Wow cyber secu, when your slowers than 54 countries on the internet and your governments science computers are hacked there si no way to maske them securte.
wow Facebook experiments with daters, cupid experiments with daters and the Canadian press and the canadian chats and the canadian 2d crtc tv and the canadian politicians experiment with muzzeleing for, after all it's npot like 3DTV and the crtc are dating!. .

slower then or spy-kids 2D, the only way to garentee Canadian cyber security is to call it 3D Canadian cyver security and register a website and launch a 3D tv webcasting website called "Cyver security canda -3D" and i gatrentee that;s the last time crtc canadian 2DTV news ever mentione Cabadian cyver security because you launched it in 3D on 3D over 3D for 3Dtvswets not 3D movie projectors or 3Dfilm projectors we never got them we just got 3DTVsets and 100% of canadian 3DcyberTv gaged by 100% odf the canadian prtess and the majorrity government whilke the rest of the worl dlaunched new and faster and better and more prosperious technologies the 2dtvcoo sat ther and positioned them selves for a www cyber attack by every one else aftert all they all drive a pc and internet 54 times faster than we4 do and withthat ther is no way to launch a sinbgle for news ina 2d tv crtc cooo so that explains why we are so so seseptanb;e tpo cyber attack by anytione of the 54 countries fastewr then use an proxiy ing in fast er cyber space ther is no way top trace then on a 2dtvcoo opb in ottawa sert yup to gag 100% of 3DTVVamcouver spooirts like a rigged game a rigged 15 year 2dtvcoo set up to sell 3dfioms on4=3d tv set and hgag 100% of net org in Vancouyver proves the onlyt wat to have canadian internet security is to make the entire subject go away just like the crtc make 3DTVWEVCAsting go aaway so as to have an elecrtion in 2D on 2Dtvcoup. just attach anyhtoing 3D to the any subject and the entire Ottawa medias will "CLAM UP" i proved thios hunderds of times on and some of the icann starts with you and me but the entire crtc gag for 15 years. duhh. get it they gag 3D stuff for shopping in 3D on a net org.
Therre is no way to feel secure when for 15 years 3Dfilms are worth billions and ther is no way to find out why 100% of ottawa gageds 100% of in Vancouver BC this is most unsetteling. why the 100% gag on 199% of 15 years of 3DTVCHannels.c0m net o0rg in a canadian press fixated on spykids 2d. with a system that gages vusiness like apps for stuff and is 54 th slowest country in the world can onluy catch the 56th slowest and 57th slowest and 58th slowest getaway pc and thats accedemic, the faster ones will always hack and escape its undisputable so beeing 54th slowest does hab=ve it;s security drawbacks, and beeing gaged by the cbc and crtc and the tsx advertisng wworld is a drwa back that hacks at free trade. Canada is 54 times slower than other countries so security is out of the wuestion by now the only quaestion is why 100% gag on tv.? .

The west will have to fire up the statue of liberty again and quarentee e-boliy county entries just like in the 1900's.

A highly sphosticated crtc 2dtvcoo is cyber-uhf-vhf-radio-and busiens cyber attacking 100% of net org busienss wen 3dstreaming vidio and net org startups and 15 years the entire crtc press news-chat-seasrch-politicial election ad machine refuses to say , "hey it's not us and we will prove there is no 2dtvcoo in Canada gagging 15 years of and startups.

see the very inability to prove ther is no 2dtvcoup in 3D on is proff ther is.

for 15 years Mr Baird if this is nto true then would you say that on 3DTYV for the world to see ther is noo sanctions and cyber atrack bt 2dtvcoos in canda .? of org i know the chinees military are ansd were cyber attacking for years but why ir ottawa and the crtc muzzseleign too? ottawa can wire tap the g20 at a summet but not report a 15 years cyber muzzeleing by 2d tv by launching canadiaqn technology everywhere in tyhe world but in canada first the entire world get to cresate cyber attaqcks on canadian technology while there is no way for canadian firms to defend because they have never even seen the cell phone or new pc for yeasrs after it waqs obsoleted.

What's new in ...
Internetbig leaders will have to join the us and world governments wit6h sanctions beforew the rest of the internet can risk isolation when they do noit .Sanction against Russia by the general public will npot work because what is meeded is the world's new pecking order of soacial net and icann internet busiens monoplies are not sanctioning they are actualy cleening up because everyone else but them is includecd in the sanctions , beeing the worlds new pecking order class of citisen and busienss foofle , facebook, twitter , ocann registries and 2dtvcoo uhf vhf websites all are exempot from global biusiness sanctions so while the entire europe are without oil and gass and companies sucked into starting up .r4o websites fpor the olympics are all gagged asd sanctrioned while the top 2dtvcoo search-chat-tvshow-politician is not sanctioning anything and websites taking their que from and and companeis online running servers and smart phones for 2dtvcoos are all free of sanctions andable to list ads for cars and travel and homes and make money selling ads on their spe=cial new world order pecjing stattus as citoisens ubove and neyond portfolioing by telcos ans crtc monopliers they do not have to sanction anything , pay pal will take your money from a .ru and google will sell ads for .ru and any online busiens has to has to has to taske their busiens model from these new special soaxcil busiens medias . unless everyone online the president of google or ning sanction .ru or search results the same way the blocked 15 years of net org new medias we wil15 years for beeing or ina n olympics here in Vancouver then cbc can sanction ru sportas and a olympics too, but the cbc just hold Vancouver sanctioned and this meaqns a lot to prosperity here and we have to follow it because ottawa atuck us with the crtc as oversight, when the medias 2dtvcoo-3-pillar-chat-search-tv-politicaladcampaqin in2d sanctions we wwill follow but this will not change the crtc 2dtvcoo sanctions on an dictated as gaged b y cbc ab dtghe bell groups that ga 15 years. same same as busiens ther is a split in who gets sanction punished and who profits ferom the searches of who is sanctioned and who is'nt.
workd wide interent broadcasting and advertising startups will hab=vbe totake their que from the new world order of busiens not gaged by cbc and the crtc like we can not set a standard but the top new pecking order can. compnaies thawt launched in trussia years ago while 100% of 3dtvcanda,cinm can't even launch ina crtc is already sanctioned by the crtc here 15 yeassrs so we have to realise the crtc sanction who they whim using special unsantioned 2dtvcoos andx we have no way to have a say in any sanctions so we have to look to amazon or microson=ft to apple or google and see who cuts of russia from them and takew our que from the new world order of busiens not affected by crtc or sancrtions by 2dt some banks are sanctioned and some online pay friends are not some stores arer gaged here like 15 years no shooping channel for 3d ads is possible because of the crtc sanctions aon Vancouver startups 100% of is gaged by 100% of the crtc news and technology sanctions here in canda so weather we like it or not we are subject to cbc ctv crtc bell sanctions in or all the net org gaged by 2d crtc tv newes medias sanctions and other 15 years arangements so we ne ver had a choice onloien to do busien sin canada or out of canada but the new world order of 15 years of 2dtvcoo internet firms are imune to sanctioning yjee crtcis imune tosanctions 3dfilms are imune ( is gaged by cbc for yeaers and years and years and years so why not .ru? because of the new world pecking order i charterd rights soem have none and their are portfolioing them), ctv cbc sanctions and so the world will have totake their que from the new world order the harper government use for electiuosn and ads and attasch ads the 2dtvcoo when the 2dtvcoo sanction news from russia on their websites then will have to re-evaluate our position in a 2dtvcoo monoplyu run by an elete new world ordwer able to launch 3d in russia or north korea or what ever they do to be up and running while santions fly in 2d on2d for 12de by2d to fule the 2dtvcoo medias.

