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Everone knows that cpac is owned and run by the Canadian Cable cartels, the Ukraine has Moscow preventing it, the monks have 21st centurey China , the middle east have their historical hate and"crush the enemy" customs, and the west pretend to be free market but we have Harpers 100% 15 year 2DTVCoup gagging 3Dsportsstv.comand new technology for insiders providing governance in 2D for 2D by 2D over 2D gagging canadian compo naies in3D tv for 15 years just like a hunta. the cpac gang run government -technology shows to pimp 2dtvcoo czArtels and gag 3D TV dot cvoms 15 yeasrs the harper governmwent spy on line and make it so that 2dtv gagges 100% of 3DTV for insoiders, duhh, the cpac carttelllo run the parliment in 2d for 2d by2d over 2d soas tosustain 2dtvcoups the cpac gang do not need to show up in squadrens to prove their sole authority .

eveny one in the world knoiws cpac is owned by a crtc cartell not the public (as advertised) but they make out like it's a public service.
A2D uhf vhf conversion run like a 2dtvcoup sos to gag 100% of competition fopr the hrper 2dtvcoo tv shows in 2d is all we get for governance thats fraud in 2D 15 years in row the entire crtc package of political and internet acess is run by a group of compnaies that gag 100% of 3DTVsports.cvom and then own all the sports with no repercussion by the competition boards, is all soas to be in a position buy all the local uhf vhf for each and then stiffle internal competition localy too, 15 years app cpac is 2D so as to discriminate against 100% of 3D Vancouver Tv dot coms startups and to gag 100% of net org startup in Vancouver www internet busaienas for up to 15 years if they feel like it thats why,
you can not even launch a blackberry in Canada first , it had to be launched out side of the crtc busiensses so as to have 2D politicians back a 2D cpac cartel's 2DTVcoup, and in every major market "BUT CANADA) first leaving Canadian Prosperity left out, 2DPoliticians working for 2D uhf vhf tv coups 15 years 2DPoliticians not one of them backing a single Vancouver or www new 3D website for TV , 2D-political-ad-funbding-coup, (2D politicians Gag 3D www TV startups 15 years , that's discrimination by 2D politicans against 3D dot coms TV startups, so as to launch a 2D ad funded government backed compnay and their phone while 2D politicians take out 3D Television Startups, is a 2D_TV_COUP 15 years npot one honest 3D tv friendlyu Canadfian elected offical making it oficaly a government known 2DTVCoup, duhh!!, countries for a year first , thus totaly handycapping 100% of all prosperity in www tellecommunication , all for the good of a cpac cartell.( by blocking 100% of 15 years of 3DTV dot coms they close the borders on open free competition and service charges grow inot rents, fees paied tpo 2dtvcoos cpac gangs far above the www costs for faster 3DTV services , (0% of high tech startups for are possible in a (Harper-2DTVCOO parleiment where 15 years even the prime minister know 3DTVCAnada startups are gaged byut can't report it too!)

15 years the el;ected parliment majority is a 2d tv sports coup, gagging startups and busiens and travel and fashipon and even cars, so as to hand bvyusiens over to the crtc cpac pals on a silver platter, 15 years with `100% of 3DFTV gagged by 100% of harpers high tech 2dtvcoo, Canadian prosperity is closed for the 2DTVCoup, net org startups in 3DTVTravel 3DTVrealty net org even new net org business gets gagwedby a canadian invention the 2dcrtc tv coo cartell , This creats an unsurmountable conflict of interest between net org busiens and the crtc cartellof 15 year endless 2dtvcoo politics. and there is no way to use any other crown infostrucutre to launch 1/1000 net org , efectivly muzzeleing the www for the benefit of a crtc cartyell of 2dtvcoos that own and run cpac pretending it;s a crtc public acess channel when it's a 2dtvcoo cartell contnet filler in 2d ofr 2d soas to sustain 2dtvpolitics.
no wau top use Canada to startup a good internet webcatinsting tv media, the entire politcs and newsa sports travel and arts are ownec by the same cpac cartell, IS LICENCED TO RUN A TV SHOW ON POLITICS, COMPETITION IS GAGGED NO LARGE FAST MODERN FIRMS ARE ALLOWED IN CREATVG A CLOSED INTERVAL MARKET and MONOPOLY, A CPAC CARTELL 15 years all the banks , stores , pention fuds go into 2D TV coo advertisng in 2D for the 2dtvcoo creating 15 years of dicrimination against 100% of every and Canadian startup trying to use the crtc newses for startuyps news. gagged and filtered on 2dtvcoo cell phones, while search.reports 2dTVCOO political ads paied for by taxpayers, meaans busineses and 3DTV are discriminatd against while we waite to modernize and launch nut are filtered like snowden and wikileaks by 2s cpac firmsa news and medias, duhh , wherree have you been 15 years now?,
3DVTV,COM NET ORG get gaged by 100% of the disccuions and content and aqgendas of cpac.
the world top cable and telecommunication firms and 100% of local 3DTV startups are gaged by a habdfull of crtc and the tiny entrance footptint they place in their centr ring as an offering , no huge telecoms are invited and no Vancouver or new or orgs just a monoply and some tiny entrances to vasnquish like taking candy from a babby, tHE ARMY OF 2dtvcoo STARTUPS MARCH INTO BUSINESS BLOCKING 100% OF 3dtvcANADA.COM AND 3dfILMchANNEL.COM EVEN 3dsTORES.COM IS GAGED BY 2DTVCOO CRTC MEDIAS AND NO ONE ELSE IN TELECOMMUNICATION AND TV BECAUSE OF THIS ARRANGEMENT THERE IS NO WAY TO STARTUP A WEB STARTUP ON A CPAC SYSTEM THAT GAGES 154 YEARS 100% OF THE TIME 100% OF 3dnewmedia.COM NET ORG there is no way to ingrease posterity ina 2dtvcoo run for a hand full of monmpoplies that turn competitioon into rent.
ther is no way to use Cpac or the crt to report a 2dtvcoo when it cpomes along and gages stuff for 15 years in Vancouver high tech web startups in net org busiens no way to use 1 or any pof the cpac to rpeort a gag on a or 15 years proves my point,

the crt would have us belive that cpac is a social service of the govwernment missed but saved bya cartel in2d on2d for 2d by2d soas to gag 100% of 3DTVPOlitics,com net org busiens in their closwed markets on a 2dtvcoo. If the police want to get a child molester or the government need to find a terrorist the cpac group have all your andmy shooping and internet portfolio history and they knbow every key i type and every net org i startup and they see to it for 15 years there is no acess for new entrances into theiur 2dtvcoo film and news sports and busiens services ona 2dtvcoup platform in Canada. thats a glimps of their integrity and why prosperity is gone in canda it was takewn away withthe uhf vhf industry and local acess to politics using a crtc product. ,, Vamcouver 2014 .