show them how they voted andso with all themps votingthe same way for the same thignevery time why bitgher just coult how many ther are znd th4e team withthe most winns andeveryone cand=go home andthe bill can be for 1 week endandthe rest ofthe tiemwe onlyh need theparty leaders for serimonysame as the queen , becauewe if they all are goignto swingtheri vogte to the leaders then they ae liek the crtc nouse 100% of the day and 50% of the night but claining to be representing tax payers and busiensin their communities, www.3DTVPOlitics.com the only intertnet steramign medis art that is gaged bu the commponwealth 2d tv and the free woprlds 2d tv same samas 2d tgv gag 3dtvinternet startups because they caqn get away wityh it on 2d tv all the time for 16 yaesrs. Mad cow bird flue terrosits andall in2dofr 2d soas tohave 2d tv sports andelections in2d on2d scripted by 2dtv coups duhh! theyare blind to public input for busiens and for security online even when you report stuff like bleading heart and sony hackers hacking th e3dpresident.com and president movies at the same time, a 2dtvcoupo is ther to gag 3dpresident.com and push puh spush sony hackers liek they cave into soney hackers and gag and muzzel 3dcanadiantv.com netorgs for sports every olympics same same as in 1939 one arm of the govenment see to it theris disc rimination against 3dtv andjazz , jazz is not free abtu 3dtv is still gaged 10016 years in row and onlien in vancovvuer 16 years in row and not one crtc news has theintegrity os honestytporeportit, thats scarry andcsis has tollok into this breach in our economic welfare in Canandian busiens onloine. if they get bill c051 or if they do not it matter not at all the csis gas to has to has to look into this economic threat a 2dtgvcuop gag ign the innternet startuso n 3dtv for 16 years is a global event. and has nothgnto do with bill c-51 it is a coverup they caninvestigatestarting at 6 6 companies in crtc newws and ending a the sixth and thenyoru finoishedafter 6 vistes to6 companies you will know why they all 6 gaged 100% like puton gagging companies in the ukrane or the crtc monoplies 16 years deliborately gagging 3dsportstv.com and 3dfashionchannel.com and 3drealtytv.com and 3dnethomes.com wo hundreds of startusp for 3d tv like they were a dictatorhip , compnaies in Vancouver fo thecanadian3dbusinesstv.com netorgsand if yiorulooking to spend mony then take a friend andhave them takes a friend and splurg at the coffie nachine for al i car as long as csis asjs rthe 6 crtc news monoplies why 16 yesars and why gag100% fo 3dsportstv.com ne torgs isnvancover and all the web pages for3dtvpages.com online in 16 yearfs and then we wil all know thehistory fromtheir side of the story. mine is aallovbedr the3dtvpages.com i launched that they gages dfor16 years the problem is where is aallthe 3dtvchannels..com startuspo news inthe crtc news syste, especialy when the 3dpresident.com is haced by sony hackers when they launch a 2d moovie ablut apresident wow this is scarry fora busiwns ona crtc sysytem haa=gageed for 16 yeads witrh no expplanationa dbeggin gbegging bwegging thegovernmetn to have csis look into it and see why the dis riminatgiuonm fo r16 years., wolw. www.3DTVINQURY.com a 3dfreepress.com

All the fuss about asbestus , in 1966 at John G aulthous public school in art class all the students were given asbestus for art and told to makwe ashtrays or candy dishes out of them and they would harden nd we could paint them and give them for christmass as an experiment in using asbestos as a substitute fpor clay anda ciln, and we did and hours of artt class we all sat ther andÈSADED our asbestous ash trays and cany dishes andno oenfollowe cup to see if we got sick in our older afge so whpo knows what happened to that experiment and so why they worry abotu asbestous when they care not if qe are healthy today is odd, some onme shoudl look into the health of the students whop were told tomake cany dishes and ash trays out of asbestous at John G auylthouse and thwen the government can work nd getting all the asbestous out of us too! the techer even made us taste it too. www.3ddr.com

Wow when i try to do business in teh east and my telephone lines go all crackly abnd break up the call ii always wondered why the country woudl hack andpretend their telecommunication and itès backup faile liek a gid ^playign a game withtheir parrents oncell phone pretending the call i breakign up , and then all week and week end isee the very same crackle andbreakup of the cpac broadcasgts ofthe members of parlioment complaining abput interfearance bbythegovernment intheir inquiries, amnsop i wondwer arwe thecracvkeingbreakups incpac coverage 1time or permamnate ointher original tapes andwhy are thespo so similar thethe crackling whenical overseas to get support for my www.3DworldWideWebTV.com startuspo for prosperity ther. whoisbereakign up whi=om when is tia crossthe board aor just happens top 3dtvcanda.com whe tthey do over seas su^pport and busiens and the cpac broadcasts about unhappy mpès whe they investigate trnsparency on cable coverage , the cracking myst=ery goers on , is ther a uncracked copy of the standinfg commitee on government operation and estiates or was the camer in the meeting crackling and ther is noclean copy of these meeting , www.3DCLR.com

Wow the crrtc heaering into the budget report that all the millions of doolers cut and cut and cut over thelast 11 yezrs is now irelevant because , Èloook see we increased it som million last yearÈ scamm is now at play , they take away 100% of the acess topublic markets for3dtelevisionCanada.com ne torg then pretend in 2don 2d over 2d filled with 2d tv monolies to be openandhelping internet busins whenthey aregagggfntghe globes inbterng startuspo bythe thousands in 3dtelevisioncanda.com alone, imaging what else they are budgete to cut and then pretend growth in , oil?

The reason Government fuding and integration can not and is not supposed to picj a winner and groom them for great success in films ao rindustry is because thats what communism is a lack of free market help by a government ndthe reason the crrtc gages and muzzels 16 years of 3dtvVancouver.com netorg innovation in www.comNETorgTV.com net org new 3dstreamign tv startups and3dlocaltv.com is comministe like discrimination of free enterprise bya 2d tv coupbent on gagges 3dsportschannel.com when it coems along and 123.www.3dtvbingo.com here it is inVancoubver and 3dtvsports.com is gaged bya 232d tv crtc coupthat looks likea communist agendas or somrnginm thatcaved in sony hackers. they budget foir tolls and bridges with toll and half the costs of the billing process goes to a non canadiancompany when the usa build their infostructure candn abusiesn are dissallowed they build aonver the air broadcasting sysytem and onit 3dcounty.tv startups are not allowed they build a digital monoly for cpac owners andon it they gag 100% of the 3dtvchannels.com bne torg that need touse it, now theyu gag the crtc with 100% of the day time and50% of thenight time contnet not canandianandall the time they are billing us forworlk dones to better canandian busiesnm and stsartusop onlien thjis ius total fraud ntoa commone=wealth country we have communism to do thei sand we donot need comunism in the budgets fo a so calld fee market if wee are communist thenopleas4e tell us because we are doing busowe as if canda was fair aans opeenm . How can you bidget when yoru innovationis gaged soas a goverment can manufacture a suscess athaqtius great everytoime, tyhat snowdemocracyu that scommunism . www.3DWEBCAsters,com www.3DCounty.com 1:56 PM 2015-03-15

What ids the crtcès corporate plann say about support for innivation and 3dtvchannels.com in hostage by a 2d crtc tv coup 16 years as the governmenrt department all have to present a 5 year budget and plann , what are they planni gto do to see to it theh 2d crtc tv monoplies do not abuse their monoply licences and gag 100% of Canadian made 1090% Canadian owened www.3DCopyrightTV.cvom ne torg startuosp in Vancpouver , this has to be present in their busiwens planns because they cioudl not startu p03dsportschannel.com ne otirg in ottawa anbdgag 3dsportschannel.com neotrg onlien in realiuty and save face, so inoder to not apear as terrorist onoien to busiesnin 3dtelevision sports they have to have a plann tpo protect Canadian 3dtvchannels.com ne torg from discrimination by crtc medias for 5 yeazrs and to see to it ther is no discriminatiuon is their charter. so what is the plan to stop discrimination b y bell ropgwer crtc and other against Vancouver3DTV.com nnentorg stasrtuspofor 16 years in the future 5 years budget plann to help local 3dtv or local busiesn when fced with monopies in cabel and telephone intertnet andover the air broadcasgtwrs that gag 3dtvottawa.com innovation too. www.3DTVCAnaqda.com netoirg ..a www.3dtvstartup.com .

in the first days of the colony British Columbia Lord govenor Stanly used to tour thecoast in a chair on the bow deck of his boat drinking laudner and petting his pet cat andone day a chief holled aother on Vancouver island and ina boat full of gang membeers rowed off up the coast ,.
Lord stanly followed in his gun boat and on the way he bumbed into a caneo of rowers sowing furiously and asked then if they gad seen a chief who nerderd soem one on Vancouver island and was quicky told they went that away andpointed to Bell Bell and so stanly crused inot Bella Bella anddemanded the peorle ther tunr opvethe rimminal or he would shell tyhe town for a day or until the turned the terorists over , and the chief and towns poeeple knew niothing and asked , since ther are over 20 towns here and we have no idea what yoru talking about pleases tyell us , which town are your goonjgto shell are you going to shell, and he pointed toa group of houses on thebank andsaud tyhat one. andso the radicalisation of B.C's first nations becan and this is what ois hapopenign inthe middle east , oe side insist the other stop or they will make war on everypone , the same thing is done in schools , one personis bad andtheentire school are forced tomiss a football game or event andsotheworld runs on thesame stupid alliance cartell 16 yuears inagreement to cover up and to break up innovation in 3dtvwebcasters.com net orgs markets with no help from a single majority party member in 2d Ottawa tv today , one internet tv dot com startup biootlegs copyright contetnt so thecrtc gag all thenon crtc tv wen dot cosm net org startups, one monoly complains about protection from forien content thenthcrtc drops the 100% fo candian contetn all day andonly allows 50% at night . one fcountry has tyerroists andso thewargoes onuntil; thewy Are all cought and stopped in reality it is not about justice it is an excuse to move forward on some secret agenda. andso 16 years ther is nowaytolaunch a 3dtvchannel.comin 2d crtc that havea blanket agenda of gagign100% foall the icann 3dtvchnnels.co and so www.3dtvcopyright.com is gaged too 3dtvcanada.com is gagedd 3dsportschannel.comis gagedd 100% of the 16 years of start ups here for3dtvchannels.com netg org re gAgded by2d tv because they discriminate aginst 100% odf the 3dtvchannels.comand i get caught in the hord, the busineses andpopulation suffer because of a few leaders pissing off soem one else liek russia suffers because of its leader , palistine suffers because of endless terror they rein on hebrews and everypone get wire tyapped buyspys because pof terroists, th epeople are forced to suffer because of a few is all about agendas. www.3dtvprwess.com gaged bya 2d tv press frop some reason they will not say.
Muslams suffer because of a radicalisation of a few and terrisim is the act of a few not the entire town or religion and 2d tv coups are the action of the crtc not Canadian startups never going togo away expexialy in the nmiddle east they have 10,000 years of not getting along and that will take more that a war to resolve as war only perpetuiates thecycle,and so with 100% of the 3dtvcanda.cominnivation and startups onlien gaged by100% of thecrtc for 16 years ther has tobe a resonan d thePrime minister of Cananda has totell everyone why 3dtvcopoyright.com netorgs in canadianarts andentertainmnet are gaged byu100% of thecrtc medis nd their preses, fi theyt are going to use 10,000 year old ultimatom -catch-22 proceses tpo rule then they have to say why they are punishing 100% of the 3dtelevisionnetwork.com net org startusp fore 156 years in vancouver innovsation an dnew medias. the leaders of the past allways do so why don't the conservative fess up and tell us why 100% or canadian 3dtv dotr cosm nets org and theindustry startusp globaly for 3dtv here inVancouver are gagfed bytheentirwe crtc we never found out why we are gaged so csis can may be tellus whoand what is in back of thei seeminly endless 2d tvb coup.
10,000 years ago the leaders had the common curtosy to tell the people they were imprisioning why , so how come the majority governmnet will not explain why 100% of 3dtvsports.com sports startups 100% of 3dmoviechannel.com 3dtvmovies.com net orgs are gaged and why 100% of 3dtvrealty.com on the 3drealestaztechannel.cok is gaged and 100% of 33dtyvpress.com is gagfed in the 3dtvnewsnetwork.com and is gaged by all of Ottawa's resorces in news and media and innovation are gage and why3dtvZZOttawa.com and 3dtvTporonto.com and all the kings 3dtvchannels.com in british columbia are gaged bby the crtc gang today , why whwy why does tyhe sony hackers have your tounge or is ikt a 2dtvcoup agenda. the Politicians of today do noteven have the civel courtisy of telling Vancouver3DTV.com why 100% of my startups and compnaies new 3dtvchannels.com ne torg and the trade and 3dtvjobs.com are needed to be gaged so long by all the crtc , are gaged by the taxes opay to the crtc. www.3DPresident.comof 3dtelevisionchannel.com net org gaged bya secrwet the canadiuan goivernmen twil not msake public duhh. a 2dtvcoup secret agenda is the obvous answer as it is thecommon trend in8000 bc and the same treand today ther is no change in innovationm but the crtc now will stiffel canadians andcanadian cpontent 100% of the day and50% of thenight and i feer canandianwill never foind ourt onjce they shut off the last 505 of canandain content startups liek thjey do 16 years of 3dtvcanada.com innovation and 3dtvsports,com . the secret actors intheis sharade are thecrtc gang. sop we all knwo thios the questionm is why. why gag 100% of every 3dtvchannels.com innovationfor 16 years ois iot becauswe you caved into ??? who, what , wherrwe when , please tell us why the silence forsolong is nust be arealy relau good reassonfor socil nets totweet and everyonme whants to know why the crtc and the government caved into whom andgag all Vancouver and 3dtvottawa,com startups for 16 years why not a week or amonth or a while why 16 years and3 wars, and why stiffel and hold hostage 100% of new3dtvchannels.com hdcanadatv.com 3dtvcartoons.com 3dtvmovies.com, why the blamket gag on 3d tvinnovatiuon for who is it gaged the crtcgang? and why sports why ghag sports fopetes sake because it is3d in2000 for huballe andwhy gag british people from their celebrating in 3d on3d voer 3d ouir jubalee's dddo the governmentga all soprts startuisp or dicrtiminate and just gag 3dtv ones for 16 years so somany qustiuons prorogesd forsolong diserves a tweeter explanations at least a face book report of why 3dfaces.comis gagedd for16 years and thelaunch af a google search engoens the need toknow forposterity and history records as to why 3dsportschannel.com net org start ups in3dtelevision innovation online and social nets for3 dtv for 16 years are stifdfeled for therecords what is the score on that game of gagerdry as they have to have 1 or 2 reasons what are they besides opertunism for the coverup, the is and was andhas tobe to be a reasson1 00% of the muslaans are bullied by 2d tvpreses abnd why 100% of 3dtvbusiness.com is gaged by the crtc licenced medias set uptopromote canadian content andcanadainmade media and canandianand their canandian comopneis so why the uintegrity dogger liek a draftdogger they doge the re charterd constitutions in 100% of the time for 100% of the markets for100% of the 3dcopyrighttv.com net orgs in vancover for16 years inrow and 3 wars why 3 wars no 3dmoviechannel.comis possible why terrorism andno 3dtvnews.ca whyu 16years of secret actors indigital tv gagign 43ddigitaltv.comnet org startupos today. why why why al thesecretcy andwill tcsis help uncover the reasons why is ti terorris backed o9r not , it is very scarry beeign gaged byottwa 2d tv politicasns for156years, they actlikelord stanly nuzzeleign100% of the faculties foinnovzationfo r whom is thequesztionwhy else besidesthje c rtc benafit from16 years of total muzzeleing by candnapreses andthe governemtninoffice paied toprevent tho is while sony hackers hack 3dtvcanda.com andthe prss hide it ? www.3dtvinquirty.com