Wow Tryinbg toi break a story for 15 years in a 2dtvcoo is captivating but, the question is in Vancouver Canada gagged by the entire crtc press 16 years because we have aca;ander with the Vancouver Aquarium on it?, building cylow and cpac tunnels for 2dtv news to use to muzzel and gag in vancouver will not make the internet net org go away they will be around forever but the question is why the crtc discrimination are they stupid dragons or what , will not go away because 15 years the crtc do not whaqnt or or 3DSportswCHannel.orgs .
is held captive for 2d crtc tv coup experiments and swcience by a crtccpaqc socil net helping the British Columbian 's prosperity or is vancouver gaged by the Canadian press because we a Calendar of the aquarium on it's web page for 15 years because net orgs are gaged by a 2dtvcoup like a wale in a 2d crtc think tank? where are the politicians who got a 40% raise when you needs them to bust up a monoply 2dtvcoup when it com,es alonmg are tyhey tunneleing in 2d on2d with 2d soas to gag and hold captive 100% of vancouver's for experimental use by a crtc cartell 15 years because it has the picture on the calender of an aquarium ecosystem is net org and trades gaged for some other captive experiment in shopping how can you tell when the crtc are gagging net orgsd for 15 years without telling why on their 2d socil nets? IS 3DSocial tv netwroking and busiens and shopping gagewd so 2d tvo can "like not lik e" the Vancouver Aquarium? Is 34DTV busiens in vancover held captive by the crtc for 15 years for the harper government/ why is the interent 3D tv industry in Canada so so so gageed and held captive like a sicj whale ina aguarium ? I s it so?
Tryinbg to break a story for 15 years in a 2dtvcoo is captivating but , the question is should the crtc 2d tv coo hold net org startups with Vancouver aquarium pictures on it captive and gaged in a 2d tv coup?
discriminaqtion against streamign 3D social hdtv startups for 15 yesrs so as to have a uhf vhf monoplyt convert to 2d digital webcasting without a single fish in the crtc 2dtv tank discrimination or should crtc 2DTVNEWS medias gag vancouver and new medias captive and filtered out of their socil netwark tank?. Should the 2d tv crtc cartels discriminate against gaged canadian startups because they are 3D and have Vancouver aquarium on their websites so they can experiment in hd digital webcasting while killing off all the l;ocal 3DTV speciaces online by muzzeleiong them in captivity with 2d content for 15 years. net org a gagged by 2d tv like they were a prisioner on aq 2dists cult. a (the first inthe world for 3D webcasting Drone tv .
wow Palistine has torealise the Jewish nation is not going to surrender building tunnels to war in will not make them quit and go away . ever!.and warring today is a no win denerao so everyone has tostop fighting because no one is gpoing to convince any israly tosurrender and visa versa, and in Canadian 2dtv news the crtc has torealise gagging 100% of Canada3DTV.comnet org busiensis not going tomake neotrg surrender same same ther is no way to block out icann busiens and startups in 3d just because you can gag 100% of Canadian in 3DTV socil net startups doen not mean 100% of the world wil surrender same as israil will never surreneder to a war against it no matter how much the battle means to honour fighters. surrendering is for fighting an ddiscriminartion has tosurreneder to the idea of defeat in battle , 2dtvcoups in canda will have tpo surreneder to the idea that gagging and is proving them to be miss informed because will always be 3DTelevisionCanada and will always be and gaged by100% fo the crtc onlyt gives the world a glimps of the thought in back of a discrimination like a 2dtvcoup gagging 3d or a country beliving war is the answer to racial hate, beeing gaged by100%of the crtc islike belivinf war will make the isralies surreneder to somthing. it is impossible to make some things goaway using dicrimination.

