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How can you catch a bunch of enron shnooks or insiders or discrimination by the tail in 2000 or 2014 , wow well start up a hundred and 1 net org in Vancouver Canada and watch a 2DTVCoup blute right in frounght of the world., thats how. The problems in reporting a heartblead or a 2dtvcoo is unchanging, what are the ideals behind gagging dot coms net org 3D tv social net sites in Vancouvere for 15 years in Business art sports travel news and fashion is ithat wierd or whay? , they gagged jaz and rock anmds roll and 15 years in 2014 in september 20014 the dragons den gag 3D dot atarups like 3DBUYSELL shopping in3D andf adveertising productys in 3D online for 15 years like a religion gages another, wow, 2D tv busienss gagging 3D fgor who politicians or the crtc or peo-ple who staertupo and of all thongs 100% not some bit 100% of net org startups in 2000 i tryed to report domain theft in 2001 i tried to report fraud -enron style , in 2001 i tryed to report a crtc 2dtvcoo gagging 3dtv like vulturs and dragons 3DTV web casrting on sociaal nets and 3D webcams anbd sites was gagged by 100% of the facul;ties of 2dtvcoo ism, and i tryed to report a searies of search chat and 2dtv - digital medias all gagghing 3DTV webcasrti9ng streaming 3SDTV dot cosm but promoting 3-D films and movies like tghey were paid to by ads for 3-D films and 2DTV was enron or so,mthong ans so 100% of 3D TV sets now gag 100% of 3DTV dot cosm styartyed for 23DTV in 2000 `15 years latehr thanks to the 2dtvcoo ther wisx no in Vancouver ther is no 3DTV apops foro 3DTVeducZAtion or 3D tv politics or 3Dwirelesstv 100% of the 15 years of digital conversion os all for bel and a few otrher , who are irreleveant rto bel and a few monopliues off shore and that sis 15 years of 100% 2dtvcoo as if the crtc was a dictator muzzeling 3DTV dfort coms like thhmaking a deal is not even possible not evedn 11 sports not a siongle ball or puck on a single (15 years discrimination by 2d tv ) or net or org and 15 years reporting a bleading heart portal or a 2d crtc tv coup isd afutile because of a 2-D tv coup. Business has changed because 3DTV sets abound but 100% of 15 yerars of startups for 3D dot cosm are gaged bya crtc full of 2d tv coos. I can no more sell a travel package ad to greece in 2000 or 2014 for any travel agency in 3D today on a single one of my 52 plus sites inspite of spamm and spammers and all, gagged by Canada's govern,ments 2dtvcoups same as full of 2D elections tv scriptrd agendas by people who do not intent to report 3DTV dot cosm arte gged on a 3DTVbecause of 100% lameolio 2dtvcoos. riote tv charbeneau tv mad cows bird flue and 2dtv war in 2d soas to have a 2dtv election and how many ads you like in 2d for 2d on 2d coup[s. duhh!!, honesty integrity how are they possible in a 2DTVCoup there is no way for prosperity in a 2DTVCoo.
It is very odd to think there will be integrity ion a crrttc full of 2dtvcoos for 15 years and that 3DTV dot cosm busienses will be able to start up in a Cabadaian 2d tv coo while 100 % of Harpers government sit and watch a 2dtvcoo gag 100% of every icann 3dtv dot cosm and ca started up for sports, educastion and business.

Before Afganistan in 2D on 2D uhf vhf news in 2000 for the mellenium 100% of 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, the entire crtc gagged everthing internet and social started up for 3DTV even ghadaffi and the crtc adventurs in toronto were in 2D so hpw come the 15 years 100% ot is it 200% or 500% 2dtvcoup?
so so few actors in cbc news or ctv news 100% of the dragon's dens in canada for 15 years can't taslk about apps for investment in 3D wweb tv for 3D TV sets , wow , so so few tv shows about Canadian 3DTV stazrtups gaged by 2dtvxcoups so so few documentaries on 3D social nets gaged by 2D TV coos. so so many years of 2D POliticas and madd mothers again st stuff in 2D on 2D so as to fill 2D TV monoplies with sustained cash flows and a 1oo% monoply on the ring-side seets for every movie laiunch or election in 2d on2d for 3D fo 15 years why is i impoissible to get a singhle university in ittawa rto report a 2dtvcoup when one cpomes along. godd gravy!!.
CPAC and the crtc can give you a year by years report of everthing government did and does accept the report on 15 years of how 100% of the crtc gagged 3D tv web streaming social nets and movie channel startups for 3D TV channels and 3DTVshows, all the documentary actors in ottawa or bell or cbc or ctv in canda can not tell you who when why an show 100% of the crtc tv stastions gag new tv medias yet they force 2d on local stations and then they sthem to bell and others , 3 or 4 companies for 1 was gaged so as ther is no way they could be 3DTVCHannels the single only documentary that is impossible to make in canadian film and tv is the docuymentary on how the crtc gagged 3D tv obnline fopr 15 years here in Vancouver East Hastings. and i get stuck doing it for them, now is that lame or what?. DFonald Sutherland where are you when your needed?.