16 yearsandall of the3dtvchannels.cofor sports inVancoer started up a still beeifn gaged by 2d tv busiens shows onthecrtc networks, all of them, all of the newss discrimiante against vancouver and our 3dtvstartups for 3d streamign tv download copyright contnet overicann dot coms net orgs and not other movie and other theaters and allof oter's startups in 3d web tv and 3d tv copmpnaies hacked by sony hackers in Vancouver last fall?. www.3DVancouverTV.com net org www.3DWebcasting association.com net org startups are gaged too ansd thats scarry. www.3DWA.com

The Government keep saying they only support economic development that they see as a great success and skip all the other innovation compnaies soas to have agarentted winner , bu the questiuon is why do they pick a cilver sppon recipient every time that also goes on to gag and muzzel all the other innovation and startupos inthe same venue liek a 2d tv cartll gages sports in 3d with the endless promic e thatthe top 6 monolies will be a nd are goibg to be 3d tv soon one day some toimne and it wil be grwst, meanwhile they gag and stiffle aall inovationan dstartuspo sdoas to havea empty field to take their time sculptruing free market monolies that are in the eyes of the governemtngoingto bwe grwat and ot a flop , thsinot only take the risk out of inbvestment it takes thbe innovation ourt obusiens and gage the majority of small innovation startuspoin 3d tv for 16 years .. why do theythinkl a monmoluy that is sponcerd by the government to the hilt soasto beet competiton by money inveted intoi 1 componayt that gag es the economy of the rwest of the provinces ansd stiffel innovation further, have they caved into sony hackers or not www.3DTVInquiry.com

Wow 10% to 15% of the worlds money lie in tax free havens , wow , well come on down and come on down to Canada and we will put your mony here to lie arouind and charge .5% and then you can say yoru money is not lieing around in a tax free haven and your troubles and our economy and the propsperity of both countries will be legit and better for all with no fuss. call a canandianm bank and arange it, ther open most of the time. founder and ceo of www.3DTVBank.com Tm we could use a sponcer too!.

The crtc had better regulate soon or they will be up for dumping charges as they do not fulfill yjrit charter to srpport canadian tv startups and arts movies and films and let the internet businesses have a seporate nutral governmenbt service for suport for their own cartell of non crtc monmoipliesif the name of thegame is gag and srtiffle pretendign to be a help thenwhy did theyallowadvertising dumping for thenext superbowl came and gag canadianads for sports and royalties to the afl from them , why do they only support dumpinmg and ad dumping via sports and canadian content and ads abandonment 100% of the day is support for canandian it's a sabatage ofsup[ort forcanda, medias and startiups , sports ads and not canandian3dtvsports if they are so great whycan't the sayu why they gag 3dtvcanda.com sports then does the sony hackers have thewir rtounge are the crtc banned byu the crtc from saying why the crtc tv medias gag 3dtv? what is the deal. stay tuned untill csis report on why 16 yearsandwhyt the crtc abandoned ads and comntent in candan on candnsin over the oair ways briocasting charters as they rewrite theiur own chartersand gag canadian content andsports ads 1--% ofthe day they turn theoir heads andall thatismissing ios the bribe details, wow, why would a facultiy and govewrnemt service abandoane their charter. ? www.3DTVCanada.com and 3DTVCHannelAmerica.com and 3DYVCHanneUSA.comall gaged bya 2d crtc tv cartell and their medias is not secret to the csis so as tobe sure we will have tpowaite becauee one thiong is for sure 16 years 100% of the crtc gag andstiffel 3dcopyrighttv.com netg org stzartupso content andmade incanda ads for3dsuperbowl.com netgorg sports, and thatys histoy. wow very unsocial fo them too.
their own, they have abandoned their day job s and plan to only regulate 50 % of the night tv makign therio existance usless and they have proven for 16 yerars that they can not anddo not regulatye the intyernet means they had better start regulstin g amd stop dumping surpl;uss and forien product on ouir candnain properties , if the usa say caanadian contyent takin gover 100% of theoir day time and 50% of their night time tv content they wodul fire the fcc in wiki leak second and so the crtc hd better fiix ours begforwe they are investgated by csis for harmiong the economyis of the Canadas , DCollins ceo and founder of www.3DRealestateCHannel.com and www.3DTVCommision.com a www.3DCopyRightTV.com