internet Disrimination takes many forms inmanycountries the government discriminate online with tax funded 2dtvcoos,
IF you ever whant to see if the crtc tv medias makignmoney of of discrimination against new Canadian internet 3-dtvstartups then launch a few hundres icann and net org in 2000 or today 3014 aand sit back an dcount the years 3-D streaming tv is gaged bythem yourselfdiscrimination by news medias is a difficult thing to pull off but some how 100^ of the crtc do it right in front of the Harper government and for 15 years in row , you can complain and repoert some one smarter andthier journalists canmake a foirtune reportinga crtc 2d tv 15 years scam like this too, and discrimination in 2d tv news rules., see for your selves, i did, for that matter and watch 100% of every crowm licenced crtc 2d tv uhf vhf discriminate against your 3D 3DTV net org busiens for upt to 15 years now, thats a test of intefirty in crtc medoia honesty for there is nothing under the sun from terrorist startups to 3D avatared fikms gaged in this world by 2dtv press accept the entire 3D HD tv startups in Canada Vancouver 15 years , imagine finding an industry 100% of canadian 2d tv news and ppolitical ads discriminating against 100% of somthing and that somthing is 3D streaming tv dot cosm that prte date uhf vhf conversion to bnroadband, if a university or a govwernmentr human rights or apolitician payed tro see to it no canadian is discriminated against in work or play then they had better study net org discrimination by 100% of the entire money spent on 2d tv monoplies in canada, the worlds first 15 years study on 2dtvcoups is avalable online for anyone to tracert because there is no other busiens or art foirm gaged by rgw dragons in 2dtv but net org themselves .

wow faculty this tweeters no socil net 2dtvuses reports a 2dtvcoup , no search engine the 2dtvcoup use reports a 2dtvcoup, no p[olitician or 2dtv news report a Canadian 15 year 100% gag on anybusiens nor do they repport the 16 years crtc Canadian discrimination of and it's and
any country studying western 2d tv news discrimination can see a trail of 15 years of 3dtvcanada.cpom co,mplainoing of discrimination by cbc ctv crtc monoply news and technology scams by 2dtvcoups discriminationg against all over the commonweakth and g20 in spite of canadian g20 summets global warning summets security councel summets freetrade with eu summets dispite olympics in Vancouver or fifa in 15 years sports trtavel news arts fashon and realestate chats ansd social networking on even the is gagged and 15 years of internet and their products are gaged for the crtc gamg and their isiders pals absolutly distroying the free markets and rigging the stock markets for dragtons indisres and companies the crtc do nto gag for 15 years creating a new [ecking order in canadian business thoeses the crtc 2dtv ganfg gag for 15 years and thoeses the crtc 2d tv gang do npot dicriminate against so in vanada busiens is overseen bya secret (15 years i ask who is in back of the canadian 2dtvcoup MR%. Harper?, who evber is in chjarge before you get replaced years from your election[please tell me who is in back of 15 years of crtc 2dtvcoup?
the affect 15 years of uhf vhf muzzeleing 100% of startups is crushing, if they did the same to a country as they did to Vancouver it woudl be crushing too, so when the search engiens and chats and 2dtvcoos stop promoting their website content on sanctions for ad reveneuw we can't make a differance anyway because we always were gaged by 100% of the 2dtvcoo since y2k juball celebrations and we gave away 80 3d social nets for cars and sports and film and photography that wrere stolen and scalped and the wntire thign gaged by 100% of the ufuhf vhf journalists in 2000. because 0 and 15 years there is no answer from a single harper 2dtv politicviian on 3d tv beeing gaged by the crtc gangs, so as to have 2d mad cow 2d 011 2d specialrty channels on hd digital and to sell off uhf vhf to cable and telcos for a 1 station they nbeeded to gag 100% o f Vancouver 3d tv dot cos mnet org bsuiesn for 15 years and let a 2d search a 2d chat a 2dtv election debate haave a monoply so they can play timmy in the well newsd and ;launch ads for 3Dfilms free pof competiton and withing a new world order of peckers in a new pecking order monoply unaffected and profiting from ther sanctions same as 2dtv did profiting 15 yeasrs by muzzeleing 100% of investors duhh, it's about making the elet un senserable monopluies a new way to sensor small busiens . and and to gag in 2d o2d for 2d like ot was the ggod olsd mad cow days in news. with 100% of net org oppertiunities muzzeled in the commonwealth so as 2dtvcoups can have amonoply on sports sponcers is 15 yesrs old but sanctions against the 4-pillar setups in 2dtvcoos are imunte so internet global hase to be just like them and not sanction and try to compete wirth 2dtvcoos that do ntyo sanction yet but do sanction in their parliments trans[aremcy summets. , press or magazine or periodical on 3D .
In sumeery it is is simply true and historicaly correct , any country studying western 2d tv news discrimination can see a 15 year trail of uhf vhf conversion to digital and then the discrimination of 100% of net org in Vancouver 's results studying a gpvernment overseen 2dtvcoup in juky 2014 . the advasntage and proffits from 100% discrimination(pushers took out the medical dispenceries by getting prescription for pot an dthen selling it to school kids , the medical clinics get shut down and the pushers clean up while mental and sick roame the streeyts lloking for pot with no dispencery just just street pushers they are set basck to the need to grow their own same as before) with 2dtvcoups gagging 3d startups we are set back to 1945 radio , gaged by government 2d newswses for owning a radio in 1939 same as gaged by the crtc for starting up a on their crtc owned sport industry incanada, same same) by 100% of the crtc is like selling drugs to pushers so they can take out Vancouvers medical marriwanna in 2d or starting a war soas tosell afs ona wartv show it all means the crtc create the viruasl news ansd discrimiante against compnaies they do not like the facebook and twitter in the hands of a 2dtv discrimination coup can be compared to see their role in 2dtvcoups in countrie sanctioned by every busiens but the crtc -chat-search-politicial and 2d tv election pool of money used to elect 2dtvcoo sustsaining politicians who also are so dependant on 2dtvcoups that they dare not mention busiens gaged by 2d crtc monmoplies newsws .
reporting on uhf vhf conversion to2d digitalwhengaged bythem is im[possible andintegrationwitha crtc 2d tv coup is impossible because they discriminate against startups and jpobs there is noway to use them and wasting all the knowledge gained by 15 years of jouirnalism reporting an historic coup ny 2d for 2d in2d on21d over 2d as they rig the world strocks and markertts for their 2dtvcoupacomplices is wasted when not a single member of the security councel canbe reported to ablouit a suspectyed crtc 2dtvcoup or a stolen dot cosm gaged by the2dtvcoo news here in Vancouver BC Canada beeing discriminatrd agaisnt bythe crtc is a suprime event your should cort constitutionaly. in every university on newsd , journalism and g7 free trade dealings.< br> well bacck to thje new digital web site launchingwhil we report themgaged bythe canadian press . too bad Primier Harper missed the entire 15 years of launc hing and ne neotreg busiens in 2dtvcoo is a once inlife time testimony the entire palrliment missed because the crtc is so so good at discriminationof before , durring andafter conversion fromuhf to websites was a 2dtvcoup the entire faculties of canadian educationalso missed 15 years of who is in back of the crtc 15 years 2d tv coup discrimination of and all the ican websites for 3d socil net busiens gaged by 100% folks imagfine nopt gagged by crooks in one plce in canda but organised crtc discriminatrion inall news and busiens thats a scaam wirht documenting and 15 years historicaly fact. If canadian oversight nygovernment cannto evencatch a 2dtvcoup in 15 years thenther is no time to waste waiting for 2dtv andpolitics to replace eachother every 4 years we have toattend to the 2dtvcoup now befgorte the 2dtvcoup have you beliving everhtignwill be better as soon as the leader is depoosed next election , because bythenit;s too late tofix anyhtong. slounbtill the Harper governm,entlookinto15 yearsd of 3d tv crtc discrfiminartion against100% of net org in canada theris nothingto dobut report andstudy a Canadian crtc 2DTVCoup inuniverssitites andschools around theworld where 3D electronic phones anddesigne are bot gaged bya crtc and poeple canintegrate withtheir uhf vhf converted medias andlaunch 3DFilms andstarts in3D free of a Canadianpresses 2dtvcoup and discriminationof

