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New paterns in canadian politics and media have created a new elete hroup of insiders who have acess to cultire sports news arts politics law and internet business security that common people ( starups) doe not creating.
The crtc deside the laws and rules and who gets to charege and bill whom and when to tell busienss on 2d over 2dtv news what internet virus or breach inb on theoir clouds andservers and the common bussiness in internet media startups does not have acess to even report shannagins.
People with the same constitution and countryare devided into thoes who get their traffic blocked or stolen -rerouted or muzzeled and thoes who have acess to crtc service s and politcs are devided by crtc 2d tv medimonoplies (abd their elete who have acess while common people do not) culture soas ther eis no way to use 100% of the crtc medias and venues to integrate investments in technoloky and startups for for 15 years while other have acess to 3DTVsets and manufacturing 3DTVsets under the sasme constitution-crtc guidances and rulw, channels online in Vancouver for 15 yuears all of them every one is inacessably to common busoiness online staertups who have no acxcess to their elete medias, policies on interent security so there is no way to use it;s infostructure to launch a single or 3DTVBusiness,com net org due to no access for common people to crtc news arts sports travel business or poilitics because of a division in the constitution the crtc 2dtv coup e;et belive they have a religious-like right to acess and the common people do not. a [patern now 15 years documented by 3000 net org for arts sports auction buesines and politics all muzzeled by 100% of the 15 years of 2d crtc elete.
Trying to report who when why how and what is doen to create this new cultureal elete who have acess is easy but actulaty trying to integrate ot busiens is 15 years impossible only because of some black out of net org busiens startups for arts fashion news film sports travel and busiens here in Cananda by a 100% crtc licenced group that have acesto everthing needed for busiens webcasting new trades and jobs, when the common citisen does not , 15 years in row, who controles business, who decides what is the crtc's dragons den agenda and who desides and who is inacessable unable to launch business so that 15 years and no one in canada has any ida or knowledge that are even gagged 15 years by 2d uhf vhf conversion to online webcasters and no indea there is an elete that desides via crtc who is common and who is to be gagged 15 years 100% for beeing targeted for none participaction, discrimination and unable to launch or integration online especialy in Canada's west , like a business lock down 14 years by 100% of the crtc mediasof startups for or concepts in crtc inside circles or somthing, like a split in culture where one group have acess to all the crtc has to offer while by all accounts common startups do not, and for 15 years in row. 2000-2014 Vancouver, Canada

The crtc need help because 15 years tyhey can'r run a uhf vhf licenced tv station over the air ifferuing free tv services so as to regulate them as they used to so instead they regulate rents for phone services and roaming charges, (the answer ti excessive roming charges is simple all yopu have to do is buy cell phone policies from all 6 monoplies in wireless phones and then when you go from tower to tower as they checker board the cities and townships you will actulay be roaming from one if your carriers to the other and then not be charged every bus stop or telephone pole a roaming charge, this is garenteeing competiton in a 2dtvcoo that can;r even report 15 years of busiens gaged like a dial up modem by a 2d news medias hold on techology dtartups in 3Dbroadcasting streaming 3d socil net tv for 15 years here in Vancouver BCC is even gaged even 3DHTV>com HOCKEY is gaged so as to have a crtc decide roaming charges for a 2dtvcoo. whith no way to even report neyt orgs gagged by a 2d tv coo coaming garge on net orgs for 15 years all you can do is prove ther is a garenteed need for jobs reporting 2dtvcoos when we all own a 3DTVSet and 100% of ottawa polirics is only abn;e top mention stuff in 2D on 2D and never even say 3DTV like they were booze words in an islamic state or sopnthiong 15 years and not one politician will stand up for ior never mins they entire ottawa and the crtc will not stand up for socil nets for 3F webcasting and free with no roamiong charges thanks to the they will not even mentiomn 3DTV is gagged by the cbc news bklackouts for 15 years so this creats more jobs in reoprting 2dtvcoups. they way the tv-socialchats-politicians-searchresults-internet is used today in 2D on 2D withouit mentioning 1.thousands of net org over 15 years launched online but 100% of them gaged by bay street news papers and tv is ghadaffic so this creats more academeic and cultural anthropological work and jobs roo, but none are possible because of a need for domestic tv to to support dome kiond of roaking blackout charges by 100% of the crtc tv news and monoplies that deliver 2d tv news that is 3-D wireless so as to support 2d domaisting mopnoplies is ghadaffic, the crrtc in 2d on2d over 2d for 2d are roaming for new charges and nopt delivering free ovee the air regulated tv.(with ads) so they are ripping me o0ff and muzzeleign my trades and new startups so as to roem for charges. this garentees new jobs reporiotng this because no one elase in canadian journaluism is. not one faculty of history or canadian doller is spent reporting a 2dtvcoo roaming for new ways to charge you in2d on2d for 2d by2d so we all can sit and look at our 3-D tv sets and wonder why and, were gaged 15 years and for whom. , 11:05 AM 9/29/2014

The War on terrorisms and terrorist extrime groups is triggered by LIMITS requires actions to stop the terrorists by the actual known limitations (more than calvery charges will be required). Terrorism Groups, 1. TO FORM? The question is WHAT exactly are the "Bottom and top limits", social-politicaly-media-economic limits, that appears to be necessary for terrorism groups TO FORM? 2.TO NOT FORM? What are the known lower limits to participate in, below which the economic political and social networking structurs that support it, will NOT FORM, (so complex, they are...)?