the (ex-C ) Canadian rtc aught to be shameded they ae sabataging canandian businesses starting up in 3dtvwebcasting by violating discrimination , cartell price fixing and anty dumping laws , csis 's is a startups only support as they know who is in back of 16 years of discrimination against 3dtvcanada.com startups anmd vancouver 3ddigitaltv.com new medias the crtc=gang is one group 100% against 16 years of innovation in 3dtvsports.com industry as they insist their clients are the onlyhbusies in 3d tv thwey stiffel 100% of the Canadian3dtvchannels.com started for 16 years and3 wars thats criminal for sure, so wee need csis to tell everuone why the conspiricy inside the crtc they no longer have therighrt to call themselves cansndi reguilators as they no linger require canadian broadcaster to aoir canandiancontent andanyone canpolice the internwet as they have without the crtc becaue they refused to hel pint he begginf andf because they use 2d tv toacrtualy gag and fitlre 100% fothe 3dtvchannels.com neto rgin vancouver they are not qualified tobe regulators of the internet at all they are qualified to be a firwall to busiesn in3dt vif neede buta overseer of 3dtvchannmel;s.com neot rg they arenot. tgheyu are gulioty of golding 100% of 3ddigitaltv.com startuposhopstage thats theyr albitross, we need a new 3dtv crtc adn usa need andnew atrc and we needit nowbefore the 2d tv coup rig the cccplatfoprm andissues for the nexg 2d tv eleftion show we need boll c-51 tointwervienin the2dtvcoup becfore they gag 100% of all buisiens online like they gag 3dtvcanda.com buisnes we need protection of canada economic security, becazuwe it is 16 years held prisioner byuradivalused 2d tv medias and their bewes canadian economis security is policed by a 2d tv coupo that gages 3dtvsports.com, thats scarry andwe are threatened by 16 yearsof crtc newes holding innovation up and3dtvspoprtsnews.com is held hostage by a 6 pack of able boddies crtc mopnoplies and telcos gaggign all the intetnet canadians andtheiortv startups liek they qwere ahockey game and the winner, instead of a service , world wide busienms is threatonoed by dictzatorhships and 2dtvcoups, duhh, theare stioffeleng andhording the web traffic and search news and innovzatioon and a global threst to social networking andteh web tv startuops like they werre soecial class of special human entitled top100% of the crtc and all the world wide webios there for them tostiffel, and the intewrnbet startulosare foir muzzeleing 16 yeaers thwey are in contempt of intetnet globalisationand busiens as they link up with search engiens so that no one canuse ither for regulat innovati0on or 3dtvinnovation.comnetorg busiens for16 years as theyhgag an djholdour ecomony stgnant soas to have amonoly for electiosnrthey undemine freedom atowork freeos dicrimination bya 6pac and the crtc for16 years thay fail thej cissi test ., andare damaging canandin busiens and innovation soas tohavea 2d tv coiupand rig and rn election platforms and terrorism and radicalisation from a socil; net they support, go figure by clasicaly dumping contnet they sabatage canandain coinmtetn makers even though they are cheesy or special they are canandian andthe crtc was charged witrh helping them and hjtey fail16 years in row they fail to help 1 single 3dtvcanda.com thats asccsis invetifgsation on thegrounds of them damaging the national economy for yuears tocome , imported daytime products shile stiffeleing 100% oif Vancouver's new3dtvchannels.com and 3dlocaltv.com even 3dtvcanda.comnet org tv web startups meanignthey are dumping in steatd of supportin g anmd thehneed to be shammed on socilnets big time ther ougt to be a croudfunding to support Canadian content on canandian tv chanels ona crtc tv but ther is no way because ythey deliboratly whantto stiffel 16 years not help, so they fail misserably intheir mission and failled 100% of the day time candnaintv startupslooking to them for support a total cop out by thecrtc gazibo gangs all soasto gety 2d tv election debate ads (like supperbowl ads to a 2d tv coup) monolies , and that is illegal in all other businesses and claiminmg to be somthing your actualy against is fraud as they continue to be abd claiming to be canadian regulators requires canadians and theri content wich is exaclty what they gagand discriminate against 16 years and i have the proof they refuse to report too, hundreds of canadian madce startupos all aged bythe entire crtc thats grounds for csis to investgate and they should soon as ther is nowayto prevent radicalisation if 100% of yoru content is crtc dumming forien product claiming tobe a reguilators whenthey are a firwall to internwt andus medias and local startusap all in one, it's rackateeing npotsupport, they are the biggest competative threat to hmoie made andhome startups innovation in canadian tv heratage for all the past 16 years standing, rerun nd surplus dumpers, instead of support, the push push and push a 6 pac of investments in oil and media sports adn travel news and arts and stiffel all the rest even thought the techonolies and compnazies they back lose millions and billions a ytear for 16 years ther stick to pushign the exclusive 2d tv gazobo cels andstiffle innoivation like it was 3dtvsports.com net org on evdery sinfle crtc licenced over the air candna broadcaster and the state medias even the3dchannel.com itself in Vancouver for www.3dca.com net org jubalee it's criminal disxcrimination by search -chat-2dtv-news=and not supporting of 3D ca tv startups no supprime court of alleals helps a single 3dmusicchannel.com jazz atartup just like discrimination by a few 6 packs in 1939 as they gag the entire markets for luanching 3DTVCHannels every move they make su[pports a 6 pack of monoplires andmake it harder forcanadian startups 3dtvchanels tointegragte withthem an unitigraab le crtc is the result, over the airs firwall to launching 3dtv innovation no change in 16 years same trv same channels came cartells and none of them usable for all day canandian stsartups inm local tv contnet . a cop out andcaveinto sonyhackers is nosubstitute forcandian content on over the air canadian airways and the wrold on internet at yout fingertips but sas cavein of the crtc mreasn taxsatyion withno access , a fraud, a sham a scam ti rub thge elkection iun 2d and stiffel 16 years in row is the winner, theypioch the election contentn (terrorism) and the gag all others likea prorogation on demoracy itself, the entire canda suffers unfer a 6pack of clkosed medias closed to Vancouver 3dtv c hannels..comand 3dtvsports.com net org indternet medias are doomed tobe gaged by ghdaiffi like tv and the crtc same same. for them sleves like a crtc stiffeleign internet staszrtups for over the air broadcastwers 16 years here inVancouver historyof 3DTVCHannels.com net org internt startups. ilimnate thecanadian content regulators from helping 1 canandin 3xcd tv channel in 16 years in Vancouvber gagd by the 12d tv coupos in 2000, now they quit regulatin g over the aair broadcastewrs all day they are not even gpoing to work all day , how could they expect to help www.3DTVCHannelCHina.com and never work all dayh for prosperity when they are a 6 pack that 16 years eleminates 3dtvjobs.co fo a over the air brtoadcasters whpo will notsupport canda contnet all day , thats a cave in lie thrownign money at compnaies who loose billions efver year over and overt becauswe the 6 packs need them for a monmoluy hold on the crtc so as to have contnet dumping replace the crtc, 100% of the day time and 50% of prime time on a now radicalised 2d t5v coup converged news or the world wide web should shame them for there failed attempt to support canadian content makers andstartups , this is bythe way a pritty good account of the intent andwhat going on in a 2d tv cartell coup here for 16 years, as theypoint thier finger andlaughat tyhecrtc forclaiming tobe a canadian content supporter fo canafianmade bbusiens and CAC suporter thay are missing 100% of the day and 50% of the night andso the world wide webwill have tochampion this cause for us on their home made tv mediass becauwee qwe cannot use ours here theyhave taken the"buss" off the route theywere supposed to runand theynow work for profit only on the bussy est rout soasto majeke a bundle see. see ytia nundel from 1` good movie or tv sjhw trumps the need fpor a crtc tohelp canandian andlocal tv see a cop out failurs in heratage andcultire they areno longer able toclaim they are 100% canandian and so theyare failed, the failled so nadly the only subject cpac and allthe 2d tv crtc emploeesin in the world will not talk about is canadian 3D tv webcasting startups , they will pimp for terrisits for 16 yearsd radicalise everthing from egypt to csis but they will not discuss dicrimination afainst 3dweb startups for tv. thyats so scarry at least we knw what hitlers was afgainst and he never kept it secr4et but a crtc gaggign 16 years in secret is scarryu and completye failure by the crtc to report it. canadian tv channel that is 100% atleast 1/6 nightly because 16 years theyhave discriminated andhave abandonded 100% of innovationndinvestment in 2D hd digital loval vcanadianm tv andall the locals and lcoal Canadian internet tv startups yjay pay their wages to colook after them andprotect them from extinctionm byubig buck bonanzas and2d tv coup oppertunism and dragon or vulture oppertunists and corru[ption andbribes insports ( many g 20 countries stillrun their economuies on btribes soas to geta 3d theater chain ina country that blicak 3dtvchannels.com you woudl probablu have tobribe some one tonot gag you like the crtc hga and diwsxcriminatye against local canandian startups alldy nopw withthwer ne "go ahead andgag 100% of vananfosantv all day " rules,for over the air licenced crtc-gagall day l;icences. a rwAl coost for tax paying local tv starups i cn not see helping anyone but the crtc 6pack of gaziboo medias , for a 6 pack of cable and telco cartelsthey have failed the taxpayes and met mutrality as they discriminate 100% againsdt 3dca.com copyright tv and 3dtv startups the give you a glimps of a failed biast monoply gagging 3dtvinnovation.com net org for16 years in g7 british common wealthcountry run by a monoly governmetn majority for 16 years bent on using a tax funded crtc to discriminzte against 3dtvchannels.com net org and startups online that intefer withtheir agendas and it works a crtc full of 3d tv monopis did anddo gagandstiffel busins es l;iek3dtelevisionnetwork.com ne torgs foreverthignfrom movies osports soas togarentee no competition for broadcaster who now can skip canada andit;s local startusp 100% all fay and 50 of thenight proving they have failed tpopromote Canadian content 100% of theday and noight andsotheyshoudl be shammed for abandoning 100% of canadian starting up 3dtvchannels.com net org for sports andinternation trade and busiwns 5they insult the worlds inntgernt industries and hah 100% of 3d tv because they are oppertunists not suporters of canadian content makers unless they ar4 part of their 6 pack of cartels duhh, they failed the country and should be shammed, 100% of the day time and50% of the night by for it is like taking caandy from a babby when the the crtc gag and stiffel 16 years of Vancouver 3dtv innovation and startups for shopping in3d advertsiignuin 3d andelections in3d andcomplete discriminatyion of it alla dna smaeing is globaly needed, the remain dumpinh forien profict an d evendumping it rightin ot thspecial nuiche for canadian only a royal cop out, nev er seenbyha government or it's heratage communication aryts, since 1939 and using up the taxes and over the air reserved for canadian only, wowo a cave in and the sactors who cabed into sopcy hackers are obciuoslyy the crtc have no examples of helping 3dtvsportschannel.com net org startups in British Columbia for 16 years proving theyare counter-productive to canadioancontent andcanadioanmade products , ditching them for a better one made else where and thenpretendignit is canadian because it have a loose tie with a canadian or a pimp to sayu he inenveted it so as top gag 100% oficanandian3dtv adn sustain a globalised monoply run from gazibos andglass lake funding, and eletioncashand ads fromelectios by the same cartels thaty gag 3d socil networking websites for3dtv and 3dtvnewschanne;l.co reporting 3d tv couips in dictatorships and crtc fdictastorships ad thehstiffel 3dtvstartups.com in sports and sarts, for 16 years ,. abandonong the taxpayers and our holey poley canadian tv startups for a 1 or 2 hit movie or tv series so all of canadian busiens and tv startups online suffer soas to have a monoply monoply on digitaltv busiens online abandoning the over the air canadian content broadcasting services forcommercial monoplies who can replace canadian startusp withanythingonlie oroff they seo, so with no government service tooversee equality in loccl tv onlien and the busins in television webcasting starting up in our canadas because the crtc have totaloy gagged 16 years of 3dtvstartups n sports in3fd and Vancouver 3dtv busiens =using the entire crtc like it was ghadaffies 2d tv monoply set up to pump ghadaffic stuff the crtc pimp a 6 pack of agendas and have abandoned nutrality and the canadian tax paying busins in hs3dtvchannel.com or 3ddigitaltv.net and Canadian3dtv.com net org busiesn . they areusless to 3dtvCanada.com ytade names forbusins andthe entire internt icann webcastng in dustry as a 2d tv coup ssustaining a 6 pack ofmonoplies in service provision that have converged so so omuch local tv that ther is noway to launcha single 3dlocaltv.comina snfle cnadian crtc over the airzone, making them 100%usless in launchign 3dtvsports.com netorg franchises. with 100% of the content no longer canadian content all day there is no way to protect our youth from RADICALISATION , how can they protect us from gun radicalising , sex radicalising , political radicalising business radicalising investment radicalising terrosis backed radicaliaing tv and news if none of the content is Canadian then we the publci could filter the 25 % that is ourselves if we could only see it inthe day time too , who would protect startups from bullyig by radicalisng bullying products that sterio type Cananda in a forien steriotypeing precess used to steriotypoe immigrants in vzrious stats or regions on contnet all day when we need to promote innovtion localy for jobsa dn posterity and the trickle down should go to Crtc broadcasters duhh by none Canadian contenet all day long every day and thats a shame .. and they sould be overseen before they go and do that , the crtc need oversight especialy by the csis , regulated over the air content on a canadian social net for caveing in to TFW in the definititon of canadian content no wonder our trickledown of competition is missing and doller buys less us products than before but us weekenders buy nore on line and when vacationing now too, as traffic increases we get more of their internet shoppers and all thier wensites tv and we do the screening and surfing and searching and are not force fed 2d tv electipon crtels and gazibo shannagins, in 2d on 2d 16 years newses that still stiffel 3dnewsnetwrok.com net org innovation intv as they donot innovate or integrate or regulate they just prol;iferate 2d tv coups deals, and 2d tv election tv and top it off with juhadid hjohns as a substitute for Canadian startups in 3dtvsports.com a 2d crtc is a 2d crtc amnd crtc that gage 3dtv is acrtc that gageds 3d tv andcrtc that gage 100% of 16 yers of 3dvtv.com in Vancouver is scarry, not a help or friend of 3dtvcanda.com stazrtups thats history and an issue is one thing but 1939-ism and stiffelelgn 3dmusicCHannel.com is as lame and the same., thats scareryu regulation oversight in 3dbusinesstv.com and who is the cusdodian? my crtc canandian tv over the air and on thier regulated web sites, and they use the name "reguilator of cnandian tv" when they mean "firewall-iron curtain filte: of 16 years of 3dtv and stuff, but they stiffel 3dtvsports.com startups for 16 years for sure as afact and it's like a secret sony hackers no one will name when it is 100% of the crtc news medias and i name them all the time i am the only canandian 3dtvchannel.com www.3ddigitaltv.net ad org startup and gaged undernourished content reporting the crtc's 100% 16 years track record for stiffelelign 3dtvsports.com, net orgs and all of the day all week nights too and beeing 100% made in cand and gaged in cananda i have a 2DCopyright thats ungaged 3D medias in 2d tv news do not have a "your special" cull-de-sac on the crtc service providers and a dirt road right up to the firwalls on myh cloud on a 2d crtc cloud chamber that 100% see's to it ther is no news of asony haclkers hacking 3dtvolympics.com sports for 16 years , not ontheir 2d tvcoup newzxses thats for sure therfore we ae the only 100% canandian the crtc should be talking to and they faile 16 yeaers to say hello , hows busiens , thats wdeliborate andthats scarry-1939-scarry so the only 100% canadian-made-24hoursh=gaged 3dtvchannel.com a crtc scould rescue in 15 yeares is noiled in the very own crttc's milk, and thats scarry, so without a explanation and 3dtvsportos.com still gaged on 3dtvtoronto.com it gets scarry ere and more like 1939 than 1938 and it's 2015 and no way to jubalee in 2d tgv crtc news coup set up for 2d tv elctions debbate contnet scripting so as to have 2d tv radicalise the elction like it was a socil net in egypt spring in2d on2d for 2d and gag 3d tv starups dame samwe, a busiens is stopped by 1 huge canandian barrier and thing the oversight of canadian content failure by the crtc and so the ris no way to startup a 3dtvvchannel.cop in the entire crtc because of this trend and what do they do? they gag youe with tv channels that air 100% non canandin all day and 505 at night and crtc stiffeleign 75% of the tiem and who thought this up , wow a 2d tv election coup. duhh,. it that the secret unknown actoors in teh sony hacking too/ it is a terroist backed caave in or is it deliborsate i do not care because it is the crtc haved failed 16 eyzaers 100% of the 3dtvchannels.com nne torg and the icann intenrt startuspo comunitues can see this and see iut is true, ts scarry eh! they need to bee regulated soastnot todo this to cananscontnet and canandn made tv startuops they shoudl be the forien radio and television commission and not the candnaskin thjat swoudlk be fraud like cheese and macaronie. they obviuosy need wayh more integrity and oversight adn tpo stop blockoign us contnet inthe first place and get back to canandian content over the air liek they were made to do, duhh, so many discerimiantionm i ssues is scarry and they need to be overseen because this is www.3dmusicchannel.com they gag a not 1939 jazz. www.3dcounty.com 4:13 PM 2015-03-13

gaged soas to have a2d tv election and radicalise internet tv startups busiens for 16 years usign 2d tv to stiffel 100% of 3dcopyrighttc.coms and 100% of the markets and canandians innovation is coverd up so as to sell a special phone and stock and regulting 100% of the black out on 3dtv is 19239 Jazz and 16 years is discrimination of startyups fro what everf is gaged 16 years and the trickl;e up is covertup and theri startups like 3dtvvchannels.com for 16 years actualy are gagged in todays elections 3DTVBusiness.com net orgs by thew dozen are held hostage as busienses go, duhh, they excell at that but promoting and helping and ixing up and promoting and regulating coffie in water means 75 % of the stuff ypou put in should be coffie and not tea, as they cut 100% of the content all day they lost the rights to use CVanadian regulators, all day every busiens day, wow who's in charge now terrorists on soem one else tv all day , wow, where is csis to prevent this, is the content of the crtc missing the other 75% callin git slef canandian is false they failed 100% of 3dtvcanada.co and we are 100% canandian so gop figur ifound the weakest link in cananda's tv industry the 2d tv coup all this so as to runan election in 2d on2d for2d by2d and ghhave a 2d tv crtc coup duhh!, www.3DTelevisionCanada.com net org gets hacked and left to be gaged by 100% of the crtc regulation for 16 years that a cop out for the dollers spent they aught tpobe shammed in2d too as they ack liek bullies in crtc gangs who will not support a single 3dtvstarttup.com in sports or a single Canadian owned and Canadian made www.3DTVCanada.com startup for Canadian3DTV.com products makes them usless for supporting Canada so they aught togive back the money andget shammed for failing to do it, and it's Canadian startups wjhoneeded them too, in new media especialy, "daddy wasen't there " cop out, so why tax Canadians for a sefvice they never got or get a 2d tv crtc cartell that promote 75% non Canadian content and call them selves regulators of Canadian content whenthey do not , that a cheese -macaroni fraud, they do not even regulate 75% of it now andtheyu dudi no tmake any of the choices public otherwise they are a cop out for Vancouver 3dtvstartups and theicanninternst itself , they shoe disdane and contempt for th e3d socil net sites stolen in 2001 and cover up 3dtvinnovtion bettert han dictators cover up their armies of regulators of canandian content, withthe majority of countreis coverin gupo canandian contetn and thecrtfc holding icann startups hostage because they are 3ddigitsaltv.com cultyure doesnow thatthey abandoned 75% of canandian content they are no longewr able to call themselces Canadian regulators theyhave tonow regulate their cartels 75 % non cnadian contnet so they are non canadioa regulating cvartell duhh,
Wow 16 years of this 2d tv coup coverup of innovatio9n byacrtc monoply iosgadafic and taxes to fund it is scarry all for a couple of great movies are not a substitute for Canadian nusiensses and startups in entertainments amdin hd digital tv online as the majority of contnettheyregulate is now no longer Canadian the trend is to substitute stuff for made in cananda by cadaians and pretend it is not international usign a crtc to pretend itscarry if the crtc are no promoting cnadians and the governmentis not promoting canda startups then why do we have them we need to havea government and a crtc that is of iusetocanadians too not justg crtc cartells blocking us contentandthen filtering it throiugh their 2d tv coups, we need a fully funded and supported Cabadian mde n dCanadian usable crtc with over 50 % o f their integirty for Canadian ma dwe and Canadian startups or they will lose their international face as representoign canada andcanadians, duhh!, with 100%of the contnet open for none Canadian companies it give yoru a glimps fo the intent of these cartellsfor 16 years they never did intend tocvompliment canada's economy they are sellout callingthemselcvwes canadians. that swhy 16 yearsther isno trickle down fromottawa and it is not russia hereitwas cananda for canadians whyare we bothering is theris no one there to support loocal startups in tv on line or canandian tv itself, it is a discrace to theri uniform and Canadian tax payers theyhaveabandioned us fora cassh grab online it is clear, it is a crime to fraud a government and call your self chees andmacaronyh when your mostly mnacaronie andto call yoru self a regulator of Canadian contnet is afarce 75% fo the time and all day long they woudl have tohave content to regulate it other wise theyare in contempt iof conflict opf interest and guilty of frauding candaians all day longf as they regulate products on over the air tv to eskimos and cities alike here it is not made in canda stuff they regulate so that is fraud it hs to day made in canda toget a labe stating it is made incanda andthat includes tvduhh! hopw could they claim to be helping canandian what canandian? they arestiffeleign czanabndan a 100% of thetime 3dtvcanda.com they arega gha with digitla intentre tv andlamb onover the aairs monmolies, they fail canan da andcanadians100% of the day time and 50 % of prime time makign them a complete cave in to tfw products , and 100% of thtime for 16 yezres thehga canada statrups in tv in Vancoubver in3Dmaking them the worlds leader in stiffeleing Canada athome on 2d tvthey tregulate , so they are regulators of stiffeleign canadians 16 years now, duhh1, get withthe program, stiffeling stiffeleing andcoveruping all the internet 3dtvchannel.com startups there are in one canandian compny is ntol enough they have to stiffel canandian content all day long now on crtc regulated tv monoplies and chgannels and sports, duhh!, thats conspiring to gag and stiffel Canadian contnet an dproductiosn duhh! and that swhat we havwe were no respect for the internet andit's startups in 3dtvsports.com net orgs staruyps too. www.3DSportschannel.com