in 2000 we launched and 2d tv was still launching uhf vhf digitialy news , the First year of scholl is one that sets a pressident , if a 2dtvcoo wanted to mess up an entire generation they could do it by seeing to it ther is a teachers strike for kindergarden or first year childeren entering scholl because the first year a chikd goes to scholl sets a president for the rest of their lives and having a local strike for 10 in a row may affect an entire generation, cutting of university high tech 3D electronice3 tv designe and new 3dtvjobs training may affect generation of graduates and usign the crtc to launchaq new pecking order of a few telcos able to collect portfolio and reseell or be summonded for courts is affecting all things and busiens but to actualy back and turn your head year aftyer year and neglect the childeren ion their "FRST YEAR OF SCHOOL" becauswe of a ongoing struke for content filler for 2dtvcoos that gage jobs and net org is typical and expected because when you live in country where the crtc telcos are licenced to tabulate yoru every key pressed and ither sell it or be summond to deliver it this is a new pecking order in social networking and when 100% o f the news and 100% of the politicians and 100% of the chats and 100% of the 2dtv politicians turn their backs on childeren in their first year you get a glimps of the true integrity os the crtc portfolio gang they are collecting data for them selves and care not of education , jobs or high tech theycare bnot for faculties of anyhting by th because the news need war not stasrtups the 2dtvcoos need teacher strikes not 3deducationaltv the 2dtvcoos need political turmoil in 2d soas to bilk tons fo ad funds to "streighten it out" and the 1 and only use for the www is soas top pump money inot the crtc 2dtvcoo portfolio machine that gages 100% ofg in busiensfor 15 years alli dois report the fallof busiensvia a 2dtvcoo cartell monoply to pot=rtfolio while seeing to it ther is riote tv for them selves tofuilm adncontent filler for their 2dtvcoos that gages all busienms and creates uses for spying b y them .. all day i get hudreds os visets from huge corporation s andsearches and medias and not one are friendly but they all do busienswiththe crtc 2dtvcoos. so no matter what you neeedd be it a good start for a child in their first year of schoolor a busienss the reality check is a 2dtvcoo is running the country and your not part of their 21 week content fillers then your the weakest link, and part of the second class in the news new pecking order , if yoru not a telco or cable or search or chat or politicial powerhouse in 2d on2dfor2d then yoryu screwed brother, 100% of the entire sysytem will pass you by anbd screw up you or your childes first year soas to please every other grade and faculty because ther is no integrity in the 2dtvcoo they feed a strike soas to use it for conteent filler they feed a 2dtvcoo soas to have the ability to make a teacjer strike a content filler for back to shcool politics tv in2d o2d and they care not about a single child in it's first year of scholl faced witha 10 years old work to rule teacher dispute withthe education deaprtment fo governemtn who probable never when to school where they had a first grage without a teachers stike in `10 years.sothis means the planis tohave fun ontheholidays andthen worry about a chids first year, last, ongle with everyone else in every other grade, makinga 2 tilr sysytem one for the crtc 2dtvcoos to sasanctionnews and the other for the first year student. of corse ther is no way to report a 2dtvcoo on a news gaged bythe crtc tv medias and theoir faculties and politicians on their 2dtvcoos tv uhf vhf channels that gag Vancouver 3D TV and startups withthe same appethetic services. the least we can do is give the first year kid a good start abd if we have to screw up their education with a work to rule planned government-teacher-2dtvcoup-ongoing-political-soap tv news then do it with the second year students and the grade after entry on up and at least, so as to give the first year students experiance of scholl the new social pecking order imune to stuff you and i are helplessly caught up in soas toperpetuate their pecking status and portfolio and grade your web use. .

