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Winter gas or summer gas ? this is the question , there should be a refinery in Vancouver so as we can make and use cheep "ALL YEAR GAS" because we should have surpluss summer gas from last summer that never realy ended herre due to global warming and the rest of the country can't get their act together as BC gas prices reach the highest in North america the Yukon and Labridor seem to be cheeper, meanign the ministeerr of price gouging empowered toreport on the top ten prices beeing gouged ever nonth -week-year-4 year term (??) hired by the majority government and e4mpowered to rteport on price gouging is out of gas, even in a price ression in gas prices keep the noth sheeep the top winter free port in the Cnadas is the top gas price in the americas, sother is a good place to peek eh!, as refineries are closed for maintanance like an enron power plant in 2000-2001 and the shortage is blamed on a conversion from "Winter gas to Summer gas" instead of a gift from the now decesed King of the arabias, it becomes clear that the need of British Columbians for independent commercial oversight of the ministers empowered to investigate price gouging faail to report yet and every one elase buying gas in Bc is doing it for him free, so as to be come self sufficient BC will have to do an end run on this slow process and show some initiative and this will enevatable involve a lot of gas and all year auto gas supply is right up our I/O ports and is a product the proovince needs because we do not need summer-winter gas here we need BC all year round gas . so we should build and refine and sell "All Year BC Gasoline " as an inovation like www.3DSportsCHannel.com should marketing 3DTVInnovation.com apps for Bberry or 3DTVCHannels.com should ne marketing apps for 2D cpac and crtc monoplies who are the Canadian over the air uhf vhf leftovers online and www.3DHollywoodFilms.com net org webcasting and marketing for 16 years sports in 3D on 3D tvstartups from Vancouver for 3Dglobwetv.com innovation and many more things we can do here in our ice free ports moderate climat that can not or are not done on seasonaly strapped crtc 2d tv monoplies in the east as they broadcast icy things we can not here and use winter-summer gas we do not need here and in this way increase global postarity bow stiffeled as we are strapped to 2d tv medias agendas back east for 16 yezars in 3-DTVnews.com and marketing and in business innovation because they do not have the same need as we do here out west of the rockies. www.3DWesternTV.com 1:35 PM 2015-03-03 invite a startup to dinner in your 2d overt he air media and create innovation you never would have reported for prosperity .

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