The US and some forien tv is stuck forever stuck on their sustainable steriotypesas fergison is radicalised by2d tv adn guns and cop killing onthestreet with guns it steriotypes their tv contnet as us, and this is not possibel in cand athey cll names from a car and thats wow radical enough, ansome countries are locked by theoir 2d tv medias into steriotyping their immigrants andselves and cities and music forever as they have to have a monoply for elections and sports they steriotyope soast obully thoes who do not fit thesteriotype liek 3dtvchannels.comtheir are filterd out and gaged and held hostage for later use rpo sopmthikgn2dish, 16 years nowans dno way tobreak the steriotypes that are choking off adsl dites or innovtion online fora few 2d tv chats-search-news-politics sterio types, so asto make things fit in, everthign steriotyped so as it fits in the 2d tv not3d tv agenda writers avtar 6 or 7 yers ahead oflaunch forolympics in2d andplann not one to have a3dtvsports included soas to sustain steriotypes in2d duhh people have tpo be "dummerded down " so as to make it work anyoways, as plans and movies are scripted to reinforce the steriotyping proceses them selves and a crtc in ottawa gaggign 3dtvcarsshows.comfor years is perffict example of a 2d tv coiup sustaining steriotypes and a monoply runnign electiosn in2d, of their immigrantys ro cities otr so how do you voete for2d gtv politicisns whenyorua gaged 3dcanandian tv dot com startups in bc 2d poliyics in 2d on 2d and then have an eletioin based on terroism is nota change in our steriotype i admit it is the same same no change since 2000,a 2d tv culture sustaining the 2d tv has created and keeps it sustained soas to have no trickle down at allor www. 3d tv competition bureau.com or 3dtvtechreport.com and internet tv isi not forced to "south park" culturs or push sterio typed news and sports arts fashion tracvel and politicssoas to sustain a monoply or 2d tv coup for eleltimns and thsiopens the door to crativity innovation and new 3dtvchannels.com net org for 3dtvdrones.com or for 3dsportschannel.net to webcast all kinds fo new venues the dicttoships and culturs based on steriotyping for politics can nbto produce , the oposition parties can be friends on theinternet btu in 2d on2d 2d tv coup thasyt have to towe th rparty line or there breakgnth esterio tyope and forieners have to behave like theydoon south partk or they are not us citisens frpom thast country and this limits the creativity to steriotypiibg in 2don2d tv coups thathave to have crtc to see totit there is nowzyutoluncha 3dsportschanel.comor 3dfashionshow..comandelelct a 3dfashionqueen.com on a Canadian 3dtvchannel because thecrtc can't figur out how tosterio type canadians of all nationalities inottawa or Vancouver so tghey have to rely of foriencontent to do it for them , in 2d for 16 yesrs , some countries everyone has a gun a gernade a rocket lkaubcher and theri 2d tv is riddeled with guns and retaliation by everthign that has a gub abdin canand so so many thing can be produced onm a tv where ther arenoguns buthooo heres one a wow and this is no t possibel when guns a steriotyped all datya everthign anand ever show and person armed to theet and ready foir revenge tv shows , is nbto canandian , 3dtvcarshows.comor 3dtvauctions...com or 3drealestatetv..comhas no guns for plotsforsteriotyping and so as canadians we can not produce for ouirselves steriotyped contnet slated forother markets where everyone has a assalt weapon top over copme living next door, and the list of sterio typed thing go on when you cave into sony hackers ro terroists ro tfw's in steriotyping americ the cananda play a special sterio part, and itis sosodiufferebnt we need a crtc toarticulate it not cave into cash demands so as to have 75% foriencontnet and a few elec tiosn s, the interen tmaake the need forregualted tv to be 100% lcoal and the rest is global onlinme anm ddifferent not the same the crtc have to seporate them sleves from thwe intere tand go back to over the air or they wil lose their place inusefullness .
thiis is were thje crtc fails canandians it forcesupto be steriotyped by other conmtent 50% odf the day and gag 3s 100% of 3dtvinnovatiuon all day then it stiffels 50% al night as it usues prime time to fire off guns or chase crooks and ther is nowy to have a3dtvauction foir charity andno way to jubalee in3d or ce;ebrate a centenial in 3d o3d pover 3dtvmags.com becuzse the 2d tvcpoup are out of touch with what a candioan needs in stereo 3d tv and stuck on commisions from 6 monolies and face it every Canadian knows cabel tv created cpac for cabel tv and they cratedtncrtc forcabne; tv too not me andcso ther is now ay to use a crtc that is steriotyped itself as taxfunded dydytem to gga 16 years of 3dtvchannels...com even thought they are anew type fo sterioing and candain art andtalent is gagged , stiffeled and held hpostage bya 2d crtc coup that discrimiantes against 100% of 3d tv 100% of th eday and 100% of the night 100% fo th eweek anmd 100% of the month in100% of their documentaries and100% of the year for16 yeara and3 elctions and and 3 wars and that is their steriotyping and i can not change it no matrteer how many new 3dsterio tv channels i launch in 16 years the 2d crtc keep to their steriotype of beiign buillis asnd holding 3dtvinnovation.com net org hostage soas to have a 2d tv couip , that is not sterio and gages competiton all day and all night 100%dfo thtime the is nmo resonto have ghreatr movie if it is ionternstions andthencall it candnain it;s aninsu;lt to international filming, butthat s typiocal of a 2d t vcoup0 tyhey only seel them selfes inthepicture nd so if the crtcv is not gongto ppromote 1200% of the cabdbainand thei 100% Canadian interentional products then they can apply for a jon 75% of thtime some where else and l;eaqve cand ato the cand sinfiom makersa nd the other countries to their own , when we cannot evenwatch out forour own how can they expect respect form any one esle. www.3Dwa.com 3DwebcasteingAssociation.com net org a 3DCanadianTV.com gaged by the =crtc so they can make froom for fwt stuff. 16 byears in roow and get paid anyways. who coudl trust a pafrtnet like that and respoect there ininternational films and tv, ?? how coud anyoen be sure they would have theor support as 100% of Vancouver3dtv,cin nwert orgs can;t andther is no explinantin just 75% canddain content missing in crtc licenced over the air mefdias.swell forposterity and jobs in new3dtvchannels..com ina 22d tvcouip0 all your get is few monmoplies and 75% of tjeir content is not candnaind thats afraud, lek chees and macarony , they are notcanandian and no tcontnet regulators they are 75 0 somthign lest and thats no good to 3dtvinnovation.com startusp in BC or any where in canada see ,see theproblem trying to launch a 3dtvcanda.com in canda theproblem isd the 2d crtc will nmot let you duhh!.