WOW the internet is a tool only usfull by monoplies for making more monoplies and busiensess only get sanctioned for trying to launch globaly , making the interent of no use to anyone because they are not part of the "NEW PECKONG ORDER" that is a monoply big enough to be imune to sanctions , like the olympics or telcos and 3DMNovies as some industries have no problems launching globaly they collect all the curfers data andfarm and portfolio all canadian at the telcos and cabel servcers but ther eis noway to use the same monoplies to integrate a single busiens using the social servcie and politicians who are also subject toportfoloing and snactions by the same crtc telco or cables creating a www where there is no way to report a crooked telco service intime to prevent discrimination or sanctions or spys or portfolioing and so the interent is oif no use to anyienbut the crtc telcos doing all the servcoeproviding for one select group for 15 years while actualy seein goto it that the www is of no use to a single or org trying to use it and the crtc for doing busien s, when a company starts upa in Canada the 2dcrtc tv coo whgo portfolio everthing for the suprime court ansd police get todecide if they should muzzel or report it or tell the cops to spyor promote it ona dragens den and so the interent is of no use to entrepeneurs ina discructive entrepenuria 2dtvcoo run by 2d for 2d soas to have 2dtv only , and witht the interent portfolioed by crtc is makes the www of no use to abyle else in security and with no way to use the internet to launch startups it simple means the www is pof no use pot compnaies unless you a portfolio collection crt5rc 2dtvcoo , today the entire crtc is a 2dtvcoup in 2d on2d soas to have government spend all it's tv money on a few 2d tv coups , meanwhile the rest of the world laqunch high tech new faculties and we launch and new erea in 3D ads and possibilites, all while the entire Canadian govermnet patronise a few 2dtvcopus and 2d sports tv wow. first with and first with aspps for gagged for 15 years , by huntas , dictatorships and the entire canandasina crtc tv medias, a industry 100% gagged by everyu 2d crtc tv newws for 15 yesars is a social net story gon viral and therfore gaged by politica religions and presses. a 2dtvcoup is now all ther is left of the intenret , we should havfe stuck doing busines witha tellex at least the other end was qwho it was supposed to be , today 100% of the entire crtc newws actualy gets away with gagging 100% of every icann for dronestv or for netg org the interent is proving to be a place where companeis get sanctioned by 2D tv coups while searches are imune and 2d tv socil net sites are imune to united nations sanctions same as sports . but in the same busiens market 100% of the crtc tv channels gag 100% of the busiens in their own country and 15 years filter 3d startups discriminationg for crtc 2dtv coo digital firms and this creates a new pecking order a new trend in canadian intenret commuynications where some aare able to launch and run 3d movie compnaies search engines and websites in sanctioned countries while local busiens at home os gaged at home and globaly as if they were launchign ina crtc monoply or a dictatorship or hunt's state. so 15 years 100% of gets gaged by crtc just the same as anyine would ina 2dtvcoup. no one else can use the interbet when i can't trust the internet because it is hacked or rerouted and the websites i get served by 2dtv searches are all ebtrapments it createsd portfolio data scripted by 2d for 2d soas to have portfolio data the 2dtvcoo need to spy free from sanctions, and this means we should have kept the telex, at least you could post a news item on a telex and the message would get through with no crtc spys spying for suprime cpourts in far away places wheew the www is monoplised by a crtc-like paack of portfolio horders that will not report a single beeeing gaged by ayhting they spywith and all the web searches and connection i made in 15 years collected by the verry crtc licenced servcei them selves show i am not a problem the problem is the www is of no use to anyone byut the 2dtvcoo uhf vhf and a few politicianson 2dtv and a few 2dtv chats on 2dtv and few 2d search engines on 2dtv and 2dtv reporting 3d films but they do not report stolen 3d tv brands and domains they do nto report gaged neto rgs they do not repeot or deliver any portfolios on 2dtvcoups, making them the very new pecking order them selves , the world wible web is of no use to itisens oof lesser worhjt thena crtc dot cosm or telco or cable , the world wide web is of no use to a citisen of lesser worth than a crtc 2d tv search or chat, and the only people who can use the www are crtc 2dtvcoo-search-chat-politiciians and the suprime courts witha warrent to search the telcos and cables computers the rest of use a "screwed brother" even if we called ibm first in 1995 , the www is of no use to a guy trying toreport ssl leak or raise charity for haitie or jubalee a centenial because tyhe only use for the www is for crtc to portfolio yoeru surfing habbits and the rest of the hacking ir of no interest , (imagine a www hooked up to your car computer and the crtc service wow hacker-rooo-time" making the www impossible to use because a seportate pecking order are imune to government sanctions and ther rest of use get ripped off and shut off and filtered by the services - and computers we are sold and spyed on by the very service providers all just as warned by the warners lomg ago then the could not say , "I told you so" but now can. and so why laqunch iin a crtc in Canada foir jobs when the entire crtc is bent on portfolioing data to be sold abd billed to the courts and police as needed and all the time they are just htere trying to gag creative web startu0s in 3D for 15 tearsd the crtc are history;as gaggerds of and lots odufferabce is minor technicality. ..
the internet is of no use when countries are shut off because of sanctions accept the crtc 2d tv neews is allowed to carry on business and google russia is not cut off works fime ansd shopping for 3d film tickets to sports is all working for the telcos but noit the rest of the www, if you launch a .ru sports or sert up in india or start a pr you are gaged by various 2dtvcoo countries and dictatorships right off the bat making the interne tusless in copuntries where the 2dtvcoup is a 2dtvpolitical insiders gazibo of your not invited to bring the intyerent into a monoply of 2dtv channels. and so or get gaged not only by countries that gag everyone but search-chat-2dtv-political coups but gagged by every doller spent by Canadian monopliy parties in office pretending to be in support of startups in high tech , so with the entire high tech industry gagged by 2dtvcopus in every forms of press the result is a 100% usless www full of icann adresses that icann do not help host or register but 2dtvcooo services sell and shut off in every country , same as when theysteal domioan in 2000. 2001. 2006. 2008. 2010 2012 2013 and today when severaal registers phones do not work and websites are posting fake 1800 numbers soas you call and pay for more fake 18000 nembers and no one can launch a for 22014 olympics juballl no one can juball for a prince or king , no one can startup a channel in Canada because we havea 2dtvcoup , set up tpo see to iththat 100% of the nusiems are ither choked off or insiders and part of the new pecking orderd that is imunse to sanctions and actualy does tha pying anddatacollection for the govermnetnts Find what your looking for, not what your targeted to find.Tm
NEVER CRY "WWW.3DWolfTV.COM NET ORG" in a media 2dtvcoo.

