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Local news of the BC teachers strike is not telling the whole story as the trickle down affect on out infostructure for education, busienss and it's education related industries will be affected for years as the students were riddeled with , play ground staff strike, janatorial staff strike, a support strike and withthe loss of libraians here in schools alonmg withthe continuation of last years strike inot this years scholl year tyhe infostructure of BC education is taking a blow tyhat will be years trickleing down in all industries and educated trades because it will affect this year students education and that is a terrifing blow to Canada's technology and trades infostrucutrs, who will need top students and hoigh techworkers but will see the trickle down affects of years of infostrucutre damage by endless un-arbitratable education ministry portfolios trashed like they were a crtc tv stastion selling for 1 a car ression while they gag and net org businesses are still muzzeled by the entire crtc industry and the trickle down affect from that leaves 3DTVsets in homes sitting there wwith no way to use the crtc to launch 1/ thousands of net org and that infostrucutre is 1100% stiffeled by a 2d crtc agenda and qwe are stillfealing the affects of a crtc 2dtvcoo 15 years later. still. news.

Presdent Obama said , what Hamurabi said thousands of years agoe, if you cut a throate then you get your's cut but the suprime court's today, have the "2 edged sword of justice" and the last say! so So stays Hamaurabies sword. to day.

THe CRTC have to some how come up with 83 free over the air digital tv channels so the cables can sell them and so as to justify regulating tv otherwise they willcontinue to muxxel and discriminate against intetnet webcasting vertical application online for streaming construction and all the new online www global adrersses currently gagged by the crtc tv news soas they can have a 2D domestic tv monoly and use the web for busiens while constitutionasly gagging every other nert org startups , wiothout a free (free uhf vhf became crappyso we bought extended all movie chjannels m, that were reruns so we bought very special channels that also were reruns so we set up our own net org and 100% are still gagged 15 years and3 crtc hearing in a row, ) 83 channel over the air group to regulate they are left stiffeling qwww adresses and busiens in new technologies. there is no reason to have a crtc regulate some internet tv channels as oif they were free oveer the air uhf vhf tv monoplies so there is no reason to have a crtc tv hearing unless they get their own 83 oveer the air wireless channels they are juastr tyhe same as every other dot cosm net org tv startups in the world accept they gwet tax-credits andpoiliticians elelction money while the rest of the neot rg startups get social y and culturalky gagged by the 2D crtc and 15 yeasrs provoing it is un mentioned by the very crtc tv news medias do the discriminaztipon online. competition bydiscrimination is not the sameas 83 free crtc over the ail channels. cyber squatting pon buaienses soas to have a domestic 2d tv election is one thoing but muzzeleing all the internet ,tv or tv dot com net org startups is sabatageing the infostructure of Canadian technology innovzation and the www. unless they have their own 83 free over the air tv channels, they have nothing.

In the second world war the (nazies-tweeters) took radio and tv away from the public and forced government content, making no public businesses broadcasters, when i launched in 2000 for the mellenium jubalees and 3-D digital HD TV compoter arts (better than voice mail stuff)i asked the crtc for 1 of thier unused 83 uhf vhf chsannels for starting up a 3D television network online before the crtc took overr the entire internet and made it into 83 unused tv channels and a few telco monolies but the crtc emphaticaly strated they will not and would not regulate interent tv they will not would not be licencing internet digitsal tv channels in the far or neer future if they were toiabandon the 83 uhf vhf monoplies they would tell me, and they contimued tosell of tv station for 1 today the crtc are not launching 83 internet licenced broadcaster nor are theywiddeleing them down to 5 of s monoplies owning the entire Canadian tv industry they are makinf pay per view , wich is what they left me with in 2000 , in fact the crtc are actualy takinbg over the interent and makinbg uhf vhf monoplies digital tv resellrs so that ther is no use for thepublic tpo start iup streaming tv channels obnline because they are making iot a 2d tv crtc monoly not an net nutral internet for busiens digitlsa tv and streamin g of 83 uhs vhf specilaty liocenced staZtions , the crtc are deciding who is allowd to use the internet for digital tv same as the anty-pluralist made you watc h what they called tv andradio (no jaz no canadian jews fro vancouver for sure could launch a uhf vhf there then , and today the crtc gag and muzzel 15 years 100% of net org soas top have 4 or 5 monol;ies same same and where are the crtc 893 channels they were constitutied inthe beggining ? they sold their market advantage off for a 1 station and so now they are stuck with no 83 channels to sell andmonoplies trying to make the internet a pay cable tv monoly , so that therer is no way any mew busienssz canstart up just like in 1949 the citisen is screwed brother, how do you launch a 3dwithey should have stuck to their 83 free channels and left the internet alone becauwee the intewrent is no a crtc tv channel nor is it a monoly but the crtc are making it one. for their tpals we get noacess toparticipationin83 channels andno wau to use theentire crtc infostrucutre tolaunch 1 makong then a hinderance to0tec hnology anfjobs , as other copuntrie make andsell 3dtvsets canda are left out of the markets bya 2dtvcoup-crtc-4-pillar-chat-seaerch=tvnews-2dpoliticalmachine that gagges but not 3dfilms abour politics, the woll is pulled by 2dcrtc for 2dcrtc over 100% of every for jobns soas to have a 2dtvcoo run by the crtc for a hand fullof monolies and of corse bell. there is no use for the crtc byh 100% of the tv channels onlinme as they wwere suposed tostay int heir own sand box on83 special constitutional set aside tv channels for free tv and they blew it into a 5 car rase and a bell monoply, allowing thecrtvc torun the intoert tv as apy per view is against the constitution they were set upo to regulate 83 channel no more noless and theywere noowners andcustodiaans opf internet tv. 2dtvcooo bullies. 15 years and100% of the crtc news gag and muzzel 100% of the netorg shopping in 3D and making them just like the ( nazie politicval movemens=s 4 pillar - tweetchat-tv-politicaly-backed-search-faculties in 2D on sw radio and tv -uhf-vhf freewith ads, are replaced by crtc monoplies, and bell, so as to haveno government internet highway for bvusienss and crtc 2dtvcoo, in 2000 when it comes to free radio in euriope or free tv in canda the crtc are not plaaying that game anymore they are emploees of thee cabel monolies andin no way cani use the crtc tolaunch 1/3000 3dtvchannels over their service providers who do notwhant net oirg at all. 15 years andther is nowayto use thecrtc news toreport a 2dtvcoup.D Collins ceo and founder of a new internet media now 15 years muzzeled by the crtc and founder of, a, all and org..

Find what your looking for, not what your targeted to find.Tm