The tv news and tv social network websites chats and politicians have made the names of terrorist groups hotter news than internet dot com boom days , with uewvewry new terrorist group registering withthwe news making social net headline chat dites for requruting and each and every one gwet full tv news frecognition here in a coubntry where we have no nave no army for land asault and every country inthe world has a bigger nmilitary force than us is bnot pareticipating and no one comes to thaaid of canada the actualy expecty us to go and fight anfix it all when we do not even have 8 people per ssquare mile therew isa no cpuntry withha bigger army to protec t us tyhan the usa anbd when tyhe world get 2d tv tyerrorist frenzy so as to recrute in 2d on2d over 12d via 21d soas to have every news cast all ablut terrorist every day for 11 years when we have one of the smallest armys and navies to contribute , so iut is time all the free qworld countriue with biggerr military and air and sea fleets comes to help instead because we do not have the resources to fight 11 year wars against terrorists when so so many other well armed countries could. i can't make any money with to pay for any armyies we do not have because of the worldsa economic obseccctions with terrorists web sites chasts and spcial nets and there is no busiens in the news just teroroeszism so how can we pay fopr this there musxt be ominimillions of other wealthy oppertunitites to do it right and with proper fionancial backing and the militaary might soem otheer countries have thaty qwe mosgt definatly do not, sending a poorly outfitted canadian force to do a big countries job is not smart enough because we do not have 1.100th of the military that other contries in manufacturing weapons tpo population have to offer all we have is very sparcee at aleast. technology is our only possible offering and every other countyry with a bigger population and military is what you need. we do not have the manufacturing, people, money or world security membership all we have ios news medias tyhat recognoise every lasfgt terroriast group for 11 years on li8ne and in their chats. that is not helping. Gingus con terrorism in 2014 is to be stopped for saure but Canada needs a bresk and some one with a bigger wallet and army surplus ships or planes or manufactures who have more in stock for sale than we have in total service they realy could help more as all we have is medicine and technology we have ho hords of armed soldurs to stop gingus kahon like marading armies in summarias, other well armed and equipeted armies should see this and politicians too should see tghrough this. we need the same protection from the terrorist viral web frenzy and news of marauding gangs like they were Gingus Kahn of the 21st century have to bestopped eventualy and a big weaalthy army is the only way, if the world is depending on tiny military countries like candna to do this jobs htne there dreaming we do not havwe the powers at out resources for anthing but compliance to our responsabilities and others good planning. but the 2d tv makinh it their entire daily contnet all day every day telling you where when why how to log onto , search and join terrosism is not helping.

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One day I will be president of the and and and probably i will be gagged by the crtc Gazibo gangs but if i doanT care then one day i will be the President of and and putting 2 and 2 together show that you put 3-D TV sets in every home and a nety org on net org startups for and even if all the tv channels in ottawa gag you for 15 years i and sure you will have a money generarting oppertunity for any stock markets, but 15 years in a row and meanwhile in Canadian political and busiens social nets it seams stiffeling medias and domaestic tv monoplies plus no one in Ottawa has figured this out yet , not one single dragon of bay street can see the oppertunites for 3-D TV sets and startups for even 1 or even , not one dime spent on crrtc or cbc seems to have figured this out. 2D election tv is now 15 years old and is gagged by 2dtvcoo medias that also can not figure it out jazz was gaged by governments 2d radio netwroks and is gaged by 100% of the crtc 15 years and not one politicians in ottawa has figured thie cyuber buiklkyinbfg of 3D busiens tv startusp as to date so they are not ready to brag about that any time soon..
one day i will be president of the net org. one day i will own and have ads for cars in 3D even if domestic cbc , crtc ottawas ruling party and all the dragons on bay street tv don't get the connection 3-d tv sets and, i doo.
Muzzeleing competition in 2d for 14 years so as to have no in Vancouver BC will not prevent me from becomming the President of on the www thanks to netnutrality , i can say one dau i will be the president of even if 100% of the crtc music tv shows gag 100% of every or and just like jazz was gagwed by by governments and jaz mussicians did not quit a president in Canada can say , one day i will be the president of net org online even if all the 2d tv coos in canda gag and muzzel it and no one in Ottawa can figure out "3-D tv sets and make a good stock on any free market bbrd.

Hurray today i am the ceo of the a startups in a 2d tv world of domestic medias that seem to be predudice against for 15 years in row here in Canada and today ui am ceo and president of the and and so so many more internet startups , but were can i find a country who's domestic tv monoplies(crtc regulates news medias in Canada) that are open to free market internet 3D tv startups and in net org busiens?. today i am the first of the, 2000-2014

Find what your looking for, not what your targeted to find.Tm