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The need for politicians to hide behind war is a global reality, ther is no shame in beeing 100% typicaly human in that your from some country that rtesolves it's porblems with politicians an dwar, that's been going on for thousands of years, and thats what humans did for mellinum thje poped out of treh woods and jungles with all kinds of fancy fethers andpaints cllaiming their culture their software-structure and their god is suprime therforew they get tocruch unf=der theoir feet enemies, this is the huiman delema every leader has a choice tocomprimise andpluralise inot compatability or start a war addn sepporate 2 sides sopas tpomake politics thats human it's not new. what is new is and is seams 15 years somekinbd of secret group set up searches in sanctions countrues that requirwe no sanctions because they are zxsearch wengiens and 3d movie theaters in countries were olympic sports have no difficulty sercomventing corruption or war, but in Canada 100% of 15 years of 3DTVCA,com can and is beeing gaged by a 2dtvcoup runnign thestock markets like they are hoinest andopen to commopnwealth countries , proving my point , like war or religion the crtc 2dtvcoopop out of theuhf vhf jungle withall kinds of sports andmonoplies intheoir culture proclaaimint they arte superior dot cvosm andusign tons fotax payers ad funds forelections aor war oe new films all in 2d on2d over 2d soas tpolaunch uhf vhf digitaly ona crtc monoply andcreate interna markets closed to canandian accept a few crtc monoplies andthere in cgharge rents instead of cheep services , typicaly human and to be expected, . now witha 2dtvcoo gagging every new startup that is not pona a 2d tv vultwrs den show and creating a telecommunicationsysytem full of crtv back doors , open ssl leaks andcreating rules andlaws soas the only spys online left inthe world arte the tyelcos andcable , (thats were the police need a warrent to peek but they do not need one topeek on your busiens just the telcos portfolios on everyone), was expected and having no acess toa single elected offical for 15 years might have been expected in dictatorships but as it is today 100% of the Canadian 2d tv coo pressees andnewses gag net org charitysoas tohave a back door for theior 2dtvcoup to acess busiens andstocks and news without any iontyervention (competition) , there has tobe a way to circomvent 2dtvcoos setting up wwars for 2dtv politicians soas tohave 2dtvcoorun governemtnand gag stuff. like the flaws inOttawa are un-updatable in 2df on2d over a 2dtvcoup platform created tosustain ther very2dtvcoup platform in 2d. all this soas toget the election and ads for oil piplines andsports into a 2dtvcoup secure socket that leaks . the concluisionis ther is aneed for compnaies andstartups tpo be able to update Ottawa so it is not a commonwealthdependant ona crtc 2dtvcoup monoply platform.The president of the USA has orders americans to neveer give in to bullies and terroists , thaty means no giving in to 2dtvcoos too, some where in theris the unions of the2dtvcoo who should be able to help 100% of neto rg gaged in canda by 2dtvcoos.
Updates from Ottawa are needed because the entire Canadian crtc is incompatable witrh 100% of icann 15 year old startup concepts in 3DPhotonews an d3DsearchTV and shopping in3D on 3D websites streaming 3D tv ads is 15 years old and 100% of the entire decade plus is gaged by every single crtc tv mnews wow hows that Michel moor for a coencidence maybe ther is a 3D animated movie , film and broadway show in it if ther only was a Canadian into 3D films cartoons and broadway who wanted to use the internet and netorg magazinesna dnwebsites integrated instead of sitting there watching 15 years of crtc 2d tv actualy gag 100% of every net org in Vancouver and pretend they have integirty so let them spy and portfolio for the crowns suprime courts records. wow, is ther one canandianwho is 3D ifilm and TV and cartiins in 15 years who is not part of the 2dtvcoo 's 100% historic discrimination of startup pages that grandfather most ogf the 2dtvcoo websites anyways, what a story with 3DTVads all so as to create jobs for some one ?? wow, where isw michel moor and may be ther is one person in James Camerons 3D world of experiances ocer the last 15 years able to do cartoons and a searies about a guy and 2dtvcoos, wow have i got content 15 years of it, all 3D, thats moaney in a scotia and cibc from for sure, avatar crew with 3d film crews all featuring 15 years of launching 3D net org apps for and shopping all gaged by each and every doller spent in 15 years on media wow , thats cooler than a coup d-tah??, wow and and 3DCanadian TV.corg ever launched in the wporld, here in Vancouver 15 years 100% of ottawa and the crtcv uhf vhf medias are incompatable with every single Vancouver or they never ever evenmention it in toronto dragondens. makonmg them inneed of a www update too, how can Canadian use the crtc whne theyare still inthe 19th centurey on broadband charging rents instead fpo providing global fast services for busiens?>,
Vancouvere high tech trades are inneed of "Ottawa: updating itself free from ad sinkholes and software pushing them into the crtc dark ages and monoplies.The Virus software wnats to update the office software whants to update the graphocs and word processor whant to update the operating wywtem whants to update due to possible viruses back doors and flaws in the entire system , if this was a car i would take it back and never buy one from the manufacturer that sells totaly usless and perpetualy in need of update because it should have never been released to the public flaws and endless ongoing security problems that daily need fixing while i try to work but because of these endless needs for eveyapp and program to update i can't concentrate or use a mavhine bent on spending everywork day visiting it;s software makers and updataing to protect from viruses.