wow crtc is forcing 0 % Canadian 3dtv in the moring at night in 2000, 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 ...2010 2011 2012 ...2015 same same Canad financing 0% 3dtvcnada.com and the crtc is taxing, if yoru banned bya 2d tv for 16 years it's expencive . 0% news of 3DSportschannel.com (canadian show) ois stripped from 2d tv news for 16 years and the crtc missed it is incompatance ro deliborate nd that woudl be discrimintion not help dyh!, 0% 3d tv content in the day time and 50% 3d tv canandoian monoplies at night meaning they signed off on 100% of the startups in need of a crtc tose they get 1% of a chance in 2d tv coup that gaged them for 16 yezrs wow swell job you all should get yoru own gazibos as abonus, they need 1/4 the budget to regulate 6 monoplies i gues , wow that means they can onlky regulate 25 % of canadians content and theey will be obsolete, 75% of the time in supporting Canadian actors on over the air 2d tv if you add that to their agenda od sex on friday night and cartoons an sater day morning then i guess off tpo 2d tv church day andbacktoterrorism for worlkd areal 2d tv old fashioned agenda to support and sustain a 2d tvb coup , why , for the elctiosn monoply debate on terrorism chow so the terorrist winthe elecion platform for 6 weeks duhh in 2d on2d for 2d , soas to ga 3dtvpolitics.com same same they are regulating enought to regulate a 2d tv elelction coup in 2d for 2d by2d for 2015 soas to have 0% Canadian 3dtvchannels.com net org in the day time and 0% 3dtvchannels at night and absolutly 0% www.3DTVOttawa.com net org startusp in canda made by canda and cast withj canandian s and in 3d on 2d tv elction channel. or in 3dtvsports.com industry so the crtc have failed 100% of th etiem for 16 yeasrs thats sfull score. hurray for posterity and prosperity is out the door 5the truckle down is gone an dtrickle up is swell especialyu now that it is an electioins.. in 2d. www.3DTVCanada.com net org nowyou knaow why ii started upo a 3dcopyrighttv.com and my own 3dcrtc.com 3dcrtc.com with no support froma single canadoian on the entiere 2d tv industry i hab=ve noi joice but to innovate so in 2001 i put a down payment on the suffix ".3d" and go figure igot conned and robbed of 80 socil nets i was giving away and the 2d tv coup was ther to see ther is noway totell a single story , 100% american and canandian style in 3d. 5:50 PM 2015-03-12 www.3DPresident.com of 3DTVCity.tv wow radicalising the NNIQab by 2d tv that gages 3dtvcanada.com is lame unless they radicalise the NIQuab in 3d too they are just pushing their live nuilly-votinh systems so as to vote in 2d on2d over 2d for the 2d tv elections and thay all talk at once forthe fad is to cover up 3dnewsnetwork.copm netorg with endless radicalisation of somthgnanythigneven a NIquab so as to have a 2d tv coup run the eelectiosn andf vote rel time , this is wahy a netnutral6tv.com plebisciteCanada.com was gaged in 2000 so there is no answer if you can tatoo a fish on your forhead and become a canandian or will you haveto cover it with a scarf is a 2d tv content giller untill the 2d tv elction show in 2d and the crtc are ther to seetoit 100% of 3d tv is gaged for this election too, same same , 3dtv and plebetv.com and plebisciteCanada.com are uve 40 seasons old and still asking why crtc gaged Canadian internet 3d tv startups from Y Jubalee launches if theyry are ther to propmote and protect Canadian content and Canadian busiesnin new medias then they faied hundreds of time over 16 years in all venues even 3dtvsports.com, startups so why is the secret why gag 16 years all the3d tv startups in Vancpouver iof it is not foir the election thenwhy cant they say whay do they need csis to look into it for 3d tv elections to be gaged by 2d tv 16 years and elections agains is no mistake it is deliborate sowhy if ther are issuesthen why can'tr they be discussed with a single 3dtvchannel.com 3dcopyrighttv.net org 3dcandatv.org pn a 2d tv news in 16 years if the crtc is doignther job then i could but they fail so s to have a 2d tv monoply angaion and to vote show off their new 2d tv electiuons realtime bully-shame-chat-vote software servers on crtc 2d tv, realtime on today to push and continue radicvalisation "niquabs today , youth tommorow " so tune in realtime voting realtime AI anty-terroism 2d tv show system and be asured the crtc are ovderseeing the canandian made and Canadian owned content in 2d so as ther is no way to have any integrated this electionin 3D duhh, i didn't startup yeasterday you know i been doign this for years and years and 100% of my web pages and stories avout them are gagewd by a 2d tv coup and nothjing else the crtc oversees coudl do it , gag www.3d so they failed to help 1 page made in canda owned in canda so i do not know what they are about, yet afer 16 years of hearings and public input i still cant find out where to put it to them, not even 1 3dtvcarshow.com and apps for adds and adds for apps on a single 3dtvchannel.com for 3d movies and sports in 3d and shopping in 3d all we get is 2d tv ads and every Canadian made owned and launched 3dtvchannel.com gaged means they faied , failed and failed to launch 1/ all of them over 16 years by incopetance or by discrimination , or both btu they ain't trying hard thats for sure i try harder than all of then to launch 3dtvchannels and the only barrier is the 2d tv crtc coup, every day , no way to use a single 3dtvstartup for 3d on 2d tv crtc yet they stioll discriminate 100% all day every day like thery were terrorists cuttin goff startups ahead of the niche,s and venues and all towards beeing the diminatoir of the elections chat bully a agendas theyare set up[ tp gag 3d tv for same same the 2d tv elections on 3d tv unless it is in 2d on2d over 2d by2d so they can pick who to bully in 2d this elections how canyourintegrate withthe crtc 2d tv coup thats the question for 16 years that no one inthe crtc wil answers . Canadian madeby canadianb ius gaged bya 2d tv coup looking to do somthign great. wow and to get theyr they radicvalise the niquab, wow , in 20 what a subject toradicalise. www.3DTVWomenTcom are gaged bya crtc 2d tv coup-NIQuab set upby the2d tv sother is no way to show your Canadian www.3dfaces.com, in 16 years. a3dtvchannel is gaged bya 2d tv niquab of onoplies in 3dtvsports.com too that sthe gane they are playing . no iontegrity or integrity tryin gto help Canadian content and Canadian strtupp internationaly with our tx es as they are empowered to help canandian startup internationaly and localy , .the crtc do not help unvail www.3DCanadianTV.com net orgs in Vancouver. 2015
You Can't report a bleading heart viurus for 2 years when we have a 2dtvcoup and your a 3dtvchannel.com could be getting hacked by sony hackers you cant rely onthe crtc to report it when yoru robbed of 80 3d socil nets or 1 3d spocial net and that is inscurity on steroids,
www.3DTVSecurity.com, if I can't startup a 3dcanadiantv.com net org in 15 yeaers and be integrated with 1 crtc monoply tv then the crtc have failed. 300 3dtvchannels.com in 16 years and not one is usable on 2d crtc tv monoply and this means they failed to help 3 times or 300 times ther is no point in knocking on ythier door for help but when sunding time comes along they say they are the freatest thing in canadain security of Canadian made canandin workers and internetionaal identites and theyu are all over the place for a buck in 2d for 2d by2d soas to have monoloies thats all, if I can't startup a 3dcanadiantv.com net org in 15 yeaers and be integrated with 1 crtc monoply tv then the crtc have failed. 300 3dtvchannels.com in 16 years and not one is usable on 2d crtc tv monoply and this means they failed to help 3 times out of 3 or 300 times i a row samwe same it's insecurityand scarry for a 3dtvstartup.com and 3dtvshows.ca.
16 years religiously discrimination against 100% of www.V3DTV.com www.3dtvtime.com to help , is past noe they are stul weith this as a history albitross they are and were gaggerds not tabards and to stiffel 1 canandian and not break up their monoplies means theyu faied me hundreds of time across all trade sa dn venues and arts and even realestate and shooping in 3d on 3dtvstores,con heck i did a 6 yeasrs thesus onthis and they gaged that too, this speaards terroso ion accountans and makes busiens impossibel in a 2d tv couip they oversee, ao they faid you too , i can't use a single us actor inasigle 3dtvchannel so they faied the usa too , www.3dtvchannelamerica..com is gagerd by guess who the 2d crtc that says they promote canandian content and maade incanda stuff wiw that bull, the crtc monoplies have won the cilver spoon feeding sports contest every year for 16 years and crtc helped them by seeing to it there is a Canadian 3dtv ban on Vancouyver3dtv.com startyups duhh!, for 15 years on Vancouver3dtv.com startusps wow , thats insecurity for you , back stabbed by yoru own crtc as they pretend to promote innovationandcanandian and canandioanconmtent in3dtvsports.com startups , wow thats fraud, for petes sake, 16 years ands 100% 3dcatv/com net porgs gaged is scarry not security the ideal fo the crtc is to promote not hold hostage Canadian and Canadian startups without dicrimination and 16 years it ios tosee to it ther is nodicriminartion in participaction and integration with the crtc but instead they use the 2d tv monoplies newses and busienms tv to actualyh as everyone can seeby the history of 3dtv they use it to gaged by them www.3dtvolympics.comis gaged by100% of the prwess in 2010 and it waslike takigncandy froma bvaby and that is ghadaficly scarry , security is overssight of the crtc too, and when the crtc 2d tv press are intolerant of canadians and theroi tv wen startupos and especialy intolerant with new3dtvchannels.com for 16 years they walk and talk andf look like a dictatorship not a makers fo great posterity buyt a dictatoru of who getshelp, thats scarry andmaje busiwens startuos in canandian tv online insecure and whenit comes tointolerance with made in Canada made by Canadian 3D TV startups in Vncouver they are guilty of 16 years discrimination and thats all they made ,they made 100% of the 3dtvchannel;s.com dissapear in the 2d tv monoplies coverged preses for 16 years thats gidafic scarry as theyu worship TFW made movies and gag local3dtv.com net orgs soas todo it, thats inscurity messageing , where do i go to get support for internations 3dtv startups then the crtc too, and thats scarry, tey already gag 3dglobetv.com for 16 years and 3dtvchannel.us and 3dtvchanmnel.cn and 3dtvchannel.de and 3dtvchannel.ca so they woudl surly gag www.3dworldwidewebtv.com if it were canandin startups too and use a 2dtvcoup to do it as 2 dozen 3drealtytv.com or 3 dozen 3dtraveltv.com or 3dozen 3dhollywoodfilms.comor4 dozen 3dsportschannel.com net orgs get gaged by 100% of the crtc medias i llok to them for the reason andi do notaccept "issues" any more as reason its a cop out in2d for 2d by2d soas to have sustained globalised 2d tv coups for electiosnduhh, all the 16 year 3dtvstartupos.com go if theyr are not imprisioned by the crtc then where did they go whereare the top ten 3dtvchannels.com thus year in sports tv in 3d tv webcasting incanada on the crtc , thweysre missing in dictatyorships they woudlbe missing too, and thats scarry not security, security is support for all makers in cananda and made in Canada 3dTVCanada.com net org ca startupsso everyone notjst crtc monollies can be great a 16 yearfs of stiffeleing 3dvtv.com is scarry, real scarry 3-drealtv.com scarry in Canadian3DTV.com 3d web tv startup and apps trades then its scarry to fork over tax funding freely givem to m,ake crtc monoplies great whil;e holding 100% of the 3DwestwrnTV.com net org idusctries in sports prisioners for 16 years wjile they support canadians makeing moovies in other countries grest because of cheep costs asnd then borrowing the made in cananda id, meanwhile discriminationg against 100% www.3DCa.com net org 3dtvcopyrigh.com neyt orgb made by canada in canda 3dtelevisioncanada.com is not helping Canadian makers anbd Canadian startups so withotu ness an d media oversight beeing gaged by 100% of the crtc push for Canadian content an dcanadian makers is sxarry and ther is co way to feell secure whenthe crtc do this for 16 years, gagging 3dlocaltv.com so as to be great is gidafic. not help it's scarry and makes you feel insecue ouur only hope is csis to see to it Cananda busiens onlien can be activly securing an open market for all 3d tv dot com startups in a 2d tv world .'br" scarry is knowing what the 2d tv governments of the world think of 3dtvstarups.com , security is knowing what the governmentleader thinks of muslams and cibc intolerance towards 3d jubalee startups and 3d socil net tv startups in Vancouver Cananda for 16 years but what is even more scarry is what they think of things they have yet to admit seeig as they see things different than a net nutral person would how do you vote for a party that is in majority power and is 16 years intolerant towards www. 3dtvstartups.com inVancouver why pick on Vancouverites is scarry andmakes yuou feell insecure, intolerance is all we get, www.3dwestwerntv.com is held hostage ina democracyu too, so thats scarry andintolerance towards the crown citisens and 3dnewsnetwork.com netorg is worthmany tweets, intolerance towards www.3dpaytv.com startups for 3dtvjobs.com ina regultory system run by a majority is scarry and security is oversight andknowingf why, 3dbusinesstv.com and seo services for free, and gag 100% of 3dtvchannels.com for hd and 3d sports and will not say why. is my nose to long, did i have a berka on at a party are my domains not sutable for canadians to advertise on and is ther somthing the ministry whanted tosay tome but are not allowed to or ar set up toframe me or why 16 ywears why woudl a government gag 3dtelevision startups online and for whom is so scarry it rivals terrorism when i lnow ther is a reasonbut the entire government will not say why 16 years and no answers is scarry and makes me feel insecure for you all .is ir raceist or just discrimination by joice or is it dicrimination for a pay ourt under the tabel deal pr monoply or is theer a 2àd sports scandle in back of 16 years (scarry) of crtc holding 3dsportstv.com and 3dsportschannel.com streaming 3d tv and video startupsas a hostage of crtc2d tv busiens news, (scarry, deniy it i dare you to deny it) in Vancouver business or is it a race thinglike muslams andberks or cibc or somthing that is a secret for 16 years in Ottawa (www.3DTVOttawa.com is gaged that is very scarry too ), why 16 years discrimination why woulod a goverment majority party gag 3dtvchannels.com in Vancouver for 16 years this is so scarry i whant to tell csis all about it but how, why is 2d tv and themajority hovernm,entgagging 3dcounty.com tv and startups for 16 years so i am not scared of them and so noone else in Cananda on 3dtvwebcasrting is too as a new media startup in 3D politics and 3D arts 3D news and 3D sports 3D travel and 3D realestate 3D investment and 3D busiens in hd3d on www.3dtvcopyrighttv.com net org icann addresses and new trade names all gaged by 100% of the 16 years they were in office now when is it ok to start beeignscared of the governments reason, now or pre-emtivly scarry every time i launch a new3dtvchannel.com now this is getting wierd and that is so scary i am reluctant to mention it most days. csis has to llok into this because it is scarry and i could be gaged byterrosits investment mioney rosomthignliek a vribe or some soports scandal in o;lympics news andsports or somthogn thst woyuld gag 3dtvssports.com soccer andfootball for 15 years. thats scarry for any team and the scarryist part is we are not suposed to be a dictatorship but a comon wealth country with no hidden agendas. this is so scarry i have toaskwhy is thegovernment lettingthecrtc 2d tv monolies gagandhold 3dtvstartups.comfoir 3dtvjobs.com gaged bya 2d tv coup. is ti the electionad money or the2d tv elkectionshow is it nessary to have i t because oit id=s fiixed and so no other press is allowed or why , when all the conservatives in office andall the crtc tv channels gag all the 3dtvchannels.com in 3dtvcanada.com without an explanationit is like they were ilimnating competition and why would an entire government iliminate competition are they not in favour of the free open market or not thisis scarry and security is knowing who whenwher why and how come 3dtv is gaged by Canadian governments infostructure is it broken and shoudl we be scared because there has to be a reason why 100% of thecrtc cave intoa monoly party inoffice that gages 3dtvpolitics.com net orgs for 16 years they gag mme andvacouver 3dvtv.com so if thery are so so great and honest then ther is noproblem explaining why 16 years adn without scarring anyone tell everyone why 3dtvis gaged by the crtdc medias. 8:05 PM 201 it isscarry not beeing able totell csis or anyone in government avbout this and 16 years inrow i am unable to get a streight answers from anyone in the press or government who are swaorn to look into this type of thing , security is knowing why ypur compnay iosgaged by a government an dthe crtc insecurity is trying to do busiens in 3d on3d over new3dtvchannels.com and beeign gaged by 100% of the majority government ministers of looking out for dicrimination in news content and for 16 years beeign unable toi know why 3d tv spoprts is gagted by Ottawas beast politicians. where do we cave into whom is the scary part of not knowing and where is the prime minister when you need one this is the scarry part of security how casn you feel secure when ther is no explanation as to why 3dtvcanada.com is gagerd by 100% of thge system and it is not supposed to happen but it has and does and is and for 16 years without a secure sinceer answer it is cowardly to not respond, it is promoting insecurity in 3dtelevision internet businesses and startups in 3dmoviechannels.com and 3dcopyrighttv.net and 3dtvcharity.org busiens starting up in a secret2d tv coup with politicinsgoing alonfg as if they cavedintoi a sony hackers for 16 years ther has tobe cisi answers as to why the crtc gag 100% of Vancouver3TV.com net org startups this election budget and all the others with a majority government there is no reason why they can not look into it for 16 years why doo they not look into it , i hope csis looks into it and busts these intollerant 2d tv coup discrimintion ring is ti fraudon a grose scale or deliborate and the answers oios scarry and maakes you feel insecure security is knowing why 3dtvstartups are gaged by the entire canandian infostructure in dissimnation of busiens news for 16 years is this a crime against business in 3dtv or not the answers is scarry and makes me feel insecure so i hope the csius can make me feel secure and help 3dtvchannels.com launch in an open market here in 3dtvottawa.com 3dlocaltv.nets. markets. www.3DPresident.com of www.3dtvchannels.com net org 5-03-10

Security is knowing your 2d tv monoplies reason for beeing intolerant towards 3d tv web startups for web 3dtvbusiness the top ten www.3dcopyrighttv.com net orgs for 2015 on a crtc 2d tv news and business show for the 16th year in a row. insecurity is nor beeing able to report 1 single 3dtvcanda.com net org hacked by sony hackers in a single Canadian press in 16 yeasrs. www.3dtvpress.com net org gaged bya dictatyorsiph of 3d tv couip s like you were in a dragons den wqhile majority government watch and pretend to be net nutral, That is scarry to say the least.12:05 PM 2015-03-11 www.3dtvsports.com

Wow B.C. ferries run every day year in and year out they are the only means of transportatrion to our Capitaal city just like provinces back east the people in our capital rely on the ferry service for their infostructure and they get 1 300th of the funding the ferries do in the east even when they freez up and do not run for times in the winter and ours still do they cost us 3000 times more than bc ferries and were broke from paying ferry costs and with 365 days in the years 2 days worth of eastern ferrie costs equal our entire years budget plus.
If the eastern provinces are not using them and they end up frozen by ice and not run then may be some , a day or 2'd budget could trickle out west and make it 299 times as much money for ferries per person as back east are not moveing and this inequality needs addressing because of the costs and needs for year round service and because it is un constitutional to have such a discrepancy in finds flowing qwhen the ferries are on ice, after all 300 times as much funding for 1 years could repair the entire province plus it could repair ferries and fund cheaper fairs here by a infusion of federa; cash not used by the east , we could double servioce and cut costs to busienses and tourists in half or run them for free with that kind of funding , so this election BC will be fighting for equal rights for B.C. ferries and this is a good cause and should be on the BC voteing ballot.