WE went to the fair and there they were Precotious teens riding a childs merrey-go0round of cars and trucks , not the big kids ride but the little kids ride, why? because they were preocipied witrh taking selfies of them selves riding around on the little jids rides and posting them in a furry on their social page , just like 2dtvcoos and politicians riddiu g the tax wagon for selfies in 2D on 2D over 2D soas to have a 2D exibition of selfies in 2D not 3D and not s single policy or agenda or sport or news event is allowed to be adverttised or broadcast in 3D because the entire thing is a pre-made 2dtvcoo for selfies in2D on tax dollers the only thing missing is how many 2dtvcoos and do you whant because more can be orderd in2d on2d if you l;ike as it is alla 2dtvcoo set up to prevent busiens in 3D on net orgs in 2000-2014 and thats history on , look it up on yoiyur favorite ancestors search because thats todays history and tommoros ancestors the peoprl gaged by the crtc because they are 3D are hostory now ansd some of my original backers are now dead of old age and so their history is now part of the 2dtvcoos ; but missing because the 2dtvcoo ancestor sites gag 3dtv busienss startiups and theior ancestors today. or they do not list 3DTVWEBCASTING as a media for 15 years they rig the markets so ther is no 3DTV dot cosm startups and ther fore no competition a 100% 2D tvcoo. 'br" how can you start a shopping channel in 3D in 2000 or 2014 ubder the muzzeleing of 100% of crtc tv in canda . even the universities are 2D only 15 years imagine that your country gagged 15 years 100% of myt entire Harper government did and still does just ask them. 2D monoplies in it together with 2D Terroists to creat 2DTVCOO content in 2D all 2D not a single thing in 3D started in Canada is possible because 100% of the 2DTVCOO os gagging 100% of it even 15 years and when 2D tv news gages ads for shopping an dbuisiens in 3D for sports then you knowo we have a 2DTVCOUP sports scandal too. , no other way to call it.'br" as lonmg as the terroists set the content agenda in 2d of r the 2dtvcoos who are more then pleased to rpeort terroior before 3dtvjobs we will have a 2dtvcoup, Canada is not a member of the security councel we have no EU free trade deal and are not part of the industry in television when 3DTVBSets are manufactured and the engineers are retired 100% of anad's net orgs are even gagged by cbc 15 years so we are in no position to participate in terroism or security or freetrade or global warmingt untill we get a government thhat can face the world in3D on3D ovd=er 3D asnd not cowl behind their 2D crtc tv coo. . new from 2D tv Newses... September 2. 2014 the on;y industry cbc business tv will not rpeort , is or news of net org replacing 2D tv as 15 years go buy the single only business Lang and o;leary can not report on or risk getting fired is net orgs gaged 15 years by all the bell new and ssports medias, duhh, and the news reports more terrorists blogs and beheading sites and the 2dtv newses that will not report 3DTV gagged in Canada 15 years report sites with naked hollywood stars (plug plug) and they report drones delivery and enchanted divices but the top 1000 org are still gagged 15 years no way to report a single hacking or bleading heart cirus in a news media stuck on snchanted devices like they were in "PEE WEE Herman's houise" all so as to sustain 100% 2Dism in a 2DTVCOO run by a 2D crtc that sees to it 100% of the worlds top net org get gaged 100% in Canadian press. so as to have a 2D election and 2D debate in 2d on2d over how top spend government money through a 100% 15 years 2d tv coup.
;aunchong a for support of tourism in greece or a charity fopr Haitie or Jamaci or sunamies is back seat soas a talking door bell and a begeading can fill the 2D social net in 2D on 2D so as ther is no way to doi busiens in 3D on 3D TElevision in canada free of discriminartion by cpac (bell and others) 15 years in row, free of 2D beheading social net instigators feeding the need by terrorists to have a place online to post their 2D contnetent just like 2d media feeds serial killers and feeds shootings at schools they feeed the terroists with quickly posted beheadings in 2D on 2D over 2Dphones soas to have a 2DTVNEWSD fillers in 2D on 2D ovewr 2sdd soas a 100% 2DTVCoo can featrure 2D stuff and run 2D elecrtion in 12D for 2D again. no way to sell ads for 3DTelevision gagged bya 2DTVCoup in canada. bent on terroist socil networking and beheadings while trying tgo sell ads for travel in greece in 3D gagged by a 2DTVCOO groping for asenbsationalism soas to sustain their 2DTVCoo monoply it is so so transparent the entire Harper gpovernment cančt see it 15 years in row wow what is netnrg shoping ads to do?..

terrorisits and enrons get 100% of the newqs involvem,ebnt but when a crtc gag 3000 3DTVApps for netg org all you get is enchanted 2DTVCOOS.
the only industry 100% gagged by the crtc is indusrties and this makes the CHarbeneaus insiderfs look like 2dtvcoops. how can 100% of the crtc be 100% void of 15 years of startups and not be guilty of a coverup in busiens i will never know. a 2DTVCOUP is a 2dtvcoo , enchanting as they seem they are in deed a devicive that gagges but plays russia whil;e sanctioning them on search tqweet and chat and news all in 2D so as to have ,no 3DTV industry for 15 yearas , right in front of the university of ottawa;s faculties, wow , muzzeled by a 2d hockeey teams cavorting in 2d on2d for 2d and dean that gagges soas to bne on cpac wow, thats an education, 15 years 100% of apps gaged by a 2DTVCoo os a terrorist behaeading of 3DTVJObs online duhh. how monopolious cana crtc 2dtvcoo get. stay tuned.

Sponcered by and contributions from people concerned about 2DTVCOO dot com medias.

Find what your looking for, not what your targeted to find.Tm