every time i use a new computer ("NEW" ) it is the same , day after day all the software does is pester you over and over for updates making the use of the pc a total nusance to any buyer and unable to interface with other computers and makes me worry about pc computers and car computers and bank computers andpolitician's computers and together withthe 2dtvcoo that would not report a ssl leak for years or tell anyonme in 3D film and movies that hundreds of net org startups are gaged like a jew in a musam terrorists camp here in vzancovery gaged by 100% of the crtc 2d tv news for their own socil net resons and so as toconmvert uhf vhf 2d tv into webcasting wesites and dot coms tv. ina 2d crtc tv news coop.
this makes me worry about using a 2d tv crtc coup meida in a car on a poc that is hooked up to mycomputer thaty "was broken" on purchase , is broken as i type this and will always be broken andin need of updates and sucuruty untill the next totaly broken 2d tv coonews anouncement of a pc or phone launched in every country of the world first , but Canada, so as when the new device makes it to cananda is hase all the viruses inthe world used up andready to attack canadianuntill thwey get thewir "UPDATE" AS INTENDED YEARS AGAO WHEN IT LAUNCHJED IN EVERY COUNTRY BUT CAnanda first.
If only 1/several thousand in a my were allowed in tyerrorist countries or int hefree woelrd press and g7 and canadian news for 15 years the world might be different and usitng and hardwarte and product that were pre-eptivly made safe so as not to be bullied or pushed, terrorised or held hostage by 2dtvcoups and endless flawed pc's ansd cells as they all push to launch in every country but CVanada first , and come complete with perpetual tauntiong tpo get an update every time you type a single thing. all day all week all the time the stupid purchase prpoves tpo me the computer and software should have never been sold tpo consumers.
15 yeasrs 100% of the Canadian press gag and 3D streaming socil net web startups for bell rogers and the rest so as to see to it everyone has to buy a pc that is endless screwed andrequiring perpetual updates so as to never be able to tell a single crtc nees for years of the problem or warn thepublic of a lemmon or a bleading heart leak because you can't trust the crtc to nes tpo be honest or secure thier parrent company is providing thr ver servic es used bythe software thaty hacks and for 15 years Vancouver startups in 3D digital hd tv are gaged bya similar flaw inthye crtc every soingle daya ewverysingle month week and year 100% of the crtc gagges 3D 3DTV 3DTVONLINE 3D social TV web startups for sports travel bisoenss news and arts 100% of the talliban and hesbula and the crtc all gag like a pestering update there is noway to gedt rid of a crtc 2dtvcoup. The 2DTVcoup is a usless to busiens as a pre flawed release of a cell phone or pc that hase "known open ssl ports"and so as the pressidewnt of the USA has said over and over year after year , the world can not give in to nullying and terroists hackoing through back doors deliboratly left open soas virus softwares can crash your pc if you dop not pay them or update. The president of the USA has orders americans (Canada is smack inthe middle of usa's america ) and never give int to hostage taking software service providers or 2dtvcoup newzxses that gag and or busiens for 15 yesars here in canda Vancouver arts and technologies so as toprofit .
just because billionares can by a countries workers or politiciansd ansd launch what ever they make anywhere they want but 100% of net org is gaged by 100% of the crtc for 15 years it means the entire Crowns common weaalth and g20 are up against the very same senerio, there is no way to use a 2dtvcoothat keeps updating itsdelf as the only hd new tv digital dot com or (ca) on thecanadia n busiens infostrucuture to use fopr busiens , while wwe all know it is as broken and the pc we are trying touse todaZy is, making the reality check gives you a glimps of a 2dtvcoo that gages and soas tosell ads in 2D fir hollywood 3D films just like a virus. and with no way in 15 years to update 100% of Harper's telecommunication and crtc tv news and medias toa single net org free of the bully and hostage taking 2dtvcoo bleading heart stuff there is no way to have global prosperity using a crtc closed and filtering 3D 2dtvcoup for net org . opp's got ot go my computer whant to update a Million programs soas to "??HAVE??"" more back doors or fix them, create a problem the next software willhave toupdate or just break dusring update same same as in 2000, wow i am glad i do not have a PCin my car.(p.s. how do get rid of theese tormenting endless plees for updates for all these stupid programs i never use because they onlywhant to update and that comprimised security and i am notin the busiens of pleasing 2dtvcoos or their ssoftweare i am in busienstolaunch 3dtvchannels bnet org online for uhf vhf or digital tv or anything free of terroising by endless admiossion toselling a broken flawed tabvulat9ing machine n the first place.. the entire worlds economies are exasobated by the fact the crtc runa 2dtvcoup and will not report a sungle gaged page muzzeled by 100% of 15 yesars of the crtc talibans in 2dtyvcoo news ,muzzeleign soas to take over like a hesbula religion. the crtc 2dtvcoup is a group that gag and muzzel sam esame as any terrorist religion or vult andthe president of the USA commands Americans to stand firm and never be b ullied or quit on acvcount of a 2dtvcoo or terroisit or cult . in Vancouver Canada 2014 if only i could use some form oof communication toget a suprime court or elected Canadian politicians updte that mioght be constitutional acess not lobbying.