Wow in 2001 www.3dvirtualtv.com Launched, it was TV filmed in 3D making it 3DVirtualtv.com net org a new media but in the world wide web some how virtual tv was animatedion or a sysytem where you dawned a head set and graphic generated a reality but 3dvirtualtv.com net org was sports travle news arts 3dstores.com was a 3dvirtuyal;tv.website 3dvtv was 3Dimentiona. television so in 2003 i launched 3drealitytv.com to go with 3drealtytv.com and create a3d real tv show in 3d all about realestate and it was 3drealitytv.com net org 3dvirtualtv.com format plane teelevision in 3D . but in the wporld wide web tv world some body or group had decided reality tv was contest or big brother tv show not a platform for regular tv but a show format liek comedy or sports and soi todayu ther are two vanaculars for the same thisn www.3DVirtualTV.com and 3DRealityTV.com net and org are 3DComNetOrg TV channelks and they do not have any 2d reality shows on them makign them the rworlds first www.3DRealitytv.com net org and 3dvirtualtv.com net org in 3d streamign tv webcasting history to be gaged by 2d tv and their 2d reality tv shows and 2d news reports of virtua;l tv soas there is an entire industry in real tv or 3-Drealtv.com net org casting called 3drealitytv.com and 3dvirtua;ltv.com all televirtualtv.com netorg 3dwirelsstv.nets and they are not part of the accidenrt prone 2d realidty cable tv sows repoort in their news so today 3dvirtual;tv.com net org and 3drealityttv.com are held hostage bya crtc that have 1 venacular and no way tolaunch a www.3DCopyRightTV.com from the 3Dwebcasting Association.com and 3dtvconsortium.net and 3dwebcasters.org www.3-DRealTV.com all are the same as regular tv but 3D making them virtual and real in 3D and tv duhh!.

We Can't give in to terrorism!
Ever since 100% of my 3dtvchannels.com net org were gged by 100% of the crtc i gave upon the belife that ther is privacy online and my only fear of scic having no oversight is , radicalised or bad csis members could go "pamila wallin " abd run up a whopping bill with no iversight. i have no fears they will get isil in the end but at what cosat and in what country is the cash flowinfg froma rotten apple if they get one. watcvhign 100% of th egovernment funding go into a 2d tv coup for 16 years and then havwe no oversight to see if they are remooving material about 3dcopyrighttv.com startups for jobs and3dtelevisioncananda.com beeign gaged is now part odf 3d tv history online and so if thecrtc can get away with 16 yesaras discrimiantion of 3d tv and recieve cash fundign andthe elelctions on a sivle platter draped in 2d tv sports monoplies then i woprry aabout a pamila wallin a cash grab becauswe there si no oversight to stop it , spending mponey shutting down 2d tv jihahdi news content is cool but a roge agent wiuth aunlimted budget and no oversight is scarry, it woudl give theadministartion of cisis noght mares to hold that rwesopncibilty i would think they would love to pass that buck, and get on with confiscating jihadi john videos and propaganda for terroism from the crtc 2d tv medias the content about g20 glss lake and investigate why the discrimination against 3d tv dot com startups for 16 yezars , evenwhile the crtc have political and legal oversight they discriminate 16 years and with oversight they spread glass lake and terrorism without a single tax odoller helong 3dlocalnews.com tv bujsiwens so they can have a sustained globalised monoly is not oversight its rigged, amnd the same news that spread jihadi john and radivcalise for months since we entered the war haev ovesight and it does not stop them from discriminatingf as teh 2d tv news that gag 3deducvationaltv/com net org put people ouit of busiens for 16 years lek they weretold to by a ghidaffi like mandate togag 3deducationaltv.com startups too, go figutre its across the board and covbers every trade andif it gages liek a 2dtvcoup and stiffel 3dtvcanada.com startusp for 3d tv like a 2d tv coup then itmust be one, and it;s a 2d tv coup wioth oversight soas it canstiffel andfilter 16 years and gag 3dtvjopbs.com anbd in 2001 i said io would stasrtu up all kinds of 3d tv channel sbecauee i ws conned androbbed tryiong to startup the ".3d" suffix for 3dtvchannels in 2000-1 and with oversight the 2d tv news do fine, biut ther is no way to startup a 3dcounty.com tv hd3dtvshow.com for crtc products and cell phoines ona 2d crtc tv service providers because of issues andoversights, os 11 yuears plus and still no way to participate andcreate prosperity or jobs in 3dtvshows or topurism for soldiers returning from the forst 2 wars and and now this one with isil, the costs are accedemic and will nedd oversifght anyways. loteries adn government expenditurs allneed a good. www.tabardtv.com 7:43 PM 2015-03-10
The oversight of terroisim investigation is the 1 and only soure spot of the entire bill c-51 for some reason our csis need to pass their bill and the lack of oversight in creating it has led to a discpoute over oversight that hods Cananda in limbo so that means the terrosists have won they have radicalised 100% of the process of ovewrsight in fighting terorrism in 2d on2d voer 2d soas tpo have the entire thign a 2d tv spectacular extravganza and waste of money and time when the ris no wy to launch a 2dsportschannel for the pan am games, the endless reasurance thaty ther is no need for oversight means the is no need tonot have it because the fact is ther is noi need to worry so why not error on the safe side and have oversight by 2 or 3 nutrals groups if there is nothting to hide thenther is noneed fporall this reasirance theisil wil be beaten and no one will ever vote for them as political party so whynpot carry on andwhop cares if ther is over sight ther is nothign to hiode so it is invisable wioththe entire operation as assured by everyone on btih sides, it becomes non criticals andaccxedeemic a isdl terrosit is aisl terrosit andover sight is oversioght , why the worries, .
meanwhile the crtc 2d tv news make ad reveneus promoting jihahdi john videos ( soon to be confiscatd nby csis ) anf socil netwprkign all about terrosit propagands in 2d on2d soas tpo have terrosism a main focill point of the fall electiosn and thus the radicalisation of the entire elelction is accomplished by 2d tv and bill c-51 it is a total terorosi 2d tv extraviganza all aday every day in 2d, and so the crtc newses that gag 3dsportstv.com so as to have none for 16 yewsrs then makes it ads reveneus from jihadi john videeos whiel it report websites and their videos we watch the same news struggle on cpac with anty terroism all day in 2d o2d soas to have a2d tv eleltion agasin the2d tv news for 16 years and 2 wars, uesars terrosim politics and gages 3dtvcarsshows.com givign you a gloimps of their iuntegrity in busiens ands net nutrality, and for some reason the country waits and waits for 51/2 out of 6 months we train troops in summarias, for the resolution of the terroists staratigy and 5 months later the hang up is oversight, swell, the divide is because theer is one side insisting on absolutly bo oversught changes inthe bill and the other whant oversight in investigsations before and after and the entire kauffel is because one side refuse to have oversight likwe the other g 7 do , sma eas gl;oba; warminmg anmd free trade we seem to go a dofferent way, imagine the only thing preventing terorosit from beeing invesdtiogated is oversight or the lack of , ther has to be overshight so as to have the bill pass. The crtc have oversight and they can remove 100% of the innovation in hd3dtvchannel.com net org sports stasrtups and 100% of the busiens apps for 3dbusinesstv.com startups spo the news can remove 100% of th enews of terroisits liek jihadi jon vcideos and other poropagandas withthe oversight of the crtc trhe cisis could remove 100% of the terrosist propaganbd too same same ,

If the crtc news medias and business investment information dissimination in Cananda can remove nd filter out 100% of 3dtvchannels.com net org launched for tv for 15 years then csis can remove all the terrosit videos and isil or terroist propaganda in the world with my blessinsg and no oversight by me is needed, and if i had the money i wouild by them each a bear each too. www.3dtvtoo.com
Terrists and terroism are stealing our future radicalising the focus of the next Canadian election, everyone agrees with bill c-51 when a few modifications are don and almost everyone agrees with it as it is but to have so so many people asking for oversight and 100% of the majority government refusing oversight it seems there is somthing like shannagins going on because why would anytone refuse 1009% of all modification to abill unless it was a shannagins and not integirous becauwe every one agrees with most of the bill with some modifications and almost everyone agrees withit as it ois accep the majority government refuses to alow everyone to agree with a few modificatiosn it cpould pass 100% but 100% is not good enough for security i guess.
we can't waste 6 week on twrroism, focusing on radicalisation and phobias instead of business and middle class is radicalisation of the democratic voting process and it means the terroisit are winning because all our politicians are radicalised and can't move on to other business deradicalisign the press and turning off deradicalisation cash flowwsis the start as we waste mony and time on nothigbn else but this during the election so fr no one is concentrating on prosperity but the dragons den.
We Can't give in to terrorism as jobs and infostructure education and technology upgrading a fiber optic highway and over tolling by lack of funds for bridges and freeways all take a back seet to terroism in 2d on2d as a filer and a substitute for 4 years of now needed attention to busiens a nfthe middle classes waite to vote , We Can't give in to terrorism and forget 4 years of oil patch health jobs and education and how elections are run on forien onwed social nets-searches-chats-2dtvnews and not 3D for 16 years ,We Can't give in to terrorism and waste a perfictly good election on moot subjects likesecurityh and terroism as we have already been ther withthe FLQ and for years we have to not give in to terroism and concentrate on the future 4 years, this electiosn is not to be about terroissm unless the 2d tv -chat-search-socil lnet news and politicias make it so because , We Can't give in to terrorism now this elestion especial one that comes along once in every 4 years nus, it seams the terroists party has won the firsrt round already, the news is pushing it this election before it even starts as the main subject, and content in2d on the news and politics is all about teroorists and nothing else it lookslike the 2d tv has caved into an election platform based on terororism , wow , no way to find out how come 16 years the crtc 2d tv medias gag stiffel and hold hostage innovation in tv webcastin gof sports over HD 3D TV channels .com net org and how come the entire 2d tv sports industry cnat celebrate on new 3dsportstv.com net orgs or why 16 years the entire c rtc here hold 3dtvinnovation hostage on a 2d crtc tv coup who'sapps cyber ctalk and follow you while the crtc tv hold you hostage in theirnews room, or why the politicians in Ottawa are set up to run elecvtions exclusivly for 16 years in2d on2dfor2d by2d and the arts as a 2d tv coupno other 3dtvinnovation.com net org canparticipate inevenwhen it copmes to once in every 4 years and an anelectiosn , because it looks like the terrorist party is theplatform for our legacy andthefuture infostructurs and technologies are back seat withe entire ottawa electionin and about terroisits andpolitcicng radicalisation at home ther isnoway to debate in3d on3d for3d by3d about 2d tv coups. the quesrtiong still waits 16 years , how do you start up 3dtvchannels.comfor sports news arts and fashion andrealestate and shopping ina dictatorship oir 2d tv coup? a COUP set up so that no innovation or startup can compete wirth a few crtc monoplies ona safe unbiast platform for busiens and pleasure, the web! 2:54 PM 2015-03-08 www.3DTVPOlitics.com

When staring up a new market or innovation it is most important to shoose a country open to innovation and free market competition umlike Canada and North korea where the 3d tv medias see to it ther is noway to launch 3dtvinnovation.com netorg or 3dtvstartups.com net org in a 2d government tv coup set up to report terroism and electuions in 2d on2d soas toperpetuate 2d tv monoplies that gag 3d tv innovation an dnew markets. We Can't give in to terrorism this election and make it al about that or they will have won and used up our demcatic oppertunity to acomplish somthing else this 2015 vote. www.3DTVPanel.com