Everone knows that cpac is owned and run by the Canadian Cable cartels, the Ukraine has Moscow preventing it, the monks have 21st centurey China , the middle east have their historical hate and"crush the enemy" customs, and the west pretend to be free market but we have Harpers 100% 15 year 2DTVCoup gagging 3Dsportsstv.comand new technology for insiders providing governance in 2D for 2D by 2D over 2D gagging canadian compo naies in3D tv for 15 years just like a hunta. the cpac gang run government -technology shows to pimp 2dtvcoo czArtels and gag 3D TV dot cvoms 15 yeasrs the harper governmwent spy on line and make it so that 2dtv gagges 100% of 3DTV for insoiders, duhh, the cpac carttelllo run the parliment in 2d for 2d by2d over 2d soas tosustain 2dtvcoups the cpac gang do not need to show up in squadrens to prove their sole authority .

eveny one in the world knoiws cpac is owned by a crtc cartell not the public (as advertised) but they make out like it's a public service.
A2D uhf vhf conversion run like a 2dtvcoup sos to gag 100% of competition fopr the hrper 2dtvcoo tv shows in 2d is all we get for governance thats fraud in 2D 15 years in row the entire crtc package of political and internet acess is run by a group of compnaies that gag 100% of 3DTVsports.cvom and then own all the sports with no repercussion by the competition boards, is all soas to be in a position buy all the local uhf vhf for each and then stiffle internal competition localy too, 15 years app cpac is 2D so as to discriminate against 100% of 3D Vancouver Tv dot coms startups and to gag 100% of net org startup in Vancouver www internet busaienas for up to 15 years if they feel like it thats why,
you can not even launch a blackberry in Canada first , it had to be launched out side of the crtc busiensses so as to have 2D politicians back a 2D cpac cartel's 2DTVcoup, and in every major market "BUT CANADA) first leaving Canadian Prosperity left out, 2DPoliticians working for 2D uhf vhf tv coups 15 years 2DPoliticians not one of them backing a single Vancouver or www new 3D website for TV , 2D-political-ad-funbding-coup, (2D politicians Gag 3D www TV startups 15 years , that's discrimination by 2D politicans against 3D dot coms TV startups, so as to launch a 2D ad funded government backed compnay and their phone while 2D politicians take out 3D Television Startups, is a 2D_TV_COUP 15 years npot one honest 3D tv friendlyu Canadfian elected offical making it oficaly a government known 2DTVCoup, duhh!!, countries for a year first , thus totaly handycapping 100% of all prosperity in www tellecommunication , all for the good of a cpac cartell.( by blocking 100% of 15 years of 3DTV dot coms they close the borders on open free competition and service charges grow inot rents, fees paied tpo 2dtvcoos cpac gangs far above the www costs for faster 3DTV services , (0% of high tech startups for are possible in a (Harper-2DTVCOO parleiment where 15 years even the prime minister know 3DTVCAnada startups are gaged byut can't report it too!)

15 years the el;ected parliment majority is a 2d tv sports coup, gagging startups and busiens and travel and fashipon and even cars, so as to hand bvyusiens over to the crtc cpac pals on a silver platter, 15 years with `100% of 3DFTV gagged by 100% of harpers high tech 2dtvcoo, Canadian prosperity is closed for the 2DTVCoup, net org startups in 3DTVTravel 3DTVrealty net org even new net org business gets gagwedby a canadian invention the 2dcrtc tv coo cartell , This creats an unsurmountable conflict of interest between net org busiens and the crtc cartellof 15 year endless 2dtvcoo politics. and there is no way to use any other crown infostrucutre to launch 1/1000 net org , efectivly muzzeleing the www for the benefit of a crtc cartyell of 2dtvcoos that own and run cpac pretending it;s a crtc public acess channel when it's a 2dtvcoo cartell contnet filler in 2d ofr 2d soas to sustain 2dtvpolitics.
no wau top use Canada to startup a good internet webcatinsting tv media, the entire politcs and newsa sports travel and arts are ownec by the same cpac cartell, IS LICENCED TO RUN A TV SHOW ON POLITICS, COMPETITION IS GAGGED NO LARGE FAST MODERN FIRMS ARE ALLOWED IN CREATVG A CLOSED INTERVAL MARKET and MONOPOLY, A CPAC CARTELL 15 years all the banks , stores , pention fuds go into 2D TV coo advertisng in 2D for the 2dtvcoo creating 15 years of dicrimination against 100% of every and Canadian startup trying to use the crtc newses for startuyps news. gagged and filtered on 2dtvcoo cell phones, while search.reports 2dTVCOO political ads paied for by taxpayers, meaans busineses and 3DTV are discriminatd against while we waite to modernize and launch nut are filtered like snowden and wikileaks by 2s cpac firmsa news and medias, duhh , wherree have you been 15 years now?,
3DVTV,COM NET ORG get gaged by 100% of the disccuions and content and aqgendas of cpac.
the world top cable and telecommunication firms and 100% of local 3DTV startups are gaged by a habdfull of crtc and the tiny entrance footptint they place in their centr ring as an offering , no huge telecoms are invited and no Vancouver or new or orgs just a monoply and some tiny entrances to vasnquish like taking candy from a babby, tHE ARMY OF 2dtvcoo STARTUPS MARCH INTO BUSINESS BLOCKING 100% OF 3dtvcANADA.COM AND 3dfILMchANNEL.COM EVEN 3dsTORES.COM IS GAGED BY 2DTVCOO CRTC MEDIAS AND NO ONE ELSE IN TELECOMMUNICATION AND TV BECAUSE OF THIS ARRANGEMENT THERE IS NO WAY TO STARTUP A WEB STARTUP ON A CPAC SYSTEM THAT GAGES 154 YEARS 100% OF THE TIME 100% OF 3dnewmedia.COM NET ORG there is no way to ingrease posterity ina 2dtvcoo run for a hand full of monmpoplies that turn competitioon into rent.
ther is no way to use Cpac or the crt to report a 2dtvcoo when it cpomes along and gages stuff for 15 years in Vancouver high tech web startups in net org busiens no way to use 1 or any pof the cpac to rpeort a gag on a or 15 years proves my point,

the crt would have us belive that cpac is a social service of the govwernment missed but saved bya cartel in2d on2d for 2d by2d soas to gag 100% of 3DTVPOlitics,com net org busiens in their closwed markets on a 2dtvcoo. If the police want to get a child molester or the government need to find a terrorist the cpac group have all your andmy shooping and internet portfolio history and they knbow every key i type and every net org i startup and they see to it for 15 years there is no acess for new entrances into theiur 2dtvcoo film and news sports and busiens services ona 2dtvcoup platform in Canada. thats a glimps of their integrity and why prosperity is gone in canda it was takewn away withthe uhf vhf industry and local acess to politics using a crtc product. ,, Vamcouver 2014 .