Cyber Stalking Software should be globaly illegal.
The internet is either a tool for stalking people and kids or it is a private tool for business and pleasure apps stalk so for them it is a tool for use to stalk people and childeren using it!, the Governmnet of the country should be able to tell you what your internet is for, when you browse into a web store the owner can tabulate what your looking for or buying , but then to havwe them follow you around the mall and out the door and all over the web is stalking and a government in controle should be able to garentee charteerrd rights to not be stalked bytan app or a company anmd in Cananda , with an election here it should be top subject to see voters are not followed around by pushy shopping carts and or web stores apps, stalkinmg in and out of party websites and over into peoples chats and pictrure sites and in all ther is a need this elections for government and oversight.
to see if your tcp is loaded or clean log on and then surf and from a dos promt if you type "netsat -n 1" then you can see, every second, who is on your tcp with you or you company or kids at the same time who invited them selves along for your browsing sessions.
Cyber stalking is illegal so how come apps load software that stalks you and follows you around the internet as you serf tabulating everthing you do and search for is stalking , cyber stacking and it should be illegal. It is an unessary tax on busienses and childeeeed under 18.
Companies that are stalking you and not telling or allowing you to opt out for yout kids or compay should be shammed and banned by judges and politicians surfing social nets.
If you type "netsat -n 1" from a dos prompt then you can see every second what, who, where, why, when and how the ip adresses hook inot your computers tcp buss, and there you will see the ip addresses of app-browser-stalkers (established links) status of your tcp (transer communicatiopn protical ) buss, ansd thew foreng adresses linked to you computer and the address of thier foriegn established ip address and who-what is following you arroud the web and when they go away and the new apps do not go away they follow you all day all the time as of this yeaerrs they showed up and now they are ghreedy for your demographics wether yopu agree or not it's a catch 22 use agreement inside job. even my cable compaby , on the apps home site joins in and follows, you can see the service providers ip adress follow you the apps follow you and if you were a child and went to the school website then these softwares would stalk you all the way and all the way home to your cloud and to the docters, or voting polls or bank or political parties website because we no longer have a dumb terminal these apps stalk you to compile datya on your habbits and shopping treands at the investemnt sites all the way to the chat sites of your family (duh) and back and it shluld be illegal for companies toemplant cyber stalking software and browsers to yporu phone or comp0uter terminal andcompnaies who have pc compacts or tablits loaded with apps should reconsider using them for busiens unless you like cyber stalking software to follow your every products and account you log in to stalking people and companies is illegal and so should cyber stalking soiftwares a restraining order should be universal world wide web icann law to protect web surfers and shopers and mandititory on all browsers so as to illiminate stalkers, stalking , cybersquatting by stalking and privacy and police should investigate cyber stalking software to see if charterd rights are abused by forced agreemenrs when using browsers included withthe dumb terminals or pc computers nd cell phones standard issue browsers, and their stalking spying softwares. www.3DCopyRightTV.com www.3Dstores.com and www.3DShoppingWall.com TM CHarDanAI.com 2015 p.s.(stop cyber stalkers apps, stalking my customers when they are in my cyber www.3DCounty.com www.3DShoppingMall.com www.3dstores.com )

North korea and the crtc need to have a medias monoply so as the news seems to come from a god like source , the Canadian news need this means of controle same as North korea they hold all new 3dtvchannel.com or startups for 3dtv hostage soas to maintain their controle over the news sports arts and fashion shopping and wirelsstv so with the crtc newses holding 1009% o f 3dtvCanada.com net org industries hostage ther is no way to launch 3dtvdrones.com or 3ddronetv.com same as ther is nowayu tocelebrate in 3d on3d withthe crtc or 2d tv coup government monoplies in 16 years and busiens dryes up . what is needed is the crtc licencing news and small startups soas theris no nmonoplies but untill they open up the small markets to the internet tv industry ther is no way we can prosper ina korean top dowm 2d tv coiup where the crtc medias hold all the 3d wolrd wide wed tv .com net org startups hostage so theycanhave a god like controle over the news and bussiens in 2d on2d for 21d by2d with 2d over 2d and election in a 2d tv couipall about isil securityin 2d and no way to celebrate a jubalee or centenia;l or sport. in 3d on3d over new 3dtvmarkets and medias in order to keep total controle just like northkorea the crtc hold all the 16 years of 3dtelevisionCanada.com startups and 3dbusinesstv.com net org startups hostage evem 3DTVCity.com and3dcOUNTY.COM AND 3dtrAVELtv.COM EVERY SINGLE 3DTVCHANNEL I COULD THINL OF GAGED AND HELD HOSTAGE BY NORTH KOREAN LIKE CRTC 2D TV COUPS and just like North Kopres the crtc will not tell you thay are doingit of for hwhom andwhen sony hackers hack 3dca.com or 3dtvchannelamerica.com is is aan attack agains all america and when the2d tv couip cover up 3DTVit is an attack against all odf america the need for small markets to be startd so as to cut through the 2d tv couphold on busiens startups in 3DTelevision and arts is what the election should be about , small market starting up in a 2d tv coup designed to make 1 markert for the crtc gang and no acess for any one else holding all the busiens hostage in2d on 2d for 2d by2d soasthey is noway tolaunch new markets ina korean-2dtvcouip or a canandian 2d tv coup set up to promote terroism and then securityu just to get elected whenwhat we need is small markets starting upo to cut through ther crtc 2d tv koreasan like coup.
The politicians have to face their leader in voteing for or against a bill in a room called parliment where everyone can see the 3 w's of yoru vote and no way to have secret ballot or get a competator to sighn a none disclosuer to work pout new innovation and startups ina 2d tv coup setup tp see the leader gets relected and desides if we goto war oir peace ina romm where all the mps have to vote while facding the leder and in 2d on2d over 2d soas it is godlike and final and ther is noroom in theeses platform for new markets and thats the problem we have to open up innovationandnewmarkewts but a crtc is ther tosee the election ins in2d on2d over 2d by2d from2d and all about war and securitry not peace andrebuilding . www.3DTVCanada.comis gaged for 16 years soas ther isa 2d tv coupin power to gagand hold business andsmall markets hostage in 2d on2d fore the crtc 2dtvcoiup just like North korea ther is no way to launch a 3dtvchannel in Cananda because of the crtc 2d tv coup ther continualy promoting terroists andwar and all so as to have it ther for the election . Secutiy is knoeing yoru investment in 3dtelevisionnetwork.com net org are bnot goingot be gaged bya korean government or the crtc and Canadian can not make North korea report small markets or grow small markets intheir 2d tv coupowithout affecting the god like trickle down structure ingovernment and Canadian can nbort start up 3dshopping malls or 3dsportschannel.comina crtc 2d tv coupset up to hoild all new 3dtvchannel.com net org hostage for16 years.
withthe Canadian economy at the mercy of the crtc 2d tv coup ther is noway to use themtolaunch new small markets or big ones. And theelectionm wil be ablout conservatives andtheir war effotts on 2d over 2d byu2d soas to havea hkorean like electionallabout the security of canadians and in reality the process does the same thoing as theleaders of northkorea it gages 100% of the small markets creat43ed by 16 years of starting up newss interent streamign 3d tv video andmovies andarts websites fornewws and to creart small markets and prosperity with new big markets and the entire process is stalled by thecrtc 2d tv coup's need tosustain a god like authotity over thenews and mandates bythegovernment tomake the election about war and security again, instead ofjobs and creating new innmovationandmarkets www.3DTVInnovation.com is gaged by a korean like 2d tv coup set on mnakeing sure they have a monoplyand stiffel all other news and mediastartupos in3d or 4d even 3d4gtv.com is gaged so as the crtc (god like monoply) can have a god like aauthority and report security is the election platform instead of global jobs, the crtc andnoth korea need tosustain their status so they both see to it all the busiens andstartupos the hold hostage are kept secret byh the news and they therfore need a 2dtvcoup to deliveer it andsustaincontrole, and see toit ther is nowayto fibndout the crtc are holding innovsationand startuops hostage for 16 years, the rub is the crtc is now ther to see to it ther is noway to deliver the news of discrikmintion by 2dtv coup and hold all new 3dtvchannel.com net org and 3dtvstartups.com net org hostagesame as North Korea hopld innovastion andstartups in new markets hostage and we get stuck reporting it because as we reported over the last 16 years here in Vancouver the crtc are only serviceng a secret agenda and that agenda gages 100% of 3dca.com startupsfor 16 years and history is my defence ther is no record innorth korean news or Canadian crtc news of a single 3dtelevisionchannel.combeeiogn gaged in 15 years andyet 100% ofd themare and gaged bya 2d crtc tv full of newses too. www.3dtvtoo.com www.3DTVCanada.com the new medias and markets gaged by the crtc 16 years so they can have a North Korean like ,momop;y in bi=usienss and innovation and appear god like. duhh! same as North Korea www.3DWebcasting Association.com and 3dtvconsortium.net that thje crtc gag liek North Korea gagemerging markets. www.3DMovieCHannel.com a new market gaged by100% of the korean liek crtc 2d tv coup 16 years , hundreds of startups gaged by the crtcv newses soas tohold them hostage ina 2dtv election coup. the Govenments have caved into 2dtvvcoups and both govwernment gag100% of 3dtvinnovation.com netorg stsartups and markets for 3dtvchannels.com same same hostage taking by 2d tv monoplies and therisnoway to report it ina crtc cartell i should knaoe 3 elections and 3 wars and 16 years i have tried nd every single 3dtvchannel..co ki launched is gagedd byuthe crtc and north korean presses so they are the same in this mannor they bothhold startups innmovations and new mediss hostasge soas tomaintain 2d tv controle of their monoplies in business. What the world need is the ability to startupo new innovation andnew markets in communist or disctiatosip seneraios amd the crtc are holding 3dtvinnovation.comand 3dcyberads.com hostage just like north koreanholds innovation hsoatage soas tomaintain tyheir god like totalitarian rule with no competitionor innovartion or small markets allowed. this means theelection will be all about security in thewar witrh isil same as korea it;s always about the other guy so no one is allowed innovationon a 2d tv coup run to support a 2d tv coup[ electionprocess closed rto innovation andpublic . the crtc gag 3dtvchannels.cokso as to hold busiens hostage andfiltewr out competiton to maintain a god like hold on investmentas zand news and technology , 3dmoviechannel.com is gaged by100% of thecrtc 2d tv coup and sony hackers too, www.3DVTV.com 3dvirtualtv.com www.3dnewschanelk.com 10:58 AM 2015-03-07 .

There is no time to waste reinstate the FLQ War measurs act.
The governments endless 2d tv medias push on the anty terroisim bill c-51 is causing terror and probably ensighting terroists to radicalise as it is because of the governments commitment to war against terroists in the middle east thetyare why we have an army to fight terroists and anty terroism bills are redundant with war measurs so the war measurs act should be issued for the army and no one else so they can be funded and fight terroism and then ther is no need for the governments 2d tv news medias to endlessly spread anty terroism news asndsensationalise terroism as they do fro 3 wars in row , in 2d i might ad as the entire crtc news still can't dsay the wordl 3DTV or 3DTVCHannel or a mention a 3DTVCHannel.com the terroisist have got their toungh and they have caved ibto terorist news instead of 3dtvssports.com startups and new medias so asking the politicians to pass a bill for months while the entirwe 6 month training period is ovdr is lamb and all this time the money and efforts should have gone to protect colour guards on the hill and the army and veterans returning from the last 2 wars and endless news ablut should we shouldn't we when we have a tried and true flq war measures bill that works for past terroism emergencies and the army's SS for use now , in the last week of training the isil terroists fighters replacements for Canadian troups in the air and on the ground, meanwhile while the money goes to 2d tv ads as the endless tentions are sustained and not the war or the army and they are interupted by politicians debatimng (stallinmg when the war measurs act is waiting) over wether we should start over with bill c-51 or use thearmy and ss as we have it for the last 6 weeks, or use the flq war measurs act again now before our tyraining cources are over this term, and all this stalling is playing into the 2d tv coups and the terroissts socil nets catchalls, for proppagandas.
When the Canadian Army and the SS can train us to fight terroism at home then we can llok at modifying the war measurs act and the troups will have been trained in the middle east and the Canadian army can come home and train the reast of our security on fighting terrorists from these gangs and thier radicalisating by 2d tv news push push and by propagand pull pull will stop because the bill wil be all ther is left for the news to sell ads on and politicians to waster the last 2 weeks of traingin fighting over as predicted by all the tax paying cnadian vicurious and none voters in the last federal elections and 2 wars against terroists and terrorism.

Terroism news all day all night obviously the news is push push pushing terroism every open chance it gets in busiens and locaql news . the only thing we can do is re-instate the War Measurs Act created when the FLQ were terroising schools maial noxes and politicians in the 60,s and we shouldl reinstste ti immediatly soas the terroists can be investigated while parliment debate bill c-51. this way we can round up the radicalised terroists now weather the bill c-51 passes or not we will be able to round up the suspected terroists the same way we rounded up the fLQ bombers in the 60 s. www.3DTVInquiry.com www.3DTVOttawa.com

Ottawa has to allow the parlimentarians to cote on paper in parliments so as to have a secret ballot because the way democracy defeetedius when every elected official has to stand up in front of their proncipals and stater them in the face and vote in [parliment negates democratic secret coting and creats a situation where the entire party knows who is towing the line and who is representing the views odf tgheir constitutantys and when the politicians are forced to look their superiors in theeye and vote verbaly in fromto parliment there is room for shannagins , so the onlyhway to have democracy is to reenstate the secret ballot in parlimentary voptes if it is a tie then they can stand upand face the wrath of their party leader one on one. andwwe all could forget the secret ballot when the entire parliment do not get one it dissasembles aall the secrecy leading up to the vote inparliment , The vote on bills shouild be on paper and a secret ballot so as tax payers can be sure theerriks no policing byhthe proincipals who have somthing to lose if thee bills do nbot pass, secret ballot voting by politicians is a must rto prevent partuy line towers caving inoto sony hackers or prinicipals in their party's whims.11:33 AM 2015-03-06

The Canadian wireless auction garentees Canadians that npo countries internet technologies are used that would trump our monoplies here soas Canada has the 54 th slowest internet services it is obvious that we are only selling wireless spectrum to compnaies,mthat woudl garentee to not be fastest in theworld or 30th oe 20th or 10th fastest internet service providers and technology , and so just like the crtc stiffel 16 years of the3dchannel.com they gag compnaies and internet pc's and cells systerms and jobs working withthe top ten fastest faculties of internet communication and commercial use , so the intent is to see to it theris no3dtvsports.com or internet service competitioonthat woudl replace the top 3 monoplies in any speedy way. duhh. 2d tv coo ed to the parking lane.
ThisCanadian wireless auction garentees terroists m sony hckers, anyone in a country with faster internet services is able to do things fastwer than any cnadianona crtc licenced provider and the government does not havwe to buy anything, duhh, a technical cop oiut of the interneations space - internet -race for accedemics and the faculties of our internet techonolies and services are kaputz, and fewshluggners slow, the Canadian ss wil get stuck kwith computers and services 54 times slowerthan the rwst of theworld , again, and in 3dtvbusiness.com net org new television and www.hdCanadaTV.com busiens for advertisisng wil be gaged by the media monoplies that caved in to 3d tv sports in the google searches, no new medias with faster servicd can profit and look into 3DTVCHannels.com net org and 3dtvstartups.com net org inVancouver or toronto or edmonton or anywhere and become prosperious ina 2d tv coup they run for closed elections and the revenues from an closed 2d tv coup over the air licence to stiffel 3DTVSports.com for 16 years liek they do andalso this will garentee sony hackers and all the countries that have better and faster and nore modernequi[tment wil be able tolaughin our faces and torment us and our 54 tht slowest interent speed intheworld and our 3 monopolies and their new pals they intend to buy out soas theris no way anyone can launch a 3dwirelessTV.com global webcastin gbusiensina 2d tv coup, www.3DTVPhones.com Tm a crtc stiffeled internet startups from the worlds 54th slowest internet speed in Vancouver BC . 3:52 PM 2015-03-06

This is anty fraud month in Cananda and so i share some advice regrding online fraaud, it comes in many forms, in 2000 i walked into a computer store and told the dealer to buy me some social net dot com net orgs, and he did, i launched so many 3dtvchannels.com that summer that i was aproachedrobbed of a dot com and net and i asked nsi to get them back and they refused so knowing that 3dtvchannels.com was goong to be more popular than the3dchannel.com and the stolen 3d photo dot com =names fo 3d photos.i aksed interliant ro register me the suffex ".3d" amd sent them a down payment of dollers and they shut off my phone number on their support system and the billed me 3000 in 30 days and they never hooked up a 3dca.com to a server i never got a ".3d" suffix por call back or value for my money and 3 month later i was robbed of 2 domains and the same resutls no responce , that sfraud, with 100% of the crtc in conflict of interest theyr integrity and ability to be nuretral went out the door and "3d-tvchannel", 3dtv-channel", "3dtvchannel" and "3d-tv-channel" or any of suffixes used to protect your brand name turned ouyt to be a fraud as i was told by a compnaty rto stop useing 3d as a prefix for their word i was denied to use any of my words a ask anyone to stop using "3dtvchannel" as a don't you realy mean" search engine money maker and this is a fraud, the things thay were paid to do and ther is and was and still is no way to get my money back and because i started up 3dtvcanada.com and 3dchannels for 3dtv and the business news here is seeing them as a conflict of interest not a net nutral news startup item and 16 years of 2d tv stiffeleing 3d tv is integrity fraud again, 100% of the huge 2d sports satalite and over the air cable and licenced 2d tv monoplies in dictatorships and Ottawa and Montreal and winnipeg and vancoveuver and even toronto stock markets stiffeled each and ever single www.3dVirtualTV.com tm 3dtvchannel.com i launch (ed) and this was deliborate not a 3D technology news mistake but an avatared stiffeleing of 3dtvtoons.com for 16 years it is a conflict of interesrt for the crtc 2d tv cable and telecpo news to mention this, even today using any method the documentaries and technologies of 3d tv movies and startups in Vancouver i have are never inviterd to divver in a single politicals electios for coverage in 3d for 16 years ther is no way to participaction with a 2d tv cash flow that is in conflict with 3dtelevisionnetwork.com net org startups in "3dtvsports" tm and all the new3dtvchannels or hd3dtvchannel are gagged by the 2d tv news for years and for 3 wars to see to it there is no way to startup online in hdcandatv.com or holodigitaltv.com or televirtualtv.com or 3dtvphones.com or 3dwirelsstv.net org orgs for charity are possible because th5ey see them as a conflict of interest they negayte tyheir nutrality and this opens the door to frauds on mass ,
I have to tell you this because it's fraud week here and if your thinking of comming to candna and starting up a 3dwirelsstv.com channel for 3dsportstv.net and 3dtvcharity.orrg uses then you will be gagwed bya 2d crtc press and busiens coup for 156 yearas if you came, in 2000 and thats the rub , the fraud is the message they can help launch a "3dtvchannel"..com or your 3dwirlesstv.com www.3dmoviechannel.com net orgs for you just buy thier services and stuff an pay rents to them and your brands are diluted untill you pay a pay per position search -chat-news-politicial cylo that stiffeles 100% of 3dtvsports.com participaction, and the rubv is unless you do ther is no way for listing and 16 years later your robbed gaged and politicaly a conflict of interest with 2dover the air medias and theri newzsesbecause they are online lie bow and eyeing the 3DTELEVISIONNEWS.com markets .
Just like enron spld futures on energy the 2d tv coup sell futures on 3DTVCHannel.com netorg and ther is no way to use a search when your ip adress is beeiing sppyed on by traffic monitering software adn smart search engines soas to be sure your results for hosting and registry are in the boonies and so by discrimination by ip adress and filtering by ip adress andfraud by ip adrss yoru entire interent compnaie scan be moved from california to toronto and get stuck on 2d tv serbver wirhr ethe ris no way to contact the registrara dn yoru curt off while the 2d tv enjoy search results proclaiming 3dtvsports is comking to them soon and all the money spent on 2d tv politicians eelectiosn are sless to a 3dtvchannle for 3dtvpolitics.com gaged bay csea packked full of cable-telco 2d tv search-chat-news-2d tv conflict of interest integrity politics.
so the fraud is to invest in internet startups from Vamcouvver ina 2d crtc tv monoply and a thesus on 2dtvcoo.com is unusable at all facu;ties of the ossgood halls and ther is no way to use 1 politicians in ottawa ro report discrimination by 2d tv of 2DTVOttawa.com startups ther ither and so the idea of launching a website and making prosperity using 3dsportsachannel.com ro 3dtvca.net org orgs for charity ina canandian 2d tv coup pproves ther is some kind of fraud that uses up yoru money with no charterd rights to follow up when yoru fraudes. the crtc 2d tv news would not report and will not report the news of 3dtvchannels.com nert ortg beeing muzzeleld and theri news is theroi fores eronious when it comes to busiens and investment ther is no way to report a stolen domain orhacked by sony 3dpresident.com net org on president day and ther is no way to jubalee with a siongle 3dsportschannel.com in canda even thought al the crtc are now launching them. your can report busiens news top a 2d tv coup but ther is no way theyer will report it iof oit is 3dtvchannel related just look up the new world andtrade m=name "3dtvchannel" a new word in no dictionary in any world language and registerd as a trade ma=name for the official www.3dtvchannel.com net org and using the same failed free market su=ytems to best protect yporu products and brands with every possibel suffix or 3dtvbrands.com netg org ypou can muster soas tpo have 3dcopyrighttv.com products in americas launch free of discrimination by 2d tv over the air broadcaster in diuctatorships and do business in the free world open internet markets deliverd by self regulated cabel andtelcos who are keeping it honest and not stiffeleling yoru 3dtvcchannels soas to launch their own , because if the did that wworul dbe fraud hopw3 can you launch a busiens for 3dtv in and on a 2d tv coup whenthey are frauds when it comes to netnutral support for 16 year old 3dtvchannels, so it is fitting to say ther is more different kinds of fraud thana monitaery theft and id fraud ther is 100% of the crtc pretending to support canandian onveer5rt the aair nutraly soas to creazt prosperity and in reality they arte making sur there is no way to launcvh a single 3dtvchannel in theoir search-chat-news-politcal 2d tv coup same same samwe as if theyr were ghadafiies 2d tv news reporting everthing is ok . fraud onlien now comes inthe form odf dictatorshipp 2d tv coups. the idea that you can startup a startup and do busiens free of dicrimination by a crtc full of 16 years ovder the air 2d tv coups is not a fraudm itt;s they way it is in Vancouyver when you launch a "3dtvchannel.com or aany word onlien that is new. frauds show up and cyber squatt the dickins out of uit . tweeting an dboasting when they are not "the3dchannel" "3dsportschannel" or any other new word inthe intyerent and english dictionary set up online and xybwer squatted toi pices bya 2d tv coup -search-shat-news-politics based onresults that are eronious and in dictatorships tv frauds. 16 years and partici[paction with 2d tv coups is a farce too. they do not interact with new busiens fpor 3d tv no marter what you have been told i have 16 years of 100% of the 3dtvchannels.com gaged by 100% of 2d tv newses calling them selves #1 in news andsports , when they are repeating the ticker tape just ;like all the other newses and when it comes to 3dtvinnovation the ressults ou get from 2d tv and seraches and 2d tv over the air preses , newes and politicians is based oin a 4 opillaer sysytem that is inacurate to say the least and leaves the door open for 16 years of fraud when it comes to llaunching an3dtvssports.com for 3dtvolympic/com coverage fo sports ther is no way to stop the frauds from lisitng as "3dtvolympics" or "www.3dtvolumpics.com " so the entire concepe tthhat the busiens is [protected by the good integrity of the crtc 2d tv over the air preses is like askinfg a union to please gop back to work fro nothting , and with 100% fo the crtc 2d tv news pretending to be net nutral is fraud in the month of anyt- fraud funding bya government that will nolt support a single 3dsportsnetwork.comor 3dTelevisionnetwork.com on any search engoien so as to have integiryt an dno fraud or cybewr squatting and the idea of help for 16 years turn out tobe a fraud just like in 2000 when i gave away 80 socil nets afor cars and oprea gace away cars andthe 2d tv coups gaged 3dtvcrs.com so as to have a fraud car ression in2d on2dfor2d and dilute 3dtvcars.co so thatr today you can use "3dtvcars" as a key world andsee frauds and cyber key world squatters pumping seo billions into searches that do not recofnise www.3dvcopywrite.com or 3dcopyright.com tv nets and orgs because they make so much monney not finding them thet they cansell ads on the "new trade mark words" and use them for ads wwhile not finding the startups soas to have cyber squatting in 2d an dgag 3dseachchannel.com net org s just like they werere a dictatorship 2d tv coup .
frauds come in many forms and who ever was supposed to help give away 80 free socil nets in 2000-2001 lied and the 80 domains were scalped while 2d tv gave away cars and 100% of the 2d tv monmoplies all claimed to launch 3dtv soon for 16 years by sataliee and by cable and today 100% of them al gag each andevery 3dtvsportts.com net org for news i ever start uped online and so the idea of launching a startup in canda is a fraud the 2d tv coup news iis ther to see to it 16 years in row and 3 wars later yoru still unable to integrate a single digital 3dhdtvchannel trade name oir startup int heir 2d tv coup. thats integrity fraud, and so now that thew 2d tv over theair broadcasters are ruking the web tv industry the ri ample rroon for interent fraud. so thismonth we warn the world wide web to lok out for 2d tv coups and their frauds and do not belive them they will not register the suffix".3d" andif robbed look into it or report a single 3dsportschannel.com hacked by sony hackers on pressidents dau any and the ris no way to participate in olympics or world cup no mattrter whay they say they dpo ntop intyerfasce woitha sonmgle 3dtvchannel or it;s suffixes in 16 years there integrity is eronious, so keep you wits and interent savey and be carfull not to belive what your told on 2d tv all the time some of it is fraudlent intent. www.3DTVINQUIRY.com a 3dtvcompetitionbureau.net and 3dtvfoundation.org 3dtvconsortium.org of 3dcopyrighttv.net and 3dnewschannelk.coms gaged by a 2d tv coup 16 years integrity fraud. Happy anty-fraud month to everyone on the world wide web. d.collins ceo and founder of "3dtvsports"tm a www.3DComNetOrgTV.com net org tm etc..

Winter gas or summer gas ? this is the question , there should be a refinery in Vancouver so as we can make and use cheep "ALL YEAR GAS" because we should have surpluss summer gas from last summer that never realy ended herre due to global warming and the rest of the country can't get their act together as BC gas prices reach the highest in North america the Yukon and Labridor seem to be cheeper, meaning the ministeerr of price gouging empowered toreport on the top ten prices beeing gouged ever nonth -week-year-4 year term (??) hired by the majority government and e4mpowered to rteport on price gouging is out of gas, even in a price ression in gas prices keep the noth sheeep the top winter free port in the Cnadas is the top gas price in the americas, sother is a good place to peek eh!, as refineries are closed for maintanance like an enron power plant in 2000-2001 and the shortage is blamed on a conversion from "Winter gas to Summer gas" instead of a gift from the now decesed King of the arabias, it becomes clear that the need of British Columbians for independent commercial oversight of the ministers empowered to investigate price gouging faail to report yet and every one elase buying gas in Bc is doing it for him free, so as to be come self sufficient BC will have to do an end run on this slow process and show some initiative and this will enevatable involve a lot of gas and all year auto gas supply is right up our I/O ports and is a product the proovince needs because we do not need summer-winter gas here we need BC all year round gas . so we should build and refine and sell "All Year BC Gasoline " as an inovation like www.3DSportsCHannel.com should marketing 3DTVInnovation.com apps for Bberry or 3DTVCHannels.com should ne marketing apps for 2D cpac and crtc monoplies who are the Canadian over the air uhf vhf leftovers online and www.3DHollywoodFilms.com net org webcasting and marketing for 16 years sports in 3D on 3D tvstartups from Vancouver for 3Dglobwetv.com innovation and many more things we can do here in our ice free ports moderate climat that can not or are not done on seasonaly strapped crtc 2d tv monoplies in the east as they broadcast icy things we can not here and use winter-summer gas we do not need here and in this way increase global postarity bow stiffeled as we are strapped to 2d tv medias agendas back east for 16 yezars in 3-DTVnews.com and marketing and in business innovation because they do not have the same need as we do here out west of the rockies. www.3DWesternTV.com 1:35 PM 2015-03-03 invite a startup to dinner in your 2d overt he air media and create innovation you never would have reported for prosperity .

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